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Which Harry Potter Trio Would You Be In And Why

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Which Character Are You From The Golden Trio

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Harry Potter, Ronald Weasely, and Hermoine Granger, the Golden Trio who are all came together and formed the most important part of our childhood. They all represented the different aspects of life with the best qualities as well as the worst qualities and helped us all find ourselves in them. They are not perfect but they taught us the most important lessons of our lives.

Take this quiz and find out which member are you from the Golden Trio?

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Which Trio Would You Like To Be A Part In

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Which trio would you like to be friends with?

I would choose the Golden Trio


Both the Golden and Silver Trios as well as the Legend Trio are all great options

Often referred to as “legend trio” or “platinum trio”:

Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore

You are always home at Hogwarts when you are a part of 9 3/4 Amino.

Harry Potter: 10 Things About The Golden Trio That Havent Aged Well

The Golden Trio is one of the most iconic friend groups in history, but what hasn’t aged well about Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger?

The Harry Potter franchise will be popular no matter how much time passes, as it continues to taste success despite the core series having ended a decade prior. Much of the popularity comes from the trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, who are also known as the Golden Trio.

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Since the years following Harrys defeat of Lord Voldemort, the trio has been deeply analyzed by fans and contemporary critics, which has uncovered a number of things that now seem problematic even if they didnt once. These are things related to their activities at Hogwarts, their time as Dumbledores Army founders, and the roles the trio took on when they were together.

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Worst: She Could Be Too Logical

Hermiones logic was often extremely needed in the trio, and it was a positive trait that she had. However, there were times when this could go too far.

Given that Hermione was a literal witch in a magical world of spells and fantastical creatures, her insistence that certain things just couldnt happen often didnt make sense. She wasnt open to things like Divination even though there was some truth to them.

He Isnt Even That Good At Magic

Based on video games, who would you be in Harry Potter out ...

Hailed as The Boy Who Lived, aka the young wizard of prophecy, it turns out Harry isnt actually that special, after all.

He struggles for ages to produce a Patronus to ward off the Dementors, and is even given private one-on-one lessons because regular schooling isnt enough.

Professor Lupin does everything within his power to help Harry, even using a shape-shifting Boggart in the place of a Dementor for Harry to practice on in an attempt to ease him in slowly.

Despite this, Harry still fails to produce a Patronus, managing to conjure only the merest thin wisp of vapour.

Even when Harry does eventually manage to produce a Patronus, it causes him to practically pass out with exhaustion, only to be revived by some chocolate provided by Lupin. Honestly, the lengths some people will go to for a free snack

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Their Tendency To Take Their Anger Out On Each Other

The trio had a habit of lashing out at one another whenever someone was in a bad mood, which the other two tended to take without argument. This has been reevaluated in the last few years, as it comes across as an unhealthy practice where verbal abuse is taken lightly.

After all, Harry was outright shown to be scared of Hermione whenever she yelled at him and Ron over things like exams and homework. Moreover, Hermione and Ron were downright terrified of Harry during the fifth year, where they would even stammer their words in fear when speaking to him.

More About The Founder Godric Gryffindor

Godric Gryffindor was said to value courage, determination, and also strength in students that represented his house.

Godricâs Hollow is named after him. This is the village where Harry lived when he was a baby. This was also the place where Harryâs parents were murdered by Lord Voldemort.

Godric was said to be the most accomplished dueler of his time.

Godric and Salazar Slytherin were originally great friends but they grew apart in their later years.

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He Ghosts Hermione After She Tries To Help Him

Harry is thrilled when he receives a surprise gift in the mail, which turns out to be a Firebolt broomstick.

All of Harrys Quidditch related dreams have come true, and its remarkable timing considering his Nimbus 2000 has literally just been destroyed.

Whilst Harry and Ron are wrapped up in the excitement of it all, Hermione is the voice of reason, explaining that she thinks Sirius Black is behind the gift.

At this stage, Hermione, Ron and Harry are still of the belief that Sirius is a violent criminal. Considering this, its fair to say that Hermione is quite justified in going to Professor McGonagall over her concerns for her friends safety.

Harry, though, is furious, and refuses to speak to or even acknowledge his best friend, despite the fact that Hermione was clearly acting in his best interests.

They Share Whatever They Have

All the Reasons Why Harry Potter Chose Ginny over Hermione | OSSA Movies

From the moment Harry meets Ron, he is so excited just to have a friend to share everything with, and immediately buys as much candy as he can for them to split while on the Hogwarts Express. Hermione, on her part, shares her knowledge â she’s always helping Harry and Ron with their homework. And Ron, as said before, shares pretty much his entire family by welcoming Harry and Hermione with open arms.

