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What Castle Is Harry Potter Filmed At

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Off To Hogwarts We Go: Glenfinnan Viaduct Lochaber Scotland


This viaduct, 100ft above ground, is captured in several Harry Potter films on the route to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can journey through this magical landscape just as Harry and friends did, aboard the Jacobite steam train used as the Hogwarts Express in the movie.;

See if you can spot where, in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Arthur Weasleys baby-blue flying Ford Anglia lands on the viaduct. The head of the Weasley family modified it to fit eight people, six trunks, two owls and one rat.

Option D: New College Oxford

Last but not least, we have The New College in Oxford, which makes a special appearance in Goblet of Fire, most notably when everyone is taunting Harry with their Potter Stinks badges .

We then see the courtyard especially well when Malfoy is being a jerk to Harry while straddling a giant oak tree for some reason, and Mad Eye Moody comes out and turns him into a ferret. Good stuff.

Stalk A Villain At Hardwick Hall

The much-married Bess of Hardwick;who, after Queen Elizabeth I, was the biggest celebrity of the Elizabethan Age, built herself a remarkable house in the Peak District. It has so many windows and so much extraordinary glass that, that soon after it was built the rhyme, “Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall,” was often said. At night, with all its rooms blazing with candles, it was said to look like a magic lantern on a hill.

But on wintry mornings, surrounded by mist, the house takes on a decidedly more mysterious look; which is probably why it was chosen as the scene of considerably darker doings for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. In the film, Hardwick Hall’s exteriors were the sinister stand-ins for grim Malfoy Manor.

Owned by the National Trust, Hardwick Hall is considered the most complete Elizabethan house in Britain. It’s open to the public and hosts a raft of family oriented events in the holiday and school vacation seasons. While you’re there, visit the Chamber of Magic and become Harry Potter or Hermione ;with the hall’s own ;wizard wands and capes.

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Alnwick Castle Opening Times & Ticket Prices

Alnwick Castle and grounds open from 10 am 5.30 pm with the last entry at 3.45 pm.;

However, some of the activities like the staterooms have last entry of 4 pm. The Friary shuts at 3 pm. So, make sure to check opening times while youre here so you dont miss out!;

Tickets for Alnwick Castle cost £18.50 and adult and £9.75 a child. Concessions are £15. Its an attraction in its own right and if you wanted to visit the Alnwick Garden it will be a separate ticket.;

Its definitely more economical sense to buy a joint ticket for castle with the Alnwick Gardens. Combo tickets are £30.20 Adult and £13.25 a child. Concessions are £26.

Is Alnwick Castle dog friendly? Unfortunately, only guide dogs are permitted on the Alnwick castle and grounds. But, there are many dog-friendly walks around the area!;

In Search Of The Hogwarts Express In Scotland

Harry Potter Film Locations at Alnwick Castle

Who hasnt dreamed of receiving a letter signed by Albus Dumbledore himself inviting us to Hogwarts? While you wait for the letter, you can enjoy travelling on the famous Hogwarts Express. If youre in Inverness, you can hop on board this steam train by booking the Highlands Tour.

Youll also cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct, one of the most popular Harry Potter filming locations a unique experience!

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Loch Etive & Glen Etive

Loch Etive, known in Scottish Gaelic as Loch Eite, is a sea loch in the Argyll and Bute area of Scotland. The loch is fairly narrow and shaped a bit like a snake, stretching over 30 miles .; The loch is located within Glen Etive which is a scenic glen that is popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Glen Etive and Loch Etive were used as a filming location for at least two Harry Potter films. In the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie, Loch Etive is the lake where Harry, Ron and Hermione end up being deposited after jumping off the back of a dragon following their daring escape from Gringotts in London.

The northern section of Loch Etive in Gualachulain was also the setting for the camp that the trio set up near the lake in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. After Ron leaves following the argument with Harry, Hermione ties a scarf around a tree near the lake to let Ron know they left if he returned.

The Glen Etive area is a scenic one and offers great hiking opportunities. The River Etive and other local rivers here are popular with kayakers. Many people stop by on their way to visit the coastal town of Oban.

A couple of attractions around Loch Etive are Dunstaffnage Castle and Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace . Both are open to visitors and run by Historic Scotland. There is a fee to visit but they are free to Historic Scotland members and those with the Historic Scotland Pass or the Heritage Pass.

The Real Harry Potter Castle

The saga of the highly acclaimed Harry Potter films has generated among the fans a hunt for the real places where the story is set. For enthusiasts, all this can become the starting point for a holiday in England , and a fun way to put yourself on the trail of the real Harry Potter castle !

Un viaggio nei luoghi della saga

A Harry Potter tour can only start in the most magical place in the series, the fabulous School of Witchcraft of Hogwarts . The real Harry Potter castle is Alnwick Castle and is located in the British county of Nothumberland near Scotland .

The castle was built in 1096 and is still perfectly preserved. After strolling through the park where Harry practiced purposefully or played Quiddich, visit the interior rooms; they still contain period furniture and paintings . Then enjoy the wonderful panorama from the walls. Alnwick Castle also offers many amusements: children canmeet the Dragon Master to learn all about dragons and master the sword.

