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Which Harry Potter Wand Is For Me

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The Personality Of The Sticks

Why Don’t Wizards Use MULTIPLE Wands? – Harry Potter Theory

J.K. Rowling shares some personal notes of Olivander on the nature of the wands. The notorious creator believes that each wood and core have their distinct features. Every single wand is unique and will depend for its character on the particular tree and magical creature from which it derives its materials, reads one of the notes on the topic.

That is why our Harry Potter Wand Quiz acknowledges the persona of the sticks material.

Harry Potter’s Wand According To Lore

Did you know that holly, the wood of Harry Potter’s wand, was one of the rarer types of wands, known for its protective properties? There are only a few select trees that can produce magical qualities in a wand, which makes the demand for high-quality wand wood even greater. Wand making is a difficult art that dates back centuries, and wand lore is a huge part of the wizarding world. Holly wands often choose wizards who deal with the most tumultuous journeys, usually those bound for a quest or adventure. The core of this type of wand makes all the difference, too. A phoenix feather is a particularly rare core for a wooden wand, but they make for an extremely powerful combination.

Harry Potter: Which Wand Will Choose You Based On Your Mbti

Wands in Harry Potter select wizards and witches with magic, but imagine if they chose you based on your MBTI personality type.

The biggest thing every Harry Potter fan wants to know is what wand they would be chosen for. After all, the wand selects the owner, no? Wand compatibility is a serious consideration when it comes to figuring out which magical instrument a witch or wizard will be waving around and the deciding factor is, of course, a student’s personality.

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This, in combination with the future they’ve been fated for, will lead them down a decisive path as far as wand material and core structure. There are many combinations for wands but for the sake of not penning a wand textbook, we’ve chosen ten popular options for those of us who just need to have answers.

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Which Wand Wood Best Fits Your Personality

· Updated March 2, 2022

We have all heard Ollivander say that wands choose their master, but what does that really mean? Wands have personalities and preferences just like their masters do, and they will only become loyal to those who best fit their needs. Have you ever wondered what kind of wand you would have? Take our quiz to find out which wand wood is best suited to you.

The wand chooses the wizard. That much has always been clear to those of us who have studied wandlore .

You Can Get A Wand Based On Your Zodiac

Harry Potter Wand Official Collectors Item Movie Prop Replica Daniel ...

You can also get you wand based on your zodiac. Keep in mind, however, that the Wizarding Worlds zodiac time frame does not line up exactly like the ones you may be used to. There are 13 different types of wood as opposed to 12, meaning the dates shift a little bit. For example, a rowan wand will be for people born between January 21 and February 17. Anyone born between December 24 of January 20 will have a birchwood wand.

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Entj: Ash Wand With A Dragon Heartstring Core

As far as bold personalities go, an ENTJ is among the strongest in terms of willpower. It’s because of this that they’ll need a wand to match their outstanding strength, thus an Ash wand is born. IT is said that these wands should never be given to another because they’ll be prone to losing all strength and magic if done so. While the witch or wizard who possesses this wand might be a tad stubborn, they will be strong-hearted and bold in their moral journey. Their bravery stops just short of arrogant, which is exactly why an Ash wand will serve them well. A Dragon Heartstring core will only emphasize its power, albeit somewhat temperamental at times.

Infj: Pine Wand With A Phoenix Feather Core

An INFJ is one of the rarest personality types which is why it makes sense that they would be paired with a Pinewood wand. While this material is not the least popular, it does stand by an owner who is seen as somewhat mysterious and a true loner. Not always by choice, an INFJ will often find themselves needing time away from other people. Their nature as empaths allows them insight and observation into things that many don’t see initially, leaving them often open and vulnerable. It can be draining, and this is something a Pinewood wand will understand. Matched with a Phoenix Feather core, this wand will be truly unique as well as understatedly powerful.

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Infp: Alder Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

An Alder wand is a true match for INFPs, who are often referred to as the ‘Mediators’. A wand made of this wood will lend it to someone who has a genuine and open heart, always willing to come to the aid of others. It’s in that attribute that the Alder wood wand will reveal its true power for altruistic purposes. Its owner will undoubtedly be well-liked and among good company, should their personality shine true to that of an INFP. A Unicorn hair core will keep the wand attached to one owner, unmoving in its use by any other witch or wizard.

