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What Is Harry Potter’s Favorite Color

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She Wasnt Good At Everything

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Hermione may have been the brightest witch of her age, but there were one or two things she never got the hang of. For example, unlike Harry, she struggled a little when it came to producing a Patronus. She often lost at wizard chess and she wasnt much of a knitter if her house-elf fashion line was anything to go by. Oh, and her first flying lesson didnt go too smoothly either:

Hermione Grangers had simply rolled over on the ground and Nevilles hadnt moved at all. Perhaps brooms, like horses, could tell when you were afraid, thought Harry. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Lets not forget the short-lived spell in Professor Trelawneys Divination class. Ron touched a nerve when he said Hermione didnt like being rubbish at something for a change. But looking back to the first book, she was always sceptical about Divination.

Anyway, who says the centaurs are right? It sounds like fortune-telling to me, and Professor McGonagall says thats a very imprecise branch of magic.Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Something Made Her Blush During Potions

You might have noticed that Hermione detected an unnamed third scent in the Amortentia:

Its the most powerful love potion in the world! said Hermione.Quite right! You recognised it, I suppose, by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen?And the steam rising in characteristic spirals, said Hermione enthusiastically, and its supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and I can smell freshly mown grass and new parchment and But she turned slightly pink and did not complete the sentence.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

In a 2007 webchat, J.K. Rowling identified the smell as being Rons hair, saying: Every individual has very distinctive-smelling hair, dont you find? No wonder Hermione went quiet!

Defence Against The Dark Arts Second Year Essential Knowledge Test

I see youve all bought a complete set of my books. Well done. I thought wed start today with a little quiz. Nothing to worry about. Just to check how well youve read them, how much youve taken in
Gilderoy Lockhart setting this quiz

Defence Against the Dark Arts Second Year Essential Knowledge Test

The Defence Against the Dark Arts Second Year Essential Knowledge Testwas a little quiz given by ProfessorGilderoy Lockhart to his second yearDefence Against the Dark Arts students to test their reading of his collected works.

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Magical Abilities And Skills

James’s stag Patronus and Animagus form

It took them the best part of three years to work out how to do it. Your father and Sirius here were the cleverest students in the school, and lucky they were, because the Animagus transformation can go horribly wrong one reason the Ministry keeps a close watch on those attempting to do it. Peter needed all the help he could get from James and Sirius. Finally, in our fifth year, they managed it. They could each turn into a different animal at will.
Remus Lupin regarding James’ and the Marauder’s talent for transfiguration

Since James was once asked by Voldemort to join his Death Eaters, this was clear proof that James was a highly powerful and accomplished wizard. Remus once stated that James had been one of the cleverest Hogwarts students of his time, and he was able to conjure a corporeal stag Patronus, which was a mark of superior magical ability).

You fly as well as your father did, Harry…
Sirius Black regarding James and Harry’s talent for flying
  • Flying: James was an accomplished Quidditch player, playing Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch team during his school years. He was noted to have excellent reflexes, as seen when playing with a Snitch he had taken from the Quidditch supplies. Sirius also stated that Harry’s Quidditch and flying skills were as good as those of James’.

Favorite Harry Potter Characters

1 One Fact About You 2 Favorite Color 3 Hunger Games vs ...

Its been 20 years since the first Harry Potter book, the Philosophers Stone, hit bookshelves and changed the lives of many, many children. Not since perhaps Star Wars in 1977 had a science fiction story captivated the minds of a generation like Harry Potter and his friends did. Much like Star Wars, it seems like were only at the beginning of an ever expanding Potter-verse. One of the main reasons that the books/films were so successful is that author JK Rowling spent a ton of time building her universe before she even penned the first chapter of Philosphers Stone and its because of that deep, well-thought out universe that people became so entrenched in something that felt so real. So, with that in mind, we here at BabbleTop wanted to rank our favorite characters from the Harry Potter universe!

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She Nearly Had A Sister

When Harry and Ron first met Hermione on the Hogwarts Express, she told them: Nobody in my familys magic at all. While its possible she meant her extended family, there may be a reason Hermione didnt say: My parents arent magic. In a 2004 interview with the BBC on World Book Day, J.K. Rowling revealed the following:

I always planned that Hermione would have a younger sister but shes never made an appearance and somehow it feels like it might be too late now.


Sorting Hat Pita Bread

You gotta love the Sorting Hat its just so interesting. It tells everyone its thoughts and your thoughts, its responsible for our favorite trio becoming friends, and for playing a crucial role in Harrys battle against the Basilisk. You can incorporate the Sorting Hat into your next family meal or use it as an edible centerpiece for your next Harry Potter or Halloween party by making this Sorting Hat Pita Bread. To make it, youll need active dry yeast, sugar, warm water, whole wheat flour, salt, olive oil, and flour. Using whole wheat flour is essential for giving the hat its dark color. Making the dough look like the Sorting Hat doesnt take much skill . You can serve the bread with a spinach and artichoke dip .

