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Harry Potter Full Book Free

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone | Full Book | Storytime Read Along

The second book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, introduces the readers to Dobby, a house-elf and one of the most adored characters from the book. Dobby comes uninvited to the Dursleys and warns Harry not to return. Harry gets into huge trouble because of Dobby, and his uncle Vernon locks him into his room. Here comes the savior Ron, with his brother Fred and George. They rescue Harry in their fathers Ford Anglia, which is a flying car! In this book, we get to read about Rons home, The Burrow, as he takes Harry there. Harry meets Ginny , who has a massive crush on him. The Weasleys are undoubtedly the purest.

With this book, we also get to see the way wizards discriminate against the ones with muggle parents As a kid, this was the first time I came across the concept of discrimination, and it taught me a lot. The Chamber of Secrets is a book with lots of exciting events. One such event was when Hermione concocts the Polyjuice potion that allows the one who drinks the potion to impersonate. The whole thing was wildly crazy, and to say the least, things didnt end well for Hermione. Also, throughout the book, Harry can listen to voices no one else can, pretty scary! We also get to learn some old secrets in this installment. And obviously, Lord Voldemort is there at the bottom of all of it. However, all is well that ends well, and the ending to this book is very wholesome, making it a perfect read for a rainy afternoon. You can get the book here!

Secondary School And University

Rowling’s secondary school was Wyedean School and College, a state school she began attending at the age of eleven and where she was bullied. Rowling was inspired by her favourite teacher, Lucy Shepherd, who taught the importance of structure and precision in writing. Smith writes that Rowling “craved to play heavy electric guitar”, and describes her as “intelligent yet shy”. Her teacher Dale Neuschwander was impressed by her imagination. When she was a young teenager, Rowling’s great-aunt gave her Hons and Rebels, the autobiography of the civil rights activist Jessica Mitford. Mitford became Rowling’s heroine, and she read all her books.

Anne had a strong influence on her daughter. Early in Rowling’s life, the support of her mother and sister instilled confidence and enthusiasm for storytelling. Anne was a creative and accomplished cook, who helped lead her daughters’ Brownie activities, and took a job in the chemistry department at Wyedean while her daughters were there. The three walked to and from school, sharing stories about their day, more like sisters than mother and daughters.John Nettleship, the head of science at Wyedean, described Anne as “absolutely brilliant, a sparkling character … very imaginative”.

Recommended Ways To Get Harry Potter Free Audiobooks

The first thing that comes into our mind is to download audiobooks in an illicit way. But keep in mind that the people youre listening to are putting a lot of effort to produce their best work and sell it digitally. So, were not going to provide you the free sources from where you can get the official audiobooks.

Hence, at the end of the article, youll be able to have some of the best narrators to give you a delightful version of the Harry Potter audiobook. Also, you can follow these simple steps to any recognized book series. So, break a leg!

During the April COVID-19 pandemic situation, J.K Rowling and her Wizarding World partners launched Harry Potter At Home in order to give her hand to children, parents, carers, and teachers parochial. From where you would able to listen to the Philosophers Stone on audiobook at home. But this is available on Audible for free with 30 days free trial which was a partnership with both Audible and Library Book supplier back then.

And if you want to listen to the original then you can go for it. But were not going for that. So, it was too much interpretation but now lets start with the first way to grab Harry Potter audiobooks for free.

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Harry Potter List Books

  • Book 1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
  • Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Book 8: Harry Potter and the Cursed Chi

The Idea Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter the Complete Series 1

In 1990, Joanne made her first plans for the later bestseller Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and gradually began to plan the complex world of Harry Potter. In the same year, Joanne still hits a heavy blow: Six months after she wrote a first chapter on Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, her mother Anne died.

The story spans these seven books below, and we will take the time to follow it through them in the correct order to read the books.

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Things To Know Before You Arrive

Even if youre remotely interested in the enchanting world of Harry Potter then a Harry Potter studio tour in London is a must. But, before you set out for what is sure to be a magical experience, read this for everything you need to know so you can enjoy a mind-blowing Harry Potter experience without any problems or concerns.

