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What Class Was Harry Potter In

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Study Of Ancient Runes

Potion Class with Professor Snape | Learn English With Harry Potter

This class taught students how to decode the ancient alphabet that once belonged to Bronze/Iron Age wizards, and focused on the study of the ancient wizarding culture. The class itself was taught by Professor Bathsheda Babbling, and Hermione Granger aced it despite mixing up two symbols in her Study of Ancient Runes O.W.L. exam. For those fans who are interested in hieroglyphics, this would be a fascinating class to take. For those who aren’t? Boring as anything. Sorry, Hermione.

And Heres What We Found

Class Name
Defence Against the Dark Arts Professors Quirrell, Lockhart, Lupin, Moody, Umbridge, and Snape 129
Professor Trelawney and Firenze the Centaur 80
Professors Kettleburn, Hagrid, and Grubbly-Plank 44
14 Elective

Overall, Potions class was the most popular across all seven books, with the highest total number of mentions , taught by the one and only Professor Severus Snape.

Following this, the next most talked-about class across all seven books was that which was most sought after by the same Professor Defence Against the Dark Arts. Fans of the Harry Potter books and films will know that this class saw a range of wizards and witches teach it during Harry and his peers time at Hogwarts. Professors Quirrell , Lockhart, Lupin, Moody , and Umbridge all took on the role of the subjects Master before the former Potions Master, Snape, was finally appointed the role in the final book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Potions the most popular class accross all seven years at Hogwarts is taught by Professor Snape during years 1-6, after which the duties are taken over by Professor Slughorn.

The Most Popular Classes at Hogwarts Percentage Breakdown

The most mentioned classes at Hogwarts in total , including percentage breakdowns.

University Of Western Ontario

The Many Faces of Harry Potter‘ is a course offered by the University of Western Ontario. Students may apply the beloved series to several other genres, including detective fiction, gothic, adventure, dystopian, and fantasy.

An exciting aspect of this course is that students must also think critically about how novels have turned into movies. If you want to discover the different themes of the show, from finding one’s own self to friendship and deception.

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Take A Look At Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

It’s time to make your wish come true. Hogwarts is real. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is known for the easiest school admission. Immediately, you’re struck by how much it looks like a technical college, beckoning you with bright student photos.

Perhaps the best school admission on the planet features this online version of Hogwarts. Only click a button and fill in a form with a few fields to automatically create your official letter of acceptance. It even comes with Minerva McGonagall’s “signing.” You can choose your own house after you sign.

You can also open a safe of Gringotts that comes with galleons, sickles, and knuts to buy supplies. The site comes complete with real assignments for wizarding courses. There are no deadlines for transforming into your completed work, unlike a real learning institution.

Orphan Archetype In ‘harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets’

Harry Potter Fan Theory Offers Explanation For Hogwarts ...

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the storytellers use the Orphan archetype to convey how we as humans often try and put barriers between people they don’t like or know because when we see something in a person that we do not like, we are extremely judgmental toward that person. In other words, people tend to solely judge others off of a personality trait that they have, where they came from, and how they act. This is simply a human trait that we have developed over time, but does not help us achieve relationships with other people. In the beginning of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry is seen in his locked room, in a feeble attempt to keep Harrys magic away from the rest of the family, afraid it would corrupt them.

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Creation For Books And Films

Rowling has suggested that she may have inadvertently taken the name from the hogwort plant , which she had seen at Kew Gardens some time before writing the series, although the names “The Hogwarts” and “Hoggwart” appear in the 1954 Nigel Molesworth book How to Be Topp by Geoffrey Willans.

Most exterior scenes were shot on location at Alnwick Castle, but views of the exterior of the entire school were created from shots of Durham Cathedral with a digital spire added to the towers. Durham Cathedral also served as a set for Hogwarts interiors.

A scale model was created for exterior shots of the entire school. Models of Alnwick Castle and Durham Cathedral were also built to create more integration between the model and on location shots. It took a team of 86 artists and crew members 74 years worth of man hours to complete the model.

The Study Of Ancient Runes

A mostly theoretical subject, Ancient Runes is taught by Professor Bathsheda Babbling and concerns the study of the form of writing that witches and wizards used hundreds of years ago.

The curriculum mostly involves the translation of these Runes into English, and as is the case with most Hogwarts subjects, Hermione achieved her O.W.L. in this class. Whilst the class did not feature in any scenes in the book or film series, it has been mentioned on numerous occasions both in text and on screen.

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Arithmancy And Ancient Runes Are Demanding Even For The Smartest Students

Elective courses taught by Professor Septima Vector and Professor Bathsheda Babbling respectively, Arithmancy and the Study of Ancient Runes are both primarily theoretical subjects that can be challenging even for the most intelligent students. Studied by Hermione Granger at Hogwarts, both classes are noted to have a high level of difficulty.

Even Hermione gets a question wrong in her Ancient Runes OWL, and Harry describes her Arithmancy homework as terrible. The topics are nonetheless very useful, as an OWL in Arithmancy is required for a Curse-Breaking job at Gringotts.