Many of the scenes set in Hogwarts, however, were shot in Oxford. In particular, the Great Hall corresponds to the canteen of Christ Church College, while the library where the three magicians friends devised a thousand strategies to fight Voldemort is the fourteenth-century Bodleian Library .

A magical track to reach the castle

Harry and Lego fans? then you could opt for a Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle. Guaranteed fun!

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Other Things To Do At Alnwick Castle

As well as the magical Harry Potter experiences, dont leave without checking out all that Alnwick Castle has to offer you.;

In the Inner Bailey, they often have archery lessons if you wanted to try your hand at it like Robin Hood. Or, you can watch Jousting in the North;during the summer!;

Nearby is Dragon Quest that is also included in your ticket where you can help Henry Hotspur and the Dragon Catcher. Youll battle mystical forces and a terrifying dragon.;

Dress up in medieval clothes, play medieval games and perfect your ancient crafting skills in the Artisans Courtyard.

Or, treat yourself to some lunch in the Courtyard Café.

A new thing that they have started doing is firing a replica Napoleonic cannon on select days of the year. This was something that would happen daily in the Georgian Era at the castle.

The Alnwick Castle staterooms are completely magnificent and they have some of the most gorgeous paintings and artefacts inside. The Percy family history dates back 700 years and so there are lots to see. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed.;

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for the Alnwick Vampire! Legend has it that a servant who worked for the lord of the castle caught his wife having an affair. He jumped off the castle and broke his neck. They buried him but he was spotted walking around the town!;

They have some spooky events to honour their haunted halls around Halloween.

Any Other Questions About Harry Potter And Durham Cathedral

Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts)

I hope you enjoyed this post all about the Durham Cathedral/Harry Potter connection.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions and be sure to check out my Harry Potter London bucket list and Harry Potter London filming locations for more nerdy goodness. I hope you have a magical trip!

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Hogwarts Castle Filming Locations

For the filming of the Harry Potter movies, filmmakers utilized many different places throughout the UK as the Hogwarts Castle locations. Many of the castles and cathedrals used stemmed from the medieval ages to give the feel of the centuries old magical school that was founded in 990. You can dive into the magic and visit these six Hogwarts Castle filming locations.

Hogwarts Castle Locations You Can Visit

As Harry Potter fans, we all grew up waiting for that much anticipated letter to drop through our front doors. The wizarding war of the 1990s definitely might have prevented some of our letters from making it through, but for those who never got the chance to attend the famous wizard school of Hogwarts, dont fret! You can recreate the magic and visit Hogwarts Castle locations in the UK;

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Save This Where Is Hogwarts Guide For The Future

You never know when you might need to head over

This guide will walk you through a comprehensive list of all the fantastic Hogwarts locations in Harry Potter, and how to find them! Many places in England and Scotland have subbed in fo Hogwarts over the yeas, and today wee discussing them all!

PS: If you want to see a more comprehensive list of ALL the Harry Potter filming locations you can visit in real life, you can read that here.

But anyways, lets get to it

Which Of The Harry Potter Movies Was Filmed At Alnwick Castle

Harry Potter Film Locations at Alnwick Castle

There were two Harry Potter movies filmed at Alnwick Castle.;

The first was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in 2001 or for you Americans out there that would be Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

The second movie was also filmed here that was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in 2002.

Alnwick Castle was used for the interior and exterior of Hogwarts castle in both movies.;

This is where Harry and his friends would fly their broomsticks, learn quidditch and also where they would secretly escape to Hagrids Hut in the wilderness!;

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Durham Cathedral Aka Hogwarts

Appeared in: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets

If you want the full scoop on Harry Potter locations at Durham Cathedral, you can

But if youre too cool to read an entire article dissecting all the links and connections between HP and this cathedral, heres quick digest: Durham Cathedral is where youll find Professor McGonagalls Transfiguration classroom, which is the cathedrals Chapter House. It also used for Hogwarts quad scenes, like when Harry lets Hedwig go in the snow during Philosophers Stone, and that scene in Chamber of Secrets when Ron tries that slug spell that backfires.

Other Iconic London Landmarks

Appeared in: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

When the Order of the Phoenix comes to rescue Harry, they go for a fun little ride over the Thames and pass a bunch of iconic London landmarks, including Canary Wharf, the HMS Belfast , the Palace of Westminster and a few bridges. If you follow this sequence, the way they fly is pretty ridiculous and doesnt make a ton of sense, but nonetheless thats movie magic for ya

Likewise, in Half-Blood Prince, when the Death Eaters go on their murdery rampage around London, you see quite a few iconic London spots as well. For instance, in the overhead view of the Thames as they rush into the scene, youll actually see the London Eye in the lower right side if you look hard enough, which means the Houses of Parliament are found diagonally across.

