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How Does Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Start

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Chapter : The Invitation

P.S. I do hope we’ve put enough stamps on.
Molly Weasley, in the letter to the Dursleys

The invitation with too many stamps

The next day, It is revealed that Aunt Petunia has put the entire family on a diet, which Harry’s not following. Suddenly a letter from Molly Weasley addressed to the Dursleys arrives, She asks if Harry can join Hermione and the Weasley family to go to the Quidditch World Cup final between Ireland and Bulgaria. Unfortunately, the letter upsets Vernon Dursley because there are so many stamps on the envelope that the postman actually rang the doorbell to laugh about it. However, one mention of Sirius Black is enough to convince Vernon Dursley to let Harry go. Harry writes back to Ron confirming that they can come pick him up. Harry writes an extra sentence or two to Sirius’s letter explaining that he will be heading to The Burrow before sending the letter via Hedwig.

How Does The Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Start In The Movie

Harry potter and the goblet of fire starts with harrys dream,with the old caretaker goes to the house in the distance to realisethat voldemort and barty couch junior and wormtail and nagini arethere and voldemort kills the careetaker thenharry’s dream ends andharry is being woken up by hermoine and they all get up and go on atreak in the woods and on the way they meet up with cedric and hisdad. they then go to the portkey and get taken to the world cupgames! xx

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Teddy Lupin is born Remus Lupin asks Harry to be the baby’s godfather.

May 1998 Harry, Ron and Hermione break into Gringotts and escape on a dragon.

May 1998 Battle of Hogwarts Harry Potter defeats Voldemort . Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Lupin , and Fred Weasley die.

1999-2000 Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley marry.

2003-4 James Sirius Potter is born.

2005-6 Albus Severus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy are born.

2007-8 Lily Luna Potter and Hugo Weasley are born.

James Sirius Potter starts Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor Teddy Lupin is Head Boy .

The Epilogue from Deathly Hallows: Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley start at Hogwarts.

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Harry Rapidly Becomes More Adult

In the previous three films, it’s clear that Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are still portrayed largely as children. However, throughout “Goblet of Fire,” the group begins to take on more adult challenges. Many of these are pretty standard benchmarks of maturity that most people go through. They look older, they are exposed to the bliss and woes of romance, and they watch the world’s most evil wizard brutally murder a classmate in front of their eyes you know, the things most people experience before they graduate high school.

“I think the show is sort of how they’re growing up,” Rupert Grint said in an interview with “They’re like teenagers now. Obviously Ron, he has his sort of moody moments, like when he had a few arguments.”

This jump in maturity is also reflected in the Triwizard Tournament, an event that is supposed to be restricted to those aged 17 and up. Harry’s involvement in the competition, whether it was against the rules or not, signifies the character’s growth as a person. Furthermore, the plotlines that follow the Triwizard Tournament in the ensuing films place Harry in more and more “adult” scenarios, including his interactions with the Ministry of Magic and his fight against Voldemort. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the events at the end of “Goblet of Fire.”

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

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2017 Albus and Scorpius are sorted into Slytherin whilst Rose, as expected, finds herself in Gryffindor. Harry is now the Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic, Hermione is Minister for Magic, and Ron manages Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley.

Albus forms an unexpected friendship with Scorpius, while his relationship with his father Harry takes a turn for the worse.

Albus and Scorpius steal a Time Turner with Delphi Diggory to save Cedric Diggory after he won the Triwizard Tournament an event that takes place in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

2020: Albus and Scorpius use a time turner to travel back to 1994 and prevent Cedric Diggory from completing the first round of the Triwizard Tournament. When they return, they realise they’ve created an alternate timeline in which Ron and Hermione never married and thus Rose doesn’t exist. Albus has been sorted in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin.

Albus and Scorpius return to the past again to stop Cedric completing the second task, and return to find Scorpius is now alone because in their alternate timeline, Voldemort killed Harry and won the Battle of Hogwarts .

In this alternate timeline, Cedric became a Death Eater who eventually killed Neville Longbottom, therefore Neville never killed Nagini, Voldemorts final Horcrux. Dolores Umbridge is headmistress, and Snape is still alive.

They return to 2020, as it was at the beginning of The Cursed Child.

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Chapter : The Quidditch World Cup

They’ll be talking about this one for years, a really unexpected twist, that… Shame it couldn’t have lasted longer… Ah yes.. yes, I owe you… How much?
Ludo Bagman to Fred and George

Viktor Krum chasing the gold snitch at the World Cup

While at the Top Box in the World Cup stadium, Harry meets Winky the house-elf, a friend of Dobby‘s, who is saving a seat for Mr Crouch . The Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, as well as Lucius Malfoy with his wife and Draco , are also in the box. After Bagman introduces both teams’ mascots, the match is intense and exciting, with amazing skill displayed on both sides, particularly from Krum. A fight breaks out between the two team’s mascots after Ireland is awarded many penalty shots, which angers the Veela.

