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What Does Draco Smell In Amortentia

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What Would Amortentia Smell Like To You

Draco / Hermione ~ Amortentia
;Gred_and_Forge posted over;a;year;ago
Mmmm they do smell good!chocolateand the smell of the air after it rains:P
;said:That is a pretty awesome list. Those things smell wonderful. I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny…I agree ;-)The Ocean Fierce from Abercrombie cologne New wooden furniture That would be my three. 🙂
– my boyfriend’s perfume – anything new smells good – the sea or the ocean smell- anything from the Lush store

Hufflepuff Slytherpuff Stan I Write Share My Thoughts Fly To Other Universes You Can Call Me Thie Tiny Girl Discussions Are Medicine I Love Peaches22 Years Young

this is how I imagine Draco smelling youuuuuuuuu


I can see him roll his eyes once hes called to smell the potion in the cauldron.;


So so so annoyed and smug. He hates having all the eyes focused on him while hes doing something unpredictable and doesnt have his sidekicks around him.;

Always mumbling under his breath, eyeing the pearly liquid.;

But once the smell kicks in;

Hes confused, just for a second. It reminds him of something; something he cant quite figure out. His senses are almost blinded and he starts craving it.;

What do you think, Mr. Malfoy? the sound would wake him up,;What do you think it is?

He shrugs. He wouldnt know. He has definitely smelled it somewhere. For some strange reason it reminds him of Y/H. Theres something sweet, like violets.; Something, that makes his heart beat fast and pupils widen. He has felt it somewhere.;

Then he smells it again.;

He smells it, as you walk past him, late for the class. He looks at you with confusion.;

The truth is, hes been looking at you for the past few weeks. Watching you work at your table. Sometimes he would notice you in the school corridors or somewhere outside making beautiful spells dance around you like like violets.

;He realizes, what it is.;

Amortentia.he cant believe his own words. It cant be.;

He would definitely deny it.;

But when he looks at you, oh Merlin.;

It all makes sense to him now.;

Who Plays Romilda In Harry Potter


Romilda Vane

Also, does Harry Potter have a Hippogriff tattoo? “Three Dementor attacks in a week, and all Romilda Vane does is ask me if it’s true you’ve got a Hippogriff tattooed across your chest.” Ron and Hermione both roared with laughter. Book: Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince So Harry has a tattoo of a dragon on his chest and Ron has a Pygmy Puff.

Also asked, what year is Romilda Vane?

Romilda Vane. Romilda Vane was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who started attending the school in 1993 and was sorted into Gryffindor House.

How did Harry fall in love Ginny?

Because Ginny loves Quidditch. She shares his greatest, most freeing passion and can relate to him. Because thinking of Ginny gives Harryhis shining moment, happy forgetfulness, blissful oblivion, warm, sweeping, glorious relief. Because Ginny is a part of the first family that gave Harry love and affection.

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Der Geruch Des Amortentia : : Kapitel 1: : Von

  • May 26, 2019 – Dramione Amortentia Amortentiam, the most powerful love potion in the world. Like a whiff of Amortentia Amort..
  • Amortentia. Dramione!! Saved by Rachel Marie Clay. 36. Dramione Fanfiction Draco Malfoy Hermione Hogwarts Letter Prisoner Of Azkaban Tom Felton Deathly Hallows.
  • my amortentia smells like draco malfoy My father will hear about that. Posts; Archive; emhahee-deactivated20170506. Imagine Draco and Harry. well-done-draco-at the muggle cinema for the first time-bowling together -camping together in a muggle tent -going to a trampoline park and both of them l o s i n g t h e i r.
  • No use for Amortentia. Ness. Potterhead. Draco’s mistress. reblogger. May post the most random things. You’ve been warned. SLYTHERIN May 09 42 Notes. May 09 107 Notes . May 09. alanrickmandaily: People can’t disapparate inside Hogwarts. Fuck that. 7120 Notes. May 09. misswatson-: He is.
  • Why Isnt Dumbledore A Ravenclaw

    Hermione amortentia potion smell is harry

    He learned in a very unfortunate way that power is his weakness and he never accepted a position in the ministry because of it. Maybe an 11 year old Dumbledore would show some characteristics of incredible intelligence, lust for learning, and a desire for power which could be good qualities for Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

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    What Does Harry Potter Look Like

    Throughout the series, Harry is described as having his fathers perpetually untidy black hair, his mothers bright green eyes, and a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. He is further described as small and skinny for his age with a thin face and knobbly knees, and he wears Windsor glasses.