  • Face coverings will no longer be required to visit the Studio Tour due to a change in government regulations. Wearing masks is no longer compulsory but encouraged for safety so decide on it at your own discretion.
  • Throughout the day, the shuttle bus service will run as usual. Enhanced cleaning will occur regularly, and visitors are encouraged to use the hand sanitizer offered when boarding.
  • Please postpone the visit if you or any of your party members are ill. Subject to availability, your Harry Potter studio tour tickets can be rescheduled to a later date and time.
  • Throughout the Warner Bros studio tours, there will be hand sanitizer stations. Visitors are respectfully requested to maintain the greatest level of hygiene by hand washing and using hand sanitizer on a frequent basis.
  • The Studio Tours entry times are set to help control the flow of guests and prevent overcrowding.
  • The Harry Potter Studio Tour functions on a one-way system for the time being.
  • What Resources Can I Use Alongside This Harry Potter Extract

    Here at Twinkl, we have a huge selection of resources to support you in reading this Harry Potter Extract with your children at home, or your class in school.

    Why not get started by downloading our wonderful ? This provides some more information about the Harry Potter books and author, J.K. Rowling. It also includes a range of questions to scaffold meaningful discussions and prompt children to think deeper about the text.

    Here are some other resources that are perfect to support reading this Harry Potter Extract with your little ones:

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    Religion Wealth And Remarriage

    By 1998, Rowling was portrayed in the media as a “penniless divorcee hitting the jackpot”. According to her biographer Sean Smith, the publicity became effective marketing for Harry Potter, but her journey from living on benefits to wealth brought, along with fame, concerns from parents about the books’ portrayals of the occult and gender. Ultimately, Smith says that these concerns served to “increase her public profile rather than damage it”.

    Rowling identifies as a Christian. Although she grew up next door to her church, accounts of the family’s church attendance differ. She began attending a Church of Scotland congregation, where Jessica was christened, around the time she was writing Harry Potter. In a 2012 interview, she said she belonged to the Scottish Episcopal Church. Rowling has stated that she believes in God, but has experienced doubt, and that her struggles with faith play a part in her books. She does not believe in magic or witchcraft.

    How To Read Harry Potter Digitally On Kindle

    Wizarding World Audiobook – The Chamber of Secrets Book Full 02 – TOKYBOOK

    If you prefer to own your books, dont worry, the entire Harry Potter series is available for Kindle. Amazon has bundled up all seven books for $63, which works out to just $9 per book. Once the books have been added to your Kindle library, youll be able to read them as many times as you like on all of your devices.

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    Details About Harry Potter Full Series

    Harry Potter is the name of the series of women writers of England JK Rowling. The series is about the adventures of a young wizard Harry Potter and his friends Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, set at the Wizarding School and Wizardry Hogwarts England. The adventure focuses on Harry Potters fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort an ambitious person who wants to become immortal dominates the wizarding world, enslaves the magicians and destroys them. kill those who stand in his way, especially Harry Potter.

    The series combines a variety of genres, including fantasy and adolescence , many meanings of culture and references. Also according to author JK Rowling, the main theme throughout is Death.

    On the following night, a sorcerer with no use of magic takes Harry to his aunts family, which will be his home for the next 10 years. The orphan Harry was later raised by the Dursley family who are not witches and always find ways to prevent him from coming to magical power. Harrys aunt and uncle always rejected him, because they hated magic so Harrys aunt and uncle hid all the magical possessions he inherited as well as severely punished him for something unusual. happening.

    Later Harry Potter Works

    Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildPalace TheatreWest End

    Pottermore, a website with information and stories about characters in the Harry Potter universe, launched in 2011. On its release, Pottermore was rooted in the Harry Potter novels, tracing the series’s story in an interactive format. Its brand was associated with Rowling: she introduced the site in a video as a shared media environment to which she and Harry Potter fans would contribute. The site was substantially revised in 2015 to resemble an encyclopedia of Harry Potter. Beyond encyclopedia content, the post-2015 Pottermore included promotions for Warner Bros. films including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premiered in the West End in May 2016 and on Broadway in July. At its London premiere, Rowling confirmed that she would not write any more Harry Potter books. Rowling collaborated with writer Jack Thorne and director John Tiffany.Cursed Child‘s script was published as a book in July 2016. The play follows the friendship between Harry’s son Albus and Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy‘s son, at Hogwarts.

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    Borrow Them From A Friend Or Family Member

    The easiest way to get free Harry Potter books is to borrow the physical books from a friend, family member, or even a stranger. I have no doubt in my mind that, if you quickly posted a request on social media, someone would gladly lend or give them to you. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask!

    Believe it or not, there are two ways you can also have a friend or family member share a Harry Potter book with you via Audible:

    First, members of your Amazon Household can share Audible books by way of the Family Library feature. If another member of your Amazon Household has a Harry Potter book in his or her library, follow the below steps.