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Who Would Be Your Harry Potter Best Friend

Have you ever wondered, who would be your Harry Potter best friend? If so, you have come to the right place. Answer the questions about yourself on our quiz and we will pair you up with your Hogwarts BFF. Possible results include Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and more. The goal is to match you with who we think your personality would gel with the most.

Worst: She Could Get Annoyed Too Easily

The characters in Harry Potter are all really young, so its not surprising that they dont always have great emotional control.

While dealing with Harry and Ron at times would probably be frustrating, Hermione could get annoyed and fed up with people too easily. She wasnt particularly patient, and she expected people to always be as smart as she was which wasnt always fair.

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Worst: He Couldnt Understand Why Ron Would Be Jealous Of Him

Jealousy in friendships is a normal thing especially when youre young. So, given that Harry is famous and gets a lot of attention, for better or worse, it would make sense that Ron would sometimes feel less than.

While Harry being upset when Ron got mad at him made sense, he also should have been able to understand Rons concerns. It seemed like Harry could be a little obtuse in this way.

More On The Founder Helga Hufflepuff

Which Member Of The Golden Trio Are You? Harry Potter Quiz ...

Helga Hufflepuff was the only one of the Hogwarts founders who didnât require any special characteristics for students. She also accepted everyone with zero preferences. As a result, this is much different than the other three founders.

According to Pottermore, Helga was very skilled at food-related charms. It is also noted that a lot of the recipes in the Hogwarts kitchens come from Helga.

Helga was responsible for the school using house-elves in the kitchen. This is because it would give them a safe place to work.

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Best: Her More Cautious Nature Was A Good Balance

Harry was a person who made decisions based on his emotions and intuition, and Ron was someone who could be a bit too relaxed and not serious enough.

Hermione, on the other hand, was more cautious and thought things through before diving in. This was a great balance in the trio as they needed her more logical, measured approach to problem-solving to balance out the recklessness.

They Cover Each Other When They’re In Trouble

…and not just with the invisibility cloak. Let’s go back to the Troll Incident: Hermione Granger, who’s the epitome of a “teacher’s pet,” lies to a professor so Harry and Ron won’t get in trouble. This cover-each-other’s-backs mentality continues throughout the golden trio’s friendship, and even though they sometimes get caught in their hijinks, for the most part Harry, Ron, and Hermione are able to keep each other out of trouble.

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Pinning The Blame On Snape For Most Things

While the three friends were right about cowards like Malfoy to an extent, they had the habit of pinning most of the blame for everything that ever went wrong on Snape. Of course, this has aged very badly due to the reveal that Snape was always a protagonist, without whose protection the trio would have died.

To this end, their actions like Hermione causing Snape to catch fire, the three attacking him in the Shrieking Shack, and their accusation toward him being Voldemorts servant have all taken on a negative context.

Which Harry Potter Character Would Smell You In Their Amortentia

Harry Potter: All the Best Unscripted Moments from the Series! |?OSSA Movies

Which harry potter character would smell you in their amortentia: I was just going through this section of HBP when I began to wonder what mine might smell like. Then I considered asking all of you. The search yielded quite a few What would yours smell like? results, which I didnt want to duplicate, but then I thought What would Dracos smell like? Lupins? Snapes? We know the trio smelled, but what about the rest of the group?

Also, if you want to put yours in, feel free! My favourite scents are definitely books, pumpkin spice/mulled cider something fall-ish and mens Curve cologne.

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Rons Aspirations Changed In His Adult Life But Thats Not A Bad Thing

In their fifth year at Hogwarts, when Harry asked Ron what he wanted to do after he left school, he sheepishly replied that he would like to be an Auror. And he was for a while but that soon changed. After a stint at the Ministry, Ron left to help his brother George run Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. We imagine that after years of fighting Voldemort and his followers, Ron was happy to help his brother and bring joy to the wizarding world.

Now we believe that Rons younger self might have initially been a bit annoyed that Harry and Hermione both ended up with powerful jobs and he didnt follow suit especially with his insecurities about being overlooked. However, we reckon he would come to appreciate how his aspirations evolved and would realise that he wasnt in anyone elses shadow.

