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When Is Hermione Granger’s Birthday

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Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Happy Birthday Hermione Granger | Wizarding World

Hermione is horrified by the cruelty that house-elves suffer, and establishes S.P.E.W., the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, as an effort to gain basic rights for them. She is Bulgarian Quidditch prodigy Viktor Krum‘s date at the Yule Ball of the Triwizard Tournament. The proper pronunciation of her name is interjected into the plot when she teaches it to Krum the best he can do is “Herm-own-ninny,” but she has no problem with it. She later gets into a heated argument with Ron after he accuses her of “fraternising with the enemy” about her friendship with Krum. In the book, Hermione’s feelings toward Ron are hinted at when she says that Ron can’t see her “like a girl,” but Krum could. She supports Harry through the Triwizard Tournament, helping him prepare for each task. At the end of the second task, Krum asks her to come to see him over the summer in Bulgaria, but she politely declines. Near the end of the term, she stops fraudulent tabloid reporter and unregistered Animagus, Rita Skeeter, who had published defamatory material about Hermione, Harry, and Hagrid during the Triwizard Tournament, by holding her Animagus form captive in a jar.

Watson Felt Just As Awkward Filming Kissing Scenes In Later Films

While Watson, Grint, and Radcliffe definitely grew closer over the years as the movie franchise went on, it seems like the actresss attitude towards filming more intimate scenes with her co-stars never changed. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, one of the Horcruxes shows Ron a vision of one of his biggest fears, which just so happens to be Hermione and Harry kissing. The vision is strange and intense, and Watson and Radcliffe had to make it look really passionate.

Speaking with The Seattle Times, Watson said that the experience filming the kiss with Radcliffe was bloody awkward because Dan and I are like brother and sister but unlike her younger self, she put her all into the scene, following director David Yatess directions with the hope that it might help them finish filming more quickly. As the scene is supposed to be a vision seen by Ron, Grint was originally on set to watch them kiss and give accurate reactions. But apparently, Grint couldnt control his emotions at seeing his two best friends making out, and Grint said that Emma sent me out because I kept laughing. It just looked really strange.

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Harry Potter And The Half

New Potions professor Horace Slughorn invites Hermione to join his “Slug Club”, and she helps Ron retain his spot on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when she casts a confund spell on Cormac McLaggen, causing him to miss his last save attempt during Keeper tryouts. Hermione’s feelings for Ron continue to grow and she decides to make a move by inviting him to Slughorn’s Christmas Party, but he romances Lavender instead in retaliation for his belief that Hermione had kissed Krum years earlier. She attempts to get even by dating McLaggen at the Christmas party, but her plan goes awry and she abandons him midway through the party. Ron and Hermione continually feud with each other until he suffers a near-fatal poisoning from tainted mead, which frightens her enough to reconcile with him. Following Dumbledore’s death, Ron and Hermione both vow to stay by Harry’s side regardless of what happens. A minor subplot in the book is that Hermione and Harry form a rivalry in Potions, as Hermione is used to coming first in her subjects and is angered that Harry outperforms her undeservedly by following tips and different instructions written in the margins of Harry’s potions book by the previous owner. Hermione is also the only one of the trio to successfully pass her Apparition test .

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The Legitimacy Of The Skin Colour Sources

The three sources that cite Hermione as being “light” don’t hold that much weight apart from a twenty year old drawing: her skin being described as white in a scene where she was nervous hardly counts, as it could be interpreted as the colour draining from her face saying she looked like a panda when she had bruised eyes is also taken too seriously. Yes, panda’s are black and white, but it was simply a metaphor to explain the placement of the bruises.

Neverlanding rapunzel 13:53, October 10, 2017

I think those sources should stay where they are, and I think the information should stay where it is. Failure to do so is likely to start arguments. C.Syde 10:13, October 11, 2017
This is stupid. Is it right to crush the dreams of many? Is it right to insist she must be white when she could be any glorious race? I seriously think if it is likely to start arguments, then those people are, in fact, racist. I don’t want this site to promote racism, so I won’t be content until her skin colour is changed to “undetermined” r “unknown” so those who didn’t imagine Hermione as white will be content and agree. Hermione is a Ravendor Jedi Master 22:53, December 13, 2017
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    In Honor Of Hermione Grangers Birthday

    Hermione Granger Digital Birthday by BirthdayPartyStore on ...

    Remember the first time you read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone? Even if you havent read the books , youve probably seen the movies. And even if you havent seen the movies, Im sure youve at least heard of Harry Potter, right? Well, this September marks Hermione Grangers 35th birthday. She was Harry Potters best friend, and later on *SPOILER ALERT* Ron Weasleys girlfriend/wife. In honor of her birthday, lets take a look at the various accomplishments and aspects of the Harry Potter franchise.

