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What Was The Last Harry Potter Movie

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Harry Potter Movies In Order Of Release Date

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” Trailer 2

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – November 16, 2001

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – November 15, 2002

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – June 4, 2004

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – November 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – July 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 – November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – July 15, 2011

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – November 18, 2016

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – November 16, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – April 15, 2022

Rupert Grint Joined The Cast Of The Horror Show ‘servant’

Let’s move on to actor Rupert Grint who portrayed Ronald Weasley in the popular fantasy franchise. While Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe went on to have pretty successful careers in Hollywood Rupert decided to take things a bit more slowly.

Over the years, Rupert starred in movies like Into the White and CBGB, but he is currently probably best known for playing Julian Pearce in the psychological horror show Servant.

Emma Watson Graduated From Brown University And Became An Un Ambassador

Next on the list is Emma Watson who portrayed Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. Once that last movie wrapped up, Emma went on to star in plenty of Hollywood blockbusters like The Bling Ring, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Beauty and the Beast but she also managed to graduate from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Besides this, Emma Watson is also known for her humanitarian work as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador.

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The Mortality Of Harry Potter

Although it might seem that Harry Potter cannot be killed and even the prophecy might suggest that if Voldemort died, Harry would become immortal, there is really no evidence to substantiate that. The Internet is full of different interpretations of the famous prophecy and youll certainly come across some good explanations on why Harry is immortal.

Still, neither the books nor Rowling herself has said anything to support this thesis. Certainly, Harry and Voldemort had to be killed one by the other, but it was never clearly said that the one who survives would gain immortality.

So, as we can deduce, Harry Potter is not immortal and he can and will die somewhere in the distant future and until we get some hard evidence to the contrary, we cannot state otherwise. It is fun to speculate, but thats just it it cannot go beyond speculations.

Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Are you excited about the eighth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and ...

The first movie captured our hearts and drew us into the magical world. Here we meet Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe, an 11-year old orphan who learns the truth about his past after receiving an invitation to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Set in 1990-1991, Harry gets invited to Hogwarts by Dumbledore, meets long-time friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger , and even encounters the franchises main villain Lord Voldemort for the first time. The movie sets up Harrys story perfectly and introduces viewers to the secret Wizarding World.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Ginny Weasley 16-17 years old

The much-anticipated ending for the saga was initially thought of as a single movie. However, the production split Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into two parts.

The movies were shot simultaneously between February 2009 and June 2010.

The first part was released in November 2010 and covered the last book until Chapter 24, when Voldemort regains the Elder Wand.

While many fans criticized the decision, almost all actors supported cutting the movie into two parts to correctly present the ending arc without rushing its pace or leaving out essential scenes.

Daniel Radcliffe was 20/21 years old when filming his scenes for The Deathly Hallows. In contrast, Harry became an adult in the wizarding world at just 17 years old, near the films start.

Rupert Grint was 21/22 as he was recording his scenes for this movie, making him 4 years older than Ron, who is 17/18 years old.

Emma Watson is just a year older than Hermione at this point. Emma is 19/20 years old, while Hermione is 18/19 years old.

Draco was supposed to be 17/18 years old for the first part of the final book, but Tom Felton was already 22/23 when filming his scenes.

Neville Longbottom is also 17/18 years old for the Deathly Hallows book, while Matthew Lewis is 20/21 when filming. That makes him three years older than his fictional counterpart!

Casting The Roles Of Harry Ron And Hermione

Daniel RadcliffeEmma WatsonRupert GrintHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2Trafalgar SquareLondon

In 2000, after a seven-month search, lead actor Daniel Radcliffe was discovered by producer David Heyman and writer Steve Kloves seated just behind them in a theatre. In Heyman’s own words, “There sitting behind me was this boy with these big blue eyes. It was Dan Radcliffe. I remember my first impressions: He was curious and funny and so energetic. There was real generosity too, and sweetness. But at the same time he was really voracious and with hunger for knowledge of whatever kind.”

Radcliffe had already established himself as an actor in the 1999 BBC television production of David Copperfield in which he played the title role’s childhood years. Heyman persuaded Radcliffe’s parents to allow him to audition for the part of Harry Potter, which involved Radcliffe being filmed. Rowling was enthusiastic after viewing Radcliffe’s filmed test, saying she didn’t think there was a better choice for the part of Harry Potter.

Also in 2000, the then unknown British actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were selected from thousands of auditioning children to play the roles of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, respectively. Their only previous acting experience was in school plays. Grint was eleven years old and Watson ten at the time they were cast.

