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What Are The Quidditch Teams In Harry Potter

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The Irish National Quidditch Team

UCLA Quidditch Team

The Irish national team triumphs in the Quidditch World Cup. Their Chasers, Troy, Mullet, and Moran, are much more skilled than the Bulgarian team’s: “they as a seamless team, their movements so well coordinated that they to be reading each other’s minds” . They score over and over again. And their Keeper, Ryan, mostly prevents the Bulgarian team from scoring. The Irish Seeker, Aidan Lynch, is another story. We’re sure he’s a perfectly fine Seeker, but he’s nothing compared to Viktor Krum. And he also manages to plow into the ground not just once but twice in pursuit of the Snitch. By the end of the match, he’s dazed and “his eyes looked strangely unfocused” . But the Irish team still wins, so we’re sure he doesn’t mind the concussion.

Bulgarian National Quidditch Team

Bulgarian National Quidditch TeamQuidditch teamBulgaria1994Quidditch World CupMuggle2002 Quidditch World Cup

The team was clad in robes of scarlet. The team normally rode black Cleansweep Elevens with two gold stripes and a golden crossbar, but rode new scarlet-coloured Firebolts during the final of the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, and Firebolt Supremes during the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. Their mascots for the 1994 and 2014 finals were Veela. One of the four champions for the 19941995 Triwizard Tournament was Viktor Krum, who was a seeker for this team.

The Match Visited By Dementors

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is facing off against the Hufflepuff team with Cedric Diggory as the Seeker. The game is initially going well and is actually a fair and normal match. Harry probably would have won but unfortunately, a horde of Dementors arrive on the field to search for Sirius Black.

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Having not learned the Patronus Charm at that time, Harry succumbs to the bleakness and dark gloom the Dementors bring with them. He falls off his broom and Cedric manages to catch the Snitch. To Cedric’s credit, he hadn’t realized what was happening until it was too late and he offered to have a rematch. But Gryffindor accepted the loss. Harry was sent to the Hospital Wing to recover.

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Harry’s Third Quidditch Match

Technically, this wasn’t one of Harry’s Quidditch matches because he was in the hospital wing at the time, but it’s still worth noting because it was one of the early games in the series and Harry was still the Seeker at the time.

His third Quidditch match was conducted while Harry was in the hospital wing, recovering from his face-to-face encounter with Voldemort. At the time, Voldemort was still living through Professor Quirrell. Harry survived but was still severely injured in the battle. Sadly, Gryffindor was slaughtered in the match and suffered their worst defeat in centuries without Harry present.

Harry’s First Quidditch Match


Harry’s first-ever Quidditch match proved very eventful and tense. For starters, Harry was facing off against Slytherin. While the intense inter-house rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin had yet to reach a fever pitch, it was still an intense match just because of that.

Then you factor in Professor Quirrell, who attempted to jinx Harry off his broomstick while he was soaring above the pitch, and you’ve got an intense game at hand. Harry came close to plummeting from a great height, luckily for him, Snape was trying to keep him safe with a counter-jinx. Ultimately, Harry catches the Snitch, by swallowing it. Still, a win is a win!

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Dementors Return To The Quidditch Pitch

During Harry’s Quidditch game against Cho Chang and the Ravenclaw house in book three, he is already distracted by his crush on Cho. Things become even more complicated when the Dementors return onto the pitch. Or do they? This time, Harry is prepared. He doesn’t even pause long enough to take into account what he’s looking at. He launches a Patronus and gets back to the game. Harry succeeds at catching the Snitch and winning.

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To make things even better, we learn that the “Dementors” were actually just Malfoy and his cronies trying to mess Harry up to keep him from winning. They get a pretty intense shock when they’re suddenly hit with a powerful charm and knocked over, and it was pretty pleasing to see McGonagall reigning down punishments on them.

Are There Real Quidditch Teams

The first Quidditch team was formed in Mexico in 2012, but around 2014 Quidditch hit Mexico city and teams started popping up everywhere. There are more than 200 people playing Quidditch in Mexico and seven different competitive teams, all representing different communities with the exception of one University team.

How many teams are in Quidditch? Quidditch- based on the Harry Potter books. Played by two teams consisting of seven players each, it is designed to mirror the book version of the game as much as possible.

Where are the Quidditch teams based?

The Quidditch teams of Britain and Ireland come from the Republic of Ireland and the four countries of the United Kingdom comprised of England, Scotland and Wales , and Northern Ireland.

How many teams are there in Hogwarts? Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was divided into four Houses: Gryffindor, founded by Godric Gryffindor Hufflepuff, founded by Helga Hufflepuff Ravenclaw, founded by Rowena Ravenclaw and Slytherin, founded by Salazar Slytherin.

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Is Quidditch A Real Sport

Quidditch is a sport of two teams of seven players each mounted on a broomstick, played on a hockey rink-sized pitch. The game is also sometimes referred to as muggle quidditch to distinguish it from the fictional game, which involves magical elements such as flying broomsticks and enchanted balls.

