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What Color Are Harry Potter’s Eyes

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Why Snapes Line About Harry Potters Eyes Isnt A Plot Hole

What Colour are Harry Potters eyes?

Severus Snapes line about Harry Potter having his mothers eyes isnt the problem its made out to be and shouldnt be taken literally.

Severus Snapes infamous line about Harry Potters eyes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 isnt actually a Harry Potter plot hole. Throughout the franchise, you never really know whose side Snape is on. For years, he seemingly tortures Harry at school, but their last moments reveal the characters true nature.

In the Harry Potter series, Snape meets his end when Voldemort kills him, mistakenly thinking he was the master of the Elder Wand. Actually, it was Harry after he disarmed Draco at Malfoy Manor. As Snape dies, Harry comes to his side and takes his tears. After putting them in the Pensieve, he learns Snape was living a double life. Hed been helping Harry all along, and he had always loved Harrys mom, Lily.

  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Release date: Apr 15, 2022

Hermione Isn’t Supposed To Know What A Mudblood Is

After Draco calls Hermione a “Mudblood” in the “Chamber of Secrets” book, she knows it’s an insult, but she doesn’t understand what it means.

Ron, however, grew up in a wizarding family and explains that the term is a “really foul name for someone who is Muggle-born.”

In the movie, Hermione knows exactly what the term means, and even explains it to Harry using Ron’s definition from the book.

The change doesn’t make a lot of sense since it’s not a term Hermione would’ve heard growing up in the Muggle world, and it’s likely not something her textbooks would mention.

He Shares A Name With The Main Character Of Troll

For most people, the horror movie Troll is only notable for inspiring the truly awful Troll 2 and the hilarious “Oh my God!” scene. But, according to the director of the first Troll, John Buechler, J.K. Rowling must have been a fan because the 1986 film also had a main character that went by the name “Harry Potter.” There’s no way Rowling could have come up with the name without seeing Troll, right? At least, that’s what Buechler seems to think. After filing a suit against Rowling in 2008, the director later announced plans to make another sequel to Troll called Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter Jr. One might say that Buechler is trolling us.

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He Grew Up And Got An Adult Job As A Magic Cop

You thought that epilogue was the final page in the Harry Potter journey? Think again. Just this year saw the release of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which revealed that Harry is now Head of Magical Law Enforcement. Plus, he has a complicated relationship with his son Albus. So, basically, Harry Potter is a Law & Order character now.

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He Could’ve Had His Own Musical Written By Michael Jackson

Harry Potter: 10 Majorly Dumb Plot Holes You Never Noticed ...

Of the many bizarre tie-in products and spinoffs that author J.K. Rowling has turned down since becoming a literary phenomenon, this one is definitely the best: Michael Jackson wanted to turn the series into a musical. Seriously, what a missed opportunity. Imagine all those pesky wands replaced with glittery gloves.

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Harry Potter Characters: The Main Protagonist Of The Series

Harry Potter, born Harry James Potter is the main character in the series of fictional novels created by J.K. Rowling. The storylines in the books follow the story of Harry Potter through seven years of his life.

Harry Potter is an orphan who was raised by his uncle, aunt and cousins until he learns that hes the wizard of the year on his birthday. He is therefore sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the adventure begins and meet Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger one of his best friends. Albus Dumbledore who is the headmaster of the school and others Harry Potter characters.

It turns out that Harry is a well-known figure in the world of magic since hes associated with Lord Voldemort who murdered his parents and the infamous scary Dark Wizard. The story revolves around Harry Potters journey and battle in the world of wizardry, and his quest to defeat Voldemort.

Why Is The Color Of Avada Kedavra Green

The Avada Kedavra curse is recognisable by the flash of green light and the rushing noise emitted from the caster’s wand. – Harry Potter wiki, Killing Curse article, Nature Section

I thought green was commonly one of the colors used by light side . Like in Star Wars, where Jedi light sabers are green or blue, but Sith light sabers are mostly red. But in Harry Potter the light emitted after casting the Killing Curse is green and the defensive spell is red. Why the colors are switched in Harry Potter?

  • 17Just to add another perspective, in Star Wars, Tie-fighters fire green blasters and the Rebels fire red.Jul 17 ’12 at 12:14
  • 5For a highly literary view see Hogwart’s Professor. I especially like the observation that V’s eyes are red and his spell is green, while Harry’s eyes are green and his spell is red.Jul 17 ’12 at 13:35
  • 2Jul 17 ’12 at 17:50
  • 1Jul 28 ’18 at 3:24
  • 1Why the colors are switched – They aren’t “switched.” Rowling owes nothing to common tropes, and can use whichever colors she likes when writing her own story.