    • Log in to and hover over “Account & Lists” at the top right of the screen.
    • Go to “Content and Devices.” Select the “Preferences tab.”
    • Next, select “Households and Family Library,” and then select “Manage your Household.”
    • Thereafter, you need to “Manage Your Family Library.”

    Second, if a friend has a Harry Potter title in his or her Audible library, he or she can share the book by opening your Audible app and tapping My Library at the bottom of the screen. Then, find the specific Audible book and tap the three dots to the far right of the book. Tap Send this Book.

    How To Read Harry Potter On Kindle Unlimited For Free

    Harry Potter

    The entire Harry Potter book series is available as part of Amazons Kindle Unlimited library, a monthly subscription service that gives you access to thousands of books and three magazine subscriptions. You can read these books on a Kindle e-reader or any phone, tablet, or computer with the Kindle app installed.

    Amazon is currently offering a 30-day free trial subscription if youve never signed up for Kindle Unlimited before. That gives you one month to make your way through all seven Harry Potter books without spending any money. If you need a little more time, Amazon is currently offering a two-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited for $4.99. This service typically costs $9.99, so youre getting a 75% discount.

    Signing up for Kindle Unlimited is the cheapest way to read all the books in the Harry Potter series.

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    Lend Them From The Library

    If you have a library card, you can also lend the Harry Potter book series for free from your local library in three formats: physical books, digital books, and audiobooks.

    Digital books and audiobooks are available via the Overdrive and Libby apps, which most libraries seem to have at this point in time. However, whether you attempt to loan physical books from the library, or obtain them via the Overdrive and Libby apps, you may have to place a hold and wait in line for the books to become available to you.

    In that case, you may also want to check if your library offers the Hoopla app, by which you can lend up to four digital books per month and read ebooks or listen to audiobooks from a large catalog immediately — without having to wait for your turn in a “hold” line. Hoopla does, in fact, have the Harry Potter book series in its catalog. I listened to one of the books myself via this app!

    If your library does not have Hoopla, or even if you are struggling to obtain the books otherwise from your own local library, you may need to get creative in order to get the Harry Potter books free from the library.

    For example, where I live, the Philadelphia library is a much larger library with more resources than many other rural libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And the Philadelphia library allows residents of the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to obtain a library card!

    Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

    Its been years, and I am still waiting for my acceptance letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The only relief is that its just not me. Its the story of every Potterheads life. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is the book that started it all, and we are grateful. This book introduces us to the protagonist of the series Harry Potter, an orphan who lives with his uncle and aunt, Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley. However, the most annoying character has to be their son, Dudley, who constantly bullies Harry and makes his life terrible. Dont worry because things do get better for little Harry when Rubeus Hagrid makes a surprising entry on Harrys eleventh birthday with the most adorable cake in this entire world. Hagrid brings the letter of acceptance to Harry, who has no clue about the world of magic. Out of all the Harry Potter books, the first one makes me the most nostalgic. It was the first time I tasted something utterly magical and supremely out of the world. When Hagrid takes Harry to the Diagon Alley a hidden street in London behind the Leaky Cauldron pub you will experience a bizarre kind of nostalgia. As a 90s kid, I clearly remember going to the shops with my parents purchasing the new school supplies from new school shoes to brown paper cover rolls for my notebooks we used to buy everything. In the same way, Hagrid takes Harry to the shops in Diagon Alley.

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    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

    The seventh and the final book in the Harry Potter series is nothing short of a masterpiece. J.K. Rowling had planned the series with so much preciseness that she knew exactly how she would be ending the series right from the very beginning. Harry takes up the task of destroying all of Voldemorts Horcruxes to defeat him. This book is cruel, to say the very least. I remember being utterly devastated when the book ended. The ending couldnt be better. It did complete justice with the story, but it also tested my patience. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the darkest book of the series, and J.K. Rowling starts preparing you for that from the beginning. You can get the book here!

    Lend Them Via Prime Reading

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince | Full Movie Preview | Warner Bros. Entertainment

    While is a paid subscription, if you are already a member, you can lend digital books online via the member benefit of Prime Reading for no extra charge. And if you are not already an member, you can try it free for 30 days.

    Prime Reading is a private lending library that allows members to immediately loan up to ten books in the Prime Reading catalog at a time.

    • Unlimited access to a rotating catalog of ebooks and audiobooks,
    • 1 free pre-release ebook every month from editors’ picks, and
    • Magazines and comic books.

    I have used this Prime Reading myself, and it’s really easy, as well as a great time and money-saving benefit that some members may not even know about.

    At the time of posting this article, two of the seven Harry Potter books are available to lend via Prime Reading.

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