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What Is The Harry Potter Font

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Sure To Leave You Stupefied: The Famous Harry Potter Font

Fantastic Fonts and Where to Find Them – Harry Potter Design Lesson #1

There is more than one font in the Harry Potter universe. Since the first novel was published in 1997, different fonts have appeared on the covers of the various editions in English and other languages. But one of them has beat all other fonts: the one with the distinctive lightning bolt P.

The reason why mainly this font is associated with Harry Potter is the fact that it has been used on all movie posters since the premiere of the first film. While the cover art of the books including the fonts was different from country to country, the presentation of the films was the same around the globe. Even if you are not a fan of Harry Potter, you will immediately think of the boy with the lightning bolt scar whenever you see the font with the characteristic lightning bolt P.

Why Harry Potter Is Banned

Dan Reehil, a pastor at the Roman Catholic parish school of St Edward in Nashville, Tennessee, banned the books from the school library on the grounds that The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells which when read by a human being risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person

What Font Is The Harry Potter Font

Ever wonder what font is used in the Harry Potter book covers and movie poster?

The original Harry Potter books covers used different fonts for its book title lettering, chapter titles, and page numbers. While each font was likely a commercial font created specifically for the books and movies, there is a free font available today that mimics the look of the most highly recognized Harry Potter font.

The free Harry Potter font is called Harry P and was created by an artist named Graham Meade with Phoenix Phonts, based in Australia. Meade appears to have created the Harry P font family using a shareware font editor.

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Is Harry Potter Based On The Worst Witch

Rowling has not acknowledged that Murphys work was an inspiration, although The Worst Witch was first published in 1974 and had become a best-selling series by the time Rowling sat down to write her first Harry Potter story. The Worst Witch heroine is Mildred Hubble, who Murphy, 70, said was partly based on herself.

+ Best Harry Potter Fonts Must Have 2019

Harry Potter fonts: Generate or download Hogwarts typefaces

You all surely love movie fonts when they appear on big screen, dont you? What were also sure you love the Harry Potter series. And we bet your client love them as well and often you hear from them they want a font from this series in a design youre working on for them.Today were sharing a collection of Harry Potter fonts that will solve your problem.

Harry Potter is a standout the most broadly sold dream books on the planet by J.K Rowling and a standout amongst the best novel to film franchises. The book covers and the parts in the books had some extremely notable fonts that spoke to the supernatural world or Harry Potter. These fonts have since been an interest for some and utilized by fans world over for their uniqueness and eccentric enchanted element!

To build your gathering of fonts, try to take a look at these 16+ Excellent Harry Potter Fonts. These fonts can be of extraordinary help in planning sites, designs, logos and print media with a feeling of innovation. This gathering may enable you to pick the correct font for your future designs. Appreciate!

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  • Harry Potter Magical Fonts Free Download


    A popular Harry Potter freeware font based on probably promotional cover of US edition HP7. The actual font used on the cover is actually Ablefont by Marcus Burlile, but both of them are pretty similar anyway. Lumos only supports capital letter. Download Lumos font for Windows: and Lumos font for Mac: lumos.sit .


    Created based on the serpent font typeface used on Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets novel cover, and released on 2001. Parseltongue is popular and fun headline-type font. All letters are uppercase, but when you type in caps, letters will appear with a flourish Download Parseltongue HP font for Windows:, and for Mac: parselps.sit or parselttf.sit .

    Harry P

    Harry P is a Harry Potter book cover font which is similar to the font used on most of the cover of the United States editions of J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter books. Download for free Harry Potter font for Windows here, or for Mac here.

    Milky Way

    Download Milky Way font for Mac here or for Windows here.

    Starry Night

    Comes complete character set as well as lots of stars. Download Starry Night here.

    Parry Hotter

    A donation-ware font. Download Windows TrueType font: or Mac TrueType font: ParryHotter.sit .

    ES Potter

    Download free ES Potter TrueType font for PC Windows here.

    Magical Me


    A wizard looking font. Download free Moonstar font for Windows here.


    Download Magdeburg font here.