In the book “Millennial Mythmaking: Essays on the Power of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Films and Games” By John R. Perlich, David Whitt, there is an essay “Sorting Heroic Choices: Green and Red in the Harry Potter Septology” by Kristin Cronn-Mills and Jessica Samens.

MA: What color are Ron’s eyes? … JKR: Blue. Harry’s green, Ron’s blue, and Hermione’s are brown.

Most likely, it was a random aesthetic choice by JKR.

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He Is Never Seen Winning A Duel

Despite Draco and Harry being sworn enemies during their time in Hogwarts, they only face off against each other twice. Their first duel happens during their second year in front of other second year students. However, Snape and Lockhart intervene after a snake is conjured by Malfoy. When Draco and Harry next duel, it nearly results in the demise of Malfoy during Half-Blood Prince.

During the events of Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Draco also duel, which results in Draco losing his wand.

The final duel we see Draco participate in is during Deathly Hallows, when Hermione gets the better of him. At least during his youth, it was clear that Dracos arrogance was just used as a shield.

The Weasley Family’s Missing Freckles

Why Grindelwald has Different Color Eyes – Harry Potter Fan Theory

One of the signature family traits throughout the entire Weasley family is that they have red hair and freckles. In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, it’s written that “all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford.” While everyone does have the signature red hair in the film, no one has freckles. Not one of them. Again, this isn’t really a big deal but it was part of what made the family stand out in their own way during the book series.

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Harry Potter Characters With Correct Eye Colors

Oh, finally Harry has his mothers eyes.

Finally his mother has his mothers eyes.

This. I cant believe JKR didnt protest against this more. I saw an interview early on where she said she was ok with other canon character changes, as long as Harrys eyes look like his mothers. Then they go hire a brown eyed actress!

Has anyone ever asked JKR about this? Clearly Im still very upset about

Now lets give him his fathers hair

The eyes should also be cat like slits.

The Voldemort one looks silly. If he has slit eyes, you cant tell where hes looking, and his expression gets muddled.

If you go the cgi root, theyd also look fake, but cost a ton more and risk looking like a cheap, B movie monster. Most post-edited eyes dont look right, and thats going from easy colors like blue to green . Red is a far tougher sell because the shadows would get edited, too. Let me use an example for those who dont art. If you have a yellow object in fire light, the object looks orangish, and the shadows look brownish-greenish by comparison. If you edited that object later to appear green for example, the shadows also change. The orange bit now looks green, but the shadows now look purple where everything else has a greenish shadow. It no longer looks like it fits in the scene.

Hermione Is Packing In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban finds the franchises primary trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione acting and looking less like children and more like teens. That means they had to update their look, largely ditching the robes and house colored-scarves in favor of mid-2000s teen fashions, like shirts with other shirts worn over them and a pink, zip-up hooded sweatshirt for Hermione. The Prisoner of Azkaban also features a lot of fast-paced, outdoor action sequences, necessitating the use of battery-powered microphone packs to capture audio. Hermiones sweatshirt is functional, not just fashionable, as its meant to conceal actress Emma Watsons mic pack except that it doesnt. In several shots, a bulky rectangle is clearly visible on Watsons back.

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His Name Says A Lot About His Personality

J. K. Rowling puts a lot of thought into her characters names and the names of locations and the seemingly bland name of Draco Malfoy is no exception upon closer examination if we take a look at its origin on Pottermore.

The name Draco can either be linked to the Latin for dragon or the constellation. The word Draco is even in Hogwarts motto: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, which translates as never tickle a sleeping dragon. Dracos last name, Malfoy, could have its roots in French, with mal foi translating as unfaithful. Rowling could have perhaps been a bit more subtle when thinking of names for her villains, however, as unfaithful dragon doesnt leave a lot of space for redemption.

The Snake At The Zoo In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone Changed Species In The Film

We Can Guess Your Hair And Eye Color From Your Opinions On ...

The first time we see Harry use accidental magic is in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

During a visit to the zoo with his bratty cousin Dudley, Harry accidentally makes the glass of a snake exhibit disappear. The snake escapes, and Dudley gets trapped in its enclosure.

In the book, this snake was a boa constrictor, but in the film, the breed is changed to a Burmese python.