Draco Malfoy Made The Slytherin Team In His Second Year

Harry Potter fans alert: Meet Hong Kong’s real-life quidditch team

Like other children from Wizarding families, Draco began flying and playing Quidditch from an early age, honing his skills for years before arriving at Hogwarts at age eleven. He demonstrated his skills during his first year Flying lesson, though he only did so to bully Neville Longbottom.

One year later, Draco made it into Slytherin’s house team as their Seeker. Equipped with the new Nimbus 2001, he played against Harry. However, he lost because he was too busy insulting Harry to pay attention to the Snitch. Draco would continue to play for Slytherin until his sixth year.

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Harry Fred And George Get Themselves Banned From Quidditch

During Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Gryffindor team has a couple of new members. The most notable new addition is none other than Harry’s best friend, Ron Weasley. Ron becomes the Gryffindor’s new Keeper while Angelina takes over for Oliver Wood as the Captain. The first game of the season is against Slytherin and, as per usual, it gets particularly nasty on the field.

Harry does win the game for his team by catching the snitch but things quickly spiral out of control in the aftermath. Bitter and angry about losing, several Slytherins, including Malfoy, start saying terrible things about Ron, the Weasley family, and eventually Harry. The comments instigate a fight between Harry, Fred, George, and the Slytherins. Dolores Umbridge sees this and puts a lifetime ban on all three Gryffindors for their actions. The ban is lifted when she leaves but it removes Harry from Quidditch for the rest of the year. Ginny Weasley takes over for him.

Harry Wins The Quidditch Cup

Easily the best of Harry’s Quidditch matches in the game is the one that lets Gryffindor officially win the Quidditch Cup for the first time in centuries. Even better is that Harry gets to do it right in front of Malfoy.

The game is an intense one in the third book with Harry on his new Firebolt. But ultimately, despite all of Slytherin’s cheating tactics, Harry gets the Snitch and his entire team falls in on him to cover in him hugs before they take their celebrations back to the Gryffindor common room.

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Quidditch Teams Of Britain And Ireland

The Quidditch teams of Britain and Ireland come from the Republic of Ireland and the four countries of the United Kingdom comprised of England, Scotland and Wales , and Northern Ireland. The broom game of Quidditch, originating in England and written about in the eleventh century, is popular with Witches and Wizards around the world.

The British and Irish Quidditch League was formed in 1674 when it became difficult to keep the many teams and their matches hidden from the Muggles. The thirteen best teams formed the League and the others were asked to disband. The League teams compete annually for the League Cup.

Does The Us Have A Quidditch Team In Harry Potter

Top 10 Harry Potter Quidditch Players â Part 2

The American National Quidditch team was the national Quidditch team of the United States of America.

How many members are on a Quidditch team? Unlike the majority of large spectator sports, quidditch is more complex partly because it is rooted in magic. Teams may have only seven players on the field, or pitch, at a time: three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. All of the players wear headbands, and each color designates their position.

Why is Hermione not in Ravenclaw?

Originally Answered: Why wasnt Hermione in Ravenclaw? Hermione wasnt in Ravenclaw because she valued bravery over intelligence and curiosity. She says so herself many times. One of the first things she says to Ron and Harry is Do either of you know what house youll be in?

What are the 5 Hogwarts houses? The Hogwarts House system plays a central role in the character and main arc development. In this school, incoming students are classified into distinctive Houses .

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Fred And George Weasley

Great Beaters, bad tempers. The pair couldnt keep their cheeky antics from getting in the way of their performance on the pitch from time to time. One example of this was when Fred fouled the Slytherin captain, Marcus Flint, after he had fouled Angelina. Why lower Gryffindor to Slytherins dirty tactics?

Of course this all came to a head when they were banned at the same moment as Harry for attacking Draco, Crabbe and Goyle, and they never played Quidditch for Gryffindor again after leaving the school in a blaze of glory.

Sorry! said Flint, as the crowd below booed. Sorry, didnt see her!

Next moment, Fred Weasley had chucked his Beaters club at the back of Flints head. Flints nose smashed into the handle of his broom and began to bleed.

That will do! shrieked Madam Hooch, zooming between them. Penalty to Gryffindor for an unprovoked attack on their Chaser! Penalty to Slytherin for deliberate damage to their Chaser! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How Many League Quidditch Teams Are There In Britain

In the Harry Potter books, how many Quidditch teams are there in Britain ?

  • 1Just some extra information there are now a large collection of real quidditch teams globally playing the muggle version of the game. In the uk right now there are ten of these such teams including the “ULU you know who’s” who play weekly in Regents park, London. If your interested in starting a team check out the IQA website and keep an eye out for the IQA England V America muggle quidditch expo game this summer in England. user5155

According to Quidditch Through the Ages:

“While amateur games are permitted as long as the appropriate guidelines are followed, professional Quidditch teams have been limited in number since 1674 when the League was established. At that time, the thirteen best Quidditch teams in Britain were selected to join the League and all others were asked to disband. The thirteen teams continue to compete each year for the League cup.Quidditch Through the Ages – pages 31-32 – US Edition

The thirteen British Quidditch teams are:

  • Appleby Arrows
  • Pride of Portree
  • Puddlemere United
  • Wigtown Wanderers
  • Wimbourne Wasps

So there are thirteen professional Quidditch teams in Potterverse. As “Britain” refers to the United Kingdom, which includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, I’m guessing technically the Kenmare Kestrels perhaps should not be counted as a British team, as they are Irish . That would technically make twelve British teams.

