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Who Played Severus Snape In Harry Potter

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Differences From The Book

Alan Rickman Talks “Severus Snape” In ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2″

Prisoner of Azkaban was, at the time of publication, the series’ longest book. The increasing plot complexity necessitated a looser adaptation of the book’s finer plot lines and back-story. The connection between Harry’s parents and the Marauder’s Map is only briefly mentioned, as is Remus Lupin‘s association to the map. Additionally, it was never mentioned who the Marauders were or who the nicknames Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs referred to. Some exposition was removed for dramatic effect: both the Shrieking Shack and Scabbers the rat are mentioned only very briefly in the film, while they receive a more thorough coverage in the novel. Most of Sirius Black‘s back story is also cut, with no mention of how he escaped from Azkaban.

On account of pace and time considerations, the film glosses over detailed descriptions of magical education. Only one Hippogriff, Buckbeak, is seen, and only Malfoy and Harry are seen interacting with the Hippogriff during Care of Magical Creatures lessons, and most other lessons, including all of Snape‘s Potions classes, were cut from the film. The Fidelius Charm’s complicated description is removed entirely from the film, with no explanation given of exactly how Sirius is supposed to have betrayed the Potters to Lord Voldemort. Many of this scene’s lines are redistributed amongst Cornelius Fudge and Minerva McGonagall in compensation, McGonagall’s exposition of the Animagus transformation is instead given by Snape.

Touching Anecdote Revealed By Kate Winslet Has Resurfaced

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of Alan Rickmans death.

The actor died of pancreatic cancer in 2016 at the age of 69, and having only revealed to close friends that he was terminally ill.

As fans remember the beloved star of the Harry Potter films,Die Hardand Love Actually,a touching story about Rickmans kindness has resurfaced.

The anecdote was originally shared by Kate Winslet, who starred with Rickman in 1995s Sense and Sensibility.

He was always a great big softy, she said. If there was one word I could use to really describe Al, it would be kind. He was so kind. At Als memorial, Juliet Stevenson told the story of how whenever Al would go out to supper and anyone else would try and pay, he would somehow have phoned ahead or slipped his credit card ahead of the meal so no one even got a look at the check.

Rickman Almost Called It Quits On Harry Potter

Rickman portrayed Professor Severus Snape across all eight moviesin the Harry Potter franchise. But after appearing as Snape in HarryPotter and the Chamber of Secrets, Rickman had doubts about his charactersfuture.

At the time, Rowling had only published the first four books in the series and nobody knew that Snape was much more than an antagonist for Harry , Ron , and Hermione .

Believing his character was nothing more than an unchanging costume, Rickman admitted that he needed some persuading to keep playing Snape. During an interview with Empire, Rickman revealed that Rowling gave him a small clue about Snapes future that convinced him there was more to the character than meets the eye.

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Three children have become adults since a phone call with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume, and that even though only three of the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive but delicate narrative in the surest of hands. It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thanks for all of it, Jo, Rickman shared.

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Snape Wasn’t The Only One With Selfish Motives

Reddit user dreamersmusings takes issue with fans who criticize Snape for helping Harry purely because of his unrequited feelings for Lily, and his need for atonement. The user reminds everyone that Snape wasn’t the only one with ulterior motives. After all, Harry himself fought the Dark Lord “primarily because Voldemort was a threat to him personally and because he killed his parents.”

It is true that the entire foundation for Harry’s conflict with Voldemort was rooted in his own tragic past. But as the millions of Potterheads would agree, Harry was inherently good and wanted to save his friends as he became more and more drawn into the fight. Of course, Snape had made one of the biggest sacrifices one could make in the final part, but a lot of fans feel that his actions were driven by his love for Lily Potter until the very last.

How Snape Is Seen Depends On Readership

Alan Rickman dead: Professor Snape from

In an interesting and rather unusual take, nuthins_goodman points out that how Snape is interpreted as a character depends on the readers. For the generation that grew up with the books, Snape had a different connotation altogether and those who read the books today see him in a different light with changing times. Moreover, the user feels that “Most of the time, the people are not discussing the character as it was in the books, but a caricature thereof…”

The main reason this perspective is unpopular is that it hasn’t really been entertained before. However, changing times and discourses on characters throws light on them in different ways–that is true of all literary characters, not just Severus Snape.

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Harry Potter: Alan Rickman Feared Being Typecast For Playing Severus Snape

Harry Potter alum Alan Rickman who played the beloved character, Severus Snape, in the iconic franchise once feared being typecast for the rest of his career for playing the character.

This was revealed by Chris Columbus who directed Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone while appearing in an interview with AV Club.