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Where To Watch 8 Best Harry Potter Movies: Ranked Best To Worst

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good- so lets sit back and let the sorting hat rank the best Harry Potter movies!

Anubhuti Mishra |

Can you believe it has been two decades since the first ever Harry Potter movie was released? Harry Potter undoubtedly is one of the most successful, popular, and loved franchises in cinematic history EVER. Over the decades, no ounce of love and hype for that movie has died . With a memory world at Universal Studios, flagship stores all over the world, and restaurants in multiple cities all across the U.S., it is crystal clear that people merely can not get enough of this movie series. The HP films continue to find newer audiences in today’s younger generations.

Amidst all this, HBO Max even released a special edition 20th anniversary reunion with the cast. If you have ever watched HP movies, you know why this film brought back Harry Potter in the conversation and limelight. The all-together wonderous production and beloved characters gave teary eyes to the toughest of souls, and the warmest hearts were on display. Watching them chat and discuss and reminiscence and mourn the loss of a few characters was everything that a true fan of Harry Potter films could have wished for. Being able to witness how much this movie series affected even those involved in making and producing these films was highly endearing. Even to them, just as much, if not more than the fans, this franchise meant so much.

How To Watch Harry Potter Movies In Order: See All 11 Movies Chronologically

19 Years Later Scene – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 [HD]

Everyone came into the Wizarding World through the Harry Potter books and movies, which introduced us to a gifted 11-year-old, his friends Ron and Hermione, and their hallowed school of magic, Hogwarts. Watching the Harry Potter movies in order, seeing the story unfold chronologically in-universe, used to be as easy as finding the one where Daniel Radcliffe looks youngest and starting from there.

But the series has expanded now with the Fantastic Beasts movies, set some 70 years before The Sorcerers Stone. So to watch the Harry Potter movies in order, your journey now begins with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, set in 1926 and starring Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scarmander. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is set in 1927. The third Fantastic Beasts intends to release July 2022, with two more movies to close out the Scarmander and Grindelwald saga.

Then the story of Harry himself begins, starting with Sorcerers Stone and concluding in the second-part of The Deathly Hallows, for eight Certified Fresh movies in a row. Theres also a Harry Potter series early in development for HBO Max. For now, see our guide below on how to watch all Harry Potter movies in order.

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The Death Of Harry Potter

The scene where Harry Potter actually dies happened in the seventh book, Deathly Hallows, during the Battle of Hogwarts. After a lot of fighting and several losses, Harry decided to accept Voldemorts previous offer to give himself up to save the lives of his friends and colleagues. He went on to the Forbidden Forest, where Voldemort was waiting for him with his Death Eaters.

As they faced each other, Harry Potter gave himself up without a fight, an act Voldemort punished by casting the Killing Curse at Harry.

Harry Potter fell to the ground and awoke in a place called the Limbo. There, he met his old mentor, Albus Dumbledore, who apologized for his behavior and explained his actions. Dumbledores spirit further explained to Harry that he wasnt actually dead, but could choose to stay there or return to the real world.

Dumbledore explained that due to the fact that Voldemort used Harrys blood to resurrect , the two were intrinsically bound, which protected Harry from being killed by Voldemort.

Also, after the incident in Godrics Hollow, Harry unwillingly and unknowingly became a Horcrux, since he had a part of Voldemorts soul inside him Harry met that crippled piece in the Limbo.

Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore in the Limbo, several moments after Harrys death

After torturing Harrys corpse with the Cruciatus Curse, Voldemort ordered Rubeus Hagrid to bring the corpse back to Hogwarts and claim his ultimate victory.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore Is The Best

Audiencescore: 83%

Although fans weren’t as fond of the second installment in the “Fantastic Beasts” series, “The Secrets of Dumbledore” won them over. The film follows the conflict between a young Albus Dumbledore and the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald .

Audience reviewer Ruben A. wrote, “Best movie of the saga till now, what a trip full of magic, they should continue and finish the lore.”

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Received Mixed Reviews

Audience score: 79%

Five years after the “Harry Potter” series came to an end, the Potterverse reared its delightful head and gave us the spin-off series “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Audiences weren’t quite sure what to make of this film. Some fans called it “a fanciful stroll through a dreamlike world,” but others thought long-time Potter fans would be “underwhelmed by this extension of the wizarding world.”

“It’s not without fun elements, but there’s an almost total lack of compelling characters,” wrote audience reviewer Alec B.

