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Which Harry Potter Character Are You Most Compatible With

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Your Harry Potter Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

If youre a huge fan of Harry Potter, youve probably wondered once or twice which character from the book series was your perfect match. If astrology truly does determine what its said to, then by looking at our zodiac sign in comparison to the signs of the Harry Potter characters, we should be able to determine which character we would be romantically compatible with. Luckily, the birthdates of most of the characters are available online, so I was able to come up with a comprehensive list of who your Harry Potter soulmate is based on your zodiac sign.

From Luna Lovegood To Voldemort You Can Be Any Of These Harry Potter Characters

Which magical object would you want?

A Phoenix

What is your favorite house?


Which Hallow would you want?

The Ressurection Stone

Would you fight for good or evil?


Would you make a Hocrux?

Which is your favorite Hocrux or Hocrux destroyer?

The Basilick Fang

The Sword of Godric Gryffindor

The Locket

What is your favorite place to be?

Sneaking around, having new adventures

Playing a quidditch with my team

At Hagrids

At home, with my family

Sitting by the fire, reading a book

What is your favorite smell?

The smell of new parchment and books

Spearmint toothpaste

The smell of your partner

The smell of a cracking fire

The smell of Dirigible Plums

Do you play Quidditch?

If so, what job would you have?


Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Congratulations! You are Harry Potter. You are smart and kind, but are also adventurous and love Quidditch!

Ron Weasly

Ron Weasly

Congrats, you are Ron Weasly! You love Quidditch and are very adventurous. Though you may not be very good at a few spells, you are great at one thing: Quidditch!

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger

Congratulations, you are Hermione Granger! You are smart, creative and at times, bossy. You give help whenever someone needs it, and that is a very good quality.

Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

Congrats! You are Draco Malfoy. But just because you are in Slytherin doesnt mean that you are mean. You are very kind on the inside, but dont show it.

Ginny Weasly

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Which Male Harry Potter Character Are You Most Compatible With

This is a highly involved compatibility test to match you with the Harry Potter character that you would most likely be able to date and maybe marry someday. Since the characters are of course fiction, you are being matched with the personalities that I perceive the characters as having, so my results may not be what you think your results will be. For this I am sorry, but I cannot please everyone. Please let me know what you think of the quiz. It is very long, so good luck!

Ever wondered which male Harry Potter character you are most compatible with? Take this highly in-depth compatibility quiz and find out! BLah-de-blah da dagotta get this character count up..

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Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You

If youre here then, we are sure that you are a die-hard fan of the splendid Harry Potter series. There are several female characters in the series, and you must be having a favorite character among them, too, right? Well, lets find out if your personality matches your favorite character or not. Here is a quiz that tells which female Harry Potter character you are. Play this quiz and reveal interesting results about your personality.

  • What trait best suits you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • The schools biggest heartthrob just asked you to the Yule Ball. How do you respond?
  • A.& nbsp

    Boys tend to be afraid of me. That would never happen.

  • B.& nbsp

    Automatically reject him. You already have your true love.

  • C.& nbsp

    Reject him. You are way too good for the likes of him.

  • D.& nbsp

    Say yes, but only if we go as friends.

  • E.& nbsp

    Reject him. You have exams to study up on!

  • F.& nbsp

    Reject him. You have sports practice.

  • G.& nbsp

    Automatically say yes, and fling your arms around him. Afterwards, you tell the whole school about your new boyfriend.

  • H.& nbsp

    Scoff at the stupid pretty boy. Youve already got a date with a pure-blood.

  • I.& nbsp

    Say yes, because its natural that two people of equally good looks and popularity should be together.

  • J.& nbsp

    Usually, popular boys dont approach you. They think you are wierd.

  • 3. Which of the following colors best describes you?
  • A.& nbsp
  • When it comes to friendship:
  • A.& nbsp

    I love my family and friends as much as I love myself.

  • H.& nbsp
  • Gemini : Draco Malfoy

    Snog, Marry, Or Avoid These " Harry Potter"  Characters And Find Out ...

    As a pure blood wizard, you’re also quite the snob, and everyone knows it. You spend a lot of time trying to part of exciting things, but your snotty attitude often times gets you removed from the group. Face it, you’re a snot-nosed brat and nobody likes you!

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    Seventh Pottermore House Cup

    The seventh Pottermore House Cup was awarded on Friday, 22 May, 2015. The standings were thus:

  • Slytherin with 52, 652,850 points
  • Hufflepuff with 50,109,456 points
  • Ravenclaw with 49,775,819 points
  • Gryffindor with 49,335,378 points
  • As a prize for Slytherin winning the Cup, an image was produced entitled Famous Slytherins Through the Ages.

    Find Out Which Harry Potter Character You’re Most Like With This Awesome Quiz

    This quiz will determine which Harry Potter character you’re most like. It’s like the Sorting Hat, but much less grumpy.

    What’s your favourite subject at school?

    What’s the best way to eat baked beans?

    What colour would you paint your bedroom if you were allowed?

    What’s the best name for a dog?

    What’s your favourite type of weather?

