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Where To Buy Harry Potter Merchandise In The Philippines

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Top 3 Lego Harry Potter Sets

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Outside of the castle itself, few locations say Harry Potter more than the Hogwarts Express. Its downright iconic, and this kit does an amazing job shrinking that train down into brick form.

Containing more than a few nods to the series , this is one of Legos cooler adaptations. Thats because youre not just getting the steam engine itself a miniature Platform 9¾ can be found here as well, including the magic wall you run through to reach the train. When combined with minifigures for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Lupin, a Dementor, and the Trolley Witch, this set is packed with nostalgia.

Reasons to avoid

The best Harry Potter merchandise can be pricey, and the Lego range is no different. With that in mind, this kit is well worth a look despite being very cheap, it still manages to embody the magic of the series with a clever, transforming build.

Thats because there are two scenes at play here while one depicts the boy wizards Charms classroom , it can also fold up into a Charms book featuring the Hogwarts school crest.

Reasons to avoid

OK, so its expensive. Very expensive. But if you want the best Harry Potter merch, it doesnt get much better than this. Recreating Hogwarts School in all its glory, its an enormous set with more than 6,000 pieces and 27 micro-figures.

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Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven

This gorgeous special-edition Dutch oven is finished in Cerise red with a lightning bolt knob in reference to Harry Potters iconic forehead scar. Whimsical embellishments aside, the beloved Le Creuset piece boasts the same exceptional heat retention and distribution for which its famous. Featuring easy-to-clean porcelain enamel and a tight-fitting lid, the roomy dish is perfect for slow-cooking and braising to baking and frying. The cast iron piece also comes in Le Creusets Marseille blue, fitted with a Golden Snitch knob and embossed with three Quidditch goal rings.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Channel Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen with this best-selling cookbook. It has 150 recipes ranging from meals to snacks to desserts that are all easy to make. Best of all, theyre straight from the books, including Harrys favorite dessert, Treacle Tart Kreachers French Onion Soup Pumpkin Pasties from the Hogwarts Express cart and Mrs. Weasleys Mollys Meat Pies.

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Yule Ball Dress Ornaments

While you might not be able to afford Hermiones $375 replica Yule Ball Gown, Gladrags sells these ADORABLE minature yule ball dress ornaments! You can find the trios outfits as well as the Fleur and Krums dashing outfits! They would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree. I honestly could write a whole post about all the different Christmas ornaments you can buy here, but these miniature outfits are by far the most unique and memorable.

Cost: $21.95

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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean

Official Harry Potter Merchandise Store Museum Context ...

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans are one, if not the most, iconic candy from the Harry Potter books and films. The Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans you can in Honeydukes are an absolute replica of the ones in the movies. They are packaged up in this darling, vintage inspired striped box. The flavours included are everything from Tutti-Frutti, to cherry, earwax, black pepper, and even sausage! Theyre really good fun to eat with friends and see everyones reaction. You can buy either the paper box or a fancier tin version. While the tin container is no doubt more sturdy, the paper box feels more like the original and you get the same amount of candy in both

Cost: Paper box $12 | Tin box $19

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Tips For Saving Money At Hogsmeade

The most important thing you need to know about shopping inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is that the stores are small in every sense of the word the purpose of their intimate size is to reflect their boutique nature and stay true to the stories youve read. While this sounds great on paper, were sorry to say that it can be extremely uncomfortable in practice, particularly for guests requiring special assistance. It literally takes no more than a dozen people to fill up any one of these shops, and with thousands of Potter fans visiting the area each day well, you can do the math. Thats why, if browsing through the merchandise inside Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley is something youre greatly looking forward to, its absolutely essential that you read our guide to make your trip to the Wizarding World a success.

Le Creusets Harry Potter Collection Brings Magic To The Kitchen

All products and services featured by Variety are independently selected by Variety editors. However, Variety may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Just when you think Le Creuset cant become any more magical, the premium French cookware company comes out with an enchanting Harry Potter-themed collection just in time for the holidays.

More from Variety

The 10-piece capsule, which came out this week and includes a special version of Le Creusets signature Dutch Oven, brings a whimsical twist to each of the enamel pieces with references to the films beloved characters and Hogwarts houses. From a Spellcasting Spatula Set to a Deathly Hallows Spoon Set, theres something for every type of chef and Potterhead imaginable .

