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Does Amazon Prime Have Harry Potter

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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts – First Look | Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video January 2022 Releases: List Of Upcoming …

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Does Amazon Prime Have All Harry Potter Movies In Full HD …

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Is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Movie On Amazon Prime?

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Are Harry Potter Movies On Netflix, Hulu, Prime? Where To …

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Prime Video: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

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What Are The First 4 Harry Potter Books

  • You can play Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by clicking here.
  • I Saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • The Prisoner of Azkaban by Harry Potter
  • Its a great book to have your own goblet of Fire for a great summer
  • This is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,
  • The Half-Blood Prince, a Harry Potter novel
  • This is the final installment in the Harry Potter series.
  • Other Ways To Watch Harry Potter

    There are some additional ways to watch Harry Potter movies without a subscription although they do require renting or purchasing. All of the Harry Potter movies can be rented or bought directly through a number of online stores, , the App Store, and YouTube. In addition, most of these digital stores also make it possible to rent or buy either a single Harry Potter movie or the entire collection.

    If only planning to watch one of the movies, the rental may be a better and cheaper option than paying the monthly subscription cost. If only considering signing up to a subscription for the Harry Potter movies, and if planning to watch them more than once, then buying the collection might end up being a better solution over the long term.

    Of course, if having access to a selection of additional TV shows and movies appeals to the individual or household, then it might be better to go the subscription route and benefit from everything else HBO Max has to offer.

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    The Harry Potter Reunion Is Not On Amazon Prime Video

    There is some bad news for the Potter-heads out there. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts is not available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. It wont be available for free with your Prime membership.

    This special is only available on one streaming platform. You can watch it on HBO Max. This isnt part of the Amazon Channels listings.

    Harry Potter On Hbo Max

    Is Harry Potter on Netflix in Canada? [September 2021 Updated]

    Currently, HBO Max also has every Harry Potter movie available for streaming. HBO Max doesnt only have HBO, but content from WarnerMedia and other sources. Content on HBO Max includes:

    • A selection of acquired series and movies
    • All of HBO
    • An exclusive collection of new HBO Max Originals
    • Select favorites from the WarnerMedia brands Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DC, CNN, the Turner library, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, Looney Tunes, and more
    • A selection of acquired series and movies

    HBO-Max offers two subscription tiers, an ad-supported plan for $9.99 per month and an ad-free plan for $14.99 per month. You can . HBO Max is supported on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more. See our review of HBO Max for more information on this streaming service.

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    Will Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts Come To Amazon Video

    What about a Digital release? Is there a chance well get the Harry Potter reunion on Digital? This isnt clear right now.

    HBO Max Originals havent come to DVD and Blu-ray or Digital just yet, and there have been a few. However, this is connected to a major franchise. We could see it head to at least physical disc to add to your collection. It probably wont come to Digital, though. It doesnt make sense to make it available for a one-off payment when its a streaming original.

    The Harry Potter special is not available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

    Harry Potter And The Perilous Ranking

    If you dont feel like checking out all of the films then it may be worth renting or buying some of your favourites for a film night.

    While all of the films arguably cast a unique spell, we figured wed offer our ranking of the franchise, listed from worst to best:

    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
    • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

    If you cant tell, nostalgia had a substantial influence on this one.

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    How To Watch Every Harry Potter Movie

    Published By Dennis Restauro

    The eight Harry Potter movies are in high demand, and its typically a heated battle to see which streaming service will own the rights to stream these films. In 2020 NBC landed the streaming rights for all 8 films, and they are typically available to watch on NBCs streaming service, Peacock. However, as of September 1, 2021, all 8 Harry Potter movies are available on HBO Max. Currently, all 8 movies are streaming on both Peacock and HBO Max.

    When the movies arent leased out to HBO, NBC will occasionally move the films to the NBC-owned TV Networks Syfy and USA Network. In this case, there will typically be a Harry Potter Promotion available through the NBC streaming app if you have a streaming service that carries the SyFy channel. During that time, the films may drop from Peacock. Since these movies hop from service to service more often than most, this article explains where to look when you want to stream any of the Harry Potter movies.

    • They are available to stream on HBO Max
    • As a last resort, you can and stream them whenever you want.

    Buying And Renting Harry Potter Online

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

    Streaming is by far the easiest way to watch a show or movie series online. However, since Harry Potter isnt readily available for everyone on platforms like Netflix and Prime, some people might prefer to buy or rent the show. You can do so on:

    Simply click the distributor youd like to buy from, and our links will lead you to the full movie collection bundle on each respective platform. Prices range from $42.99 to $79.99, depending on the platform and the quality of the media.