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Bodleian Library And Christ Church College

Shh! Hogwarts Library and Infirmary:;Oxford Universitys magnificent Bodleian Library, dating back to 1602, starred in three Harry Potter films. The medieval Duke Humfrey’s Library, part of the hallowed institution, was used as the Hogwarts library, whilst the elaborately vaulted Divinity School next door became Hogwarts hospital. Students were admitted for all sorts of scrapes, from falling off broomsticks to touching a cursed opal necklace.;At Christ Church College, a 10 minute walk away, you can see where we were first introduced to Hogwarts with Harry and the other first-year wizards ascending the 16th-century stone staircase to the Great Hall.;

Platform : Kings Cross Station London England

Alnwick Castle Filming | Harry Potter | Downton Abbey | Elizabeth | The Hollow Crown

The Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9¾ of Kings Cross Station, which is actually the arched wall between platforms 4 and 5.;

Or, head towards the entrance to platforms 9, 10 and 11 on the west side of the station where youll find a trolley disappearing into the magical realm through a wall marked Platform 9 ¾. To help you get into character theres a shop selling fun accessories from round Harry Potter specs to Hufflepuff hair scrunchies.;

Outside is the Neo-Gothic facade of St Pancras where the Weasley’s magical Ford Anglia, with its powers of invisibility, takes off in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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Tours To Harry Potter Film Locations

Below are several tours that depart from Edinburgh. If you dont see what you are looking for, feel free to ask us for a suggestion.

  • This full day trip from Edinburgh takes visitors to see several filming locations and features a ride on The Jacobite train . Best bet if you want to see as much as possible in a single day.
  • This full day small group tour features a visit to the impressive Alnwick Castle, a filming location for Hogwarts in Harry Potter . The tour also stops in a Scottish Borders market town and along the scenic Northumberland coast. Weâve done this Rabbieâs tour and can recommend it.
  • This private Potter tour is designed for small groups or families and includes visits to a number of Harry Potter sites including Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glen Coe, Loch Shiel, and Loch Eilt. You can explore at your own pace since its a private tour!
  • This 3 day tour includes a ride on the Jacobite steam train as well as stops to see Loch Ness, Glencoe, and 2 days on the Isle of Skye.
  • This 3 day guided tour from Edinburgh includes a visit to the Isle of Skye, several Scottish Highlands locations , and includes a ride on the Jacobite steam train.
  • This 4 day West Highlands tour isnt Harry Potter focused but includes stops at some of the most iconic filming locations, which include Glenfinnan Viaduct, Glencoe, and Rannoch Moor. Tour visits many of the highlands of the Scottish Highlands and visits the Isle of Skye.

West Highland Train Line

The West Highland train line was opened in 1901 to connect rather remote parts of western Scotland. The train line runs from Glasgow and then branches off to terminate in either Oban or Mallaig.

This is considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in the UK, and even the world, as the train travels through scenic landscapes of mountains, lochs, rural farmland, heather moors, and small villages.;

In Harry Potter, many of the filming locations we list can be seen from or are located near this train route including Rannoch Moor, Loch Shiel, the Glenfinnan Viaduct, and Loch Eilt. Scenes shot from and along this line were used throughout the films, especially in shots of the Hogwarts Express.

For instance in the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the Hogwarts Express is seen traveling between Corrour and Rannoch stations through Rannoch Moor. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, the Death Eaters board the train around this same area.

Corrour train station features in the 1996 movie Trainspotting. Corrour is an interesting spot just because it is the highest railway point in the UK and it is also one of the most remote train stations. Corrour is only accessible by train, or by hiking as the nearest road is 17 miles away!

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Private Warwick Castle Harry Potters Oxford And The Cotswolds Tour

Let the magic and the medieval amalgam charm your one day journey!

If you or one of your family members is charmed by the Harry Potter books or series, a tour of the key sites associated with the boy wizard is simply a must-do. First, youll be surrounded by jaw-dropping history, magic, myth and adventure at Warwick Castle. And then youll get to be amazed by the countryside views of Cotswolds along with all the other stunning surroundings of London. Choose this tour and youll congratulate yourself afterwards.

Included landmarks

Discover some of the most famous sites England is so well known for. Enjoy a tour through:

  • Oxford
  • The Bird of Prey Lawn
  • Cotswold region

Here’s Where The ‘harry Potter’ Movies Were Filmed And How To

Alnwick Castle Hogwarts Harry Potter Movies amidlife ...


  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The iconic facade of Hogwarts was filmed in quite a few different locations and sets. Remember where Harry was taught how to fly on his broomstick for the Quidditch game?
  • The 9 ¾ Train Platform. Everyone remembers the famous 9 ¾ Platform in Kings Cross Station, where Harry and the gang board the train to Hogwarts at the start of the movies.
  • Diagon Alley. The magical place where Hagrid took Harry to get all his supplies for his first year at school in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is called Diagon Alley.
  • The Great Dining Hall and The Library. The place where all the students of Hogwarts have supper and the announcement of the Triwizard championship, which took place in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is actually just a set made at the studio.
  • The Order of the Phoenix Headquarters. The home of Sirius Black, 12 Grimmauld Place, is also known as the Orders Headquarters in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  • Hagrids home and the Hogwarts Express train line. Hagrids little hut was filmed in the highlands of Glen Coe, Scotland. Glen Coe is known for having a historic inactive volcano and many scenic views.

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