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Where Is The Castle In Harry Potter

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The Aptly Named Jungle Room Is Rivani’s Favorite Room

The ULTIMATE Hogwarts Castle TOUR | Wizarding World of Harry Potter

“It’s vastly different from the other rooms in the house,” Rivani said. “The faux greenery on the walls were plastered individually over the course of several weeks.”

The couple commissioned a 25-foot chandelier from Dubai made of 300 glass butterfly pieces for the room.

The brown velvet sofa that sits in the middle of the room was also a commissioned piece, Rivani added.

The Origins Of Harry Potter In Edinburgh

After her years in Porto, Rowling moved to Edinburgh. It was here, frequenting quaint coffee shops, that she finished the first novel in the series. In fact, ten years later she also finished the last lines of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a hotel in Edinburgh.

Youll be surprised to see the interesting comparisons between Edinburghs Victoria Street, and the famous Diagon Alley. You can discover all this and much more during the Harry Potter Free Tour.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.Shot: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel was used as the entrance to Kings Cross station in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.Fact: The Renaissance Hotel has been seen worldwide by millions as a filming location for not only Harry Potter films, but also 102 Dalmatians, Batman, Richard III and others.Closest tube station: Kings Cross St. Pancras, 5 min walk.

Discover the secret London locations that inspired J.K. Rowlings Harry Potters stories with this…

Discover the secret London locations that inspired J.K. Rowlings Harry Potters stories with this…

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Option A: The Warner Bros Studios In Leavesden

The #1 Hogwarts location you must visit is the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden.

This is where they filmed over 10 years worth of Harry Potter films, and of course where youll be able to discover many of the sets and props that they used for production.

Near the end of the exhibition/tour is where youll see this stunning model of Hogwarts, which was brought to life throughout the decade with the help of CGI. Its magical and incredible and I maybe cried.

Option C: Durham Cathedral

Hogwarts castle reflected on the black lake at The Wizarding World of ...

Another prominent Hogwarts filming location is Durham Cathedral in North East England.

Specifically, this is where youll find Professor McGonagalls Transfiguration classroom and also the Hogwarts quad, the outdoor hallways that students are often seen walking through.

You might recognize it from that snowy little scene in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when Harry lets Hedwig fly out for a pretty transition scene, and also multiple scenes in Chamber of Secrets, like the awkward Quidditch team showdown where we find out Malfoy is seeker now, and where Rons slug spell goes hysterically wrong.

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The Top 5 Harry Potter Filming Locations In Britain

You can find Harry Potter filming locations all over the United Kingdom from the wild Scottish Highlands home of Hagrids Hut to the historic London market that became Diagon Alley.

Scroll through the slides below to learn about five of the most iconic locations appeared on the Harry Potter films.

Quest For The Elder Wand

Voldemort seconds before killing Grindelwald

In his quest for the Elder Wand, Lord Voldemort travelled to Nurmengard in 1998, using his skills of Flight and possibly Human Transfiguration to break into Grindelwald’s cell. After confronting him for information on the wand‘s location, Voldemort killed Grindelwald and then flew away.

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Of Hogwarts Is Under The Black Lake

The Black Lake is next to Hogwarts – it’s where the boats cross to take the First Years to the Great Hall, and it’s where the second task of the Triwizard Tournament was set. However, it’s not just next to the castle, but actually above part of it. This has the biggest impact in the Slytherin Common Room, where the Lake above it gives the light a ‘green tinge’.

This also leads to some questions in terms of design, because the Hogwarts plumbing is connected to the Lake – presumably, there is some kind of magical filtration system going on there, and something to keep the Basilisk from simply swimming out into the Lake!

In Search Of The Hogwarts Express In Scotland

Harry Potter Filmmakers | Building the Hogwarts Castle w/ Robbie Scott

Who hasnt dreamed of receiving a letter signed by Albus Dumbledore himself inviting us to Hogwarts? While you wait for the letter, you can enjoy travelling on the famous Hogwarts Express. If youre in Inverness, you can hop on board this steam train by booking the Highlands Tour.

Youll also cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct, one of the most popular Harry Potter filming locations a unique experience!

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Option B: The Forbidden Forest

Remember: The Forbidden Forest is out of bounds for all students

But not the real life locations! So yes, if you want to visit them, youre totally free to do so.

A variety of forests around the UK were used for filming Forbidden Forest scenes, although pretty much all the magical, otherworldly additions were either accomplished on a set or with CGI, so visiting these spots will look very different from the sets in the films.

Nonetheless, if you dig forests or are simply curious, here are some real life Forbidden Forests that you can visit.

Black Park, Buckinghamshire: Used throughout the franchise for a few small scenes, including Hagrids Hut in the first two films, the detention scene from Philosophers Stone where they head into the Forbidden Forest for the first time, and a few wider shots in Chamber of Secrets like when the Ford Anglia is driving away from Aragog. It was also used in Order of the Phoenix, as Hogsmeade Station, when they constructed a special track and station set for the students to step off and transfer from the train to the Thestral-pulled carriages.

