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What Type Of Wand Does Harry Potter Have

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How To Get Selected For Ollivanders Wand Experience

Harry Potter Wands Core, History, Types & Owners of All Kind of Wands Explained

During the wand experience, one lucky guest will get chosen from the crowd by Ollivander himself! This guest gets to try out several wands until a wand picks them, just like Harry did on his very first trip there. Many people hope to be selected for this fun, interactive opportunity, but Ollivander does choose the person based on specific criteria. Usually, the chosen guest looks to be around 12 years old. Why? Because this is the age young witches and wizards get their letter to attend Hogwarts! So if youre accompanying a young wizard, try to get them to the front or just in Ollivanders eye line to get chosen.

Harry’s Wand Is Protective And Powerful

Given that Harry Potter is about, well, Harry Potter, we know he owns a holly wand clocking in at precisely 11 inches long. Ollivander notes that holly is a rare, protective wood that seeks out masters who “need help overcoming a tendency to anger and impetuosity” and “who are engaged in some dangerous and often spiritual quest.” Sounds about right. Ollivander also explains that the wood typically has an adverse reaction to phoenix feathers, but the owner is nearly unstoppable if a match occurs.

It’s not just Harry’s scar that’s tied to Voldemort: His wand is, too. During Harry’s trip to Ollivander’s, we learn that the wand’s feather comes from the same powerful and rare phoenix that supplied Voldemort’s wand core. Later, Dumbledore tells a baffled Harry that his phoenix, Fawkes, is the very bird who donated the feathers.

At first glance, Harry doesn’t seem like the most capable wizard. But when you look closer at his incredible displays of wand work, he more than proves his dominance. In addition to mastering the Patronus charm at a remarkably young age and displaying wandless magic, Harry uses a simple disarming charm to combat Voldemort’s killing curse the most potent attack in the Potter canon. Harry ultimately uses the Elder Wand to fix his broken wand in the books, but fails to do so in the movies.

Arthur Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia

Arthur Weasley owned a 1960 Ford Anglia 105E that he subsequently enchanted consequently, the vehicle can fly, become invisible, and carry the entire Weasley family in spite of its formerly non-enchanted interior dimensions , among other abilities. The enchantment placed on the car also made it semi-sentient. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the car is borrowed by Fred, George and Ron, who use it to rescue Harry from the Dursleys’ house. Ron and Harry later steal the car in order to return to Hogwarts after the gate to Platform 9¾ is sealed by Dobby. After they arrive at school, landing in the Whomping Willow, the car ejects Harry, Ron, and their luggage, then flees into the Forbidden Forest, ignoring Ron’s pleas for it to come back. Mr Weasley soon faces an inquiry at the Ministry of Magic, as seven Muggles saw the car flying across areas of Central London and the British countryside, and is forced to pay a large fine.

The 1962 Ford Anglia used in the film was acquired by Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, and is currently displayed in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. A total of 14 Ford Anglias were destroyed during the filming of the scene where the car crashes into the Whomping Willow.

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Knockturn Alley Spell Locations:

  • Chimney Sweep Elf Sign: Make sure to look up to find a red sign in the shape of a chimney. The spell will cause a chimney sweep to sweep the chimney.
  • Noggin and Bonce: Shush the talking heads in the window.
  • Dystal Phaelanges: Have some fun dancing as the skeleton in the window mimics you.
  • Trackleshanks Locksmith: Brace yourself for a windy spell!
  • Tallow and Hemp Toxic Tapers: The birds in the cage will be sure to react.
  • Who Has A 13 Inch Wand In Harry Potter

    2 Magic Wands 2 Harry Potter Type Wands 2 Wooden Wands

    There are 13 kinds of wand with Professor Snapes name on it. I am 25 inches long. The man, after all, has black hair and a severe face just like him Warner Bros. Pictures. While Harrys longest wand in the Wizards is a defensive arts teacher at Hogwarts School, its actually his second wand as Harry Potter.

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    What Does The Interactive Wand Do At Universal

    Interactive wands can be used to cast spells throughout the Wizarding World. With an easy swish and flick, the wands will cause unique and magical things to happen, like making it rain under an umbrella, or causing a feather to float in the air.

    All you need to do is be on the lookout for the brass medallions that are embedded in the ground throughout the Wizarding World. These medallions not only indicate where you can use your interactive wands, but which spell you need to cast to make the magic happen!

    Notice the medallion embedded in the ground? It is pointing in the direction of where the spell needs to be cast.

    The dual-sided map that comes with the interactive wand, will show you all the places to practice your charms in Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and even in Knockturn Alley.

    Nicolas Flamel’s Quest For Immortality

    Nicolas Flamel didn’t just create the Philosopher’s stone out of thin air: It took an endless amount of power and magic to accomplish what so many had tried. Like Merlin, Flamel has attained as much fame in the Muggle world as the wizarding world, which is a feat in itself. Now, Muggles don’t necessarily know that he was magical. The idea of turning metals into gold and finding the elixir of life were once considered matters of chemistry and science, not magic. If only they knew.

