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Is Lego Harry Potter Good

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Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

LEGO Harry Potter 2019 sets! SO GOOD. I mean, what’d you expect?

Big up the Ravenclaw massive.

With Prisoner of Azkaban set to release two years after its predecessor, EA needed to fill the 2003 gap with an original Potter game, choosing to build upon the Quidditch mini-games from the first two games and make a full title based around the magical sport.

The result is a surprisingly robust fantasy sports game, featuring a host of teams, cups and challenges. The controls can be a little sluggish, but the uniqueness of this entry makes it shine most, and its a shame we never saw a follow up that expanded upon its solid foundation.

Are The Lego Harry Potter Games Good

They’re on sale on ps4. Was wondering if they’re any good

Edit- I don’t think they’re on sale worldwide. T/f for those wondering I’m in Ireland and it’s 100% on sale there

Definitely! At this point they’re probably the best HP video games so far. They reuse music from the movies as the soundtrack for the game, and generally the storyline for the game follows the movies, not the books unfortunately. There’s a lot to collect and explore which makes trying to get 100% completed fun.

Dude the order of the phoenix game is where it’s at

Yo, /u/aaccss1992, I’m really happy you think those are one of the best games and Imma let you finish, but Quidditch World Cup was one of the best HP video games of all time. One of the best HP video games of all time.

I was home sick yesterday and thinking about getting them but was unsure. Thanks!

Chamber of Secrets on OG XBOX will forever have my heart. Why WB hasn’t had someone like Rocksteady or any other studio make a new Harry Potter game is beyond me. They must not like money.

Well, there are parts of the movies and the books, is something mixed!

If you like lego games, lego humor and HP, it’s a win win win really.

Honestly, I haven’t played a Lego game that i didnt fall in love with.

No kidding. Even the movie franchises I don’t particularly care for are fun to play!

Used to play Rock Raiders! That was the best!


Relive The Classic Adventure In Lego Form This Time On

No matter what your particular fandom is, theres certainly a LEGO game out there for you. Whether its Star Wars, Marvel, DC, or the Powerpuff Girls that you love, you can find some LEGO title that fits that niche. Of course, with the company offering so many fresh titles every year, their older library often sits unappreciated. Thankfully TT Games has made sure to issue remasters of some old favorites, as is the case with the recently released LEGO Harry Potter Collection on Xbox One and Switch.

Available on PS4 since 2016, the collection makes a late arrival on Microsoft and Nintendos platform. Everything is included here though, so while the wait may have been hard, the reward is just as great. What is that reward? The LEGO Harry Potter Collection combines both major releases for this franchise. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Years 5-7 were originally released as two separate games, splitting the two eras of Harry Potter storytelling into larger chunks of gameplay.

Everything here is exactly what players have come to expect out of these LEGO mashups.

Other aspects of the original design hold this back from being a truly updated game as well. The controls were crafted in 2010 and feel very much like it. The visuals are improved, but still struggle to match even their LEGO contemporaries. The games look a bit better on PS4 and Xbox One, as compared to Switch, but noone will look to this re-release as a marvel of modern graphics.

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Book Of Spells / 10 Book Of Potions

I have put these two entries together as they effectively form two parts of a whole. After little success on Xboxs Kinect, the franchise moved to the PS3, where the PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move accessories fit the Wizarding World far better. The two games utilise a spellbook that can be read by the PlayStation Eye, while the PlayStation Move is used as a wand.

These two tangible components put Book of Spells and Potions far above the Kinect entry and, while still a gimmick, they yield some decent wizarding fun. Book of Potions is slightly better than its predecessor thanks to better interactivity with the Wonderbook, but an original story and clever concept make these two entries great for kids, even if they arent the best games in the series.

The Lego Harry Potter Collection Is A Fun Way To Revisit The Epic Franchise

New Harry Potter LEGO Sets Coming, Starting with Hogwarts ...

The LEGO Harry Potter Collection really succeeds as a different way for fans to enjoy the stories they love. The games arent the shiniest in the stable of current LEGO titles, but they still hold up very well over time. Theres a lot of enjoyment in exploring all the iconic locations of the franchise.

The next time you have an itch to re-read the books or re-watch the films, consider playing through the games instead. It satisfies the lingering nostalgia and offers some new experiences to boot. Just dont jump in too quickly if you havent done your homework on Harry Potter yet!

+ The entire Harry Potter epic in one collection+ Magical, interactive set pieces+ Gameplay holds up over time

Narrative presumes you already know the story No updates or improvements for the re-release

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Harry Potter And The Half

Harry Potter And The Half Blood-Prince felt like the moment that this series really stepped things up, with EA really advancing things and opening the game up to the point where it almost feels like a complete open-world game.