    Why Does Harry Save Draco

    Harry would later risk his own life to save Draco from the Fiendfyre. Narcissa Malfoy would then lie to Voldemort an extremely dangerous person to lie to and spare Harry to hear that her son is alive. Thanks to all of this, Voldemort would be defeated and peace would return to the wizarding world.

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    Nach Was Wrde Amortentia Fr Dich Riechen

    Draco and Hermione. This isn’t goodbye Granger. I’ll be seeing you Aug 8, 2018 – Edward Teddy Remus Lupin has been trying to get with Emmalyn Rosemary Frost for 5 years, now entering their 6th year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As soon as they make eye contact on the Hogwarts Express Teddy immediately starts flirting with her again. Emmalyn hates him, well she

    Sep 8, 2020 – draco malfoy and hermione granger icons // order of the phoeni Nach was würde Amortentia für dich duften? Nach alten Büchern. Nach warmer Bettwäsche am morgen. Nach einem Menschen den ich sehr mag. Nach einem Lagerfeuer.. Little did Draco know, that on the other side of the room, Harry, too, was overwhelmed by Draco’s scent. #drarry #draco malfoy #harry potter #draco X harry #Draco and Harry #drarry fanfic #drarry fanfiction #amortentia #amortentia fic #incorrect drarry quote Harry Potter Amortentia. Book Series. Draco Malfoy. Fictional Character. Harry Potter Pelis. Drive-In Movie Theater. Potter Por Siempre. Fictional Character. Draco L. Malfoy. Fictional Character. Nymphadora Tonks – Hufflepuff. Public Figure. Fred Weasley P. Fictional Character. El Mejor Trio . Writer. Severus Snape Prince. Fictional Character. Novelas con Tom Felton. Artist. Fenix Book.

    Other Dior Sauvage Dupes

    Draco Hermione Amortentia

    If the Fresh Woody 2 is still sold out and you want to find yourself a good Draco-esque cologne right away, here are some other options weve been able to find. Unfortunately we havent tested them ourselves, so all well say is to triple check reviews before committing!

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    What Would Draco Smell In Amortentia Fando

  • Amortentia Harry smells something that makes him think of Quidditch, sweat and fresh air. Of course, he smells Treacle Tart too. And a wood burning fire, just like the Gryffindor common room. There’s..
  • Intrigued by the concept of Hermione dosed with Amortentia and Draco panicking, realising he’s never been unconditionally loved before No rapey intent, can be accidental dosage or he doesn’t do anything sexual to her. Or perhaps Draco smelling Amortentia and begrudgingly realising who it smells like
  • Summary: You’re Harry’s little sister.When you and Draco are stuck as partners for potions, you both make amortentia. However, you both start to notice something. Author’s Note: I’ve been wanting to do another Draco Malfoy imagine and since it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, I got motivation to write this
  • Wizards Hearts Recs: Amortentia. Wizards Hearts was a four-month-long Drarry reading fest. Players were given a playing deck of 52 tropes, and were asked to find 52 different fics to read and comment on to fill their decks. To prevent the same few fics from being read, fics were restricted to only being used for the game three times before being considered ineligible for further points. The.
  • Der Zaubertrank Amortentia gilt als der mächtigste Liebestrank. Doch er erzeugt keine wirkliche Liebe beim Trinker, sondern nur Besessenheit nach einer bestimmten Person. Es glänzt charakteristischerweise in allen Regenbogenfarben und riecht für jeden auf eine andere Art unwiderstehlich
  • What Does Ginny Smell In Amortentia

    Ginny cares incredibly much about her family, and will fight to the death to protect each and every one of them. Very unlike Harry, Ginny has always had a safe and loving home that she values above all else. For this reason, I would say that Ginny smells the Burrow: long grass and dust and her mothers mince pies.