    You can also purchase each movie individually through the links provided above. Just scroll down and youll find a list of the movies, which you can buy for around $15 per movie, or rent for $4 per movie.

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    What Should I Watch After Finishing Harry Potter

    If you have already seen the Harry Potter movies many times and are looking for something similar to watch, here are 10 options:

    • The Spiderwick Chronicles: Netflix.
    • The Chronicles of Narnia: Disney+ Hotstar.
    • Fantastic Beasts: Amazon Prime Video.
    • The Lord of the Rings: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

    How To Stream All 8 Harry Potter Movies Any Time

    All 8 Harry Potter Movies are available to purchase and stream through Amazon Prime Video. The entire 8-film collection is available for $59.99 . This will allow you to stream the movies whenever you like in 4K UHD quality. This is a digital copy of all 8 films you can stream through the Amazon Prime Video App. You can also purchase the rights to stream the films individually. Ive linked the page for each below, but buying them individually will cost you a total of $95.

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    Are The Harry Potter Books Still Available Online

    That being said, if you do want to reread the entire Harry Potter series before catching up with the films, theres still a way to feel like youre at Hogwarts even if you dont have an Peacock or Prime subscription.


    Amazon has all the Harry Potter books available in paperback and hardcover, as well as a limited-edition book set with all seven books packaged in a Hogwarts chest. Want the ability to take the magic with you anywhere? The e-book versions of the internationally bestselling books are also available online now.

    Another option: you can sign up for an Audible free trial to listen to any of the Harry Potter books for free. The book is also yours to keep once its downloaded, even if you cancel your Audible subscription. An Audible subscription costs $14.95 per month, but your one-time free credit can be spent on any other book in Audibles library, not just Harry Potter.

    How Can I Get Harry Potter For Free Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen (Extended ...

    Streaming service Peacock TV is offering all eight Harry Potter movies for free all month youll have to watch them with ads, but thats a pretty good deal if youre in the mood for a marathon. The best part is, you dont need a credit card to sign up to Peacock just an email address and a password.

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    How To Watch All Of The Harry Potter Movies

    All eight of the Harry Potter movies are available to stream on HBO Max and Peacock, which is $5 per month for the ad-supported plan or $10 for the ad-free package.

    Hulu subscribers can also add HBO Max to their plan to watch all of the films, but not the 20th-anniversary reunion special. The streamers base plan starts at $7 per month and you can get HBO Max free for your first week after that, you can add it for $15 monthly.

    If you prefer to own all of the Harry Potter movies, you can buy the digital versions on or the eight-disc set on Blu-Ray or DVD.

    Where To Watch Return To Hogwarts

    Return to Hogwarts is set to hit HBO Max on New Years Day, so audiences can tune in from Saturday.

    If youre in the UK, then you can access it through streaming courtesy of Sky and NOW from the very same date. Distribution for the reunion is being handled by Amazon Prime Video in India.

    Its sure to be a magical affair to remember.

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    You Can Buy All The Harry Potter Movies For $79 On Prime Video

    If you don’t have the complete Harry Potter series in your movie collection, now’s the time to make the addition. It’s Halloween week, and post spooky-season, we will start to slip into Thanksgiving and all the festive winter holidays. And the magic of the Harry Potter franchise is fitting for that time of year. All the wizards, unearthly creatures, and ominous battles make it perfect to watch as you snuggle up with a pumpkin spice latte and celebrate Halloween, while the themes of friendship and belonging paired with enchanted visuals make it fitting for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. . Best of all, right now you can buy that means each movie will cost you less than $10 to stream.

    Buy It!Harry Potter 8-Film Collection, $78.99

    The $79 Harry Potter 8-Film Collection includes all eight films in the franchise: The Sorcerer’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The Order of the Phoenix, The Half-Blood Prince, and both parts of The Deathly Hallows. Whether you want to relive your introduction to Sirius Black, witness the events of the Triwizard Tournament, experience the burgeoning nostalgia that comes with watching the first-ever film, or re-experience the epic finale, this collection has you covered.

    Sign Up! Prime Video membership, $8.99 per month after a 30-day free trial

    Who Does David Bradleys Daughter Play In Harry Potter

    Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

    Who wouldnt want to return to the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter?

    Well, wands at the ready, cloaks on Return to Hogwarts is coming and the fans are thrilled with the chance to reminisce about one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time.