The Etymology Of His Name Is Fitting

Most of the characters in Harry Potter have meanings behind their names that complement their characters personalities, and Snapes name certainly suits him. The name Severus, as you might guess, roughly translates to stern or harsh in Latin, while Snape means to disgrace, if you look at the old Norse term sneypa.

J.K. Rowling has said that she took Snapes name from an English village in Suffolk.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Snape demonstrates his expertise with potions by brewing the complex Wolfsbane potion for the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Remus Lupin. Throughout the third book, Snape suspects that Lupin may be helping Harry’s godfather Sirius Black enter Hogwarts castle Sirius had been convicted of murdering Peter Pettigrew and innocent bystanders, and betraying the Potter family’s hiding place to Voldemort. This suspicion stems from Lupin’s friendship with Sirius and Harry’s father, James, while they were all at Hogwarts as students. Near the climax of the book, Snape attempts to apprehend Sirius, but Sirius escapes with Harry’s aid. Snape informs Dumbledore of this circumstance, and when Harry and Lupin are not punished, Snape retaliates by revealing to the entire school that Lupin is a werewolf, forcing the latter to resign his post.

Prisoner of Azkaban reveals more details about the connection between Snape and James. While in school together, Sirius once tricked Snape into almost entering the Shrieking Shack while Lupin was there, transformed into a werewolf. James realised the danger and stopped Snape, saving his life this is the incident Dumbledore referred to at the end of the first book. Snape, however, believes James’ actions were self-serving, to avoid being expelled.

The Incredible Love Snape Has For Lily

Severus Snape Actor, Alan Rickman, Dies Aged 69

The first time Harry Potter meets Severus Snape, the potions teacher asks him a rather complex question: “Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” There is more to the question than meets the eye. Fans have discovered that in the Victorian language of flowers, asphodel is a type of lily that means “my regrets follow you to the grave,” and wormwood is a root that symbolizes absence, bitterness, and grief. Snape’s first words spoken to Harry essentially translate to “I bitterly regret Lily’s death.”

From our first introduction to Snape, Lily is on his mind. This love is what pushes him towards heroism even though it is unrequited. Snape loves Lily so deeply, he devotes his life to protecting her son, who bears a striking resemblance to the man who bullied him as a student. As Snape grew up in an abusive household, his only escape was his relationship with Lily she essentially teaches him what it means to be loved. This is the keystone of the man he becomes. Though he strays from goodness, he finds his way back in the end, guided by the North Star that is his love for Lily. It’s the “best of him,” as Dumbledore says, and the reason he is one of the series’ most memorable heroes.

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His Loyalty To Dumbledore Is Absolute

Snape is a double agent for the ages. Rowling loves to play with this fact, leaving readers in the dark as to his true intentions through most of the series. Once the whole picture comes into focus, though, it is obvious that Snape’s loyalties lie with Dumbledore. This isn’t apparent until the final chapter comes to a close, but that final chapter leaves nothing in doubt: Snape manages to fool everyone around him, using their uncertainty as his strength. His only confidant in the whole ordeal is Dumbledore, the only person who knows his true intentions and with whom he can speak freely.

Snape’s reward for being loyal to Dumbledore is yet more suffering. But he continues down that path regardless, knowing it is the right way. Consider, for a moment, the enormity of Snape’s loyalty: After Lily dies, he is forced to return to Voldemort and pledge allegiance to the man who killed her. Eventually, Dumbledore asks Snape to kill him, which will condemn him in the eyes of many. Snape remains true. His loyalty even extends beyond the grave: Snape’s final actions are to enlighten Harry as to his Horcrux nature, per Dumbledore’s request. He does so with his dying breath.

He Tried To Save Lily

This one is a bit of a moot point but could still count. When Snape learned about the prophecy and realized what it meant for Lily, the woman he never stopped loving, he tried to persuade Voldemort to spare Lily’s life, but he failed.

On the other hand, Snape wasn’t so keen on begging Voldemort to spare James or Harry. Either way, his effort to save Lily failed.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Alan Rickman During The Harry Potter Shoot

The late Alan Rickman left a lasting impression playing Professor Snape in Harry Potter. Here are some facts about him while on set.

The popular series Harry Potter is filled of interesting behind-the-scenes stories and one of the most intriguing characters is Severus Snape.

Alan Rickman received high recognition from every actor he worked with throughout his career, for his commitment to the roles he played and his kindness to his colleagues and friends. Rickman did important work in films such as Die Hard, Love Actually and Sense and Sensibility, but the most remembered is for Severus Snape’s role in Harry Potter.

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The famous actor of theater and cinema worked as a graphic designer before applying for a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after graduating, his career was only on the rise. Sadly, Alan Rickman died in 2016 of pancreatic cancer, but he left a priceless legacy and unforgettable memories for all those who knew him.

