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What Is Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

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Why You Should Absolutely Read The Illustrated Harry Potter Books With Your Kids:

Harry Potter Illustrated Edition l Flip Through

The Harry Potter illustrated version offered countless places to pause and slow down to gaze at gorgeous illustrations. Every single page has subtle visual texture to it in the form of splatters, ages spots, and pretend rips. Then there are the breathtaking figure studies and double-page spreads sprinkled throughout the remainder.

If you want a sneak peek at even more details of the illustrations, you can see many pages in the customer photos here but I purposely avoided sharing the best ones because I think it is better to be surprised during your read-through of the book. The portrait of Harry himself is one of my very favorites and really captured just how sweet and young he is at the start of the series.

It took the Peanut and I about a month to finish our read-aloud session together since we broke it down so slowly. We had to wait for pockets of time where Little Pea was preoccupied to avoid jealous and hurt feelings that she wasn’t allowed to share this special story time.

The Peanut did great and avoided all nightmares. She fell in love with Hogwarts just as I knew she would and has been begging me to read Chamber of Secrets with her. Thankfully, the illustrated version is just as good as the first!

But what surprised me most of all is that upon finishing the book, she begged to be able to read it again on her own. I’ve sat with that realization for a few weeks now and finally have my thoughts on how to read the Harry Potter series for the first time.

Reviews For Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone: Minalima Edition

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Jenna October 20, 2020

    My husband was skeptical when I told him that there would be yet another edition of HP. A shameless cash grab, he thought.

    It arrived today and after looking through it, he changed his tune. I bought this for my kids, but Im keeping it for myself now!

    The illustrations are gorgeous with a very different character than the other illustrated version. This is inmersive and interactive in a way that wraps me in nostalgia. When I read this its like Im 11 again and reading it for the first time.

    Cant wait to see the rest of the books in this format!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Audie October 20, 2020

    This book is just downright beautiful! So much so, I think I may keep it in the plastic wrapping! Sure, I already own HP 1 in print, audio, and ebook but this is so masterfully gorgeous that after going through the eBook verison, I immediately came to Amazon to pre-order the actual book! Perfect gift for the Harry Potter lovers in your life due to the feeling that it came right from the HP universe.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Audie October 20, 2020

    This book is just downright beautiful! So much so, I think I may keep it in the plastic wrapping! Sure, I already own HP 1 in print, audio, and ebook but this is so masterfully gorgeous that after going through the eBook verison, I immediately came to Amazon to pre-order the actual book! Perfect gift for the Harry Potter lovers in your life due to the feeling that it came right from the HP universe.

  • What Is The Difference Between Harry Potter Childrens Edition

    There is no difference in the story or text of the Harry Potter series for kids and adults. The difference lies in the font size. The font for the adult version is smaller than the kids version. The covers of the books are different for the adult and kids versions.

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    Reasons To Add Special Editions Of The Harry Potter Books To Your Collection

    Harry Potter illustrated books make great additions to Harry Potter book collections and amazing gifts for readers who love the series. I honestly never thought Id be that person who collected multiple copies of the same book, but I totally am.

    For many people, the Harry Potter series was the first time they ever really fell in love with reading. Harry Potter kept kids and adults alike intrigued and on the edge of their seats. People literally lined up outside of stores on release days to snag copies. Books were binge read like never before. So many people have deep, emotional ties to the series and love adding new editions of their old favorites to their home libraries.

    Harry Potter illustrated books are a fun, new, unique way for fans of the series to re-enjoy their love for the books. Reading the Harry Potter series, we paint pictures in our head of each character and each location. Illustrated editions give readers beautiful imagery to absorb and enjoy while re-reading a much loved, familiar story.

    Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone/harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer


    This is the start of the Harry Potter story where you meet Harry for the first time as he heads to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, set in 1991 but the film was released in 2001. You meet many of the main characters at Hogwarts, including the introduction of Lord Voldemort, Harrys arch nemesis, with the action revolving around the Philosophers Stone. That stone belonged to Nicholas Flamel, who you dont actually meet until Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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    Are The Illustrated Harry Potter Books The Same As The Originals

    When it comes to inner content, theyre the same! The beautifully illustrated versions of the famous Harry Potter series are complete books.

    There are no abridgments in these books, and they are written in full color with adjustable font margins. The glossy pages are well-made, as are the hardbound covers.