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She Used Sleekeazys Hair Potion For The Yule Ball

The moment that Hermione arrives at the Yule Ball in the novel, its not just her blue gown that makes people stop and take notice. This is the first time that Hermiones hair is described as anything but bushy. With the aid of Sleekeazys Hair Potion, Hermione is able to drastically alter her appearance.

In the films, Parvati Patils comment, she looks beautiful has much less impact, because Watson hadnt been through such a transformation. However, because Hermiones real looks are more conventional, seeing her with gorgeous flowing locks, a blue dress, and no buck teeth is simply astonishing for everyone at Hogwarts.

Why Harry Styles Is Called Harold

What your favorite HARRY POTTER character says about you!

Usually, someone named Harold goes by the nickname Harry. See, his 1D bandmates have always called him Harold as a pet name of sorts, which you now, they all have silly nicknames for each other so thats understandable. But then Harry decided to proclaim that he IS Harold and it threw us all for a loop.

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Fred And George Weasley

Fred and George were the coolest kids at Hogwarts. Not only were they popular, they were hilarious. They really made a name for themselves and were the only students to befriend Peeves the Poltergeist. They even dropped out of school to become business owners of a joke shop in Diagon Alley.

If Fred and George are your favorite characters, you are definitely close to your siblings. You have probably been told that you should do stand-up comedy before, and you are funny and light up rooms when you enter them.

Pick Your Favorite Harry Potter Characters And We’ll Tell You If You’re Street Smart Or Book Smart

Let’s leave the real world for a moment, and enter the world of witchcraft and wizardry. You know the way – King’s Cross Station, Platform 9 3/4. If you’re in London, this is good news. If not, better get a plane ticket and come back to us when you get there.

The real world is fine, but it’s just not enough sometimes. Sometimes we want to see something super surprising – something impossible. That’s what the magical world of the Harry Potter series shows us, time and time again. Flick your wand, make a mouth noise, and you can turn a bully into a pig. Brew a certain potion, and you can become another person for a while, quite literally.

There’s a lot to do in the Harry Potter universe, so we shouldn’t waste any more time. Remember, you’ll need either street smarts or book smarts to keep up with everyone else.

What’s that? You don’t know if you’re street smart or book smart? Well, that simply won’t do. How can you even be either of them if you don’t even know which you are? Looks like this calls for a quiz before we can get the real adventure underway. It’s time to pick your favorite Harry Potter characters, and we’ll tell you if you’re street smart or book smart.

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She Had A Feud With Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter had a knack for twisting words around to mold her own story, which Hermione deeply resented. Skeeter became a prominent character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as she covered the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. She took a particular interest in Harry, due to his fame, and used her Quick Quotes Quill to twist stories and slander his name.

Hermione, who is never one to bite her tongue, called Skeeter out on this. In retaliation, Rita wrote a piece on her, suggesting that Hermione had a thing for famous wizards. Skeeter came up with the story by eavesdropping on Harry and Hermiones conversation. Turns out, she was an unregistered Animagus and could turn into a beetle. When Hermione finds this out, she captures Rita in a jar in her beetle form and threatens to report her unless she stops writing lies.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Pin on Harry Potter

Hermione buys a cat named Crookshanks, who takes to chasing Rons pet rat, Scabbers. Before the start of term, Professor McGonagall secretly gives Hermione a Time-Turner, a device which enables her to go back in time and handle her heavy class schedule, though this is not revealed until the penultimate chapter. Much tension comes into play between Hermione and her two best friends Harry is furious with her because she told McGonagall that he had received a Firebolt, which was confiscated to be inspected for traces of dark magic. Ron is angry because he feels Crookshanks is responsible for Scabbers disappearance, while Hermione fiercely maintains that Crookshanks is innocent.

While filling in for Remus Lupin in one Defence Against the Dark Arts class, Snape labels Hermione an insufferable know-it-all and penalises Gryffindor after she speaks out of turn in her attempt to describe a werewolf when no one else does. She correctly deduces Lupins secret after completing Snapes homework assignment from the class. Crookshanks proves vital in exposing Scabbers as Peter Pettigrew, an erstwhile friend of James and Lily Potter, who revealed their whereabouts to Lord Voldemort the night of their murders, and was able to wrongly implicate Sirius Black in the Potters deaths. The Time-Turner enables Hermione and Harry to rescue Sirius and the hippogriff Buckbeak.

