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Magical Beasts From Harry Potter

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Fantastic Beasts Failed To Recapture The Old Harry Potter Magic

Meet Buckbeak | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Azkaban

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the Fantastic Beasts franchise is its stubborn refusal to capture the magic of the earlier Harry Potter series.

The Harry Potter film franchise was a minor cinematic miracle. The films follow the central cast across their entire school life, with eight films from four directors released over the decade between 2001 and 2011. In a very real sense, the films invited the audience to watch Harry Potter , Ron Weasley , and Hermione Granger grow up in front of their eyes, a fantastical riff on the central premise of Richard Linklaters Boyhood.

The eight films evolve as they go, with four composers, six cinematographers, and five editors each allowing for shifts in style and tone from one adventure to the next. The films begin as relatively lighthearted family adventures and grow into more angsty apocalyptic young adult spectacle. Ralph Fiennes doesnt appear as the seriess antagonist Lord Voldemort until the climax of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth film in the series.

Since the end of the Harry Potter film franchise, author J.K. Rowling has explored various avenues of expanding the franchise. There have been theme park expansions, with Wizarding Worlds opening at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in and at Universal Studios Hollywood in . There have been stage plays, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launching at the Palace Theatre in .

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It Eventually Paved The Way For Fantastic Beasts

Heyman later stated he was impressed by Rowling’s work on the “Fantastic Beasts” screenplay and described the characters as “vivid” and the adventurous scenes as “thrilling.”

“And she says, so yeah, and I’d like to write the screenplay. And mixed feelings about that, because she’s a novelist, she’s never written a screenplay before. So when the screenplay arrived she handed it to me. And I read it. And as soon as I opened it, I felt relief. Because while it was very rough, it’s a first draft from a person who had written their first screenplay, the characters were so vivid. The scenes were thrilling. It’s a bit whimsical, a bit light, didn’t have the gravitas that one would have liked, that one associates with Potter. And then the second we hired David Yates, brought David Yates on, Steve Kloves and myself and Lionel and David. And then Jo did a second draft. And that draft was really dark. Really, really dark.”

“Fantastic Beasts” may not have achieved the success of “Harry Potter,” but it did exceptionally well at the box office, making over $814 million against its $180 million budget. The film’s sequel made significantly lesser at $653 million with critics often saying that the franchise failed to capture what made “Harry Potter” special. Instead of creating a new adventure with Newt Scamander at the center, the films have traversed along a different path, putting the rivalry between former lovers Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald at the forefront.

Flight Of The Thestrals

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Dumbledores Army reconvenes on the wooden bridge outside of Hogwarts after their respective escapes from Professor Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad. They all agree that they are accompanying Harry to the Department of Mysteries to save Sirius Black. Harry asks how they will get to London and Luna Lovegood chimes in, We fly, of course. The six Hogwarts students each ride a Thestral through the skies. What makes this feat especially remarkable is that only Harry and Luna could actually see the skeletal winged horses, since only those who have witnessed death can see Thestrals.

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Magical Creatures In Harry Potter

Magical creatures are an aspect of the fictional wizarding world contained in the Harry Potter series and connected media, all created by British author J. K. Rowling. Throughout the seven main books of the series, Harry and his friends encounter many of these creatures on their adventures in Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, or other locations throughout the Wizarding World. In addition, students learn to take care of creatures such as Hippogriffs and Unicorns in the Care of Magical Creatures class at Hogwarts. Rowling has also written Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a guide to the magical beasts found in the series, and based on the fictional textbook of the same name written by Newt Scamander and used by students at Hogwarts. Many of these creatures are derived primarily from Greek mythology and other folklore, namely British and Scandinavian folklore. Many of the legends surrounding these mythical creatures are also incorporated in the books. “Children … know that I didn’t invent unicorns, but I’ve had to explain frequently that I didn’t actually invent hippogriffs,” Rowling told Stephen Fry in an interview for BBC Radio 4. “When I do use a creature that I know is a mythological entity, I like to find out as much as I can about it. I might not use it, but to make it as consistent as I feel is good for my plot.”

Fantastic Beasts 4 Cast: Who’s Coming Back For Fantastic Beasts 4 And 5

Harry Potter: The 11 Most Powerful (And 10 Weakest) Magical Creatures ...

We’re about to head into some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, so don’t read on past the photo if you haven’t seen it.