Ireland quickly gains a massive lead and wins the match, despite Krum catching the Golden Snitch. After the match, both teams head to the Top Box and Fudge awards Ireland the Quidditch World Cup, while Fred and George rejoice about winning their bet with Bagman.

Dragon Chase Through A Forest

In this behind-the-scenes clip, we hear Mike Newell talk about how he could not get the Dragon Chase right. He wanted the dragon to follow Harry through a forest and burn it down. Jim Mitchell, the visual effects supervisor, came up with the idea to have the dragon chase Harry around Hogwarts. Mike Newell agreed and thought it was a wonderful idea.

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Chapter : Mayhem At The Ministry

What if You-Know-Who had got you, and the last thing I ever said to you was that you didn’t get enough O.W.L.s? Oh, Fred…George…
Molly Weasley on her children

Ron’s dress robes

The next morning, the group quickly departs the campsite and arrives at the Burrow, where a worried Mrs Weasley greets them. Mrs Weasley shows them the Daily Prophet article covering last night’s attack, which is filled with some inaccurate details penned by Rita Skeeter, a journalist well known for her heavily negative stories. This forces Mr Weasley to head to the Ministry with Percy to straighten things out, as he is indirectly mentioned in the article.

Heading into Ron’s room, Harry tells Ron and Hermione about his scar hurting and his letter to Sirius, as well as the dream. The three remark on how strange it is that Harry’s scar hurt so soon before the Dark Mark appeared for the first time in thirteen years.

On the final day before they are to return to Hogwarts, Harry hears that the Ministry of Magic has come under heavy fire for failing to stop the riot at the Quidditch World Cup or arrest any of the culprits because of Rita Skeeter’s article. Mr Weasley mentions that Rita is also attacking the Ministry because of the disappearance of Bertha Jorkins. Meanwhile, Ron is dismayed by his hideous hand-me-down dress robes, which he will need to wear at Hogwarts for a formal occasion later in the year.

Rupert Grint Revealed His Biggest Regret About Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire (2005) Official Opening Scene in 3D [HD] – [DVD QUALITY]

Can you imagine having your entire awkward stage captured on film and featured in a series of incredibly popular movies? For the cast of the Harry Potter films, that horrifying thought was a reality, and in the case of Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, it’s hard to look back at the franchise without some regrets especially when it comes to Ron’s hair in The Goblet of Fire.

As noted by Cosmopolitan UK, Rupert shared his thoughts while reminiscing about the Harry Potter movies on the podcast Armchair Expert, admitting that Ron’s on-screen ‘do in the fourth film makes him cringe now. “There were some awkward stages, for sure. My hair in film four is one of my biggest regrets,” he said of his long, ’70s-esque moment. “I think everyone actually had a phase of having this really long hair. They liked it … it was kind of wizardy. We went through our puberty on camera. You kind of see it all. It is very cringey.”

I guess you could say the hair in question is indeed a bit Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, but Rupert was rocking the now ever-so-popular curtain bangs way back in 2005, so maybe we can credit Ron Weasley for the resurgence of the trend!

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The Parting Of The Ways

  • The fate of Barty Crouch Jnr is unknown, as he is last seen being held prisoner by his former comrade Severus Snape and his being kissed was a critical part of Fudge’s denial that Voldemort was back.
  • Since the Hospital Wing scene was omitted, in which Fudge is claimed to have performed the Dementor’s Kiss and was doubting the story purported by Dumbledore and Harry, it creates a strange consistency error in the next film that just makes it seem like Fudge wanted to create a random smear campaign against Harry, even though he had not been told that Voldemort had returned at any point, yet he seemed to already know this during Harry’s later hearing. However, the only hint of the Ministry wishing to cover up the truth was mentioned during Dumbledore’s memorial speech for Cedric.

Harry Witnessed The Dark Mark

Harry was truly thrilled when he learnt that he had been invited to go to the Quidditch World Cup. He was finally immersed in a place that celebrated one of his favourite things since becoming a wizard. However, disaster quickly struck when Death Eaters flocked to the event and caused deep, unbridled terror punctuated rather horribly by the Dark Mark in the sky a sinister skull with a snake for a tongue. Although Voldemort had always been present in Harrys life, this was the first time he really saw how powerful Voldemort could be when his followers were out in the world.

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Chapter 1: Beauxbatons And Durmstrang

Longbottom, kindly do not reveal that you can’t even perform a simple Switching Spell in front of anyone from Durmstrang!
McGonagall about the upcoming visitors

Durmstrang’s Submarine Ship

Early the next day, a concerned Harry sends a letter to Sirius claiming he is fine and that Sirius won’t have to return to Britain. Over the next couple of weeks, Harry fights off his concerns for Sirius while waiting for Hedwig to get back. In Defence Against the Dark Arts, Moody has his students practise resisting the Imperius Curse. Only Harry is able to resist it, despite slightly bruising his knees in the process it takes him a couple more tries before he can completely resist it. During Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall explains to her fourth-year students, as she assigns them extra homework, that this is the time for them to start preparing for the O.W.L. examinations, which will occur at the end of their next year.

