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How Old Was Voldemort When He Died

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

What Happened to Voldemort after He Died? – Harry Potter Explained

Voldemort does not appear in the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, either in person or as a magical manifestation. He is, however, heard when Harry passes out from the harsh effects of a Dementor. Towards the end of the story, Sybill Trelawney, the Divination professor, makes a rare genuine prophecy: “The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. His servant has been chained these twelve years. Tonight, before midnight, the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant’s aid, greater and more terrible than ever before. Tonight… before midnight… the servant… will set out… to rejoin… his master…” Though it is initially implied that the prophecy refers to Sirius Black, the book’s ostensible antagonist, the servant is eventually revealed to be Peter Pettigrew, who, for the 12 years since Voldemort’s fall, has been disguised as Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers.

Return To Little Hangleton

Tom Riddle left her while she was still pregnant… I believe that Merope, who was deeply in love with her husband, could not bear to continue enslaving him by magical means. I believe that she made the choice to stop giving him the potion.
The tragic end of Tom and Merope’s manipulated relationship

Once Merope’s enchantment was removed, Riddle came to his senses and no longer wanted anything to do with her, and thus fled back to his parents’ house in Little Hangleton, and never bothered to find out even about his unborn child, let alone Merope. He claimed to have been “taken in” by Merope, which may have been an allusion to her being a witch. He did not state specifically that she used magic to seduce him, for the fear of being thought insane. Rumours in the town claimed that Merope had lied about being pregnant in order to induce Riddle to marry her. Riddle’s son himself came to believe that his father abandoned Merope solely because he discovered she was a witch.

After Riddle left, Merope was left impoverished, despondent, and alone in London. Soon after, she gave birth to a son she named Tom Marvolo Riddle, after the baby’s father and Merope’s own father, . Merope died shortly after giving birth rather than live for the baby and the child was left in the care of a Muggle orphanage.

How Did Lord Voldemort Die Even Though Harry Potter Survived

If Harry Potter was himself a horcrux, then why did Voldemort die even though Harry was alive? I understand that Voldemort’s spell-“Avda kedavra” was ineffective against Harry, because of the Elder Wand. Did that short period death of Harry fulfill the criteria to destroy the horcrux that resided in his soul? If the horcrux was inside his soul then how is it possible to destroy part of Harry’s soul when he had never killed anyone like Voldemort did?

  • I’m pretty sure Dumbledore explains that Voldemort himself killed that part in Harry with the Killing Curse. WaltJul 20 ’15 at 18:13
  • but he told Snape earlier that he must die. and it was not about any part in harryJul 20 ’15 at 18:17
  • 1see the horcux was inside harry’s soule. So how it is possible to destroy part of his soulJul 20 ’15 at 18:24
  • 1Jul 20 ’15 at 18:25
  • 3

As Dumbledore explains in the movie:

On the night Lord Voldemort went to Godric’s Hollow to kill Harry and Lily Potter cast herself between them the curse rebounded. When that happened, a part of Voldemort’s soul latched itself onto the only living thing it could find: Harry himself. There ‘s a reason Harry can speak with snakes. There’s a reason he can look into Lord Voldemort’s mind. A part of Voldemort lives inside him.

That part was killed by Voldemort himself:

Harry: Professor, what is that? Dumbledore: Something beyond either of our help. A part of Voldemort sent here to die.

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What Did Voldemort Look Like Before He Killed The Potters

If Voldemort was ‘reborn’ in that massive cauldron at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and came out with red eyes looking like a snake and stuff, what would he have looked like beforehand??

I mean, in the Chamber of Secrets he was a normal looking person and what not, so would he have kept looking like a normal human up until the time that he killed Lily and James or would he have changed his appearance before that as well?

  • Just a guess, I’m too lazy to begin searching, but after a quick search I came up with this

He Was The Most Powerful Dark Wizard In The World

How Old Was Lord Voldemort When He Died?  Fiction Horizon

Before Voldemort, the two greatest wizards in the Harry Potter universe were easily Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

As a matter of fact, the greatest wizarding battle in history was reportedly one between the good Dumbledore and the dark Grindelwald.

When Voldemort rose to power, he soon surpassed even the power of Grindelwald – who was spending the rest of his life in prison after his capture.

Voldemort has mastered countless Dark Arts spells and is strong enough when casting them to overpower even the most powerful wizards.

For example, he’s even able to control Bartemius Crouch Senior for almost half a year.

He also cursed all of the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers at Hogwarts after he was rejected the job, which involved a spell so powerful that not even Dumbledore could lift it.

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Who Is Tom Riddle

Tom Marvolo Riddle was born on New Years Eve on December 31, 1926, as a half-blood wizard, the only child of the Muggle Tom Riddle and the witch Merope Riddle. Since his mother died after giving birth to him and his father left his family, he grew up in Wools orphanage, a Muggle orphanage in London.