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    So How Much Does Dior Sauvage Cost

    The only problem with buying Dior Sauvage to ensure your Slytherin merch all smell like Draco Malfoy is the price.

    On the Dior website here, the Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette retails for $95 USD for a 3.4 oz bottle. The cheapest one is $77 USD for a 2 oz bottle although weve heard Sephora can be generous with samples!

    What Did Draco Name Son

    Dramione Loveteam: Amortentia

    Scorpius Hyperion MalfoyOne of the most returned to themes throughout Cursed Child is the idea that Scorpius Malfoy, the sole heir to the Malfoy fortune and son of Draco, isnt actually a Malfoy at all. Turns out, Scorpius is not the son of Lord Voldemort. Dracos sons name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

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    Why Is Voldemort Quirrells Head

    Following this failed attempt, Voldemort began a parasitic relationship with Quirrell, in which he attached himself to the back of Quirrells head, to ensure his plans were being followed precisely; throughout the year, Quirrell attempted to resist the possession, feeble and futile though his efforts were.

    Amortentia: A Draco X Reader Fanfic

    • t shampoo, and freshly washed robes
    • Draco Malfoy X Reader Amortentia hogwartshideout: Summary: Y/N is late to her first potions class of the year and smells the strong cologne of someone she didn’t expect. Warnings: None Words: 341..
    • When you and Draco are stuck as partners for potions, you both make amortentia. However, you both start to notice something. Author’s Note: I’ve been wanting to do another Draco Malfoy imagine and since it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, I got motivation to write this. Part Two. Originally posted by real-slytherin-headgir
    • Hermione said she could smell freshly mown grass, new parchment and she doesnt answer. It was later revealed by JK Rowling that the third thing she smelled was Ron’s hair. the third thing Hermione smelled was spearmi..
    • AMORTENTIA who’s the woman in your head? draco seethed his teeth at hermione in fury, how could she not understand the predicament he had been sent into? not only could..

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    Did Malfoy Kiss Hermione

    The first time Draco Malfoy kissed Hermione Granger, she denied it ever happened. She did her best to tamper with her memories, to imagine it was Ron, Viktor, even Harry! Didnt want to acknowledge that she enjoyed their intense kiss immensely. Didnt want to admit that she desperately wanted more.

    Is It Possible To Smell Yourself

    Draco&Hermione || Amortentia

    Its nearly impossible to smell yourself, even if youre smelling funky. The receptors in your nose that would normally respond to your own particular brand of smells practically shut down after being bombarded with the same scents for so long. Basically, your nose goes numb to your own stank so you dont go mad.

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    Jk Rowling Doesn’t Recommend Going Out With Him

    Although Draco was loving towards his parents, J.K. Rowling has said numerous times that she doesnt get why so many fans fall for him, even describing herself as unnerved by it. Despite having a moral core that meets the absolute minimum standards for decency, Draco was not in any way a nice person. She does not discount the appeal of Tom Felton, who plays Draco brilliantly in the films, but even he has said he thinks Ron Weasley would be a much better boyfriend.

    I’m not too sure Draco would be a good boyfriend. Ron however?

    Enter The $30 Dupe For Dior Sauvage

    Heres the good news, if youre looking for a Dior Sauvage dupe that actually smells like the real deal and not like some bootleg Draco Malfoy, many sources have one they recommend!

    According to a , the Dossier Fresh Woody 2 is apparently an excellent dupe for a fraction of the cost.

    At only $29 a bottle, this is definitely a much more affordable splurge to get that supposedly wonderful Malfoy scent.

    UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like the Dossier Fresh Woody 2 is sold out at the moment and we havent been able to find an online retailer selling it, but scroll down a little further to find some other Dior Sauvage dupes weve been able to find.