Severus Snape: Who Is Who In Harry Potter

Alan Rickman

19 June, 2020

Severus Snape is one of the most intriguing characters in the Harry Potter saga. Rowling fooled us all, making us believe that Snape was a real villain and that all he wanted was for Harry to suffer. However, she had a huge secret prepared that change everything. Alan Rickman, the actor who brought the character to life, was the only one privileged to know the truth about the Potions professor.

We all shed a few tears when we discovered that, after all this time, Snape still loved Harrys mother Lily and that, in fact, everything he had done was to ensure the young mans safety. That part of the story where we finally understand everything Snape has done, and where we realize why Dumbledore had protected him so much, has become one of the most applauded by fans of the saga.

Snape has carved out a place for himself among the most remembered and loved characters in the saga. But those words and that moving scene hide something else, something much deeper that Rowling has let us catch a glimpse of throughout her seven books. Are some of the characters real heroes? Is there such a thing as pure goodness?

Snape works a bit like Dumbledores antithesis. For a long time, we thought that, without a doubt, Dumbledore was the good guy and Snape was the bad guy. However, the roles of good and evil seem to blur over time. Thus, were faced with the question: Who really is who in Harry Potter?

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Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Snape first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, shortly after Harry arrives at Hogwarts. He is the school’s Potions Master, though he is widely rumoured to covet the Defence Against the Dark Arts post. Snape himself confirms the rumour in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Snape is a sinister and malicious teacher who makes frequent snide and disparaging remarks at Harry’s expense. He quickly becomes the primary antagonist of the book, as Harry suspects him of plotting to steal the Philosopher’s Stone, and of attempting to kill him. Only the climax of the book reveals that Professor Quirrell, in league with Lord Voldemort, is the real enemy Snape, suspicious of Quirrell, had been looking out for Harry throughout the book. In the final chapter, Dumbledore suggests that because Harry’s father James had saved Snape’s life when they were both students, even though the two detested each other, Snape felt responsible for Harry in return. As the final book reveals, this is not the full story. In any case, even after Quirrell’s true role is revealed, Harry retains feelings of suspicion and resentment towards Snape, and their relationship remains tense. Snape’s behaviour and attitude towards Harry also remain unchanged.

Snape Is The Most Human Character In The Entire Series

The Harry Potter franchise is a fantasy series, but its magic isn’t what makes us fall in love with the wizarding world. Expelliarmus charms and enchanted goblets are delightful to watch, but what keeps us coming back are the characters. These people have deep, rich layers, allowing them to live forever in our hearts. The majority of Harry Potter characters tend to fall into one of two categories, however: good or evil. Snape complicates this, and as such, stands out.

Snape is perhaps the most human character in the series. Humanity is a complicated beast: Right and wrong are rarely painted starkly. Snape’s path through the wizarding world is a touching story about wrestling with that sort of murkiness. His life is filled with heartbreak, betrayal, pain, love, and death. His virtue is tested on a far greater scale than almost anyone else in Harry Potter. Most other characters in the series have a clear path towards their destiny, but Snape’s is winding and shadowy. That’s much closer to the actual human experience, and that’s why fans love him.

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Snape Didn’t Deserve Forgiveness

Reddit user, qthy, feels that there were several reasons Severus Snape on Harry Potter didn’t deserve redemption, one of them being that he was responsible for the tragedies in Harry’s life. “He single handedly got his father MURDERED,” rants the user.

For those who consider the ultimate twist in Snape’s tale to be enough reason to forgive him, this is unpopular indeed. For the bulk of the fandom, Snape was brave and heroic and showed great strength of character, acting as a double agent and risking his life every day for a boy he loathed but whose mother he had loved. For these fans, Snape was complicated but long forgiven.

Severus Snape In Harry Potter

Alan Rickman’s most memorable characters

The Snape that we get to know in the saga shows himself as a dark, cold, and frustrated man professionally, and probably also personally. Snape is pedantic, arrogant, and lacks empathy. He seems to somewhat favor the students of the house of Slytherin, of which he is the head.

He harshly punishes know-it-alls like Hermione and those he considers to be stupid or unintelligent. But he saves most of his venom for Harry, whom he punishes especially harshly. Snape takes out all his past frustration on Harry, whom he sees as a reflection of his father and, consequently, as an enemy and rival.

All his actions lead us to believe that hes on the side of Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Our suspicions are confirmed when we discover that Severus Snape is indeed one of them, and that he even murdered the person who had always trusted him: Albus Dumbledore. Behind all this darkness, however, lies a man whos suffered, and whos a victim of his own past.

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