    What are you like when you wake up in the morning?

    What is your attitude towards slippers?

    Which character do you choose when you play Super Mario World?

    Have you ever driven a flying car?

    What’s your favourite Monsters, Inc. character?

    What’s the first thing people notice about you?

    What do you normally wear?

    Who’s your favourite football team?

    How would you describe your personality?

    Can you burp the alphabet?

    You see a cat in the park. What do you do?

    You find £5 on the pavement. No-one is around, so what do you spend it on?

    What do you do at the weekends?

    What’s your favourite type of music?

    If you could give yourself a cool nickname, what would you pick?

    How do you feel when you see the Whomping Willow?

    Who is the best Quidditch team?

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    Which Female Harry Potter Character Am I

    Today is September 1st, and you know what that means! BACK TO HOGWARTS! I thought it was the perfect day to release my forth and fifth Harry Potter-themed quizzes. This quiz will tell you which female Harry Potter character you are most like. Obviously, there are a lot of female Harry Potter characters and I cant fit all of them into one quiz, so Ive selected seven of the most popular as the results.

    For guys, I have a version nearly identical to this one titled Which Male Harry Potter Character Am I? Well, I hope you enjoy! And dont be disappointed if you get a character you dont like, because you can always take the test again. Also, there may be some serious spoilers ahead, so if you like to be surprised, I would probably leave now.

    Are You Good At Thinking Through Your Actions And Foreseeing The Consequences

    Top 10 Most Underrated Harry Potter Characters

    Scroll down to answer

    • People think that I dont. I do, Im just ok with more chaos than other people.
    • I try to think through my actions very carefully. People are quick to jump to conclusions about me, so I have to protect my image.
    • I think everything through carefully. Pro and con charts!
    • I often act on impulse, but when I get a chance to stop and think I see the large picture and what I need to do.
    • I am very bad at foreseeing consequences. I do unintelligent things quite often.

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    Did You Know That Hogwarts Is Based On A Real British University

    It may be hard to believe that there are universities as extravagant as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the school was actually based on Oxford University. Some locations in Harry Potter were even filmed at this thousand-year-old university, including the Hogwarts library, infirmary, and many of the hallway scenes. While The Great Hall in Hogwarts was not filmed in Oxford, it was directly modeled on the Christ Church Dining Hall at the university. What may be even more surprising is that the uniforms that the students of Hogwarts wear are not far off from the academic robes and formal dress Oxford students have to present for exams and official ceremonies. Unfortunately, the magic practiced at Hogwarts was not inspired by Oxford and its unlikely that its students will be seen riding brooms and playing Quidditch.

    Shouldnt Work But Does: Fred And George Weasley

    This might be a surprise since they seem like each others equal in many ways, and some people think theyre fundamentally the same. But these twins have key differences that show up in their MBTI indicatorsdifferences that say these two should struggle to get along. Since theyre both creative Extraverts, they should wind each other up to impossible standards, but their careful Judging tendencies should mean they hold each other back on experimenting with new creations for Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. Even worse, they both prioritize Feeling over Thinking, so when they encounter conflict, they should fight and struggle to get anything done.

    And yet, sharing three letters means that George and Fred are nearly always in sync. Where they differ, that N/S dichotomy, is keywhen Fred fails to notice that hes ruffling feathers, George can come in and sooth. Freds Intuition about a situation and dogged determination gets things done, but Georges Observing traits means he notices when to change tactics, as he encourages Fred to do when handling Ludo Bagman. We often see George calmly explaining things to Harry, showing he is slightly more on the Thinking side of the T/F scale than Fred is. According to MBTI, they shouldnt work, but they docall it a twin thing.

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    Shouldnt Work But Does: Lucius Malfoy And Narcissa Malfoy

    We dont see enough of them to know whether either is more Extraverted or Introverted. Luciuss machinations at the Ministry and with the Weasleys seem like Extraversion at its worst, or is it just careful planning and cunning? He is otherwise quiet, playing his cards close to his chest and only speaking in front of Voldemort when necessary. Narcissa is the opposite in public: quiet, reserved, and even cold. But behind closed doors, she could be a social butterfly. She hosts Voldemort in her home even while Lucius is in Azkaban, and she is comfortable going to Snape to ask him for help. We know she is an affectionate and loving mother for Draco. Narcissa is capable of warmth and bravery, as we see when she lies to Voldemort to save Harry. Or is that just cunning as well?

    Aquarius : Luna Lovegood

    Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

    It’s all “airhead” goodness here, as you, Aquarius, are quite content to dream all day long. You’re brave and true, but we usually don’t get to see that side of you unless we ask. You’re a strong, wise witch but you’d rather us figure that out on our own.

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    Fleur Delacour And Neville Longbottom

    Did they ever even talk to each other in the books? Fleur was probably too busy trying to win the Triwizard Tournament to notice yet another young Gryffindor, but the MBTI suggests that Fleurs ESFP personality is ideally matched by Nevilles ISFJ personality. Where Neville is generally shy, Fleurs people skills and charisma ensure that they would never be lonely. But when Fleurs flighty personality moves on, Neville could keep her grounded and keep both of them surrounded by loved ones.