Nothing has been confirmed about the cast of the fourth movie, but all the main characters survived the events of the third movie, so you can expect the following returns if the fourth movie happens:

Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore Mads Mikkelsen as Gellert Grindelwald Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein Callum Turner as Theseus Scamander Jessica Williams as Professor Eulalie “Lally” Hicks William Nadylam as Yusuf Kama Victoria Yeates as Bunty Broadacre

The future is less certain for Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebone. It was confirmed in the third movie that he is a Dumbledore, although he’s actually Aberforth’s son and not Albus’s brother.

However, it’s revealed he’s also slowly dying as a result of the Obscurus inside him and at the end of the movie, Aberforth takes him back home. We imagine he’ll die off-screen, but he might have a cameo in the next movie.

Katherine Waterston’s Tina Goldstein had a major role in the first two movies, but was relegated to a small cameo in The Secrets of Dumbledore. Tina is now the head of the American Auror office which is keeping her “very busy”.

Hopefully there will be more for Tina to do in the next movie, but it’s not guaranteed. We know from canon that Newt and Tina do eventually get married, so she won’t be completely missing.

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: A Confused New Beginning

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes place in 1926 New York, set 70 years before Harrys adventures, and follows writer and magizoologist Newt Scamander as he stops in the city after his global excursion to find and document a variety of different magical creatures. Things get out of hand rather quickly, though, when Newts mysterious leather suitcase that contains his peculiar beasts goes missing, resulting in his creatures escaping into the No-Maj world. In addition, a threat looms in the background after Gellert Grindelward , a dangerous dark wizard seeking to dominate Muggles, is being hunted around the world, while an anti-witchcraft community called the New Salem Philanthropic Society tries to eradicate wizardkind.

Credence , adopted by the leader of the Second Salemers, has a tragic backstory, as the leader of the organization abused him and forced him to repress his magical powers, leading him to develop a dark parasite force known as obscurus. Miller does a good enough job to make you care about the character, but the script does little to no attempts at actually developing his storyline. So, by the time he becomes a big CGI monster that threatens the life of both Muggles and wizards, leading to his alleged death, you simply do not care.

The Boggart’s True Nature

Speaking of the Boggart, the creature is introduced in Prisoner of Azkaban and is described as a non-being. This means they’re creatures who can’t really be killed because they were never truly born. And while this is a very cool description and concept, it has more than a few inconsistencies.

If non-beings like the Boggart were never truly born, how did they come to be? Did they generate spontaneously along with the rest of the universe? Were they created by some sort of spell gone wrong? It’s said that all non-beings are born out of human emotion, which means they are constantly appearing all around. But if that’s so, then why aren’t there more Boggarts at Hogwarts, or the Ministry, or even at a place like St. Mungo’s?

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The Top 10 Fantastic Beasts Found In The Harry Potter Films

April 8, 2022 shannonotoole

Many fantasy stories feature magical animals, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stands out among the rest thanks to the extensive list of mythical beasts that it features. Between eight Harry Potter movies and two FantasticBeasts movies, with another on the way, fans of the Wizarding World have no shortage magical creatures to discover. With the April 15 release of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, there are sure to be even more added to the magical menagerie.

Ranging from loyal to treacherous, frightening to beautiful, and everything in between, there are almost too many beasts to count. From Nifflers to Grindylows, it is impossible to imagine the Wizarding World and Harry Potters seven-year journey without the magical creatures encountered along the way. Here are our top 10 fantastic beast moments from the Harry Potter movies.

Nagini In Her Human Form

Harry Potter: 10 Most Dangerous Magical Beasts

Rowling stirred up controversy when the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer teased a character who turned from human to snake. This woman turns out to be a Maledictus named Nagini, played by Claudia Kim. Credence meets her while the two are working at a circus. Unlike an Animagus, who can freely morph from human to animal and back, a Maledictus carries a blood curse that will eventually turn the person into the animal permanently.

Presumably, this Nagini is the very same one who will eventually become companion to Voldemort. Fans might assume that Nagini was intrigued by the dark arts early in life since she inevitably ends up an ally of the most evil wizard in history.

But in Crimes of Grindelwald, when Grindelwald offers several wizards the choice to join his forces, Nagini resists, even as her friend Credence aligns himself with Grindelwald. Its still unclear whether Nagini will go to the dark side or whether Voldemort will somehow enslave her after shes permanently turned into a snake.