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The experience of cooking and sharing a memorable meal with loved ones is pure magic, Le Creuset chairman Paul van Zuydam said in a statement. Chefs and Harry Potter fans alike will now be able to express their inner creativity as they transform humble ingredients into spectacular dishes.

Given Le Creusets popularity, the pieces are likely to sell out fast. Shop the best pieces below before they go.

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Facts About Harry Potter

Fanfiction is only a little portion of Wattpads content, as more stories are inclined to be original works. Some might not enjoy the new Harry, but the entire shift in tone increases the intensity. Of course Harry Potter is overpriced but theres a discount from shops that are not at the airport. Harry Potter Legos are a few of the most well-known sets made.

Michael Jackson wigs are an ideal style for Snapes hair. If youve got lighter hair, you can obtain an inexpensive short black wig. Theres no official Snape wig, but thats not an issue. Alternately, you can take a look at the many Harry Potter costumes that Amazon offers, and just buy one which suits your budget. Theres a gorgeously made replica robe thats a one-size-fits-most. Your Harry Potter robe is currently finished.

The merchandise is of high quality! Then you visit the store at which you can decide if you wish to buy any of the photos that the photographer took. So if you simply need to have a look at the shop, just go with the major entrance.

Quick Tips For Universal Orlando In General


Universal Orlando is a big, busy place, so your Harry Potter keepsakes shopping will go much more smoothly if you follow a couple of helpful tips.

Consider staying at an on-site hotel

Not only will you save money on parking, and time driving, but Universal Orlando hotels have great perks like shuttles and early access.

On our last trip, we chose to hire a car in Orlando, and parked in the Universal parking lot, but plan is to save some time and hassle and stay in a Universal hotel on our next visit.

Get a two day Park to Park Pass

if you want to access all of the shows, rides, restaurants, and attractions at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter youll need to visit both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is split between the two Universal Florida parks . Hogsmeade is in Universal Islands of Adventure, and Diagon Alley is in Universal Studios. Both Hogsmeade and Diagon Ally have unique shops, rides and experiences, so youll want to go to both. Youll also need a Park to Park pass to ride the Hogwarts Express!

You could visit both parks in one day, but youd miss a lot, and youd definitely be exhausted! On our last trip, we spent two days almost exclusively checking out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and we still didnt see and do everything in both areas!

Looking for some more help? Check out our Universal Orlando tips.

If youre booking a flight down to Orlando, be sure to do a quick comparison to make sure youre getting the best deal.

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Our Picks For The Best Souvenirs In Hogsmeade

With so many choices available to shoppers in Hogsmeade, it can be tough to know where to start so weve compiled a short list of our top picks for souvenirs and gifts, based on novelty, collectability, and value.

  • Chocolate Frogs each delectable chocolate frog comes with a collectors card of a famous wizard or witch. $11
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans each box contains an assortment of 20 unique flavors , including banana, blueberry, grass, watermelon, lemon drop, earwax, and soap. $12
  • Authentic house scarves whether you are for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, show your Hogwarts house spirit while keeping warm and looking fashionable. $40
  • Postcard with Hogsmeade postmark purchase a few postcards and have them postmarked from Hogsmeade for free at the Owl Post. A book of 10 postcards is $13.
  • take home your own Marauders Map, complete with detailed footprint of Hogwarts Castle. $50

Where To Buy Harry Potter Souvenirs At Universal Orlando

There are plenty of stores in where you can pick up Harry Potter World merchandise at Universal Orlando. Some are incredibly specialized others carry a wide range of goodies .

Heres a quick list of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stores.

  • Gringotts Money Exchange
  • Wand carts
  • Butterbeer carts

Its one thing to know where you can buy stuff, but what are the really good Harry Potter Souvenirs? Here are our top picks.

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Harry Potter Star Matthew Lewis Has Engraving From

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis has thanked fans after his wallet returned to him, days after putting out a plea on social media.

The actor, who played Neville Longbottom in the wizarding films, tweeted on Monday that his wallet had either been lost or stolen in east London.

Lewis tweeted on Friday confirming that the wallet, which contained a sentimental engraving from his wife, had been returned to him, adding that he had been humbled by the response from fans.