Frithaden Beeches Wood in the Chiltern Hills of England: This is actually where the real life model for the Whomping Willow once stood, but sadly the famous Queen Beech as it was known split in half and collapsed back in 2014. This is also the forest they walk through on their way to the portkey to the Quidditch Cup in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Where Was Hogwarts Filmed

Alnwick Castle is the location used for Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is where you see Harry having broomstick lessons. The exterior scenes were filmed at Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucestershire, England and where you can look for Moaning Myrtle. Hogwarts Great Hall was actually modelled after the Great Hall at Christ Church in Oxford England.

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Defence Against The Dark Arts Classroom

Main article:Classroom 3C

This classroom is where Defence Against the Dark Arts class is taught. It is located on the third floor. Although in 1991, ProfessorQuirinus Quirrell taught in a different classroom because the third floor was out of bounds. An iron chandelier hung from the ceiling, as well as a Dragon‘s skeleton. On one end of the classroom stands a projector that is activated by magic. Several desks and tables can be found in the classroom as well as some sets of large windows. The classroom decoration had several changes over the years, spanning from lots of pictures of Gilderoy Lockhart to tons of skeletons and Shrunken Heads.

It Is Seven Stories Tall With 142 Staircases

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey / Hogwarts Castle

The ‘real’ Hogwarts is, of course, a collection of indoor sets and outdoor views of real castles, and is not one place – however, the fictional Hogwarts has been described as “seven stories tall”, and was revealed in a tweet to have “142 staircases”. The staircases are easy to imagine, as many are seen throughout the series, but the seven stories may have some fans raising an eyebrow.

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This is the official description of the castle, but from the dungeons to the astronomy tower seems to be more than just seven levels – images, especially of the external view, also appear to show more than seven levels of windows in the towers, not including multiple levels of basement and a dungeon that stretches under the Black Lake. It is likely that the seven ‘stories’ are each a little larger than the standard modern building, with several levels of dungeons counted as one ‘story’, and the towers not included in this number.

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Where Was The Castle In Harry Potter Filmed

Alnwick Castle run a few film location tours throughout the day when they are open to visitors, which is so handy! The Harry Potter film locations at Alnwick Castle arent the only filming locations they have to boast about. Lots of production companies have taken advantage of how picturesque it is.

The Hogwarts Express Actually Goes To Hogsmeade

All students at Hogwarts arrive via the Hogwarts Express – and the movies often make it appear as though the train arrives directly within the Hogwarts grounds! However, the train actually goes to Hogsmeade station, and from there, the students make their way into the castle ground by boat or carriage .

This also means that while the students are not allowed to wander Hogsmeade unsupervised until they have permission slips, they do actually potentially see some of it on arrival. It also raises some questions about students who live in Hogsmeade – there are none mentioned, but presumably, there would be at least a few families in an all-wizarding village who could meet the rest of their class at the station itself.

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American Dream Decks The Mall With Holiday Events

If you cant decide whether or not you love the Harry Potter franchise or LEGOs more, youve definitely come to the right place.

Potterheads have been flying around the wizarding world for more than 20 years now, and LEGO has been making enchanting building kits inspired by the books and movies for almost as long. Thats why we just knew we had to bring you this ultimate Harry Potter LEGO set article filled with top picks.

Whether you consider yourself to be a witch, wizard or muggle, theres an option for all types: skill level, age, budget.

These Harry Potter themed sets feature several symbols from the magical world that will inspire imaginative play, each filled with authentic details from the popular series.

Other Locations On The Seventh Floor

Visit the Magical Castle where Harry Potter Was Taught to Fly | Great Home Ideas
Main article:Astronomy Tower

The Astronomy Tower was the tallest tower at Hogwarts Castle, surrounded by a parapet and turret. It is where students studied the stars and planets through their telescopes in Astronomy lessons with ProfessorAurora Sinistra. This was usually done at midnight when the stars were best seen. The tower was usually out-of-bounds except for classes. All the way down from the boathouse, one could see the huge window of the Astronomy Tower.

Located within this tower was the Astronomy Corridor, Astronomy reading room, Astronomy classroom, Astronomy stairwell, Astronomy department and the Astronomy Room. In 1997, Hogwarts’ headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, was killed here on this tower by his eventual successor, Severus Snape. However, it was planned between Dumbledore and Snape to spare Draco Malfoy being a murderer and spare the headmaster from a slow painful death. This was because Dumbledore’s hand was affected by a dangerous curse created by Tom Marvolo Riddle, to protect his Horcrux .