This is why it is the best Potter game because that is the main thing people wanted to do, was explore the castle, the Forbidden Forest or the rest of the grounds, seeing what they could get up to in the magical world.

With 150 Hogwarts crests hidden around, EA gave people a reason to go and explore and while there was still the usual film storyline to follow along, the main fun was had in simple exploration.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher’s Stone was an early installment in;the series of Harry Potter video games, and while it certainly shows its age in terms of graphics and clumsy exposition, there is no doubt that this was just tons of fun.

The game can be rather challengings with some tough battle sequences that do take a fair bit of precision, and it also provides some incredible Quidditch gameplay in the form of a fantastic mini-game.

They did end up re-releasing this game after just two years with new voice actors and reworked models, but there aren’t crazy differences between the two, it is just a lot of fun to play.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Despite being bogged down by unusual cartoonish graphics and a very aggressive microtransaction scheme, its hard not to give Hogwarts

Mystery credit for being a colorful lore-rich point and click adventure though.

For me, one of the best parts of this RPG was getting to customize my character with relative freedom.

The story, involving your struggle to clear your family name after your older sibling was expelled from Hogwarts, is also compelling and full of great HP lore.

If you have money to pour into buying Gems to be able to play the game without waiting several hours between each session, I guarantee youll enjoy it. Otherwise youll probably forget you even downloaded it after the first few half-day breaks.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Lego Harry Potter Good Dog Achievement Guide

Harry and Hermione battle Death Eaters as you battle with your sanity.

Anyone who has seen the movie that this game is based on will know that there is very little material that can be adapted for gameplay, and blimey does it show here. Deathly Hallows Part 1 is an atrocious game, marking the moment where publisher EA decided the only logical place to take the Potter series was into cover-based shooter territory. It kind of makes sense, seeing as the last book ends with some explosive action. But because Part 1 is mostly set in quiet camping environments, developer EA Bright Light had to get creative. The result? Not only the worst Potter game, or one of the worst third-person shooter games, but one of the worst games I have ever played, period.

Whether due to a flawed concept, rushed development, or both, Deathly Hallows Part 1 has no redeeming features. Vacuous missions and empty objectives repeat over and over during the camping segments, featuring some of the worst cover-based shooting in gaming history. Topping this disaster off, the game is so broken that ignoring every enemy and just running through the map will complete many of the levels. It is the lowest point in the entire series, the gaming equivalent of Voldemorts awkward hug.

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Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone

Philosophers Stone has you discovering legendary creatures and mythical beasts. Like PS1 Hagrid.

Harrys first foray into the gaming world was met with a mixed response upon release but has since grown to live in beloved infamy. Yes, this is the game that bestowed upon us the glorious PS1 Hagrid meme, as well as every other delightfully warped version of the series characters. The graphics, while colourful, have aged so poorly that they have come right back around again to becoming ironic comedy gold. The gameplay is equally dated, with the awkward controls and difficulty spikes that plagued the early games of the first 3D generation.

Yet, the game still ranks quite highly. Why? Because it has an undeniable, loveable charm and a to-this-day fantastic atmosphere. Little-known UK developer Argonaut Games were given the task of being the first to bring Harrys world to home consoles and they did an admirable job, setting up the gameplay elements to come. Sure, you have to get past the hilarious idea of Hogwarts sending its students on increasingly dangerous missions to pass classes, but the Zelda-lite gameplay oddly fits the world wonderfully.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

This game obviously followed the previous entry, with this coming after the second movie and it certainly stepped things up from the original instalment, although it doesn’t follow everything from the film, so it is best to watch it first so you understand everything.

Chamber Of Secrets is a fun step up for the game, with the obvious improvements on controls and graphics, but it is in the actual gameplay itself that is so fun, from collecting Bertie Botts Beans to the fun mini-games that were available.

The brilliance of Chamber Of Secrets was that it didn’t take itself too seriously, which was the downfall of some later Potter instalments, and instead kept itself rooted in the fun of the magical world.

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5

The jokes on everyone else Lego Voldemort is the only character in the game with a nose!

Harrys second outing in the realm of TT Games beloved Lego series is not quite as good as the first but still manages to be a cut above the rest thanks to the tried-and-true Lego gameplay and some neat innovations. With the latter two films taking place outside of Hogwarts, TT Games made the decision to add other areas to the map , meaning players can explore areas like London and the campsites from the final films. As well as this, the game is built in TTs newer, glossier engine, meaning the Lego-ified world of witches and wizards looked better than ever. Though Years 1-4 is supreme for reasons Ill elaborate on in a bit, Years 5-7 offers polish and variety above many of the series other games.;

One extra point of note: the later released Lego Harry Potter Collection is not on this list as I felt it necessary to explain what made the two separate entries rank differently. The collection adds nothing new to either game, simply repackaging them together for newer consoles. Having said that though, it is easily the best way to play these two great games, especially if you own a Nintendo Switch so that they can be enjoyed on the go!

