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What Is The Fifth Harry Potter

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The Ending Of Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Explained

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The fifth film in the famous franchise, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” adapts the book of the same name by J.K. Rowling, continuing the story of Harry Potter and his fight against Voldemort after the deadly events at the end of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Joined by his two best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger , Harry returns to Hogwarts feeling alone and helpless, as no one in the wizarding world believes his claims that Voldemort is back, and Dumbledore is keeping Harry in the dark.

Over the course of the film, Harry and his friends take it upon themselves to train and form what they call “Dumbledore’s Army,” rebelling against the brutal Dolores Umbridge and readying for a fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and the Death Eaters. At the same time, Harry is having increasingly painful visions of Voldemort, which the Dark Lord uses to draw Harry into a trap. With his friends by his side, Harry travels to the Ministry of Magic, where the Death Eaters ambush the group and start an all out battle. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” is the first installment in the Harry Potter series that is really dark in tone, and it sets up the war between the wizarding world and Voldemort and his followers, which is the main focus of the sixth, seventh, and eighth movies of the series.

Here’s the ending of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” explained.

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    Live Action Television Series

    On 25 January 2021, a live action television series was reported to have been in early development at HBO Max. Though it was noted that the series has “complicated rights issues”, due to a seven-year rights deal with Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution that included U.S. broadcast, cable and streaming rights to the franchise, which ends in April 2025.

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    Hogwarts: An Incomplete And Unreliable Guide

    Sourced from the short reads on Pottermore.com and gathered into one book for easy reading, Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guidegives you all of the background information that you might want to know about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Ever been curious about what the Hufflepuff common room looks like ? Did you ever wonder about the origins of Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters? Here’s the book that will provide all of the answers.

    Content That May Disturb Children

    Harry Potter

    Under 8

    The film has a dark and menacing tone that is likely to scare children. Children in this age group could be scared or disturbed by the violent scenes described above as well as the following scenes:

    From 8-13

    Children in this age group could also be disturbed by the scenes described above as well as the following:

    • a scene that shows Dementors attacking Harry and Dudley
    • images of Lord Voldemort, Dolores as an unstable, vengeful, woman, and the house elf
    • the skeleton horse-like creatures with wings
    • scenes in the epic battle at the end of the film.

    Over 13

    Some children in this age group might also be disturbed by some of the scenes described above, particularly images of the Dementors, as well as Voldemorts reptilian-like appearance.

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    How Old Was The Cast In Harry Potter 5

    The fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix wasnt out until two years later, in 2007. By that point, Radcliffe was 18 years old while his on-screen counterpart was still 15. The sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came to viewers in 2009. Radcliffe was 20 years old then, and Harry was 16.

    The Lion And The Serpent

    • Since Quidditch was removed from the film, Ron joining the team as Keeper was omitted as well.
    • Harry and George’s assault on Draco Malfoy after he insulted Lily Potter and Arthur and Molly Weasley is also omitted, although there is a scene that is similar to this at the beginning of the film, when Harry tries to attack Draco for mocking him about his trial at the Ministry, only to be held back by Ron. This scene did not occur in the book.

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    Thousands Of New Harry Books Stolen In Late Night Heist

    Wednesday, June 18, 2003 A truck containing more than 7,000 copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth installment in J.K. Rowling’s series about the boy wizard, was stolen from outside a warehouse in northern England on June 15. The truck was later found, with none of the books. Police are searching the truck for forensic evidence. The books are valued at $220,000. Police threatened to prosecute anyone who handles the Order of the Phoenix before its official release on June 21. Over 1 million copies have been sold in advance of the release. The English publisher of Rowling’s books, Bloomsbury, estimates that on June 21, 31,000 mail carriers will be required to deliver all the books ordered in England alone.

    Tuesday, January 28, 2003 Mark the date! The fifth installment in the Harry Potter series hits stores on Saturday, June 21, 2003?nearly three years since the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    The book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, runs a lengthy 896 pages, 38 chapters, and 255,000 words. The publishers, Bloomsbury and Scholastic, decided to put the book on sale on a Saturday so kids wouldn’t miss school waiting in line to buy the long-awaited novel.

    The book opens:

    “The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive.”

    And here’s a snippet from later in the book:

    Chapter 1: The Lion And The Serpent

    Cartoon Network Asia : Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (Movie Premiere, 30sec) [Promo]

    Luna Lovegood wearing her lion hat

    Even Fred had said that Ron might yet make him and George proud, and that they were seriously considering admitting that he was related to them, something he assured Ron they had been trying to deny for years.
    Fred and George about Ron

    The Gryffindor Quidditch team begin their season with a victory against Slytherin, despite the fact that Ron was very nervous and didn’t play well, and the Slytherins composed a song mocking his performance. Shortly after the match, Draco Malfoy insults and provokes Fred, George and Harry. Harry and George attack him, but all three have their broomsticks confiscated and are given lifetime bans by Umbridge. They are replaced by Andrew Kirke, Jack Sloper, and Ginny Weasley, respectively. That night, they discover that Hagrid has returned.