    According to The Telegraph, , an estimated 400 million copies have been sold worldwide, in over 68 languages. Also, J.K. Rowling was the first author to become a billionaire, and the books were the first childrens novels to rank on the New York Times Bestseller list since Charlottes Web in 1952. According to Zimbio, the Harry Potter movies have earned 9 Oscar nominations and over $6.37 billion .

    Harry Potter has also been the topic of many scholarly articles and research papers. Check some out using the Academic Search Premier Database at , or use JSTOR at . Maybe you could write an analysis for a class. If you need help, just Ask Us!

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    Comforting Harry At The Graveside Of James And Lily Potter

    In possibly one of the most touching moments of the series, Hermione offered Harry her proverbial shoulder to cry on when they found themselves at the graveside of his parents, James and Lily.

    As part of their search for Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione dropped into Godrics Hollow, where they made a detour to St Jeromes graveyard where the Potter parents were buried. Understanding his needs, Hermione emotionally supported Harry and stayed silently by his side in the snow-covered scene. She even created a beautiful flower wreath for the two headstones before the pair were forced to return to their original quest.

    Pass us the tissues, please.

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    Hermione becomes a Gryffindor prefect along with Ron and befriends Luna Lovegood, but their friendship gets off to a rocky start after Hermione chastises the publication of Luna’s father: “The Quibbler‘s rubbish, everyone knows that.” She also lambasts housemate Lavender Brown for believing the Daily Prophet‘s allegations of Harry fabricating stories of Voldemort’s return. Ron and Hermione spend much of their time bickering, likely due to their growing romantic feelings toward one another, but they show continued loyalty to Harry. One turning point in the series is when Hermione conceives the idea of Harry secretly teaching defensive magic to a small band of students in defiance of the Ministry of Magic‘s dictum to teach only the subject’s basic principles from a textbook, with no hands-on practice. Hermione gets an unexpectedly huge response, and the group becomes the nascent Dumbledore’s Army. She is involved in the battle in the Department of Mysteries and seriously injured by a spell from Death Eater Antonin Dolohov, but makes a full recovery.

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    An Analysis Of Hermiones Handwriting On Her 38th Birthday

    Every year, in September, when I make mental lists of all the birthdays to come, I remember its Hermiones birthday on the 19th. I told my eight-year-old niece that its Hermione Grangers 38th birthday today, and she was mildly confused. Is she a real person? she asked. I dont blame her for wondering if Hermione could be a real person. I often speak about her like shes a friend who Ive known for years.

    I studied graphology the same time that I was completely obsessed with the Potterverse, so Ive often wondered about the handwriting styles of the Hogwarts students. Hermiones handwriting, we know, is small and cramped.

    Her signature in the American edition is cursive and slightly slants to the right. This may be very aesthetically pleasing, but it does not look like Hermiones handwriting, graphologically speaking.

    Hermione signs off in the American edition

    Image courtesy

    See how she writes at a right angle in Harrys and Rons shared copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

    Hermiones stern message in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Upright handwriting reflects logical thinking and a certain sense of balance. Hermione is definitely logical and balanced, though also equipped with a high emotional quotient.

    Hermiones signature in Quidditch Through the Ages, too, does not seem to reflect her practical yet fiery bad-ass nature.

    Happy Birthday To Hermione Granger 39 Today

    Hermione Granger || Unstoppable || Emma Watson’s Birthday

    Thanks to the note from Gwen Glazer, a librarian from NYPL, we should remember that September 19th is Hermione Grangers birthday! This fact is also revealed by J.K. Rowling once here and Pottermore. And one thing you need to know is thatshe is 39! Yes, shes born in 1979, according to Mama Rowling. Lets see how Hermione fans celebrate her birthday: To honor #HermioneGranger, I think today we should all go to a library Professional Book Nerds Podcast 2018919 happy birthday hermione granger we love you girly cameron?? 2018919 9/19

    Thanks to the note from Gwen Glazer, a librarian from NYPL, we should remember that September 19th is Hermione Grangers birthday! This fact is also revealed by J.K. Rowling once hereand Pottermore.

    And one thing you need to know is thatshe is 39! Yes, shes born in 1979, according to Mama Rowling.

    Lets see how Hermione fans celebrate her birthday:

    To honor #HermioneGranger, I think today we should all go to a library

    Professional Book Nerds Podcast 2018919

    Happy birthday to the magical hero who taught us the importance of a good education and the excitement of breaking a few rules: #HermioneGranger. ?? #HarryPotter#LEGOHarryPotter

    Happy birthday to the most beautiful and smartest wizard in the world, Hermione Granger?

    morgane 10 2018919

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    When Is Hermione S Birthday

    Me And Hermione S Birthday Harry Potter Amino

    Emma Watson S Rebuttal To Hermione Granger Fan On Twitter Makes Us So Happy

    Happy Birthday Hermione Harry Potter Amino

    I M Harry Yayayayayaa But For Those Who Obviously Haven T Read The Books It Clearly States In Har Harry Potter Funny Harry Potter Obsession Harry Potter Memes

    Happy Birthday Hermione Her Birthday Is One Day After Mine Although The Years Are Different It Is Still Awesome

    Happy Birthday Hermione Harrypotter

    Happy Birthday Hermione Granger

    Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

    Dear Hermione,

    Today is your 37th birthday Ms. Granger, or should I say Mrs. Weasley. Let me be clear, you are not defined by a name. Today on your fictional yet all too real day of birth, you have been my inspiration for fifteen years.

