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Vera Bradley Harry Potter Bubble Umbrella

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Plenty Of Patterns Auto Open Bubble Umbrella Is Available In A Variety Of Your Favorite Patterns So You Can Mix & Match As You Like

My Vera Bradley Collection! Featuring Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and More!

The Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella is perfect for mixing and matching as you like. With a variety of your favorite patterns, you can mix and match to create the perfect umbrella personality for any occasion. And since the umbrella opens automatically when it senses rain, theres never an excuse to miss out on that perfect photo opportunity.

Harry Potter + Vera Bradley

Whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, a wizard or a Muggle … its time to reminisce with friends about all of our previous adventures

Every Harry Potter fan agrees the magic of Hogwarts knows no bounds. Whether you identify as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, wear it proud with our selection of vibrant prints inspired by all our most-favorite movie moments. Make your love of all things Hogwarts known by incorporating our selection of Harry Potter purses and Harry Potter backpacks into everything from your sense of style and your home decor to your travel aesthetic.

With plenty of opportunities for detailed patterns and boldly colorful prints, the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection is all about those extra touches that true fans really appreciate. From backpacks with dedicated wand pockets to blankets featuring the insignia of each house, you’ll find a thoughtful gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life or a unique way to treat yourself to something special!

Auto Open Bubble Umbrella

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Rain Or Shine Stay Dry With This Delightfully Detailed Umbrella

If youre looking for an umbrella that will keep you dry in any weather, look no further than the Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella. With its delightfully detailed design and sturdy construction, this umbrella will keep you safe from the elements while still giving you a stylish look. Plus, with its auto-open feature, it will take just a few seconds to get your umbrella up and ready for use, making it easy to stay dry on wet days.

Button Button You Have The Button For Automatic & Reliable Protection From The Elements

Auto Open Bubble Umbrella  Vera Bradley

A good umbrella is essential for keeping you dry in the rain or sun, but most umbrellas dont have buttons to open them automatically when you need them. The Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella solves this problem by having a button on the handle that pops open when you press it. This means you never have to fumble around in the rain or reach for your keys to open your umbrella when it starts raining hard all you have to do is push the button! Plus, with a canopy size of 54 inches and an automatic closure system, this umbrella will keep you well-protected from the elements no matter what.

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Vera Bradley + Harry Potter Launch New Forbidden Forest Collection

Susan WilsonPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

Vera Bradley has just released their third Harry Potter collection. The Forbidden Forest Collection! If you look closely throughout the captivating Forbidden Forest pattern, among the Whomping Willow you will find all kinds of curious creatures like Hedwig, Buckbeak , Fang, and more waiting to be revealed.

The background of this latest design is a deep purple. The pattern can be purchased on backpacks, slings, totes, cups, and even popsockets.

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My favorite piece in the new collection is the Harry Potter Bubble Umbrella.

The Vera Tote bag is perfect to carry around. Its has a zip closure and is made with recycled cotton. The tote retails for $120.

Theres a lovely plush throw available. It features Hogwarts, the Whomping Willow, Sirius in dog form, Hedwig, and Buckbeak. The throw is $65.00.

Check out some other fun styles from this brand new Forbidden Forest collection.

The collection is currently available on and in Vera Bradley Full Line stores, but the magic doesnt end here. Stay tuned for more exciting additions to this collaboration in the coming months.

Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you plan your next Disney Vacation! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch! Remember their services are 100% Free!

The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Is Available Now

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Are you still waiting on your Hogwarts letter?

Well, even if it hasnt arrived yet, you may have visited Universal Orlandos Wizarding World of Harry Potter, collected Harry Potter merchandise, like wands and mugs, or just watched allll the Harry Potter movies multiple times! Well, can now get some NEW Harry Potter items to bring a sense of that magic home.

Vera Bradley just released a NEW Harry Potter collection, and it will feature two designs focused on some of Harry Potters friends, like Hedwig, Dobby, Cerberus, Fawkes, and more! The Friends of Hogwarts design will also feature the Hogwarts crest.

Another design, the Friends of Hogwarts Ditsy has a fun pattern with Crookshanks, Dobby, Professor McGonagall AS A CAT, a Time Turner, and more!

This Small Vera Tote comes in the Friends at Hogwarts Ditsy print. It comes with lots of pockets for easy organization and its made with recycled cotton.

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Vera Bradley Just Released Its Third Harry Potter Collection With A New Forbidden Forest Pattern

See if you can spot Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang.

Vera Bradley and Harry Potter are back at it with a new collection! The two companies first came together in summer 2020 with a Home to Hogwarts pattern, followed by a Herbology pattern in April 2021. Now you can shop the Forbidden Forest collection for a limited time, and its sure to add a bit of magic and mischief into your closet.

The new pattern is dark purple and features the Whomping Willow, which is located on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was planted in 1971 to cover up the opening of a secret passage, so you know the pattern has to be mysterious. Forbidden Forest has hidden creatures throughout it, like Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang. This is just the kind of pattern wed want to carry in the fall and winter months, so the timing is just right for this Vera Bradley x Harry Potter collection to come out.

Vera Bradley Large Travel Duffel Bag

Magic awaits. Are you ready to seek it? Experience the awe and excitement of the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection, where we found infinite inspiration in all our most-loved scenes from Harry Potter and then added a dash of our own Muggle Magic, the collection description says.

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Bubble Purse And Large Umbrellas

WHAT’S IN MY COLLEGE BACKPACK | Vera Bradley Campus Backpack

Do you know what’s sure to spark a smile on any rainy day? Catching a glimpse of a happy pattern or cheerful color! Rain or shine, our collection of umbrellas are here so you can make the most of every moment . Explore purse umbrellas, bubble umbrellas and large umbrellas.These functional, helpful umbrellas have a variety of features fit for whatever your rainy day plans need. Along with an auto open and close button, discover enhanced umbrellas designed with special specs for all the ease. The scaled-down size of our compact, lightweight mini travel umbrellas makes it a breeze to toss your umbrella into your bag and be on your way. Our inverted umbrellas are sure to keep you dry when getting in and out of cars and buildings. Never let another dripping umbrella rain on your parade!Looking to create your own personal oasis? Your backyard, patio or pool deck will be transformed with one of our market umbrellas! These large outdoor umbrellas have so many must-have features, like water-resistant fabric, a vented canopy to reduce wind lofting, a tilt function for more shade, an aluminum pole and ribs for superior strength and rust resistance, AND a 1-year, no-hassle warranty program. Discover the entire Vera Bradley + Classic Accessories outdoor collection for every style you need to build your dream space.

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Perfectly Sized Auto Open Bubble Umbrella Measures 35 Inches Closed

If youre looking for a stylish and reliable umbrella, the Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella is perfect. It measures 35 inches closed and has an automatic opening mechanism thats guaranteed to keep you safe in even the heaviest rain showers. Plus, its sleek design will complement any outfit no matter how casual or formal.

Vera Bradley Believes In Celebrating Beauty In All We Do

Celebrate your style with the Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella. This stylish umbrella is perfect for keeping you and your loved ones dry in all conditions, whether its a light rain or pouring rain. The auto open function means no more fumbling with buttons in the thick of a downpour just whip out the umbrella and let it do its thing. Plus, the soft faux fur lining keeps you warm on those blustery days while the bright cheerful print will make you stand out from the crowd.

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