On 30 October, Harry again hears Fred and George Weasley talking: this time, he hears that they are talking about sending a letter to a certain person. The trio talk with the twins about the Triwizard Tournament, and Hermione brings up house-elves. Fred and George suggest she should visit the Hogwarts Kitchen just to see for herself how happy they are, despite Hermione’s insistence that they are being brainwashed.

Investigating Snape And Karkaroff

Harrys first terms at Hogwarts: ranked

This deleted scene takes place after Snape accuses Harry of sealing potions ingredients from his personal stores. It takes place on the Wooden Bridge and Ron asks if Harry saw what Karkaroff had on his arm, but Harry says he didn’t. Hermione questions Harry if Snape really had asked if he had stolen boomslang skin and lacewing flies. Harry confirms this and Hermione explains that Snape thinks they are brewing Polyjuice Potion.

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Chapter 1: Aboard The Hogwarts Express

Don’t tell me you don’t know? You’ve got a father and brother at the Ministry and you don’t even know? My God, my father told me about it ages ago… heard it from Cornelius Fudge. But then, Father’s always associated with the top people at the Ministry… Maybe your father’s too junior to know about it, Weasley… yes.. they probably don’t talk about important stuff in front of him…
Draco Malfoy mocking Ron for the his lack of inside information from the Ministry of Magic

The rain-washed Hogwarts trunks and owl cages

The next morning, Harry overhears a conversation between Mr Weasley and Amos Diggory about an ex-Auror named Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody, who was attacked in his home the previous night. Amos needs Mr Weasley’s help in clearing things up before the situation gets worse. Charlie informs Harry that an Auror is basically an evil wizard catcher.

After Mr Weasley leaves, Percy, who needs to get back to work, departs. This leaves the rest of the adults to take the children to King’s Cross Station by muggle taxi. At the station, the kids say good-bye to Mrs Weasley, Bill, and Charlie, and the adults suggest that the year ahead would be an exciting one for all of the Hogwarts students, as well as other wizards and witches.

Harry Started Fancying Girls

As Harry would attest, fighting a Hungarian Horntail is one thing, but trying to ask a girl out on a date to the Yule Ball is a whole other kettle of fish. As well as all the other mayhem surrounding Harry in his fourth year, he also had to deal with perhaps his greatest nemesis of all: adolescence. Reading about Harry being rebuffed by Cho Chang, and about him and his fellow classmates squirming at the pressures that come with wooing , is an amusing escape from the other horrors that arose in Goblet of Fire.

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Dumbledore’s Goblet Of Fire Reaction

We can all agree that Albus Dumbledore is a rather nice wizard, right? He’s extremely kind to Harry, almost becoming a second father to the young wizard, and always seems to have the best interests of his students, and the wider wizarding community, at heart.

Which is why his reaction to seeing Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire itself is rather odd. He’s very nice about it in the books, concerning and fearful. But, in the movie, he outright assaults the Boy Who Lived, sending him flying into some silverware and coming across as accusatory. They should have re-read the book because there’s no way Dumbledore would ever have acted like this.

What Parents Need To Know

HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Movie Reaction! First time watching!

Parents need to know that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has two deaths , scary creatures, some romantic yearnings, and edge-of-the-seat scenes. With each film the scariness quotient increases. This movie features fighting dragons, tortured bugs, a scary huge maze, and an underwater horror show. Young kids who don’t understand the difference between fantasy and reality should stay clear. So should kids going through an anxious time about unnamed terrors or unwanted separations, as one of the death scenes is upsetting. The action is sometimes rowdy, and camera movements/edits are aggressive, all of which increase the scary effects. One of the deleted scenes featured on the DVD shows teen couples after the Yule Ball getting caught kissing, etc., in carriages — it’s a little more sexual content than you get in the feature film.

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Is It Any Good

The fourth film in the Harry Potter series tends to move steadily from plot point to plot point, ensuring that each beloved character from the novel gets at least a brief moment on screen. When Harry , Hermione , and Ron attend the Quidditch World Cup, they witness the full-on effects of sports celebrity: fans cheer and stomp their feet, magical images of the star shimmer over the crowd. The fact that the World Cup site is destroyed by Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters hardly brings pause.

The Triwizard Tournament extends the movie’s thematic interest in celebrity. In due course, Harry is exposed to cheating and not a little bit of emotional and physical abuse . The movie makes us ask whether 14- or 17-year-old kids should have to be warriors and survivors. Harry and his friends must undergo pain, work through fear, and even decide whether to fight back or inflict pain. Growing up is a difficult transition on-screen or off, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire makes being a teen look pretty unpleasant. That being said, this film is as good as the others in the series, and kids and teens old enough to handle the scary elements will surely enjoy it.

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