    Ill admit: I was apprehensive about you at first. After all the books you were created in had Harry Potter a part of every title. In my naivety, I figured it was all about Mr. Potter, but I am glad you proved me wrong.

    In fact, in my mind, you became the main character by the time I reached the final book in the series. You became the main character because you showed me, and shaped me, into the female I am today. You showed me how being smart is not invaluable nor should it be viewed by others as a stepping stone. That even in the midst of two boys you showed your importance. You had, and still do, a voice.

    So, on this fictional day of birth, I want to thank you. Thank you for being the woman I always wanted to be. Even when I go back to the books year after year I will never forget what you have instilled in me.

    I may sound insane because I am speaking to a fictional character, but I often find, as a teacher of literature, that the books and characters we hold most dear to us should not be overlooked.

    Nonetheless, thank you JK Rowling for creating, shaping, and defining Ms. Hermione Granger.


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    Hunt For The Horcruxes

    Hermione was an integral part of the search for Voldemort‘s Horcruxes a master of organisation and planning, she found the locations for the Trio to stay each night, also providing a calm, logical counter to Harry’s tendency to look for trouble.

    Destruction of the Horcruxes

    Hermione was responsible for directly destroying one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, Hufflepuff’s Cup, with a fang taken from the dead Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. The Trio had despaired of finding a way to destroy Horcruxes now that they no longer had Gryffindor’s sword, but Ron suggested to Hermione that they might be able to use Basilisk fangs. He and Hermione set out to equip themselves with a pile of the Horcrux-destroying devices while Harry helped prepare the castle for battle, Ron breaching the chamber’s defenses by mimicking Harry’s Parseltongue pronunciation of “open”. This is presumably where Hermione destroyed the Horcrux, as Ron wished that she have “the pleasure” of doing so.

    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

    Happy Birthday Hermione

    Hermione develops a liking for Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart as he had written all the books required for the subject of Defence Against The Dark Arts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. During a morning confrontation between the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams, a brawl nearly ensues after Draco Malfoy calls her a “Mudblood“, an insulting epithet for Muggle-born wizards when she defends the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She concocts the Polyjuice Potion needed for the trio to disguise themselves as Draco’s housemates to collect information about the Heir of Slytherin who has reopened the Chamber of Secrets. However, she is unable to join Harry and Ron in the investigation after the hair plucked from the robes of Slytherin student Millicent Bulstrode was that of her cat, whose appearance she takes on in her human form it takes several weeks for the effects to completely wear off. Hermione is Petrified by the basilisk after successfully identifying the creature through library research. Though she lies incapacitated in the hospital wing, the information she has found and left behind is crucial to Harry and Ron in their successful mission to solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Hermione is revived after Harry kills the basilisk, but she is distraught to learn that all end-of-year exams have been cancelled as a school treat.

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    Using The Time Turner To Save Sirius Black And Buckbeak

    In Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione was granted permission to become a Time Lord when Professor McGonagall handed her a very special gift that allowed her to attend more classes to maintain a flawless academic record- a Time-Turner.

    During the same year, Hermione used the Time-Turner to travel to the past and save a few lives. By turning the small hourglass on the device three times, she was immediately transported back in time by three hours. In this timeframe, she and Harry were able to save Sirius Black from the Dementors Kiss and rescue Buckbeak from his scheduled execution.

    Move over, Doctor Who

    Did Harry And Hermione Actually Kiss

    No, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger never kiss or sleep with each other, neither in the books nor in any of the movies. … Scene from the Deathly Hallows book, where Ron, after destroying one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, has a vision of Hermione kissing Harry, thus choosing his best friend over him.

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    Arriving At The Yule Ball With Her Head Held High

    Hermione achieved the ultimate glow-up when she switched out her perfectly pressed robes for a show-stopping gown in preparation of the Yule Ball on Christmas Day.

    By this stage in the Harry Potter series, a whole pack of Potterheads were shipping Romione, but sadly, this ship sailed further into the distance after Ron failed to ask Hermione to join him at the end-of-year event. Instead, she made her head-turning entrance into the Great Hall with Viktor Krum, the swoon-worthy Triwizard champion who Ron idolized, and for good reason too.

    Better luck next time, eh?

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