He wrote: Wow. You guys are cool. They humbled by the response. That got more pick up than any of my Brexit material.

And guess what I have? My wallet! I did not expect that to happen.

I owe you all a debt of gratitude and cant thank you all enough.

Youre amazing. That is a good day.

Lewis, who married Angela Jones in May last year, had said he did not care about the money, the cards and instead asked anyone who found it to post him a note from his wife engraved on a piece of metal.

Matthew Lewiss wallet was stolen or lost on Monday

MoreHe did not say whether the returned wallet contained his money or cards.

Leeds-born Lewis, 29, got engaged to event planner Jones in 2016, with a spokesman saying at the time that both were over the moon.

He played Neville in eight Harry Potter films and was named by author JK Rowling as one of the big seven cast members.

Harry Potter Souvenirs From Universal Studios Orlando That Are Worth The Money

Where to Find the Best Harry Potter Souvenirs (UK)

As a family of true Potterheads, were always on the search for the best Harry Potter souvenirs, and weve found our top picks at the stores in Universal Orlando.

Were pretty picky souvenir buyers. Well only buy souvenirs that we truly love, that we think are worth the money .

Universal Orlando is a fantastic place to shop for Harry Potter merchandise, because the park carries items you just cant find anywhere else, theres a fantastic selection, and the quality there tends to be better than online stores.

In this post, we mention stores at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando instead of Universal Hollywood, because, Universal Orlando is larger, and theres more selection. Even so, we saw most of these items at the smaller Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood, California, too.

Every time we visit Universal Orlando, we come home with something new and interesting. My personal favorites are usually snacks from Honeydukes, but the kids really love the wands from Universal.

If youre looking for some more help, check out our helpful article on Wizarding World of Harry Potter tips and hacks that can save you time, hassle and money!

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Ministry Of Magic Interdepartmental Paper Aeroplane Memos

If you remember from the films, the scenes inside the Ministry of Magic, you might remember the office workers writing memos on pieces of paper. The papers would then magically fold up into paper airplanes and whiz about the office landing on the desk of that to which it was intended. You can now send your very own Ministry of Magic memos, although perhaps without the magically flying abilities. Inside this gorgeously packaged folder are 15 memo sheets, with golden Ministry of Magic seals. There are instructions on how to fold them into paper airplanes and even just one of the 15 included in the pack makes for a beautiful piece of decor on a shelf! So theyre great to share with friends.

Cost: $24 for 15 memos and seals

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The Harry Potter Flagship Store In New York Is Now Open

Wizards and witches may have Diagon Alley, but we now have Harry Potter New York a new, three-storey retail experience that houses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. From photo opportunities to upcoming virtual reality experiences, heres just a peek at what to expect.

Located at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic landmark, the Flatiron building, Harry Potter New York is so much more than a normal shopping experience, offering 15 different themed areas, exclusive products and interactive elements, all celebrating different facets of the wizarding world.

Upon entering Harry Potter New York, visitors will be greeted with a huge, floating model of Fawkes the phoenix, created especially for this new store. Created by a team of specialist propmakers over a number of months, Fawkes weighs over 100kg and is just one of several meticulously detailed homages you can expect to see. In fact, the shop will be home to hundreds of Wizarding World props, with some authentic items featured in the films on display.

Due to the many glorious details showcased in the store, fans will find several photo opportunities to try out on each storey, from a Ministry of Magic London-style phone box to an extremely immersive setting where you get to pose inside one of Hagrids boots! Were sure youve never had that photo opportunity before.

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Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop


Add this adorable Dumbledores Patronus Funko Pop! to your Funko collection. The Funko comes in the shape of a phoenix, representing Professor Dumbledores Patronus, and is in an iridescent light blue shade. Dumbledore’s Patronus, a phoenix, was first revealed to us when he wanted to summon Hagrid after Viktor Krum was Stunned.

David Yoon Plays Around The Dark Side Of Tech In First Adult Novel Version Zero


Version Zero is a scorchingly observant thriller that follows the story of Max, a data whiz. Now, he and his friends are on a mission to reboot the internet and save everyone else from the real perils of the virtual world. In Fully Booked Chats with David Yoon, the author talked about what it was like to write his first adult novel. Read snippets of the interview here.

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