    The fragrances key notes are as follows:

    • Top Notes : Pink Peppercorns, Bergamot, Pepper
    • Middle Notes : Leather, Nutmeg
    • Base Notes : Amber, Ambroxan, Vanilla

    Sounds familiar, no?

    To grab a bottle of Dracos supposed signature scent, for the Dior Sauvage product page or for the Dossier Fresh Woody 2.

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    Amortentia Harry Potter Wiki Fando

    Sep 5, 2017 – This Pin was discovered by Maja Riedel. Discover your own Pins on Pinteres Of course I know what the Amortentia potion is. It is the most powerful love potion in the wizarding world. However, love is far from what it actually does. The know it all tone hedged at her words. The proper phrasing would be the most powerful obsession potion in the wizarding world. If consumed with the added hair from the giver of the potion, the consumer will fall into an almost. The Amortentia Trick ImKingOfTheClouds. Reads. 249K. Votes. 9K. Parts. 21. Time. 1 hours, 36 minutes 1h 36m; Start reading. Reads. 249K. Votes. 9K. Parts. 21. Time. 1 hours, 36 minutes 1h 36m; ImKingOfTheClouds. Complete. We all know and love Fred and George Weasley, but lately they feel as if their pranks have become stale, so what happens when they decide to slip some Amortentia.

    What Does Draco Malfoy Look Like

    Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy, a boy with platinum blond hair and a pale, pointed sneering face, is the only child of the wealthy Lucius Malfoy and his wife, Narcissa Black Malfoy. Draco attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is in the same year as Harry Potter. Dracos wand is hawthorn wood with a unicorn hair core.

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    What Yankee Candle Smells Like Draco

    Draco Malfoy: Mahogany Apple The inspiration for this article comes from TikTok, where it became a trend to go to Bath & Body Works to get Mahogany Apple, the candle that users claim smells like Draco Malfoy. Drapple references aside, this fragrance is a crisp blend of fresh woods and green apples.

    He Was More Jealous Of Harry Than He Let On

    Specifically, Draco was jealous of Harry. It was easy to miss because Draco didnt often show his emotions, modelling himself on his cold, confident, calculating father, but J.K. Rowling has confirmed that a lot of his enmity towards Harry stemmed from envy. Draco was brought up to believe he was very special, so it jarred with him that Harry was more admired at school than he was. He was, apparently, also very upset that Harry was a better flier than him, flying being one of the only things Draco could rightfully believe he was actually good at.

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    Draco Malfoy Amortentia Fando

    • What Would Draco Smell In Amortentia? Fando . Draco Lucius Malfoy is a character in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter’s year belonging in the Slytherin house. He is frequently accompanied by his two cronies, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, who act as henchmen.Draco is characterised as a cowardly bully who tricks and hurts people to get what he wants; nevertheless, he is a cunning user of magi
    • Hey ! Thanks for watching Dramioooooonnne *Q* wish I have more video about them on my channel :/ Anyway the dialogue is inspired by a picture I found in tum..
    • d where like Draco x Read with a sorta Beauty and the Beast theme? (specifically around the song..

    Why Did Hermione Smell Grass In The Amortentia

    Pov: You and Draco smell each other when you guys make amortentia.

    In the chapter introducing Amortentia it’s pointed out that each individual smells something different depending on what they’re attracted by.

    “And the steam rising in characteristic spirals,” said Hermione enthusiastically, “and it’s supposed to smell differently to each of us, according to what attracts us, and I can smell freshly mown grass and new parchment and -“

    We know from JKR that Hermione smelt Ron’s hair in the potion, though she wasn’t prepared to admit it openly at the time.

    Jess Mac: What was the third smell that Hermione smelt in the Amortentia potion in Half-Blood Prince ?J.K. Rowling: I think it was his hair. Every individual has very distinctive-smelling hair, don’t you find?

    It makes sense in the scheme of things that she is attracted to something of Ron’s. I also understand why parchment would attract her since she’s a huge bookworm. But why the grass? Is there any indication about why freshly mown grass would inflame her passions?

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