Transfiguration Requires More Caution And Precision Than Charms

Potions Class | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Taught by Minerva McGonagall at Hogwarts, Transfiguration is one of the most dangerous disciplines introduced to students. Unlike charms spells that change what objects do Transfiguration spells change what objects are. Incantations have to be cast exactly right for the spell to be successful, and the degree of hard work and precision required is far greater than the one necessary for Charms. The failure of a transfiguration spell can be devastating, particularly in the case of human transfiguration.

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Colleges Which Provide A Course On Harry Potter

Most of us grew up watching Harry Potter and all his adventures. Something so captivating, filled with trial and victory over the magical world. J.K. Rowling’s novels proved to be best-selling books and some of the time’s most awaited films.

There’s no end to the adventure, though. We all want our classes to have more imaginative content than numbers and equations! There’s nothing like stepping into the magical world and exploring the Harry Potter saga. There’s something incredibly captivating about Harry Potter’s wizarding world. These courses have meant to get closer to the real Harry Potter adventures!

Would you ever like to go to Hogwarts? Harry Potter fans worldwide can now register for online and offline courses offered by various institutes and communities. Hogwartsishere is one of the websites that provides an open online course.

There are many rewards for potential wizards and Muggles, such as being sorted into one of the four houses, entering a school, and taking classes from the Harry Potter series. Students receive a digital owl with their “official” letter of acceptance from Hogwarts when they enroll.

Students can then choose their own houses , enter a dormitory, and attend classes. Students can also go to Diagon Alley to buy items on their list, such as school books and a pet consisting of an owl, cat, or toad. First-year courses include Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, History of magic, potions, herbology.

Rescue From No 4 Privet Drive

After a long summer with the Dursleys at No. 4 Privet Drive, with no letters from any of his friends, Harry Potter suddenly finds Dobby the House-Elf in his room. Dobby will do anything to stop Harry Potter from going back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry even if it means getting Harry in trouble with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Now its up to Ron Weasley to come to the rescue in his familys flying Ford Anglia.

Harry Potter

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Sixth And Seventh Year

Main article:Alchemy

Alchemy was a sort of composite subject between Transfiguration, Potions and Muggle Chemistry, focused roughly on the transmutation of substances into other forms. It was an elective, only offered to NEWT level students if the demand was sufficient.


Apparition was the magical form of teleportation in the wizarding world. Lessons were optional to those in the sixth and seventh years. In the wizarding world, performing Apparition required a licence and could only be legally performed by people over seventeen years of age. The described reason for the restriction was that Apparition was dangerous if done improperly: insufficient concentration could have led to body parts being left behind in an unfortunate side-effect known as splinching. Although magical enchantments on the Hogwarts Castle and its grounds prevented Apparition and Disapparition there, these protections were temporarily relaxed within the Great Hall for short periods to permit students to practise Apparition. Wilkie Twycross, a Ministry of Magic Apparition Instructor, offered lessons in Apparition to sixth-years.

Flying Is An Introductory Class To A Means Of Transportation All Wizards Know

Charms Classroom

All Harry Potter classes are interesting in one way or another, but Flying doubtlessly holds a special place in the hearts of fans. A first-year course taught by Rolanda Hooch, it introduces students to a common means of transportation in the Wizarding World, the broom. It also teaches them about a popular Wizarding sport, Quidditch.

Not every single wizard is naturally skilled at flying and some may even be scared of heights. However, the class is relatively easy and something everyone is eventually able to learn. Even students who do not enjoy flying and don’t participate in competitive sports master the basics and are able to use brooms, which is really the whole point of the class.

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Harry Potter Class Quiz: What Class Am I In Harry Potter

Play this Harry potter class quiz: what class am I in harry potter. The students in the Harry Potter stories were divided into different houses when they joined Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat sorted each student into a specific house based on his/her personality. Wonder, which house would you be in if you ever went to Hogwarts? The quiz will help you discover.

  • Do people think of you as brave, loyal, smart, or achieving?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Are you troublesome, a teacher’s pet, or quiet?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Would you run away from Lord Voldemort? Or be curious and see what he wants?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Curious and stay

  • 4. If you had a life or death secret, would you keep it, or would you blabber to the headmaster and every kid in the universe?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Keep the secret

  • 5. If you were to help out a friend, would you give up if it was a violent giant that needed help with English?Yes/No!
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you hate Hagrid, Snape, Umbridge, McGonagall, or Dumbledore?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Umbridge

  • 7. Who do you think will win in the Quidditch match: Harry, Krum, Fleur Delacour, or Zacharias?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Do you think Malfoy deserves to get married?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Did you think Snape was bad until the Deathly Hallows movie?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Why are you taking this quiz?
  • A.& nbsp

    Because I love Harry Potter!

  • B.& nbsp

    Because I found it and I wanted to…

  • C.& nbsp

    Because I want to have fun

  • D.& nbsp

    Just curious for some more knowledge

  • Ranked: All The Hogwarts Classes

    From Defense Against The Dark Arts to Divination, we’ve ranked every class witches and wizards can take at Hogwarts with Harry Potter.