You Can Purchase Wands At Different Shops

ALL 13 ORIGINAL Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wands | Rare Ollivanders Collection

Ollivander’s is the most obvious place to get your wand, but in the likelihood that the shop fills up quickly, there are other places you can get yours. There is Gregorovitch’s small stand just inside Diagon alley over to the right. Theres also a small kiosk in Hogsmeade directly across from the Hogwarts castle. And if youre really impatient, you can always order your wand online. The prices are pretty stagnant throughout, and the packaging is explicitly the same. So really, youll be saving time by purchasing your wand before you get to the park.

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Harry Potter Wand Quiz: What Is My Harry Potter Wand

Ready for a Harry Potter wand quiz? All of you Potterheads out there will have spent a long time imagining what life would be like if the Wizarding World of Harry Potter became a reality. A big part of that involves figuring out which Harry Potter wand youd be most likely to adopt. Not sure which suits you best? Take the quiz!

  • 1. If you have been sorted, what house are you in? If not, then which is your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which career would you pursue?
  • A.& nbsp
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What pet would you want to have?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is your favorite kind of spell?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is your favorite spell?
  • A.& nbsp
  • What is your favorite subject?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Defense against the Dark Arts

  • C.& nbsp
  • Which Harry Potter movie was your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • Which Harry Potter movie was your favorite?
  • A.& nbsp
  • You Can Get The Professors’ Wands

    There are over 30 interactive wand choices available as well as 40 collectible resin ones. Not every character is available in the interactive version, but you’ll definitely find the core characters as well a some of the professor’s wands available. This includes Professors Flitwick, Slughorn, McGonagall, and Dumbledore.

    Out of the 30 interactive wands, only 19 are based on characters, which range from Death Eaters to various Weasley family members.

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    Which Wand Will You Get

    Have you ever owned a wand before?

    What do you want to do with your wand?

    Who do you want to make your wand?

    Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

    What do you want your wands core to be?

    Which wizard do you look up to?

    What do you want your wand to look like?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    What subject do you enjoy most?

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    The Test Has Only 7 Questions

    In the HP books, we realize that the wands can choose their owners. Plus, they develop into a stronger or weaker tool regarding the skills of the owners. However, the original Pottermore Wand Quiz does not dig deep into that. There are only a handful of questions about your appearance and possible skillsand that is it.

    If you want an in-depth analysis of your personality, J.K. Rowlings test might not be a good option.

    You Can Get A Celebratory Wand

    The celebratory wand can be a wand chosen to reflect a specific date, like an anniversary or even the day you visit the Wizarding World. Each wand type is associated with a specific time frame.

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    This means that if you decide to get a wand for your wedding anniversary that falls, say, between July 8 and August 4, then your celebratory wand would be made out of holly wood. Unfortunately, these types of wands are only collectibles and dont come in the interactive versions.

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    All Young Witches And Wizards Are Presented With A Wand Before They Head Off To Hogwarts But What Kind Matches Your Personality

    Is this your first wand?

    Are you buying new, or second-hand?


    Which wizard should craft your wand?


    Which Hogwarts house are you most likely to be sorted into?


    Do you have an interest in the dark arts?

    What’s the most important aspect of a wand?




    Are you looking for a wand that will do what you tell it to, or something with a bit of sentience of its own?


    What is your greatest strength?


    What is your defining personality trait?


    Which witch or wizard is your greatest inspiration?

    Lucius Malfoy

    Holly Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

    Holly Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

    Your wand is made from rarely used Holly wood, with a core of Unicorn Hair. This type of wand bonds deeply with its first owner, sacrificing some power for reliability and consistency. This probably means that you’re a very dependable person.Users are rarely seen to defect to the dark side, which has led to some witches and wizards thinking of Unicorn Hair wands as a symbol of the light.

    Hawthorn Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

    Hawthorn Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

    Hornbeam Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

    Hornbeam Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core

    Birch Wand with Phoenix Feather Core

    Birch Wand with Phoenix Feather Core

    All young witches and wizards are presented with a wand before they head off to Hogwarts but what kind matches your personality?

    Damage And Underwater Use

    Harry Potter Wands Unboxing 2016 (Almost All Wands) by Alodia

    Lockhart using a broken wand to cast a Memory Charm, which backfired onto himself

    Spells and physical damage could irreparably damage wands, destroying or greatly diminishing their magical abilities. Attempts to repair the wand would not be effective, and the wand might break again while performing magic, or even backfire, as was the case with Spellotaped wands.