    When discussing the discrepancies between the Harry Potter childrens and adult editions, its also worth noting the variations between the British and American editions.

    The difference is in the language employed, not in the narrative. The spellings of British and American English differ, as we all know.

    The usage of the terms sorcerer and philosopher differs greatly between the American and British versions.

    There are full and unabridged versions, with some exceptions, such as the American edition containing certain translations into American language rather than asking youngsters to look at a footnote explaining words that are exclusively used in the United Kingdom.

    The Harry Potter series is written for children. As the original Harry Potter generation got older, however, the manner they were originally released as soon as they were completed resulted in their becoming darker and more serious. The novels were released a few years apart, and the readers grew older as the books did.

    What Reading Level Is Harry Potter

    The table below shows the Harry Potter reading level by books :

    Book Title
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone 5-6
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 5-6
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 5-6
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 5-6
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 5-7
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 6-8
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 6-7 980L

    In the rest of the article, we will talk a bit more about Harry Potter books, and the needed reading levels for them. Also, if you are wondering if your kid is old enough to read Harry Potter, you will surely find the answer in the article!

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    Order Of The Phoenix Illustrated Edition Release Date

    The illustrated Harry Potter books were on a yearly cycle until Goblet of Fire, which was published two years after Prisoner of Azkaban. The longer wait between the two books was no surprise, because the fourth book in Rowlings series is drastically longer than POA. A longer book means more illustrations are needed, and Kay simply needed more time.

    The fifth book is even longer than Goblet, so we expect the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Illustrated Edition release date will be no earlier than Fall 2021. The end-of-year release timetable for each of the Illustrated Editions published thus far has made it the perfect holiday gift. This means itll arrive around the same time Fantastic Beasts 3 hits theaters.

    Thats a long wait, but its absolutely understandable. Creating all of these gorgeous illustrations takes time, and since there will probably only be one set of Illustrated Editions ever created, we understand Kay needs lots of time to create a perfect set of books.

    With Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows only slightly shorter than Phoenix, we assume that the remaining two Illustrated Editions will be published in Fall 2023 and Fall 2025 respectively.

    Though thereve been many versions of the Harry Potter books published, this is the first time the series has been illustrated in such detail. The books are published in both the U.S. and U.K. under a joint partnership between Scholastic and Bloomsbury.

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    Harry Potter ILLUSTRATED EDITION Flip Through | Goblet of Fire Illustrated by Jim Kay

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    Harry Potter Books Age Range

    The appearance of a serial killer is one of the more mature subjects. Unlike past murders in the series, this serial murderer has no ties to several of his victims.

    He murders for no reason and on a massive scale. Rowling addresses these ideas in an easy-to-understand manner, and most younger readers are likely to skip over their significance without much consideration.

    The reading level expected for books 4 and 5 increases noticeably. The story gets more intertwined and complicated, and it is generally too difficult for children under the age of ten. These books are often longer and demand more concentration than many younger readers can muster.

    Book 6 maintains most of the same reading and comprehension standards as the previous two volumes.

    There are plot levels and turns to navigate that most children with strong listening abilities can tackle on their own without too much difficulty.

    We would recommend the sixth book for 11-year-olds rather than 10-year-olds if they wished to give it a try due to the complex topics that necessitate a degree of sophistication that many 10-year-olds lack.

    The trend of death returns, but with much greater frequency. Characters vital to the plot are killed, and there are some particularly horrific scenes of brutality that overshadow anything seen in the previous novels.

    Harry Potter books by recommended age:

    Every Harry Potter Movie

    A listing of every movie so far that takes place in the Wizarding World, in order of the year that they are supposed to take place.

    In the current world where pop culture is at its height popularity-wise, there are a handful of cinematic franchises that make up a huge chunk of the zeitgeist, with armies of loyal followers and an insane amount of conversation surrounding them. One of these franchises, alongside the likes of the MCU and Star Wars, is the fantastical British phenomenon, Harry Potter.

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    So far, there are ten cinematic films released from the franchise, which are based on the iconic book series with at the very least three more on the way. Considering the ongoing films are prequels, some may get confused or simply wonder about the in-universe chronology of these movies.

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    Harry Potter Home Decor

    There are so many fun ways to infuse your love of the Harry Potter world into your home. Pottery Barn has done Harry Potter collections in the past with everything from Harry Potter name brand blankets to mirrors to jewelry holders and everything in between. You truly could decorate entire rooms with the collection.