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What Wand Does Grindelwald Have

Though nobody speaks of the Elder Wand in this film, Grindelwald presumably already wields the most powerful wand in existence. According to Rowlings timeline, Grindelwald steals the Elder Wand from wand maker Gregorovitch sometime between 1900 and 1926, before the events of Fantastic Beasts. Grindelwald presumably used the wand of Graves when he was disguised as that wizard in the last film. Now, he has reunited with his old wand, which helps explain the power he wields in the graveyard scene at the end of the film.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

The Harry Potter Magic

Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets

The core eight films follow the story of the boy who lived, aka Harry Potter , as hes seen going through a coming-of-age journey where he struggles to fight Lord Voldemort , a dark wizard seeking immortality and to rule both the wizarding and Muggle world. One of the many elements that made these movies so magical back in the day is that we got to see these characters grow up in real time, just like weve been doing with the kids from Netflixs Stranger Things. Not only did keeping the same cast for all eight films allowed the movie adaptations to remain faithful to the source material, or at least as close as possible, but it let the audience get emotionally attached to these colorful characters as if they were part of their families.

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Dumbledores Obsession With Obscurials

Dumbledore seems to have a more comprehensive knowledge of Obscurials than most wizards. A quick recap for those who have forgotten: Dumbledores sister Ariana was abused by some local Muggle boys who saw her casting magic when she was young. Ariana became sick afterward, suppressing her magic only to let it out in dangerous bursts.

Dumbledores father attacked the Muggles who hurt Ariana, and he was imprisoned in Azkaban. He never told anyone of Arianas problem, fearing that if he used that as a defense, the Ministry would take Ariana away from the family. Many fans now theorize that she was an Obscurial.

Dumbledores mother was later killed in an accident caused by Ariana, and Dumbledore became guardian to Ariana and his brother Aberforth. It was during that time stuck at home that Dumbledore met Grindelwald. The two exchanged ideas and plotted a new world order in which wizards ruled Muggles for the greater good.

The two planned to search for the Deathly Hallows together in order to achieve this goal, but when Aberforth confronted them, the three dueled, accidentally killing Ariana. Grindelwald fled, Dumbledore overcome by guilt realized the error in his thinking about Muggle rule and spent the rest of his life trying to defend innocents against dark magic.

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24 Fascinating Facts About The Magical Creatures of Harry Potter

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New movie trailer for Warner Bros. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiered tonight during the MTV Movie Awards! If you missed the trailer you know Sandwich keep it real and watches you back. So here you go and enjoy. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is an upcoming two-part fantasy-adventure film directed by David Yates and based on the novel of.

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Fantastic Beasts 4 And 5 Plot: How Will Fantastic Beasts End

Unlike The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Secrets of Dumbledore doesn’t end with a cliffhanger and pretty much wraps up the major plot points.

As mentioned, we find out that Credence is a Dumbledore and we also get confirmation of a long-running Harry Potter fan theory that Albus and Aberforth’s sister Ariana was an Obscurial like Credence.

In the finale, Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s blood pact is broken after Grindelwald tries to kill Credence for betraying him. Dumbledore protects Credence without thinking of Grindelwald, and their “spells met” which broke the pact.

This sets the stage for their big duel in the future that we know from Harry Potter canon.

Rowling has said that the movies will cover 19 years of Wizarding World history. That will take the last one up to 1945, the year that Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald and claimed the Elder Wand from him.

That was also the year that a certain Tom Riddle graduated from Hogwarts.

All that considered, it seems unlikely that the fifth movie won’t feature the climactic battle between Dumbledore and his former friend.

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That 19-year period also covers the birth of Voldemort and the actions surrounding the creation of his first Horcruxes.

Queenie and Jacob get married at the end of The Secrets of Dumbledore, so maybe they’ll take it as their chance to leave this whole life behind.

Acromantulas Give Arachnophobes Good Reason To Be Afraid

Acromantulas are Ron Weasley’s nightmare but are not seen in direct combat until the final movie. Their appearance in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets is ultimately limited to trapping Harry and Ron before subsequently hunting them down unsuccessfully.

Their intent to hunt and eat the students is reason enough to suspect the potential power and malicious nature of the giant spiders, and their services are enlisted by Voldemort in the attack on Hogwarts. With the size of Aragog and the revelation that they are poisonous, Harry and Ron were certainly lucky to escape virtually unscathed in their second year.

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Dumbledores Conflict With The Ministry Of Magic

Meet young Dumbledore. At this time, Dumbledore is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. We see him teach a class on Boggarts that closely parallels the lesson Professor Remus Lupin gave Harry and his classmates decades later.

Fans find out that Dumbledores uneasy relationship with the wizarding government began early in the professors Hogwarts career. Officials from the Ministry of Magic interrupt the class to confront Dumbledore: they allege that hes working against them by sending Newt Scamander to America and then Paris to protect Credence, an Obscurial, from Grindelwald.

When Dumbledore evades their questions, they forbid him from continuing to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. A boy named McLaggen comes to Dumbledores defense, saying hes the best teacher theyve had.

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