    J.K. Rowlings book series introduced a generation to reading and the movies remain incredibly nostalgic for those who grew up with Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Chris Columbus brought the first novel to screens in 2001 and audiences championed it as a truly magical adaptation.

    It spawned seven sequels, all of which star so many beloved and popular performers. Some of the casting really is perfect, especially David Bradley as Filch, the Hogwarts caretaker.

    However, you may not know that his daughter briefly appeared too. So, who does David Bradleys daughter play in Harry Potter?

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    Watch Harry Potter Films Through The Syfy App

    If you dont see the films on Peacock or HBO Max, they are more than likely available to stream on SyFy. If the movies are there, they will be available to stream through any of the following streaming services using a free trial:

    Once you sign up for a streaming service with SyFy, you can either download the streaming service app to your device and search for the Harry Potter movie you want to watch, or you can use your streaming service username and password in the SyFy app. Below are the instructions for watching Harry Potter on the SyFy App:

  • Sign up for a Streaming Service using a free trial
  • Go to the channel store or app store on your device. For example, on Roku, its called the Channel Store.
  • Search for Syfy
  • Add the Syfy app to your device and then open it.
  • Your Roku device will then show you an activation code and a URL.
  • Using a computer or mobile web browser, you go to the URL.
  • You will then be asked for a TV provider and a username/password. Im entering the username and password I use for Hulu.
  • Once you sign in to Syfys website, your TV screen will refresh. You should now have access to all the video content the app provides, including every Harry Potter film.
  • Does Amazon Prime Have Harry Potter

    While you cant stream all eight Harry Potter movies with your Amazon Prime Video membership, you can still watch them through the service. Theyre available to rent or purchase. You will need a Prime account to stream them once youve paid for the movies. Well, as long as Amazon Prime Video is available.

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    This Offer Has Expired

    Amazon is offering Prime members every Harry Potter movie for $4.99 each in Digital HD. Well have a list of every movie below the fold. Normally fetching $15 each for these movies, youd pay $120 for all eight and our last mention had a bundle of each one down to $60 total. Todays deal is one of the best prices that weve tracked all-time. The best thing about todays sale is that you dont have to purchase all eight movies, as you can pick up each one individually for $5, allowing you to finish out an existing collection should you already own a few of them. Rated 4.8/5 stars.

    How To Stream The Harry Potter Movies In 2021

    Is Harry Potter On Amazon Prime Video? : How To Watch And ...
    • Where Can You Stream the Harry Potter Franchise Online?

    • How to Watch the Harry Potter Films Online in Order of Release

    • Can You Stream The Harry Potter Films for Free?

    • Are the Harry Potter Movies Available on Netflix?

    • Where Can You Rent or Buy The Harry Potter Movies?

    • Harry Potter Movies in Order of Chronological Events

    Looking for a way to binge-watch all of the Harry Potter movies? Well, youre in luck. Right now, all eight of the original films, as well as the franchises two Fantastic Beasts spin-offs, are available to stream, rent, or buy on various platforms. While you can sometimes get lucky and catch an all-day marathon on TV, we prefer to watch these beloved movies via commercial-free streaming services.

    So whether you plan on watching them in order of release date or chronological events, we have all the details right here for you.

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    Top Results For Amazon Prime Reading Harry Potter

    Amazon Prime Video January 2022 Releases: List Of Upcoming …

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    Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts Coming To Amazon Prime …

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    Harry Potter Reunion: When And Where To Watch. Details Here

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    FREE Harry Potter Books On Kindle & Book Reading Rewards Chart

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    Does Amazon Prime Have All Harry Potter Movies In Full HD …

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    ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Episode To Stream On Amazon Prime …

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    Harry Potter And His Friends Return To Hogwarts For A Magical Reunion

    The stars of the beloved Harry Potter series have reunited to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of the first film — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

    The special reunion episode, titled Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, released on HBO Max on the first day of the new year. In India, fans of the movie series, which is based on bestselling books by JK Rowling, can stream the episode on Amazon Prime.

    The 102-minutes-long episode brings together Daniel Radcliffe, who played the titular character in the film series and Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who portrayed the roles of his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The movie delves into their journey as students of Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry.

    Ralph Fiennes, who played Lord Voldemort, the main antagonist in the movie series and Helena Bonham Carter, who portrayed the role of Bellatrix Lestrange, his loyalist, also appear in the reunion. So does Gary Oldman, who starred as Harry Potters godfather Sirius Black.

    The special episode also features Tom Felton, who played Harry Potters nemesis Draco Malfoy in the movie series, and Bonnie Wright, who portrayed Ginny Weasley — Harry Potters love interest.

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