    Hagrid using a steak to heal his injuries

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    What Are The Differences Between The Movie And The Book

    The film ending of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” presents a few key differences and omissions from what originally happens in the book. One of the biggest changes is the seriousness of the injuries incurred by Dumbledore’s Army during their battle at the Ministry and in the Department of Mysteries. In the book, Ginny Weasley breaks her ankle, Neville Longbottom breaks his nose and wand, and Luna Lovegood gets knocked unconscious, while the movie only includes minor injuries. On top of that, Dumbledore’s phoenix, Fawkes, plays a major role in the battle as it is depicted in the novel, but he is completely omitted from the film.

    Another very important difference is how it’s Harry’s intense grief at the loss of Sirius that pushes Voldemort out and stops his possession in the book, while it’s Harry’s love for his friends in the film. Depending on how you look at it, these are essentially the same thing, but the book puts an even bigger emphasis on Harry and Sirius’s relationship and the power of grief. The movie also omits the important backstory of the prophecy, and Harry never finds out that Professor Trelawney , is actually the one who spoke the prophecy, along with the fact that Neville easily could’ve been the chosen one, but it is Voldemort’s actions in trying to stop the prophecy that inevitably fulfill it and doom Harry to his fate.

    Completion Of The Series

    In December 2005, Rowling stated on her web site, “2006 will be the year when I write the final book in the Harry Potter series.” Updates then followed in her online diary chronicling the progress of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with the release date of 21 July 2007. The book itself was finished on 11 January 2007 in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, where she scrawled a message on the back of a bust of Hermes. It read: “J. K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 January 2007.”

    Rowling herself has stated that the last chapter of the final book was completed “in something like 1990”. In June 2006, Rowling, on an appearance on the British talk show Richard & Judy, announced that the chapter had been modified as one character “got a reprieve” and two others who previously survived the story had in fact been killed. On 28 March 2007, the cover art for the Bloomsbury Adult and Child versions and the Scholastic version were released.

    In September 2012, Rowling mentioned in an interview that she might go back to make a “director’s cut” of two of the existing Harry Potter books.

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    Book : Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

    When it hit shelves: June 21, 2003

    What happens in the book: Before his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry gets an official letter stating that he is expelled for performing magic outside the school. He is ordered to appear at a hearing at the Ministry of Magic. Pleading self-defense, Harry is cleared of the charges against him. The Ministry of Magic refuses to acknowledge that Voldemort has returned.

    Meanwhile, a secret society, the Order of the Phoenix, has been formed to combat Voldemort, who is rumored to be rebuilding his army of Death Eaters. At Hogwarts, Dolores Umbridge is appointed the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but she is also spying on the school for the Ministry. Because they are not learning anything under Umbridge’s tutelage, Harry, Hermione and Ron form a student group, Dumbledore’s Army, to prepare for the return of Voldemort.

    Haunted by strange visions, Harry discovers that he and Voldemort can read each other’s thoughts. Professor Snape gives Harry lessons in Occlumency to block Voldemort’s intrusion into his mind, but because of their mutual disdain, Harry learns little.

    The Ministry finally admits that Voldemort has returned. Dumbledore reveals the chilling prophecy: Harry must kill Voldemort or be murdered by him. Harry returns to the Dursleys, depressed by the loss of his godfather Sirius.

    The Players:

    The Magic Gadgets:

    Miral Sattar

    Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenixrating & Content Info

    Harry Potter Year 5 revisited:

    Why is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix rated PG-13?Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images.

    Theres been a lot of discussion about the Potter series growing darker, and certainly in tone and mood this film fulfills that prophecy. However, in our content categories, this one comes up with better grades than the two previous outings. Violence is the greatest concern, with a jump scene and other visions of ghost-like characters and odd-looking creatures that will certainly frighten young children. The death of a character is discussed, and we see a bloodied face in a few quick flashbacks. All other violence is through magic manipulation and people being shocked or knocked over by metaphysical forces. At times characters disintegrate or disappear in a beam me up Scotty type of effect, but nothing gruesome. Sexual content is limited to a single kiss, with absolutely no other activity seen before, during or after. Language includes one mild expletive and another word that is somewhat more objectionable in North America than Britain. Parents sensitive to depictions of occult and satanic-like themes may not find this film suitable for their children.