    Hogwarts Wizard


    Troll Bait

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    This Typeface Is Inspired By The Educational Decrees As Seen In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    What font is used in harry potter. What is the name of the font used in harry potter? It is called cochin and was invented in 1912 as a print font, based on a much older copperplate font invented in 17 th century france by nicolas cochin. But one of them has beat all other fonts:

    The font you see here is a recreation which made by a fan (you can read about that here: The first and arguably most famous harry potter font is the font used on the covers of the books. Want even more harry potter?

    There is more than one font in the harry potter universe. Download educational decree font . Looking for a font to use on birthday invitations for your harry potter fan?

    41 votes) it’s more or less aqualine two, which is dumbledore’s handwriting font. The font is very old and was invented in 1912 for printing purposes. How do you get the harry potter font on word?

    Have you seen this wizard create your own sirius black inspired wanted poster with this typeface. Capitals, the letters have an extra flavor when written in uppercase. This font is actually relatively old

    A magical collection of harry potter fonts. Since the first novel was published in 1997, different fonts have appeared on the covers of the various editions in english and other languages. Download this font to add harry potter titling to your projects.

    How to install your harry potter fonts Is the harry potter font free to use? Fonts per page 10 20 50 sort fonts by.

    Harry Potter Always Etsy Harry potter font, Harry

    Where Do You Say Expecto Patronum In Harry Potter

    Photoshop CS5 Harry Potter Font Tutorial

    Once this memory is in your mind, hold your wand up into the air, and without moving it, point it towards the Dementor and say clearly Expecto Patronum! In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harrys Patronus charm is one of the most used spells. Harry casts his first Patronum in Professor Lupins office one quiet night.

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    Free Harry Potter Inspired Fonts

    Posted on October 28, 2019 by B.J. Keeton in Design |

    Sometimes a project just needs a little extra magic. Thats why weve put together a round-up of the top free Harry Potter-inspired fonts that we could find. From elegant and enchanting to scribbled and scrawly, these Harry Potter fonts will elevate your design more than if you cast wingardium leviosa.

    The Arrival Of The Harry Potter Font

    This is not only the font but it is a logo which is specialized in design for Harry Potter. Though it was not built for the movie posters. The lettering of it with the bolt of lightning came in the year 1998 which was on the cover of the novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in the edition of the US. This serious was in distribution by Warner Bros which is an American company. It was the reason why the lettering in magical form from the edition of the book. It was in use for the best marketing and also appears in various languages.

    When the first film in the series of Harry Potter came, the publishing was made in the year 2001. The machine of marketing was in motion at that time. From that time, the magical lettering is in use of the logo through the whole universe of Harry Potter. It has book covers, posters of the film, covers of soundtracks, and even many more.

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    Where Did Jk Rowling Get Ideas For Harry Potter

    J.K. Rowling first had the idea for Harry Potter while delayed on a train travelling from Manchester to London Kings Cross in 1990. Over the next five years, she began to plan out the seven books of the series. She wrote mostly in longhand and amassed a mountain of notes, many of which were on scraps of paper.

    How To Download Harry Potter Font

    Best Harry Potter Fonts

    There are many fans of Harry Potter in the whole universe. For them, various fonts are also there of Harry Potter. We have a discussion of it about how to download them on this page.

    As when the first novel was published in the year 1997, the covers if it gathered various forms of fonts of the required editions. It came in English as well as in various languages. One if they gave a great beat to every font. It has the bolt of lightning and named P.

    The main reason for the association of this font is that it is fully in connection with Harry Potter and the fact is that it is used all the posters of the movie from the premiere of the first movie. The cover of all books which have the fonts was from various countries. The presentation of such movies was around worldwide.

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    Is Mildred Hubble From A Witch Family

    Mildred comes from a non-witch family and passed her entrance test to Cackles mostly on account of her abundant imagination and her story about a three-headed giant, which greatly impressed the headmistress, Miss Cackle. In her second year, Mildred is turned into a frog by Ethel Hallow after insulting her family.

    About Harry Potter Font

    Beautifully designed Harry Potter font you can download for free and for non-commercial purposes. It came from the famous novel Harry Potter. J. K. Rowling who is a British author wrote this novel series. A couple of fonts used in the novel and on the cover page. The book was named by the prime character Harry Potter who was an orphan young fellow. He was the only son of a wizard and witch and that gave him the opportunity to go and learn magic from the wizardry school. In the novel, you can know the adventures of the young wizard with his friends and witchcraft.

