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Harry Potter And Chamber Of Secrets

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Chapter : At Flourish And Blotts

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) Official Trailer Daniel Radcliffe Movie HD
Lucius Malfoy: “Dear me, what’s the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don’t even pay you well for it?
Arthur Weasley: “We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of wizard, Malfoy.
Lucius Malfoy and Arthur Weasley arguing at Flourish and Blotts.

Gilderoy Lockhart showing off his book

Harry stays at the Burrow until his departure for Hogwarts. The Weasleys make it clear that they all like Harry. For example, Arthur insists that Harry sit next to him during meals where Molly, who constantly deplores the state of his hand-me-down clothes and how thin he is, insists that he eat extra food. During that period, he and the Weasleys travel to Diagon Alley with Floo Powder to get their school supplies. Harry has difficulty with the smoke around him and says “Diagon Alley” unclearly, and thus he accidentally lands in a shop in the ill-reputed Knockturn Alley instead. The shop is Borgin and Burkes, specialising in objects related to Dark magic. There he sees Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy, Harry’s arch rival from school, selling items imbued with Dark magic to a dark arts salesman, Mr Borgin. Lucius Malfoy explains that the Ministry has been conducting raids on wizard houses to uncover illegal artefacts, so he is selling his more problematic possessions. He also expresses his disdain for a rumoured Muggle Protection Act, which he assumes Arthur Weasley is behind.

Chapter 1: The Heir Of Slytherin

Tom Riddle’s diary

Haven’t I already told you that killing Mudbloods doesn’t matter to me anymore? For many months now, my new target has been you.
Tom Riddle to Harry

Harry finds himself standing at the end of a long dimly-lit giant hall. At the far end by the foot of Slytherin’s statue, he finds Ginny lying on the ground, pale and cold. He drops his wand and runs to her, trying to get a response from her, but to no avail. Tom Riddle approaches them, holding Harry’s wand, and explains that his presence in the present is because he is a memory, which had been preserved in his own diary for fifty years. He then reveals what has happened: Riddle had opened the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago and planned to purge the school of Muggle-borns however, when he learned that the school was going to close down due to the attacks and that Dumbledore was keeping a closer watch on him, he had no choice but to cease the attacks and frame Hagrid for doing it. He eventually left behind a diary containing the memory of his sixteen-year-old self in hopes that it would, one day, fall into the hands of an unsuspecting victim who would help him to finish his work.

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The Ending Of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Explained

One of the amazing things about the “Harry Potter” series is how the films mature in tone and style along with its flowering trio of teenage protagonists. In comparison to later entries, early films like “Sorcerer’s Stone” and “Chamber of Secrets” are much more lighthearted. The younger actors, paired with the livelier cinematography and boisterous score, made for something more akin to a story for kids and adolescents. Of course, this changes quite rapidly as Harry and his friends mature into young adults embroiled in a harrowing war against history’s deadliest magician.

Despite the more adolescent mood of the first two films, it’s quite surprising how much “Chamber of Secrets” expands on the “Harry Potter” universe to make room for the more teen- and adult-oriented stories that would follow. The history of Hogwarts is deepened by the Chamber’s existence, and the second entry in the series reveals the first glimpses of Voldemort’s troubled backstory. All of this culminates in the ending of “Chamber of Secrets,” which sets up a multitude of plot devices used by later films.

What Parents Need To Know

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Parents need to know that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is scarier than the first film in the Harry Potter series , and characters spend lots of time in extreme peril. There are frightening creatures, including hordes of big spiders and an enormous snake that can kill anyone who looks in its eyes. Though it appears that some characters have been hurt or killed, all the heroes are ultimately fine. But children who aren’t already familiar with the story may be upset. There are also some gross-out moments when Ron’s spell backfires and he spits up slugs, and when another misapplied spell leaves Harry without any bones in his forearm. Characters demonstrate courage, perseverance, and teamwork. In addition, friendship, love, bravery, and loyalty are always major themes in the series, as is the idea of making good choices.

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Interesting Facts And Notes

Notes from the title pages:

First published in Great Britain in 1998

Copyright Text J.K. Rowling 1998

Copyright Cover Illustration Cliff Wright 1997

The moral right of the author has been asserted

Cover design by Michelle Radford

Scholastic Edition covers

This cover of the US edition, by Mary GrandPré, shows Fawkes flying Harry, Ron, and Ginny to safety after the defeat of Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets. This is unusual since most covers show the flying car.