Ron in Cursed Child seemed to be pretty content. He had really found his feet as a father, had not lost his sense of humour and enjoyed entertaining the next generation . As an excellent dad, he didnt appear to have many anxieties about his relationship with his kids. He also seemed to be a perfect fit for Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and enjoyed using the products they sold. His marriage to Hermione was strong and he even seemed to be a bit of a romantic what with his desire to renew their vows . Overall, Ron was thriving when we saw him as an adult. We figure that if his younger self saw how happy he was, they would completely understand the path he chose.

In this image:

He Toyed With Ginny Weasleys Emotions

The Weasleys invited Harry into their home in his time of need, caring for him as one of their own.

You might think that Harry would repay their generosity with kindness and gratitude. But remember, this is Harry Potter were talking about.

Harry is far too important to lower himself like that, instead revelling in the glow of Ginnys undying adoration, all whilst keeping her at arms length.

Ginny finally realises Harry just isnt cut out for a relationship and starts to move on, even showing interest in other boys.

However, Harry becomes overwhelmed with jealousy, and decides he does actually like her after all. Make your mind up, pal.

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Harry Potter: 5 Reasons Hermione Was The Worst Member Of The Trio

A great character, but not without her flaws, here’s a list of why Hermione is the best and worst member of the golden trio in Harry Potter.

While Hermione Granger might not be the main character from the Harry Potter series, she is one of the most important. Shes an extremely well-liked character, and many fans over the years have related to her and found her heroic.

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While Hermione has many strengths including her intelligence and loyalty, she also has some weaknesses. Weve put together a list of the five reasons why Hermione is the best member of the golden trio and five reasons why she was the worst.

Worst: He Lashed Out At Ron And Hermione A Lot

Nine And Three Quarter Reasons Why Harry Potter Will ...

Harry went through a lot when he was quite young, so he clearly had a lot of trauma and emotional issues to work out. He was also a teenager, so the fact that he sometimes overreacted is excusable.

However, it did get frustrating as a fan to see him continually take out his anger and pain on Ron and Hermione when they didnt deserve it, especially during their fifth year.

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The Reality Of Life On Set

The experience of life on the Harry Potter set was particularly powerful at bringing the three main actors together because it was so challenging. While detailing her schedule, Watson revealed that she was picked up each morning at 5:45 a.m..

The last two films of the franchise were filmed at the same time, which was an especially tough process for the actors. Im trying to do all of my scenes now and through the summer so Ill be available for university come September, Watson explained at the time . Though it already looks like Ill be working on Christmas and March breaks.

Despite their friendship, the starring trio didnt feel the need to hang out when they werent working for one simple reason: they needed a break from each other.

To be honest, we see so much of each other when were working that hanging out together would be overload, Watson admitted . I love them, but I need to see other friends off set. Theyre like my siblings now.

Despite what some media outlets reported, there was never a feud or bad blood between the actors they were just seeing so much of each other already that they needed to reserve their spare time for other people. Totally understandable!

But I Am The Chosen One

When Harry and Hermione are discussing who to take to Slughorns Christmas Party, Hermione reveals that Romilda Vane is interested in Harry but its only because she thinks he is the chosen one. This prompts Harry to respond with the simple fact that he is the chosen one.

Harrys confident delivery of this line is perfect and the witty response is one of the most underrated moments in the franchise. Hermione is less than pleased with his response and proceeds to hit him on the head with a rolled-up newspaper, quickly bringing him back down to earth.

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He Got To Name All Of His Children

When it comes to naming kids, one would expect the mother and father to have somewhat of an equal say in the matter.

But Harry is just so full of ingenious ideas that he has the privilege of naming all three of his children: James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna.

Of course, you just have to name your second-born child after the man who mercilessly taunted you all throughout your teenage years.

And its a great idea to name the remaining children after your dead parents after all, which child wouldnt want a constant reminder that theyre stepping into the shoes of their long-deceased ancestors?!

Before we get too angry over the injustice of it all, lets just remind ourselves that all Ginny did was carry each child in her stomach for nine months, after which time she painstakingly gave birth to them. She really has no naming rights

Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Just The Worst Person

Why you Wanted to be in Harry Potter #Shorts

Consisting of eight action-packed fantasy films, the Harry Potter series shot actor Daniel Radcliffe to fame, alongside co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

With meddlesome magic, a troublesome trio and even some good old-fashioned fight scenes , there truly is something for everyone.

Still, theres just one problem with the films: Harry Potter isnt the hero he is often hailed as being. In fact, hes actually the worst. Heres why.

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