    As already said, a couple of style fonts you can find in the novel from cover page to character names. The organizer and publisher team also used different fonts for chapter titles and elsewhere. The experts mentioned the title of the book font is very similar to a typeface named Hocus Pocus. It came with an individual complete character set in four styles. Another font named Able created by Marcus Burlie is very close to the novels page numbers and chapter title. Also, Felt Tip Roman font made by Mark Simon used for Rubeus Hagrids handwriting. Harry Potter series contains some of the stylish fonts that are good with the theme with a wizardry look. You can download and use personal purposes from here.

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    Harry Potter Font Svg

    Lumos Harry Potter Font

    How to Download and Install Harry Potter font – HD (REAL tutorial)

    Last but not least is the Lumos Harry Potter font that is available to download for free. Inspired by the whole Harry Potter universe and its fonts, this font is a versatile font for you to use.

    If you are looking for a Harry Potter-style font, then consider the fonts on this list. They are all unique and offer different options for you to choose from.

    If you enjoyed reading this article about Harry Potter fonts, you should read these as well:

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    Pick Your Favorite Harry Potter Font Out Of These Options

    Everybody who is a movie or book enthusiast will surely know about the Harry Potter books and movies and its many installments. This movie and of course the book has become iconic in the last 20 years or so. This is why many graphic designers and design enthusiasts have grown in love with a Harry Potter font. They are a part of the Harry Potter cult.

    Harry Potter is one of the most popular books ever written and is also considered as the best-sold book at the moment. And it is no wonder that it is so the Harry Potter books are so charming and captivating that they have captured many hearts and minds.

    There are many Harry Potter fonts that are used in the novels. Written by now one of the most famous novelists ever, J.K. Rowling, the books contain various fonts that are nowadays so loved and known as Harry Potter fonts. The book cover boasts a font that closely resembles the Hocus Pocus font, while we also find some other fonts that have become popular ever since, like the Able font and the Felt Tip Roman font.

    If you want to learn about fonts used in the book, or you are just looking for a Harry Potter font that you will use for one of your books, or perhaps for other projects, then you have come to the right place. Learn which fonts are best if you want to recreate a Harry Potter feel.

    Harry Potter Font History

    Harry Potter is a collection of various series or chapters that released one by one. In 1997, the first chapter was published. Not only the novel, the logo, and the font applied on the logo also got noticed and appreciated. The Harry Potter novel contains many fonts, including chapter title, pages, headings, etc.

    However, for the logo, the Lumos font is used. Furthermore, you can get Harry potter font free alternatives in your system, including Arabella Font, Harry P font, etc.

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    Where To Find The Harry Potter Font

    The Harry Potter series of books and movies have attracted a diehard collection of fans worldwide. More than 500 million Harry Potter books have been sold in eighty languages, and the series of hit films based on the movies has achieved enormous global success. With all those fans and all that interest in the franchise, its no surprise to find that creative types everywhere have built huge businesses and hobbies based on Harry Potter-themed items. One of the more unique and fun manifestations of this phenomenon are the Harry Potter font collections that are available for computers and smartphones.

    The Harry Potter series uses a variety of different fonts, both in the books and in the movies. Avid fans will happy to learn that many of these fonts are freely or easily available. In this article, I will list some of the best Harry Potter fonts and tell you where to find them.

    More Magical Fonts Related To Harry Potter

    14+ Free Harry Potter Fonts

    Besides the film title, the magical world of the young wizard and Hogwarts includes a number of other fonts used on the various book covers, in the book chapters and films.


    This font is similar to the typeface used on the covers of the newer English and German book editions and of the Kindle version.

    • License: SIL Open Font License , readme file in the ZIP file

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    Computer Running Mac Os

    Step 2

    Click on the .ttf or .otf file from the given downloads and then do the selection of the installation of the font.

    Step 3

    Open there Finder along with the Applications.

    Step 4

    Open the Font Book for making sure about the appearance of the font.

    Step 5

    Do the changing of the option of the font in the given programs and get the navigation of the font that you have downloaded.

    Harry Potter And The Dingbats

    Dingbats are fonts that use images as characters instead of normal letters, numbers, and symbols. These images are used as fonts for scaling purposes, keeping the image or logo clear at all sizes. Thats what this font is for. If you need a logo or quick image of something from the Potterverse, check out these dingbats.

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