    We briefly see Flamel use his wand in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. It seems he might have used alchemy on the wand itself, as it has a gold band on the hilt, connecting it to some kind of bone. While its exact size, core, and wood are unknown, we don’t need those details to comprehend that it’s one of the most incredible wands in Potter lore.

    Not only does it help Flamel perform unheard-of feats of alchemy, it proudly and loyally accompanies him over the duration of several lifetimes over 600 years, to be exact. But beyond Flamel’s power is his compassion. He’s the only immortality seeker to put someone else’s needs above his own, destroying his immortality along with his wife Perenelle’s to save Harry in the first book. That’s strength in its own right.

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    Is The Interactive Wand At Universal Worth It

    Interactive wands are totally worth it! With 25 official spell locations between both parks, our 9 and 11-year-old kids were occupied for HOURS! Its definitely worth paying the extra $6 to get the interactive version of a wand.

    And although the wands are a little pricey, they can be used during future visits as well. The wand magic actually lasts forever, as there are no batteries or need for recharging!

    One of Miss Somersaults favourite spells REVELIO opened the Chocolate Frog box in the window of Honeydukes.

    We would recommend against purchasing your interactive wands online. You may be disappointed with what you get. Instead, inspect and select your wand in-person at the parks, and you wont regret your purchase.

    If you plan on returning to the Wizarding World, you can use your interactive wands again and again! And trust me, the kids used the wands with the same interest and fervour on each subsequent visit!

    Weapon Of The Chosen One

    Harry Potter Wand Workshop
    I believe that your wand imbibed some of the power and qualities of Voldemorts wand that night, which is to say that it contained a little of Voldemort himself. So your wand recognised him when he pursued you, recognised a man who was both kin and mortal enemy, and regurgitated some of his own magic against him. Your wand now contained the power of your enormous courage and of Voldemort’s own deadly skill.
    Harry’s wand’s reaction to Lord Voldemort

    In the aftermath of the Triwizard Tournament and Voldemort’s return, Harry possessed magical knowledge and experience that could be said to significantly exceed that of his fellow students. He was forced to essentially learn a variety of advanced spells to hold his own during the competition, as he was going up against much older students and facing dangerous tasks. He wielded this wand in many epic conflicts such as that at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries,, against the Inferi in the Horcrux Cave and during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.

    Lucius Malfoy’s wand, used by Voldemort, cracking due to the power of Harry’s wand


    Main article:Skirmish at Malfoy Manor
    Hermione Granger: “You’re still really angry at me, aren’t you?
    Harry Potter: “No. No, Hermione, I know it was an accident. You were trying to get us out of there alive, and you were incredible. I’d be dead if you hadn’t been there to help me.
    Conversation after Hermione accidentally broke Harry’s wand


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    What Is Harry Potters Wand Made Of

    Harrys wand was 11 inches long and made of holly with a phoenix feather core. Ollivander describes the wand as being nice and supple in regards to its flexibility. He also stated the combination of holly and phoenix feather was an unusual combination to see.

    The unusual combination Ollivander is referring to is based on wandlore which most wandmakers in the wizarding world take very seriously. Holly wands tend to be considered a protective wand in nature and often choose wizards who are engaged in dangerous quests, especially if they are somewhat spiritual.

    Because of the volatility of holly itself in wand making, lore suggests it is especially hard to pair with phoenix feather cores. According to the series own author, JK Rowling, if holly and a phoenix feather are able to be combined successfully nothing and no one should be able to stand in that wizards way.

    Its no wonder that even without considering the history of the brother to Harrys wand, Ollivander would be extremely interested in what Harry was going out into the world to accomplish solely based on the wands materials and extreme rarity in the wizarding world.

    Where Do I Purchase An Interactive Wizarding Wand

    For the full, detailed experience, the best shop to purchase a wand is, of course, Ollivanders in Diagon Alley, makers of fine wands since 382 BC. Named after the family of its esteemed owner, Garrick Ollivander, Harry was brought here by Rubeus Hagrid to undergo that rite of passage in the wizarding world .

    However, wand-shoppers at Universal Orlando Resort do have more options, including the Ollivanders branch at Hogsmeade , or at Wands by Gregorovitch in the Carkitt Market section of Diagon Alley, an alternative wand shop formerly helmed by the longtime competitor to Ollivanders. Wands can also be bought at the main Universal gift shops at the front of each park and at CityWalk, or online at Universals official merchandise store.