A Bit Older But Worth Kicking The Dust Off

Lego 75969 Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

The LEGO series of games has come a long way. They consistently but out solid titles that are faithful adaptations of some of pop cultures most lovable franchises. Furthermore, theyve been getting better with every iteration.

So its worth noting that;the;LEGO Harry Potter Collection;contains some of the older games in the LEGO franchise. That definitely doesnt mean they are no longer good though. To the contrary Id say that some of the early LEGO games continue to hold up very well over time, not unlike LEGO itself.

However, fans of the LEGO series may naturally notice some minor annoyances that have been improved in later LEGO games. Unfortunately thats just the nature of the beast, given that games and developers are always innovating and improving.

Its too bad that the process of re-releasing these older games didnt involve a few upgrades or tweaks. Naturally in these cases though game creators need to juggle the cost of improving an older game versus a more streamlined port. In the case of the;LEGO Harry Potter Collection;Id say the latter is far from a disappointment regardless.

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Harry Potter For Kinect

Not Kinect. Not Kinect.

As with most games for Microsofts ill-fated motion sensor, there are moments of dumb fun to be had in Harry Potter for Kinect by simply messing around with its mechanics. Unfortunately, it pretty much stops there, as players make their way through a variety of mini-games that cover each of Harrys years at Hogwarts. It is everything you would expect a wonky Xbox 360 Kinect title to be, featuring little in the way of actual gameplay, just an assortment of ways to flail around as the game struggles to do what you tell it to.

It is, however, a cut above the Kinect implementation that was in the last entry, Deathly Hallows Part 1, which featured a dreadful bonus mode where you flick your wrist to the point of it sounding like a cement mixer while yelling Stupify! at your TV. For that, Harry Potter for Kinect ranks a bit higher.

Become A Lego Architect

If given a chance, we would all over to create and construct famous buildings and monuments from all around the world. With these Lego clones, you can live your dreams of being an architect. Construct world-famous monuments like the Taj Mahal and the Pyramid of Giza. Check out the set below:

Lego Architecture Series

Kids love to let their imagination run wild and that helps their mind grow and develop. Help your child increase their creativity by gifting them this lego clone set. We absolutely love this set. It not only lets the kids get creative, but it also gets them acquainted with some of the major monuments and buildings of the world.

There are so many monuments and buildings that can be created. Let your kids know the white wonder of the Taj Mahal or the secrets of the pyramid of Giza. This set comes with a different number of pieces depending on the architecture you choose.

Check the full range out here.

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

The Order Of The Phoenix is the fifth game that came out in the classic Harry Potter storyline video games, and this one built well on what had happened previously while bringing serious additions.

With the mini-map being replaced by the Marauder’s Map and HUD displays being gone, there were plenty of enhancements that wizarding world fans absolutely love, with the exploration being a lot of fun as well.

The exploring factor was a big one here and with a lot of side-quests to be completed that get picked up on the map, you’re always going to be busy while playing this one.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – Good Dog Achievement / Trophy Guide

Platform: 360, WII, PS3, DS, PC, PSP Developer: 16.5 out of 10 stars – HEX: 8.5

Well, if you’re a fan of the Lego games – and a fan of Harry Potter – you’ll be happy to know that a brilliant marriage of these two worlds have come about in the latest Lego game: Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4. Previous titles in the Lego series like Lego Star Wars, Lego Indie and Lego Batman have given gamers hours of Lego adventure goodness set in the worlds of our favourite films. It’s available across ALL platforms – but we reviewed the 360 version, and I think Lego Harry Potter might be my favourite of these to date, Trem!


Definitely, I loved the Harry Potter movies – but there are a lot of them, so I think it’s great they’ve decided to break the games up into groups, having the first game cover the first four years and I guess we can expect another Lego Harry Potter game to follow it to wrap up the story.

Yeah, it was a great recap, too – because it’s been a while since I’ve seen first few movies – or read the books for that matter, so playing through these games were a great way to jog my memory of Harry, Hermione and Ron’s early years at Hogwarts – Quidditch matches, learning spells, it’s all there.


Yeah, well, almost – there were a few signature Lego additions to add a bit of fun

Yeah, those are always good fun, it puts that typical LEGO ‘stamp’ on the story, which is great.






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