    Costume And Set Design

    The Illustrated Editions of the Harry Potter Series ...

    Production designer Stuart Craig returned for the sequel to design new elements previously not seen in the first film. He designed the Burrow based on Arthur Weasleys interest in Muggles, built vertically out of architectural salvage. Mr. Weasleys flying car was created from a 1962 Ford Anglia 105E. The Chamber of Secrets, measuring over 76 metres long and 36.5 metres wide, was the biggest set created for the saga. Dumbledores office, which houses the Sorting Hat and the Sword of Gryffindor, was also built for the film.

    Lindy Hemming was the costume designer for Chamber of Secrets. She retained many of the characters already established appearances, and chose to focus on the new characters introduced in the sequel. Gilderoy Lockharts wardrobe incorporated bright colours, in contrast with the dark, muted or sombre colours of the other characters. Branagh said, We wanted to create a hybrid between a period dandy and someone who looked as if they could fit into Hogwarts. Hemming also perfected Lucius Malfoys costume. One of the original concepts was for him to wear a pinstripe suit, but was changed to furs and a snake head cane in order to remark his aristocrat quality and to reflect a sense of the old.

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    Why It Might Be Tough For Some People To Still Love Harry Potter

    Whenever Im writing any Harry Potter related post , I always feel the need to approach with caution. The creator of arguably the most impactful literary series of all time has said some incredibly controversial and hateful things as of late. J.K. Rowling has made many problematic statements online. These statements have been primarily transphobic in nature. While the author still asserts her position her words have continued to hurt many across the globe.

    J.K. Rowlings rhetoric is disappointing, to say the absolute least. Id like to think everyone is entitled to their own opinionsbut this feels like a category outside of standard controversial opinions. Trans rights are human rights.

    Im not really here to argue one way or the other on this topic, Id more just like to acknowledge that Rowlings words are hurtful and dangerous. Rowlings statements, for me, have made it hard to continue to love Harry Potter. The Harry Potter series, for me, was always about human rights, love above everything, and good conquering evil. Rereading the series as an adult, I can absolutely note areas of discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping. But I also was able to still hold onto and love the higher level themes.

    Harry Potter Hbo Max Series

    In addition to Fantastic Beasts 3 there is reportedly another Harry Potter project in the works, instead of taking a theatrical route, this one if it actually pans out will be coming to HBO Max in the form of a television series. In January 2021, The Hollywood Reporter released a report stating that very early discussions were happening for a live-action series set within the Harry Potter universe, but there has been no word as to what the story will be about or even a confirmation from Warner Bros, who has denied that any Harry Potter TV show is currently in development at the studio or HBO Max

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    Best Illustrated Books Of Harry Porter Series

    The most popular Illustrated edition of the Harry Potter series is Jim Key books. Now J.K. Rowlings seven bestselling Harry Potter books are available in a stunning paperback boxed set. Here is the catalog of this novel

    • Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Bloomsbury And Scholastic Announce The Release Of Harry Potter: A Magical Year The Illustrations Of Jim Kay

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Illustrated Edition Unboxing

    Coming this October, fans can soon look forward to Harry Potter: A Magical Year, The Illustrations of Jim Kay: a celebration of the award-winning artists rich and imaginative interpretations of the wizarding world paired with memorable excerpts from the Harry Potter books.

    The visual content of the book is composed of a selection of iconic artwork from Bloomsburys four Illustrated Editions, complemented by unseen pencil sketches and preparatory studies from the Jim Kay art archive.

    Each day features a favourite anniversary or meaningful memory from the Harry Potter novels all delicately illustrated with scenic artwork along the way.

    Alongside Jim Kays most iconic illustrations are previously unseen pencil sketches and preparatory pieces, offering a unique and fascinating insight into the artists sketchbook.

    Jim Kay has so far illustrated four of the seven Harry Potter books in the series, with his most recent work in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire released back in 2019. The Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will follow in 2022. For now, fans can take a closer look at Jim Kays craftmanship, with A Magical Year celebrating pieces from his previous offerings alongside never-seen-before sketches.

    No detail has been spared here, with each page lovingly decorated with different wizarding world flashbacks, from the snowy towers of Hogwarts to the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley.

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