Riddle grew up unaware of his wizarding heritage because the orphanage staff didnt know anything about his parents, especially his mother. They believed she was a circus worker.

Despite knowing anything about his parents, Tom Riddle quickly realized he was different from the other children in the orphanage. He discovered that only with the power of his mind he could move objects and make them float.

He learned to manipulate animals and other creatures and also spoke Parseltongue the language of serpents. After an argument with colleague Billy Stubbs, he used his power to hang the boys rabbit.

Now, imagine a child, an orphan who is factually different than everyone he knows. This kind of trauma would either turn him into a hero or a vicious villain. In any movie, book, song, or real life, you see neglected children and teenagers who fight the invisible battles.

Tom was a child fueled by rage and questions. Why was he left alone, why was he different? And inevitably, will anyone ever understand him? Even though Albus Dumbledore was a prominent authority figure who came into his life, Tom needed a different approach. Or he just needed to get those feelings out.

He Couldn’t Control Harry Potter Mentally

While Voldemort could invade the minds of others, implant memories, and control them, he was unable to do so with Harry Potter after a few first attempts.

It actually worked at first when he began to control Harry, but the Boy Who Lived was protected by his parents and the spell that Lily cast on him.

This is because Harry possessed the one thing that Voldemort could never understand: love.

Since Voldemort was born to a mother who used a love spell on his father, he ended up incapable of understanding and feeling any sort of love. If his mother had lived, he might have found redemption.

However, because she passed away, Voldemort never had the ability to comprehend love, instead he was repulsed at the thought of it.

As long as Harry remembered the love of his family and friends, though, Voldemort could not control Harry due to the pain that love caused him when he sensed it.

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The Lego Batman Movie

Harry Potter Theory: How did Voldemort look before he killed Lily and James Potter?

Lord Voldemort appeared as a supporting antagonist in The LEGO Batman Movie, being a prisoner of the Phantom Zone. He is released on Gotham City by the Joker, who uses him to help him wreck havoc and try and destroy Batman. He unleashes his wand to transfigure citizens and officers alike into fish and frogs. He is defeated when Batgirl disarms him with her grappling hook and sends him back to the Phantom Zone.

Here, he was voiced by Eddie Izzard, who also played Sir Miles Axlerod in Cars 2, Abel Gideon in Hannibal, Nigel Bakerbutcher in The Simpsons, Professor Bedlam in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dr. Schadenfreude in Igor, and Hervnick Z. Snerz in the 2019 Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham.

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Magical Abilities And Skills

Voldemort demonstrates his power in the Ministry of Magic

Lord Voldemort was the most powerful, skilled and dangerous dark wizard of all time. He was amongst the greatest wizards to have ever lived, often considered to be the second most powerful wizard in history, his only superior being Albus Dumbledore. Voldemort was extremely talented even while still a student of Hogwarts, with Albus Dumbledore himself saying Voldemort was the most brilliant student to have ever attended Hogwarts. As an adult, Voldemort became a tremendously powerful and accomplished wizard of nearly unrivalled skill, admired and feared by even the most powerful wizards and witches. Combined with his utter megalomania, Voldemort was regarded as the most powerful and most dangerous Dark Wizard of all time, being the only dark wizard to surpass Gellert Grindelwald.

You think you know more magic than I do? Than I, than Lord Voldemort, who has performed magic that Dumbledore himself never dreamed of?
Voldemort’s egomaniacal philosophy of magic equating to power, in his last moments
Inferi have not been seen for a long time, however, not since Voldemort was last powerful… He killed enough people to make an army of them, of course.
Albus Dumbledore explaining Voldemort’s immortality

Voldemort’s wandless possible casting of Fiendfyre that took the form of a giant serpent

Lord Voldemort’s fearsome visage

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

In the second instalment, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Rowling introduces Tom Marvolo Riddle, a manifestation of a teenage Voldemort that resides inside a magical diary found by Ginny Weasley. In this book, Ginny is written as a shy girl with a crush on Harry. Feeling anxious and lonely, she begins to write into the diary and shares her deepest fears with the sympathetic Tom. However, at the climax of the story, when Riddle rearranges the letters in his name to write “I am Lord Voldemort”, Riddle is revealed as a magical manifestation of the boy who would later grow up to become the Dark Lord. Riddle states he has grown strong on Ginny’s fears and eventually possesses her, using her as a pawn to unlock the Chamber of Secrets, whence a basilisk is set free and petrifies several Hogwarts students. Harry defeats the manifestation of Riddle from the diary and the basilisk. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Albus Dumbledore reveals to Harry that the diary was one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

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Other Harry Potter Characters Lord Voldemort Killed Directly

Hepzibah Smith: A witch that Tom Riddle poisoned in order to get Hufflepuff’s cup and Slytherin’s locket, two items he turned into Horcruxes.