    Also, please note that each interactive wand comes in an Ollivanders box with a dual-sided map of spell locations around Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

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    Who Has The Prettiest Wand In Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter fans favorites include many factors which make the Elder Wand an essential element of the series.
  • A glimpse of the villain Lord Voldemort
  • This Horace Slughorn is rated a 3.
  • In order to see Bellatrix, make room for L.A.
  • The new Sirius Black comes in five sizes.
  • The 6th grade of grade vale of ce
  • A Fenrir Greyback, number seven.
  • The 8th Hermione, based on the play King Arthur.
  • Harry Potter: What Is The Elder Wand


    In Harry Potter, there are few items as powerful as the Elder Wand, but what exactly is it and its capabilities, and how did Dumbledore obtain it?

    The Harry Potter franchise has a multitude of magical artifacts and creatures that exude incredible amounts of power. However, very few can match the power of the Elder Wand, which is said to be the most powerful wand in the world. It has moved hands from many users in its lifetime, including Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, but few have managed to use its full potential. An example of someone with exceptional skill using the wand, however, is Albus Dumbledore. But what can the wand do, and how did the Headmaster of Hogwarts obtain the sacred artifact in the first place?

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    Interactive Collectors Edition Wand

    Your next option for purchasing a wand, is the Collectors Edition wand. Every year, Universal Orlando releases a new and unique wand as part of a Harry Potter Celebration. This celebration occurs at the end of July, to celebrate J.K. Rowlings and Harry Potters birthday.

    The Collectors Edition wands are not themed to any particular character from the Wizarding World, but the craftsmanship on the hilt is stunning. These wands have extraordinary gold or silver embellishments, which will really make any witch or wizard stand out.

    You can purchase a Collectors Edition wand for $70. These wands are only available in an interactive version.

    Harry Potter: What Wand Would You Have Based On Your Mbti

    If you were in the Harry Potter world, what kind of wand would you have? Your Myers-Briggs type can probably tell you…

    The wand always chooses the wizard in the Harry Potteruniverse, with a personality of its own to match its new owner. Different wands are constructed using different combinations of wood and magical cores. Garrick Ollivander is the most popular wand maker that fans know of since he is the wandmaker behind all of the main characters’ wands such as Harry’s, Hermione’s, and even Voldemort’s.

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    Though there are a number of different magical cores for the maker to choose from, Ollivander likes to use three that he has deemed worthy in every situation, unicorn hair, dragon heartstrings, and phoenix tail feathers. Each of these cores are used for different kinds of individuals and give the wand a unique personality, and a specific amount of strength. The wood of the wand also adds to its personality and can better aid the core when performing magic. Here is a list of which wand you would have based on your MBTI®.

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    Choosing Your Own Wizarding World Wand At Ollivanders

    Sure, purchasing your own wand flies in the face of that whole “wand chooses the wizard” thing. While it’s certainly weird to slap down our cash for a wand without ceremony, it’s really fun to pick out your own.

    As you exit the show or wander inside from the side entrance or through Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment you’ll be able to peruse the shelves of wands. There’s a section of the character ones, and one for the non-character wands. The Ollivanders non-character wands have an O on the label . The character interactive wands have a gold label, and the character non-interactive wands have a white label.

    Interactive Hogsmeade Wand Spell Locations

    Which Harry Potter Wand Would You Have

    Hogsmeade as 9 interactive spell locations where you can use your Harry Potter World wands:

  • Zonkos Joke Shop Spell: Another Weasley brothers classic- set off spinning wheels and rockets in their favorite store
  • McHavelocks Spell: Stop the water from pouring into a cauldron
  • Dogweed and Deathcap: Bring the plant in the window to life
  • Honeydukes: Open up a chocolate frog box
  • Madam Puddifoots: Move the snowman cake topper
  • Gladbags Wizardwear: Need some measurements? Raise and lower the measuring tape on the robe in the window
  • Spintwitches: Levitate the Quidditch balls
  • Dervish and Banges: Start the music box in the window, and stop it when youve heard enough
  • Tome and Scrolls: Unlock a copy of tales of Beedle the Bard
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    How Do Interactive Wands Work

    Ok, if you want to go on believing in the magic of Harry Potter, and the wands, you will need to skip over this section!

    Really! We are totally about to burst your bubble! If you are sure, then

    There is no such thing as magic! Interactive wands are considered passive devices. This means that there are no electronics inside. Instead, the wands are equipped with a rounded reflector tip that is used to interact with the sensors around the park.

    Notice the tips of the wands? The wand on the right is and Interactive Wand. You can see the bubble at the tip that acts as a reflector.

    In other words, the wand is able to reflect light back to a sensor that then tracks the movement of the wand. When a correct spell movement is detected, the system activates the display, and you have made magic happen!

    Whenever you are at a spell-casting location, look for the sensor. The sensors are carefully camouflaged throughout the displays. Just look for 4 red lights in a square.

    If you aim your interactive wand at the sensor, and keep your gestures small as the cameras area of reception is limited, you will have much better success with your spell. If you see the red lights on the sensor turn off, that indicates your spell worked!

    The plus side of having a passive device, is no need to worry about dead batteries, or needing to charge your wands. As long as you take care of them, the wands will last a long time

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