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Harry Styles Favorite Color Png Harry Styles Favorite

Blaming Ron For Not Asking Her Out

Once she had realized she liked Ron that way, it was clear she wanted him to ask her out. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione spent a large part before the Yule Ball throwing hints in Rons way that she wanted him to ask her to the Ball.

When he kept wanting to go with someone very attractive, she became scandalized and would treat Ron coldly, or just storm out without telling him why she was mad at him. If she wanted to go with him, why not just say it to him?

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What Is Your Harry Potter House

Its one thing to know the colors, but its just as important to know what each Hogwarts house represents.

Heres a quick breakdown of each house in Harry Potter:

Favorable Traits: Brave, Chivalrous, Noble, Competitive, Daring, Adventurous, Willing to Stand Up for OthersUnfavorable Traits: Impulsive, Stubborn, Hot-headed, Arrogant, Reckless

Favorable Traits: Sly, Clever, Ambitious, Prideful, Resourceful, DeterminedUnfavorable Traits: Cunning, Ruthless, Selfish, Entitled, Manipulative

Favorable Traits: Wise, Intelligent, Creative, Clever, Knowledgeable, QuirkyUnfavorable Traits: Know-it-all, Vain, Standoffish, Dismissive, Overly Proud

Favorable Traits: Hard-working, Dedicated, Fair, Patient, Loyal, Kind, Humble, HonestUnfavorable Traits: Too Trusting, Absent-minded, Naive, Spineless, Easy Taken Advantage Of

The color schemes work hand-in-hand with the traits of each house. Gryffindors are flashy, so they use gold. Slytherins are sly and envious, which is why they have green. You get the idea.

The colors you use always matter, so keep that in mind if youre creating a crest of your own, whether its a small image to print on your wedding invitations or a business logo. Your choice of color could make all the difference in the message youre sending.

Everything We Know About Hermiones Skin Colour

Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why

Just a few minutes ago, the identity of the actors that will play the Golden Trio in the West End Play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been announced. And there is a little detail that will be the center of the comments and reactions about the news: the actress portraying Hermione Granger is black.

Noma Dumezweni is the woman who will bring Hermione Granger to life again, 19 years later. But, will she play a character that was white? We went directly to the sources.

There are little, close to zero, passages in the book where J.K. Rowling talks about Hermione Grangers skin color. The only part is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 4:

They were there, both of them, sitting outside Florean Fortescues Ice Cream Parlor Ron looking incredibly freckly, Hermione very brown, both waving frantically at him.

J.K. Rowling is describing the effects of a sunny summer in Ron and Hermiones skin, to which we can suppose Hermione is tanned. Other passages of the seven-part novel talks about Hermiones cheeks going pink which could lead again to a white skin. But as the text does not leave it clear for everyone, we kept digging into this.

And we found what could be the final answer:

This answers what J.K. Rowling had in her head when she created the characters and although the fandom is still discussing if Harrys best friend is white or black, there is no evidence to suggest that Jo changed her mind and Hermione is, in fact, white.

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Befriending The Boy Who Lived

In the books, Harry meets Draco much earlier than in the films. The two meet in a shop in Diagon Alley where Draco is trying on robes, and Draco actually tries to befriend The Boy Who Lived. Pottermore confirms that this was not out of the goodness of his heart: he is secretly putting feelers out to see if Harry will be an ally to the dark wizards.

Forcing Harry And Ron To Join Spew

Harry and Ron were pretty much Hermiones only friends during her time at Hogwarts and this meant they got stuck with a lot of her initiatives. Despite neither of them wanting to join, Hermione forced Harry and Ron to become part of S.P.E.W and they had to make others join the society as well.

While they never really made any attempts to comply, Ron and Harry were still considered official members of the group and accepted their initiation into it.

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She Gets Crazy Jealous

Fleur Delacour never did anything to Hermione she never even spoke to her, but Hermione vehemently hated Fleur for no reason. That is, unless you see how obviously she was jealous that Ron was into Fleur and ignored Hermione. Discounting Fleur, Hermione still got jealous when Ron was interested in Lavender and she was left in the cold.

We didnt see how Hermione was like in a relationship, but you can bet she wasnt the cool girlfriend guys hope they can find. Hermione seems to be very possessive of who shes interested in.

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Her Greatest Fear Was Probably Failure

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

I wish I could have had a turn with the Boggart What would it have been for you? said Ron, sniggering. A piece of homework that only got nine out of ten? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Ron was joking but he was actually very close to the truth. Part of the reason Hermione worked so hard was that she was terrified of getting things wrong and letting people down a common trait among high achievers.

Hermione did everything perfectly until she reached the trunk with the Boggart in it. After about a minute inside it, she burst out again, screaming.

Hermione! said Lupin, startled. Whats the matter?

P-P-Professor McGonagall! Hermione gasped, pointing into the trunk. Sh-she said Id failed everything! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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