    The only known way to fully repair a broken wand was through mastery of the Elder Wand, although this ability might be lost if the current master died undefeated because most of the wand’s power would disappear with them.

    In addition, wands seemed to possess the capability to function underwater, although the appearance of spells might change, as was demonstrated when Harry Potter attempted to use a Revulsion Jinx to free himself from the grip of several Grindylows. Harry noted that instead of “sending sparks at the Grindylows”, it “pelted them with what seemed to be a jet of boiling water”.

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    Unicorn And Sycamore Wand

    This is a very powerful wand made from a popular wood and core. It likes experienced wizards who want to achieve the best magic. It relishes strong magic spells and if feels bored than strikes a flame to show anger, so needs to be handled carefully. It can also learn Dark magic if the master wants. Hey Potterhead! Which wand would you choose?

    This Quiz Is Based On Jk Rowlings Additional Writings On Magical Wands

    Rowling has published three articles on magical sticks in Wizarding World. One of them is about the legendary Olivanderthe creator of the most notorious wands. And the other two are about the cores and woods of magical sticks.

    The Pottermore Wand Quiz on this page uses the information presented in these three writings as the main source. .

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    Harry Potter Wand Quiz

    Harry Potter may have a holly wand with a phoenix feather, but what kind of wand would choose you? Are you a wizard with an affinity for a unicorn’s magic? Or a witch who resonates with a dragon heartstring instrument? This quiz will tell you what wand–both wood and core–Mr. Ollivander would give you if you were to visit his shop in Diagon Alley. If you’re still waiting to make your way to Hogwarts, our Harry Potter house quiz might be a wise first stop! The Sorting Hat is waiting patiently…

    Find Out Your Wand Type Through This Harry Potter Wand Quiz

    Harry Potter Mystery Wand Series 1

    Are you ready to take Harry Potter Wand Quiz? Everyone likes to take the quiz even if they havent watched the movie. Everyone knows Harry Potter as a wizard, even if they are not a fan! J.K Rowling has done a great job creating this fictional character that has changed many peoples lives. Some who never really liked watching fictional movies started watching because of the famous Harry Potter movie! The movie attracts the viewers to watch, and even the book excites people to read!

    Getting into the world of Harry Potter makes you want to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The boarding school has four houses, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The boarding school is a dream of many.

    Looking at the characters holding the wand, you also want to experience the feeling. The wand is not just an ordinary wand made of wood, but its much more than that. The wand performs all fantastical feats. All the magic works through the wand, but its not an easy one. The wand is not just a stick for the characters they have a personal connection with it.

    Its very important to have your own wand because the wand chooses the wizard. The wands are made of different wood and have specialized skills. If you want to discover your wand, simply take the quiz and learn more about the wood. There are lots of Harry Potter quizzes online, but the Harry Potter wand quiz is more of a personality test.

    So, lets wait no more and dive right in!

    Let’s play

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    Intp: Walnut Wand With A Unicorn Hair Core

    INTPs are known thinkers, qualifying with a list of innovative thoughts and inventions that seem incomprehensible to the average person. This is yet another flawless pairing Walnut wands are known for their owners being famed inventors and will only function to their fullest capacity with that of a high level of intelligence. This is not in any way to state that all others are inferior, but in terms of magic, a wand will only operate with those they deem worthy. Once a connection between wand and owner is made, nothing short of greatness can be expected from the pair.

    The Importance Of The Core

    Each of these costly and rare materials has its distinct properties, writes the infamous creator, Olivander. He believes that some features of the magical creature transfer into the wand. For instance, that is why it is hard to own the alliance of a phoenix-feather-core wandas the creature itself is extremely independent.

    Below you can see what are some features of the three primary cores are. .

    • Phoenix Feather: Rare, hard to handle, powerful, and picky.
    • Unicorn Hair: Consistent, faithful, fragile.
    • Dragon Heartstring: quick learner, able to change alliance, suitable for the Dark Arts.

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    The Answers Are Exposed

    Did you know that the original quiz is solved and all the results are exposed? That means you can easily manipulate it to achieve the desired outcome. Some Redditors managed to reveal all the possible answers/results of the test. You can check them out here.

    The thing is that knowing the algorithms ruins the experience. It does not feel like you are in the magical universe of Hogwarts. And that is why you are better off without the original quiz.

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