    If you could only pick ten classes to take at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which ones would you choose? With so many enchanting options, narrowing them down would be an almost impossible task! Some classes are simply necessary for survival, such as Defence Against the Dark Arts, while others are more obscure but no less captivating . The curriculum at Hogwarts is rich, varied, and full of fascinating, magical subjects, but some are undeniably more important than others. Here are all the Hogwarts classes, ranked.

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    Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test

    Main article:Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test

    A Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test was a subject-specific exam that seventh year witches and wizards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took to help them pursue certain careers after their graduation. For instance, the Ministry of Magic only accepted Auror applicants with at least five N.E.W.T.s with top grades of either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Exceeds Expectations’.

    Not much was known about these exams. Some students did not take these exams at all, as some careers in the Wizarding World did not require N.E.W.T.s.

    Fan Theories In The Harry Potter Series

    Divination Class | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    With the coming of sites such as Wattpad- where people can make their own stories, many took to already existing storylines of books and movies and gave their own plot twist and spiced it up, this primarily made the fan fiction genre so popular. Many prefer the fan fiction theories than the original work. This clearly shows the influence of art, movie or books, on the masses and the creation of a new genre Fan Fiction Theory. Fan Theories around The Harry Potter Series1)Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf:Draco Malfoy from the beginning of the Harry Potter series has been shown as the rich, self-absorbed brat, mostly because he belongs to a rich, pure wizard family- which means all members of the family are of magical descent.

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    Care Of Magical Creatures Has Students Facing Highly Dangerous Beasts

    An elective available to students starting their third year, Care of Magical Creatures may sound exciting but comes with a high level of risk. That is precisely why Professor Silvanus Kettleburn leaves the post, passing it on to Rubeus Hagrid.

    The class is by nature challenging since students have to understand and respect the nature of the magical creatures they meet. Their new teacher can make things tougher instead of easier. As a half-giant, Rubeus Hagrid isnt always aware of the limitations of a regular young witch or wizard. As a result, his students face highly dangerous beasts, some of which he has cross-bred himself.

    Defence Against The Dark Arts

    Main article:Defence Against the Dark Arts

    1994 fourth year DADA lesson, taught by Alastor Moody

    Defence Against the Dark Arts, commonly shortened to D.A.D.A., was the class that taught students defensive techniques to defend against the Dark Arts, and to be protected from dark creatures.

    The subject had an extraordinarily high turnover of staff members throughout Harry Potter‘s time at Hogwarts, no Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher remained at Hogwarts for more than one school year. These included Quirinus Quirrell,Gilderoy Lockhart,Remus Lupin,Bartemius Crouch JnrimpersonatingAlastor “Mad-Eye” Moody,Dolores Umbridge,Severus Snape, and Amycus Carrow. Hagrid suggested that “They’re startin’ ter think the job’s jinxed. No one’s lasted long for a while now.” Dumbledore suggested that Voldemort jinxed the position because his application for it was rejected. The position had also been coveted by Snape, but he was denied the position as well. Snape was finally appointed D.A.D.A. professor in 1996. After the end of the Second Wizarding War, the jinx on the position was lifted. Harry Potter would occasionally come to the class to give lectures on the subject.

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    First Off How Many Classes Are There At Hogwarts

    There are seven core classes at Hogwarts: Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic, Astronomy, Herbology, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. First-Year students are required to take all of these subjects, alongside Flying Lessons or Broom Flight Class.

    Beyond the core subjects, there are also six elective subjects students can choose to take which they can opt to take on from their Third Year. These are Ancient Runes, Apparition, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Muggle Studies.

    To find out which classes are the most popular, weve calculated the total number of mentions of each class, from Year 1 to 7.

    How Does This All Change Over Time

    Charms Classroom

    Interestingly, throughout each school year, different classes lose and gain popularity gaining different numbers of mentions as the students get older.

    For instance, while Potions class roots itself as a firm favourite in year one it drops off in favour of other classes by the time the children reach their third year in The Prisoner of Azkaban where it is only mentioned 10 timesovertaken by Divination and Defence Against the Dark Arts . The class then rises to fame again in the later school years, reaching a peak in the sixth year during Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Professor Horace Slughorn takes over teaching duties here the class gains 68 mentions.

    Likewise, other classes see shorter rises and falls in popularity, presumably during years where they become more pivotal . For instance, the elective class Care of Magical Creatures rises to popularity during the third, fourth and fifth years of Hogwarts, where it is mentioned 9, 18 and 11 times respectively, accounting for most of its 44 total mentions.

    The Most Popular Classes at Hogwarts Year-on-Year Comparison

    A year-by-year breakdown of the most mentioned classes, years 1-3. Measured by exact numbers of mentions.

    The Most Popular Classes at Hogwarts Year-on-Year Comparison

    A year-by-year breakdown of the most mentioned classes, years 4-6. Measured by exact numbers of mentions.

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