    Importantly, they share that Observant traittheyre both practical, focusing on things that they can actually see, feel, and hear. Fleur might use her observations to jump into the next best path like any good Prospector, but Nevilles careful Judging can counteract her hot-headed impulsiveness. Since they both prioritize Feeling over Thinking, they should always be able to cultivate open communication. Too bad Fleur overlooked Neville, huh?

    Scorpio : Sirius Black

    It’s in your name, Scorpio. You can’t be named something as dark and dastardly as Sirius Black without being a Scorpio. Obviously. And if Gary Oldman is your avatar, then that’s a kink that can only belong to one as off-kilter as you.

    AdvertisementLove might be calling your name. Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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    A Psychological Quiz To Determine Which Hp Character You’re Most Compatible With

    Local History/Ancient History

    Gardening/Exotic Plants

    Old Languages


    Pets 101/Biology


    Karate/Criminal Justice

    Best Date?

    A romantic getaway, let’s go out to a fancy restaurant!

    Going to see a live performance, bring glow sticks!

    Swimming in the lake, and have a water fight!

    Go to a little cafe for hot chocolate, and just hang out.

    You like

    Which of these is the worst to deal with?


    Introducing yourself to new people is really hard…

    False – why would it be, you just walk up and say “Hi.”…

    True – getting along with people at first impression is difficult…

    You have a tendency to daydream too much, even when you should be thinking about something else.


    Youre good at concentrating, even under heavy pressure.


    Winning an important debate matters far more than no one getting upset by it.


    You like it when people pay attention, be it for your grades or your talents!



    Social standards and important matters aside, it’s okay to lie. It can be fun to test people out to see if they can handle being with you.


    Telling someone the truth is way more important than their sensitivities.


    You often forget to think about how your actions effect others before making decisions.



    Going out to a party with your friends is more fun than staying at home with a book!


    You tend to research things for no real reason except curiosity.


    When you have to make hard decisions, which is usually more important?

    Behind The Actor Tom Felton

    Who Can Name The Most Harry Potter Characters In A Minute? (NEW SHOW!)

    Here are some additional tidbits about Tom Felton and the casting of the role of Draco.

    15) Tom Felton revealed in an interview that he auditioned for the roles of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Felton didnt end up getting either role but producers thought that he would be perfect for the role of Draco. He has also mentioned that he is grateful he didnt get either the roles of Ron or Harry as his life would have been much different.

    16) Tom Felton revealed on that he took the Pottermore quiz and he was sorted into Gryffindor house. JK Rowling responded by saying that she could have let him know that years ago but didnt want to kill his motivation.

    17) Tom also took the Pottermore quiz to find out his Patronus and ended up getting a ragdoll cat. As mentioned in our quiz, Draco does not know how to cast a Patronus Charm as he never learned it.

    18) Felton was banned from tanning for the 10 years of filming the Potter movies. This was because the producers wanted him to keep his pale complexion for the role of Draco.

    19) During an interview with Yahoo, Felton revealed that a crazy fan legally changed his name to Lucius Malfoy and wanted to legally adopt him. He kindly declined the offer but it just goes to show you how crazy some Potter fans can be.

    20) Felton is one of only 14 actors to appear in every movie in the series.

    21) Felton won the MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for Half-Blood Prince and both Deathly Hallows movies.

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    How Do You Treat People That You Dislike

    Scroll down to answer

    • I have a lot of anger towards them. I try to be empathetic, but more often than not I want to hurt them.
    • I dont usually do much actual harm to them, but I love to prank them or get in their heads.
    • I find that understanding my enemies is the best way to move forwards. Sometimes that means forgiveness, and sometimes that means defeating them.
    • I tend to be afraid of people I dislike. I keep them at arms length.
    • I try to be kind to everything and everyone.

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    Most Compatible Harry Potter Characters Based On Their Mbti

    Harry Potter characters like Hermione and Draco are so rich in personality that they fit great into the MBTI system. Which are most compatible?

    When JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she created a cast of iconic characters that are so complicated and realistic that people still debate whether or not Rowling paired them off with the right people in her famous Epilogue.

    From speculation that Hermione and Ron wouldn’t have been happy for long, to questions like “Who even is Astoria Greengrass?” fans aren’t likely to cool on this subject anytime soon. Now, the Myers-Briggs test isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a good place to start to find out: Who really are the most compatible characters in the Harry Potter series?

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    Quiz: Everyone Is A Combination Of Two Harry Potter Characters Which Ones Are You

    Everyone is a combination of two Harry Potter characters, so who does your personality most line up with? Have you got a little Hedwig in you or the intelligence of Voldemort? It’s time to find out…

    Think of yourself as a total Hermione? It’s time to think again, because you may just have a little Voldemort in you. We’re all a combination of two Harry Potter characters, and unfortunately for us, our personality dictates who.

    It’s time to settle the debate once and for all, because we’re about to accurately tell you exactly which characters you match up with. Ready to get mad?

    Get your Nimbus 2000 out because you’re about to go on a journey.

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