Costume And Set Design

Production designer Stuart Craig returned for the sequel to design new elements previously not seen in the first film. He designed the Burrow based on Arthur Weasley‘s interest in Muggles, built vertically out of architectural salvage. Mr. Weasley’s flying car was created from a 1962 Ford Anglia 105E. The Chamber of Secrets, measuring over 76 metres long and 36.5 metres wide, was the biggest set created for the saga. Dumbledore’s office, which houses the Sorting Hat and the Sword of Gryffindor, was also built for the film.

Lindy Hemming was the costume designer for Chamber of Secrets. She retained many of the characters’ already established appearances, and chose to focus on the new characters introduced in the sequel. Gilderoy Lockhart’s wardrobe incorporated bright colours, in contrast with the “dark, muted or sombre colours” of the other characters. Branagh said, “We wanted to create a hybrid between a period dandy and someone who looked as if they could fit into Hogwarts.” Hemming also perfected Lucius Malfoy’s costume. One of the original concepts was for him to wear a pinstripe suit, but was changed to furs and a snake head cane in order to remark his aristocrat quality and to reflect a “sense of the old.”

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Chapter : The Roguebludger

Harry’s arm is boneless after Gilderoy Lockhart tried to mend his arm

Dobby wants to save Harry Potter’s life! Better sent home, grievously injured, than remain here sir! Dobby only wanted Harry Potter hurt enough to be sent home!
Dobby explaining his plans to Harry

Harry, Ron and Hermione decide that the heir is probably Draco Malfoy, since everyone in his family have been sorted into Slytherin House, he is a Pureblood supremacist, and because his father worked for Voldemort. To try to confirm it, Hermione proposes to use Polyjuice Potion, which can change a person into somebody else for an hour. After getting Lockhart’s signature to check out the book Moste Potente Potions from the Restricted Section that has the recipe, Hermione warns them that the potion will take a month to brew, supposing they gather all the necessary ingredients . Since no one comes into Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, the three of them decide it is the best place to brew the potion unnoticed. Hermione begins working with the ingredients they have.

Is Tom Riddle Lord Voldemort


Yes, Tom Riddle is, in fact, Lord Voldemort. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it is also revealed that his full name Tom Marvolo Riddle, is an anagram of the statement I am Lord Voldemort. He was named after his father, who was a muggle. When Voldemort realized this, he wanted to distance himself from this name and therefore chose a different name.

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Chapter : The Whomping Willow

Of all the trees we could’ve hit, we had to get one that hits back.
Ron, complaining about the Whomping Willow

The flying Ford Anglia caught in the Whomping Willow

It is time to return to Hogwarts, Harry and the Weasleys arrives at King’s Cross Station on the Ford Anglia, after several delays On the way to the Hogwarts Express, when Harry and Ron try to go through the barrier to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters after everyone else went through, the barrier is mysteriously sealed against them. Having missed the train, Harry and Ron thus decide to fly Mr Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia to Hogwarts. They end up getting spotted by many Muggles and crash into the Whomping Willow, the impact breaking Ron’s wand. The giant tree starts pounding the car. The battered car manages to escape, ejecting Harry, Ron, and their luggage, before quickly driving off into the Forbidden Forest.

After they make it to the castle, Professor Snape catches the boys and attempts to have them expelled for being sighted and breaking wizard law to get to the castle. Albus Dumbledore, however, says he will send a letter to Harry and Ron’s families. Still, Professor McGonagall gives a warning and separate detentions to both boys. She also tells them that Ginny had been sorted into Gryffindor, providing them with Endless Sandwiches and disallowing them from attending the Start-of-Term Feast.

Viewers Are Introduced To Tom Riddle

Voldemort’s tragic backstory is one of the most critical plot lines that run through the later “Harry Potter” films. “Half-Blood Prince” and the entries that follow it delve more deeply into the life and times of Tom Riddle, but “Chamber of Secrets” gives fans their first taste of the sadistic young wizard who would become Voldemort. While not quite as reptilian as he would appear in other films, the comparatively plain teenage Riddle takes the role of antagonist just to prove to audiences that he’s always been a bad egg.