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It Employes Over 100 House Elves

One of the biggest storylines that the movies left out was Hermione’s ill-fated attempt at ‘freeing’ the House Elves through an organization named SPEW. During this side plot, she learns that Hogwarts is also staffed by House Elves – over a hundred of them! They provide the food, work out of the kitchen directly under the Great Hall, as well as clean the castle and the common rooms. Dobby, Kreacher, and Winky all end up working with the Hogwarts House Elves, and the House Elves are staunch defenders of Hogwarts during the final battle.

Hardwick Hall Doe Lea Chesterfield

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Shot: Hardwick Hall is the main setting for the Malfoy Mansion, the Deatheaters main hideout.Fact: Hardwick Hall was one of the first buildings of its era to be built in a Renaissance style, and was originally built to display the financial wealth of its owner. The ownership of Hardwick Hall was transferred over to the National Trust in 1959.

Getting there by train: The closest train station is Chesterfield. From there you can pick up a taxi or catch the Pronto bus from Chesterfield coach station.Getting there by car: Hardwick Hall is located 8 miles southeast of Chesterfield by the A6175. A car park with 600 spaces is available there.

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Was A Real Castle Used In ‘harry Potter’

Hogwarts is a mixture of locations that have been filmed to make look as if they are all part of the castle, with some parts built. For example, the iconic wooden bridge was invented for something to connect the Hogwarts grounds to Hagrid’s hut and first features in the third ‘Harry Potter’ movie. The bridge was constructed from wood and fiberglass, and there is only one section of the bridge built to scale. The rest was either a miniature version or CGI.

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Alnwick Castle is one of the real-life locations used to film Hogwarts, and features in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The castle can be found in Northumberland, England. Many of the exterior shots are filmed in Scotland, with the bridge that the Hogwarts Express chugs along being a very popular tourist sight.

A post shared by Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Many other locations from the movies can be found in London, such as King’s Cross Station , the London Zoo whose Reptile House featured in the second Harry Potter movie and St Paul’s Cathedral, whose stunning spiraling staircases were used for some of the Hogwarts shots in the later Harry Potter movies.

Glenfinnan Viaduct Scottish Highlands

Usa Canvas Print featuring the photograph Hogwarts Castle by Mark Fuge ...

One of the most iconic scenes in Harry Potter is Harrys train journey to Hogwarts. This is a journey that is portrayed in a number of movies, but it is perhaps most memorable from the first two movies.

The first movie has Harry taking the train for the first time, and is where we first see such locations as Platform 9 3/4. We also learn about chocolate frogs!

In the second movie, Harry and Ron miss the train due to the mischievous efforts of Dobby. Instead, they borrow a flying car, and try to catch the train.

I would argue that the highlight of both of these parts of the movie is when we see the Hogwarts Express in full steam, barrelling through gorgeous countryside and across a stunning curved viaduct.

Even better, the viaduct can be visited in real life! In the real world, this is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which can be found in the north west Scottish highlands, around a half hours drive from the town of Fort William.

From the parking area, its around a 5 10 minute walk up the valley to where you can see the viaduct.

But thats not all. Youll be pleased to hear that the train used in the Harry Potter movies, known as the Hogwarts Express, is also a real train. Its called the Jacobite, and it runs from Fort William to Mallaig.

Services vary, depending on the time of year, but theres at least one train a day from May through to September.

However you choose to experience Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Jacobite steam train, we are sure you will love the experience.

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Where Is The Castle From ‘harry Potter’ In Real Life

Was the Harry Potter castle real, and can fans go visit it?!

One of the most magical things about the Harry Pottermovies has to be Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From its moving staircases to the bewitched ceiling in the spectacular Great Hall, Hogwarts really is an immersive second home for so many Potterheads. Every fan of both the books and movies has dreamed of receiving their Hogwarts letter and being able to roam the hallways of the beloved castle.

When a theme park was announced back in 2010, fans went wild, and the theme park remains incredibly popular today. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando gives fans the chance to visit Hogsmeade and immerse themselves in wizarding life. You can even have a private tour of Hogwarts!

A post shared by Wizarding World of HarryPotter

The locations in the Harry Potter movies are breathtaking. It must have been no easy feat to bring to life such a spectacular building and convince fans of the magic sealed within its halls. Yet Warner Bros pulled it off, using a mixture of real-life locations and built sets to create one of the most magical buildings ever.

Lacock Village And Abbey

This 13th-century abbey in Wiltshire and the pretty nearby village were used extensively for Harry Potter filming locations in England.

In The Philosopher’s Stone, the village of Godric’s Hollow and Godric’s Hollow Parish Church can be recognised in Lacock, and Harry’s parents cottage was filmed at the end of Church Street.

Lacock Abbey was yet another stand-in for Hogwarts, with the most recognisable location being the cloisters which were used as the halls of Hogwarts Castle. The Abbey ‘s Warming Room, containing a giant cauldron, was Professor Quirrell’s Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, Professor Snape’s Potions Class was held in the Sacristy, and the Chapter House was where Harry found the Mirror of Erised in The Philosopher’s Stone.

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