Weekend Estimates: Breaking Dawn Posts 8th

In News: Last Harry Potter film

The beginning of the end for the Twilight franchise is here, and, as expected, big money is being made by Lionsgate/Summit. While this installment doesn’t look like it will break franchise records, Lionsgate is predicting a $141.3 million opening weekend, which will be the 8th-best of all time, assuming it holds up. New Moon will most likely remain the top opener for the franchise with $142.8 million, although it will be a close-run thing. Twilight will most likely end up the 5th-highest-grossing franchise at the domestic box office, behind only the “box office gods”, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and James Bond.More…

Note: This list contains actors who appeared in at least two movies in the franchise.


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The Latest Harry Potter Films $43 Million Opening Weekend Is A Franchise Low

ArticleDaniel Konstantinovic

The news:Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the latest film in the Wizarding World franchise, opened to a franchise low of $43 million over the weekend, spelling trouble for the scandal-ridden franchise that is one of the largest under the newly mergedWarner Bros. Discoverys umbrella, per Variety.

How we got here:Wizarding World has expanded beyond movies to television, Broadway, and video games, but scandals involving its creator and the cast of the Fantastic Beasts spin-off series show that not all major film franchises have equal staying power.

Box-office woes: The first two Fantastic Beasts films gained nearly 75% of their revenues from foreign sales, according to Variety. But the latest entry may have trouble recouping its low domestic opening abroad due to the shaky status of foreign box offices.

The big takeaway:Harry Potters struggle to stay relevant is a symptom of discord between its branding and key figures, and consumers are choosing to put their theater-going dollars toward other franchises.

  • As the power of the foreign box office fades due to COVID, the domestic market is becoming a key indicator of a franchises longevity.

Weekend Estimates: Batman V Superman Hits March Record $170 Milion

Batman and Superman not only had to fight each other this weekend, but also mediocre reviews. They have come through in some style, however, posting a record for March of $170.1 million, according to Warner Bros. Sunday morning estimate. Our model has the film coming a little below that mark, at $165 million or so, which might mean it wont quite top Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part IIs $169 million, which is currently the studios best ever weekend. But the fact that were comparing the movie to the Harry Potter franchise is nothing but good news for them.More…

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

After destroying one Horcrux and discovering the significance of the three Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron and Hermione continue to seek the other Horcruxes in an attempt to destroy Voldemort, who has now obtained the powerful Elder Wand. The Dark Lord discovers Harry’s hunt for his Horcruxes and launches an attack on Hogwarts, where the trio return for one last stand against the dark forces that threaten both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.

Harry Melling Starred In The Television Show ‘the Queen’s Gambit’

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (5/5) Movie CLIP – The Last Temptation (2001) HD

Let’s move on to actor Harry Melling who portrayed Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter franchise. While Harry could be seen in movies like The Lost City of Z and The Devil All the Time it safe to say that his performance in the 2020 Netflix drama The Queen’s Gambit is certainly his most notable work since the popular fantasy franchise.

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Weekend Predictions: Divergent Opinions On The New Releases

Another week, another pair of wide releases. That’s becoming a common thing to say. It is also a good thing to say, because too many movies tend to hurt all films involved and it is much better to have one big release and the counter-programing film. This week the big release is Divergent, which the studio is hoping will be the start of a new franchise. The box office tracking for the film looks good, even if the reviews do not. The counter-programing this week is Muppets Most Wanted, which is also opening with a saturation level theater count and it looks to do as well as The Muppets did. Last year there was also a strong one-two punch with The Croods topping Olympus has Fallen $43.64 million to $30.37 million. I’m not sure that Muppets Most Wanted will hold up its end of the bargain, but Divergent is poised for an opening of at least $50 million. It looks likes 2014 will again win over 2013. More…

Daily Box Office: Ralph Is Breaking Record Books

Its Thanksgiving long weekend, which means many studios are closed and are not reporting official numbers. However, one of the studios that is reporting numbers is Disney and they are reporting record-breaking numbers. Ralph Breaks the Internet earned $18.5 million on Wednesday, which is significantly more than either Coco or Moana managed the previous two years. In fact, this is more than Frozen managed during its record-breaking wide expansion back in 2013. This films reviews are great and it earned an A minus from CinemaScore, so it should have good legs and could top Frozens $93.59 million five-day opening. In fact, some studios think it has a real chance of $100 million during its five-day opening. Im not that bullish, but even if it only earns $90 million over five-days, it will still be a monster hit and way more than we predicted. More…

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