But JKR says there are thirteen!

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Harry Versus The Rogue Bludger Match

One of the best matches in the book series is in the second book because of its intensity. This match is Harry’s first match against Slytherin on their brand new fancy broomsticks with Malfoy as the Seeker. Their rivalry is at an intense level and the game is definitely a nail-biter.

To make matters even more difficult, Harry is being tracked by a rogue bludger magically enhanced by Dobby the house-elf. Harry is unable to avoid the bludger for long and gets hit with it, yet he still manages to catch the Snitch! That’s true sportsmanship.

Some Interesting Data About Your Favourite Quidditch Teams

How To Play Muggle Quidditch

When you sign up to the Harry Potter Fan Club, one of the fun things you can do is pick your Favourites: AKA your top things about the wizarding world, from favourite characters to favourite Quidditch teams. You can learn more about Favourites here if you havent chosen yours yet!

With the upcoming release of Quidditch Through the Ages Illustrated Edition coming soon weve been looking into some of your favourite Quidditch teams, all of which are beautifully illustrated in the new book.

First, a quick reminder: in the wizarding world, there is a British and Irish Quidditch League, with teams up and down the country representing select villages, towns and cities. Think of it like the wizarding worlds equivalent of the football league. As you can see from Emily Gravetts illustration above each team comes with its own history, colours and crest, and you can pick some of these to be your favourite team on your profile here. So, which team resonated with our fans the most? Take a look.

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Which Professional Quidditch Team Does Harry Support

Harry’s Quidditch team is never mentioned in the books. All we know is that it is not Puddlemere United, from this quote:

He handed her back the single sock he was supposed to be identifying, which was patterned with golden bulrushes.

“And that’s not mine. I don’t support Puddlemere United.”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 6, The Ghoul in Pajamas

Does he also support Chudley Cannons because Ron supports it? Ron also gifts him a book called “Flying with the Cannons”. But it is implied that Chudley Cannons are not a very good team, finishing at the bottom of the table every year.

“…death is coming for me as surely as the Chudley Cannons will finish bottom of this year’s league.” Albus Dumbledore

Was Harry still supporting the Cannons due to loyalty to his friend? Given that he is an excellent player himself, one would assume he would have other favourites. Is there any canon information on this?

  • 13Well, if you mean while at school, it probably was the Cannons via proxy due to Ron. Later in life I would presume he supported the Harpies…. if only for the reason of not wanting to sleep on the couch.Aug 19, 2017 at 18:22
  • 14 ObsidiaAug 19, 2017 at 19:04
  • Ha ha yes. And thanks for that detailed answer! You have quoted enough instances to show that he did, until he probably changed allegiance to Holyhead Harpies, or found another team he liked due to all the free time post-Voldemort.

His favorite Quidditch team is almost certainly not the Tutshill Tornados.

Evolution Of The Game

The sport of Quidditch got its name from Queerditch Marsh, the location of the first ever recorded game. A witch by the name of Gertie Keddle lived on the edge of the marsh around the year 1050 and recorded what she saw in a diary that survives to this day. Successive entries in her journal show the evolution of the game and how each element was introduced.

Koldovstoretz Quidditch players flying on uprooted trees

Her first note simply recorded her annoyance at a number of people playing a game with a ball whilst flying their broomsticks above the marsh. When the ball landed in her cabbage patch, she confiscated it and then hexed the man who asked for it.

A second entry showed that the players did not give up, but had made themselves a new ball and were then trying to score goals by throwing it through trees at the end of the marsh. This was the earliest incarnation of the Quaffle and the scoring hoops.

The third entry noted the introduction of flying rocks that had been bewitched to knock the players off their broomsticks, which were the forerunners of the Bludgers. She also mentioned the presence of a “big Scottish warlock” who may have been a Creaothceann player, which would show a clear link between the two sports.

The one missing element was the Golden Snitch.

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Fred And George Weasley Were The Definition Of Double Trouble In The Air

Just like their older brother Charlie, the Weasley twins were highly talented flyers who joined their house team early in their Hogwarts careers. Nicknamed ‘human Bludgers’ for their accuracy in the air, Fred and George were Gryffindor’s Beaters for five years before leaving Hogwarts without graduating.

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In 1994, they also attended the Quidditch World Cup and showed their support for the Irish team, the favorites of the season. Their knowledge of international Quidditch teams led them to make the correct bet that Viktor Krum would catch the Snitch, but Ireland would still win.

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