Albanian peasant: A Muggle that Tom Riddle directly killed in order to transform Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem into a Horcrux.

Muggle tramp: An unidentified Muggle he murdered to turn the locket into a Horcrux.

Amelia Bones and her parents: During the First Wizarding War, Lord Voldemort murdered Mr. and Mrs. Bones. Years later, their daughter Amelia became the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and before she too was presumably killed by the Dark Lord himself.

Dorcas Meadowes: An original member of the Order of the Phoenix that served as one of Voldemort’s victims.

Goblin family: Nottingham-based victims of Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War.

Bertha Jorkins: An Ministry of Magic employee who Voldemort interrogated and later murdered with the Killing Curse to transform Nagini into a Horcrux.

Frank Bryce: The groundskeeper from Riddle House that was killed by Lord Voldemort’s Killing Curse after hearing the plan to kill Harry.

Charity Burbage: The Professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts who was killed by Voldemort after writing an article about the Second Wizarding War in the Daily Prophet.

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His Wand Had A Major Weakness

37 Fakten, die Dich komplett neu auf Harry Potter schauen ...

After Voldemort regained his body in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and used the blood of Harry Potter to create a potion that finally allowed him to physically attack the Boy Who Lived, the two had a duel.

While Voldemort was a master duelist who had defeated some of the best wizards and witches in the world, he was unable to beat Harry Potter.

This was because there was another protection set up to save Harry’s life.

Voldemort’s wand was unable to overpower Harry’s wand, which came as quite the surprise to Voldemort.

This was due to the fact that the two wands had the same core – that of Fawkes’ phoenix feathers – which meant that neither Voldemort nor Harry could use their wands to hurt the other.

This helped Harry survive, as the shades of his mom, dad, and Voldemort’s other victims showed up to help him escape from Voldemort.

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It Saved Draco Malfoys Soul

Dumbledore was a powerful wizard, as Voldemort knew full well. When the two dueled in Order of the Phoenix, the dark wizard had been forced to flee. Typically, he dispatched a Death Eater to do his dirty work, but in choosing Draco Malfoy to kill his rival, he set the young wizard on a dark path that he could never leave. Dumbledore knew that if Snape took his place, he would save Dracos soul.

He Could Modify Others’ Memories

Voldemort has two major magical powers that help him control other people. These are Occlumency and Legilimency.

Occlumency is the ability to shield ones own mind, while Legilimency refers to the ability to penetrate the minds of others.

Snape said that Voldemort could not only read minds, but that he could also control them. This means that, if he wished to, he could unhinge the minds of others.

He did this to Harry Potter in the movies when he placed realistic visions in Harry’s mind to try to lure him to find his prophecy.

Very few people are strong enough in Occlumency to shield their minds from Voldemort – Snape is one of the only wizards who is able to do this.

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Flashback To October 1981

Towards the end of the Second Wizarding War in 1980, seer Sybill Trewlaney and Albus Dumbledore met at the Hogs Head for an interview. Trewlaney applied for the position of the Divination professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but Dumbledore was disappointed by the interview and was about to reject her application. However, as he was about to leave, Trewlaney entered a trance and provided him with a real prophecy:

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives

She predicted that a boy that had the power to defeat Voldemort was born towards the end of July 1980 to parents who have defied Voldemort in three occasions. This boy would have a power Voldemort could not understand or ever have for himself. And if more than one person fulfilled these requirements, Voldemorts decision on who it was would ultimately determine who this Chosen One is. Voldemort chose Harry because both of them were half-blood while Neville was a pureblood.

A Handsome Father And An Unfortunate Mother

How Did Dumbledore Know HOW Harry Survived Voldemort? – Harry Potter Theory

The man who would become Voldemort came from two vastly different lineages. His father was a patrician heir, born to the wealthy Riddle family of Little Hangleton. An only son, Tom Sr. was, according to his neighbors, quite the snob. He and his parents were accordingly disliked, but that didn’t seem to matter much in the grand scheme of things: they were blue-blooded landowners, and he was widely known as handsome. His tall, dark looks had already netted him a paramour, described only as a young woman named Cecilia, when Voldemort’s mother became besotted with him.

Merope Gaunt, in contrast to the man she had fallen for and the son she would go on to bear, was deeply unattractive. The result of generations of inbreeding, she was a neglected wretch with a lazy eye, a “plain, pale, rather heavy face,” and a cringing, defeated demeanor. Merope had likely lived her entire life under the thumb of her father and brother, slave to the former’s ideals of blood purity and target of the latter’s cruelties. It’s no wonder that she found herself attracted to the beautiful young man who rode past their cottage but the lengths to which she went to put him under her literal spell were shocking. After Tom Sr. emerged from the mind-controlling haze Merope had cast, she fled, gave birth to Tom Riddle Jr., and prayed that he’d look like his father before she passed away.

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