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Harry Potter’s Eye Color

In the books, Harry’s eyes are described as green. It’s a big part of the books because it’s mentioned many times that he has his mother’s green eyes. Further, his green eyes are what connects him to his mother long after her passing, especially when people who knew her make those remarks. But Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are blue, so in the movies, Harry has blue eyes. The reason these weren’t changed was simple: rumor has it that Radcliffe couldn’t wear green contacts because he was either allergic or sensitive to them. So, they just left his eyes alone. Simple enough.

The Rules Around Underage Magic Are Explained Better In The Books

After Dobby uses a hover charm in Chamber of Secrets to levitate and drop a dessert in the living room at the Dursleys, Harry immediately receives a message reprimanding him for the use of underage magic in front of the whole family.

This scene was left out of the film, which makes it unclear how the Dursleys know that Harry isnt allowed to use magic outside of school in the following movie.

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He Will Live A Very Long Life

If you’re worried that a fictional character will die, you can sleep a little easier: Harry Potter will live for a very long time. No, it’s not because Warner Bros. wants to keep raking in more money than you could hold at Gringotts. It’s because, according to an interview with Rowling, wizards have a much longer life expectancy than Muggles. You will die, but Harry Potter will live forever.

Does Draco Malfoy Kiss Anyone

Why Grindelwald’s Eyes Are Different Colours – Harry Potter Theory

They never kissed each other they were practically haters of each other Hermione even punched malfoy in prisoner of azkaban movie leave alone kissing Hermione wouldnt even dream of shaking his hand and Hermione hated him a lot. Even Draco said that she would rather not touch his hand,being a MUDBLOOD.

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Th Hour Haunted House

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Harry’s First Meeting With Quirrell Is Different From The Books

When Harry meets Professor Quirrell in Diagon Alley in the first book, the professor has no problem shaking his hand. But he politely refuses to make any contact with Harry in the film.

Later in the book, we learn that he was not physically connected to Voldemort when the two first met, and it was only after he failed to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone that Voldemort used his body to get into Hogwarts.

Once they were connected, Quirrell was unable to touch Harry without burning his hands, but there’s no reason he shouldn’t have been able to when they met in Diagon Alley.

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The Incident: Harrys Side Of Things Part 3

Harry was right about Draco, and nothing anyone said was going to change his mind. Just like in canon, Harry is smarter than people give him credit for. Hes observant and goes with his instinct. He could tell from Dracos reaction to Michael pointing out that he was Harry Potter that Draco didnt, in fact, know who he was beforehand.

Which meant Draco really did give him his second ever birthday present just because he wanted to. Draco wanted to give a perfect stranger a gift, simple as that.

To Harry, Draco is sweet, kind, super fucking smart, and a wonderful friend, even if he does get lost in his head a bit too much. Harry thinks there probably isnt anyone Draco wouldnt befriend and see the best of. It made him want to see the best of people as well.

But, there was a lot of what Ron said that made sense to him. If Dracos father really was like Ron said, it was possible he could be up to something. And Draco was so kind, he probably would do things for his father just because he was asked.

He followed Ron following Draco, both to try to get Ron to see Draco the way Harry saw him, and also because he was just as curious as to why Draco met with Dumbledore. Hermione and Neville followed as well because Ron and Harry were staying out past curfew, trying to get them to come back before anyone caught them. They only saw Draco go into Dumbledores office, then later leave . They learned nothing until they almost ran into Flinch and they found Fluffy.

Do All Humans Have Brown Eyes

Pin de Cazzy Fountain em Harry potter

All human eyes are brown. . It all comes down to the presence of the pigment melanin, also found in skin and hair, within your eyes iris the colored part that surrounds the pupil. Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eye, and the amount that they have determines their eye color, said Dr.

4 Amber 5%

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There Was No Reason For Dumbledore’s Aggressive Reaction In The Goblet Of Fire Movie

There have been countless articles dedicated to one particular scene in the Harry Potter film series: Dumbledore’s reaction to Harry’s name being pulled from the Goblet of Fire.

The book tells us that Dumbledore questioned Harry “calmly.” The headmaster knows that Harry is about to be in serious danger, and his reaction is one of fear, not anger.

There Was No Reason For Dumbledores Aggressive Reaction In The Goblet Of Fire Movie

There have been countless articles dedicated to one particular scene in the Harry Potter film series: Dumbledores reaction to Harrys name being pulled from the Goblet of Fire.

The book tells us that Dumbledore questioned Harry calmly. The headmaster knows that Harry is about to be in serious danger, and his reaction is one of fear, not anger.

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