Author J.K. Rowling would later expand on this youthful predilection toward evil by characterizing Riddle as somewhat tragic. Later films reveal that he was an orphan born out of a fragile bond between a wizard and a muggle catalyzed by a love potion. Because he was conceived from a relationship built of magical love drugs, Voldemort was born incapable of comprehending the emotion. His depiction in “Chamber of the Secrets” stays true to this later revelation as Riddle tries his utmost to kill non-pure-bloods through the Basilisk.

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The Chamber Of Secrets

  • In the book, when Harry and Ron realise that Lockhart is a fraud, they subdue him by performing a Disarming Charm and throwing his wand out of the window. In the film, Lockhart drops his wand in a manner of defeat, when Harry and Ron point theirs at his face.
  • Also, the book has Gilderoy Lockhart citing some specific examples of individuals that he not only stole credit for their deeds from, but also wiped memories from as insurance. The film does not actually list any specific examples of his victims.
  • In the film, just before Harry and Ron jump into the giant pipe leading to the Chamber of Secrets upon opening it, Moaning Myrtle offers to let Harry share the toilet she lives in should he die in the chamber. She only alludes to this offer in the book after Harry, Ron, Ginny, and a recently-amnesiac Gilderoy Lockhart leave the chamber, where she expressed some implied disappointment in the fact that Harry survived.
  • In the book, it says that the snake who had shed the skin must have been at least twenty feet long. In the film, Ron remarks that the creature must have been at least sixty feet long.
  • In the book, Harry walks for a longer period through the tunnel to find the Chamber after being separated from Ron and Lockhart, but in the film, the tunnel was only one small room and had the entrance to the Chamber right before Harry, Ron and Lockhart. Although, before they enter the room, there is another passage seen on the opposite side.
  • Chapter : The Worst Birthday

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
    Uncle Vernon: “And you, boy?
    Harry: “I’ll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I’m not there.
    Vernon Dursley and Harry Potter

    Harry sitting on a bench, unaware of someone in the bushes

    Harry Potter has returned to the Dursleys for the summer holiday in mid-1992, and things are very bad for him. Over the summer, the Dursleys have become so fearful of Harry’s new-found magical abilities that they have locked away all of Harry’s magical supplies immediately after his arrival home. They have also banned Harry from saying words such as “magic” in the house, as evident in Uncle Vernon‘s outburst about Harry saying “say the magic word” . Harry begins to worry about what his teachers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will think if he heads back to them without back homework done, and whether or not he’ll be banned from the Gryffindor House Quidditch team since he has not been able to practise. The Dursley’s have however let him keep his pet snowy owl Hedwig, but have put a padded lock on her cage to keep her inside day and night to avoid suspicion from the neighbours. This does not go well for the bird, because every time she has become bored, her screech has rung throughout the house, causing an irritated Vernon to warn Harry that if he cannot control her, she will have to go.

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    Welcome To The Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Wiki Guide

    The Chamber of Secrets takes place during Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, and he’ll need everything he learned in the first year in addition to everything he’ll be learning this year to survive. The usual cast of characters is still around, as well as a few new ones. While the last Harry Potter game had stale gameplay, this new installment has plenty of action and hair-raising dramatics that seamlessly propel the game forward. Infused with heavily Zelda 64-inspired gameplay elements and an engrossing plot that keeps you guessing ’til the very end, Chambers of Secrets is one of EA’s best endeavors.

    Our guide will help you survive your year at Hogwarts. It includes:A detailed walkthrough, split into the five days and nights you spend at the school.Item locations and descriptions, conveniently bolded for easy location.Hints and tips on how to explore, play Quidditch and more!A description on how to best earn House Points and play Mini-games.Much, much, more.

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    A Synopsis Of The Story

    Harry returnsfor his second year of schooling at Hogwarts, the school for wizards. Shortlyafter the term begins Harry starts hearing a mysterious voice sayingkill.kill which only he can hear. He then finds the caretakers cat MrsNorris hanging upside down apparently dead. Fortunately she is not dead justpetrified. There is a cure but it will not be available until the Herbologyclass finishes growing Mandrakes which have restorative properties. Later, twoof the students are also found petrified. On each occasion Harry hears thevoice again.

    It becomes apparentthat the Chamber of Secrets has been opened by the heir of Slytherin. Slytherinwas one of the four founders of the school but left because he wanted to makeHogwarts only available to pure wizards and witches not mudbloods. Beforehe left he created this Chamber in which lives some terrible evil. The teachersare fearful that they will have to close Hogwarts and send the students home.

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