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    Chapter : A Peck Of Owls

    Ministry of Magic? People like you in government? Oh, this explains everything, everything, no wonder the country’s going to the dogs –
    Uncle Vernon, about the Ministry

    Petunia receives a Howler

    While angry over the situation, Mrs Figg explains to a surprised Harry she is actually a Squib. The two take a Demented Dudley back to Privet Drive, where Mrs Figg mentions she was sent by Dumbledore to watch over Harry and also kept his visits to her house boring so the Dursleys would not send Harry elsewhere if he were happy. After Mundungus Fletcher shows up, Mrs Figg scolds him for his foolish actions before sending him to inform Dumbledore of this situation so he can act quickly. Just before they part, Harry learns that Dumbledore has been keeping him under observation in order to protect him after what had happened with Voldemort last month. When Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon notice Dudley in his sickly state they fawn over him and Harry attempts to slip away, but Dudley speaks and assumes that Harry attacked him with some sort of spell since Muggles cannot see Dementors.

    Chapter 2: Christmas On The Closed Ward

    Christmas at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place

    Harry Potter: “I didn’t want anyone to talk to me.
    Ginny Weasley: “Well, that was a bit stupid of you, seeing as how you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.
    Ginny talking to Harry

    Hermione joins Harry and the Weasleys at Grimmauld Place for Christmas, and Percy sends back his Weasley jumper, which makes his mother very sad. Hermione, Ron and Ginny Weasley discover that Neville Longbottom‘s parents are insane and living at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. They also see their former Defence Against the Dark Arts professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Harry finally says that he knew what happened to Neville’s parents.

    Severus Snape and Sirius Black having an argument

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    Chapter : The Order Of The Phoenix

    Dinner is served at Order’s Headquarters

    “The Order is comprised only of overage wizards. Wizards who have left school,” he added, as Fred and George opened their mouths. “There are dangers involved of which you can have no idea, any of you…”
    Remus Lupin

    Harry learns that Voldemort is keeping a low profile and is building an army. Though Harry managed to escape during Voldemort’s rebirth, allowing Dumbledore to reactivate the Order of the Phoenix, it is difficult for them to convince as many people what has happened because of the Ministry and Fudge’s position, since Fudge believes that Dumbledore is after his job his fears make it easier for him to believe that, rather than admit Voldemort is back, which would end the last fourteen years of peace. Another reason the Order is having trouble with finding allies is the issue of their credibility. Sirius is a wanted murderer, Lupin is a werewolf, and the members that work for the Ministry would lose their jobs since Fudge is willing to sack anyone just for disagreeing with him. Fudge has also been trying to discredit Dumbledore’s reputation to prevent him from spreading the information, and is having the Daily Prophet cover up any news related to this. Sirius attempts to mention that Voldemort is trying to retrieve a “weapon…something he didn’t have last time”, before Molly and Lupin ask him to stop, and they then send the kids off to bed.

    Box Office And Critical Response

    GC University Lahore is celebrating Harry Potter Week��. #gcuniversity #harrypotter #shorts #love

    1) According to Box Office Mojo, the film opened to $77,108,414 domestically on opening weekend. This was the lowest opening weekend out of any of the Potter movies.

    2) According to Box Office Mojo, this was the 5th highest-grossing movie of 2007. It was behind Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

    3) According to Box Office Mojo, the movie has grossed $940,018,451 Worldwide .

    4) The movie has a 78% rating on the TOMATOMETER on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 250 critical reviews. It also has an 81% audience score based on more than 2 million votes .

    5) The movie also currently sits at a 7.5/10 user rating on IMDB with over 460,000 votes .

    6) Legendary film critic Roger Ebert gave this movie 2.5/4 stars in his review. This is the lowest-rated movie from Ebert in the entire series.

    7) This was the second and final movie in the series that didnt earn a single Academy Award nomination. The other being Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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    Chapter 2: Careers Advice

    Potter. I will assist you to become an Auror if it is the last thing I do! If I have to coach you nightly I will make sure you achieve the required results!
    McGonagall, to Harry and Umbridge

    Harry and the other fifth years are getting ready to begin the sessions on the advice of what they’ll need to do to prepare for the careers they’ll pursue after graduation. Before that, Harry wishes to learn more about what happened at Hogwarts during his father’s time and decides to contact Sirius and Lupin at Grimmauld Place to talk about their treatment of Snape.

    During Harry Potter’s career advice session with Professor McGonagall, he tells her that he wants to be an Auror. Suddenly they are rudely interrupted by the headmistress, Dolores Umbridge she remarks against Harry’s ambition of being an Auror. The meeting ends up with Professor McGonagall supporting Harry, and having a screaming argument with Umbridge.

    Under Fred and George’s advice, Harry decides to sneak into Umbridge’s office and use her fireplace while they’ll distract her. Harry is able to talk with Lupin and Sirius a bit before he has to pull back due to the twins being caught. This marks the end of Fred and George’s magical education, who now opt to move into their magical tricks and joke shop in Diagon Alley, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and fly away from Hogwarts.

    Grawp tied in the Forbidden Forest

    Hagrid: “Hermione, I couldn’t leave him. See – he’s my brother!
    Hagrid, about Grawp

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