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What Is Draco’s Middle Name

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Horace Eugene Flaccus Slughorn Is Obsessed With Good Breeding But He Has Some Good Characteristics

Draco malfoy- what’s my name

The Roman poet Horace was known for his witty and well-mannered writing that nonetheless contained serious critiques of his society at the time. In poems written about him, he’s often depicted as being friends with other famous Roman poets, like Virgil, so that could be a reference to how Slughorn likes to create a coterie of powerful friends around him.

“Eugene” is Greek for “well-born” , which alludes to Slughorn’s status as a Slytherin and proponent of nepotism.

“Flaccus” is another Roman reference, referring to a well-off family line. It was also used as a nickname meaning “fatty.” In the “Harry Potter” books and movies, Slughorn had a bit of a belly.

“Slughorn” is a word in a Gaelic dialect that “slogan” is derived from, basically meaning “war cry.” It could be a reference to the ultimately moral convictions Slughorn holds. He did, after all, help defend Hogwarts in the Battle of Hogwarts in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

Draco Is Distantly Related To Harry And Ron

Within the British wizarding community, there was a group of families called the Scared Twenty Eight. These families had managed to remain entirely pureblood as of the 1930s. In other words no muggleborn wizards or witches had married into the family by that time. Many but not all of these families prided themselves on blood purity and went so far as to resort to in breeding to maintain the supposed pureblood status. These families included the Malfoys, Averys, Blacks, Lestrange, Gaunt and Greengrass among others.

But they also included families like the Weasleys and the Longbottoms. Harry Potters family on his Dads side is also a Pureblood family, though not considered one of the sacred Twenty Eight for their very progressive views about muggles over several generations. Its stated several times in the books, especially in Order of the Phoenix, that the remaining Pureblood families are all interrelated somehow. Phineas Nigellus Black is in fact the mutual ancestor of Draco, Harry and Ron by marriage.

Tom Felton Auditioned For Multiple Potter Roles

Tom Felton actually auditioned for the parts of Harry and Ron during the casting process for Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Only after that was he asked to read for Draco Malfoy and his destiny to be the handsome spoiled bully revealed. Felton had reportedly not read the Harry Potter books at all before being cast for the part, but he was undoubtedly one of the most successful casting choices the production made.

Felton has described the early stages of the Harry Potter casting process on several occasions. It seems he, like many of the young actors who auditioned, read for multiple roles, and that there were thousands of children considered for each of the parts. He also claims that on his very first day of auditioning, while thousands of kinds were coming in and out, he and Emma Watson auditioned together. Then of course they both got their famous parts. Dramione fans would surely claim its no coincidence.

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Related To His Rivals

The pureblood families who have kept their line free of muggle impurities are known in the British Wizarding community as the Sacred Twenty Eight. We learn in Order of the Phoenix that these families are all distantly related. Indeed, Harry, Ron, and Draco are all related to each other through Phineas Nigellus Black.

Hermione Granger And Ron Weasley

24 Proud Facts About Draco Malfoy

Hermione and Ron have also enjoyed romantic happiness and have two children, Rose and Hugo. Ron joined Harry as an Auror at the Ministry of Magic, where they revolutionized the department. After only two years, Ron left the Ministry to co-manage the wizarding joke emporium Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, alongside his brother George. His greatest achievement to date remains getting his picture on a Chocolate Frog Card.

Hermione was the only member of the original trio to complete her schooling at Hogwarts. After which, she went on to a successful career in the Ministry of Magic. She began her path continuing the work of S.P.E.W. at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, where she promoted better treatment of house-elves. In spite of her slightly-unhinged house elf obsession, she eventually became Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement before rising to the top job of Minister of Magic.

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Did Harry And Hermione Kiss

Harry Potter: Why the Deathly Hallows Nude Harry & Hermione Scene Was Controversial. Among those is the kissing scene between Harry and Hermione as part of an apparition to torture Ron, courtesy of the piece of Voldemorts soul kept in Salazar Slytherins locket, which turned out to be controversial to some.

Order Of The Phoenix Names

The Order of the Phoenix is a group of good witches and wizards fighting against the Dark Lord. These Harry Potter baby names are perfect to set your child up to be a strong fighter for justice.

57. Alastor: means avenger. He isalso known as Mad-Eye Moody.

58. Andromeda: means ruler of men. Andromeda is the sister of Bellatrix Lestrange but an ally to the Order.

59. Arabella: means yielding to power. Arabella watched over Harry Potter as a boy.

60. Elphias: means eager for war. Elphias is one of Dumbledores oldest friends.

61. Emmeline: means hardworking and s sweet girl name.

62. Fletcher: means seller of arrows.Mundungus Fletcher is a member of the Order.

63. Hestia: is an Auror. Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth.

64. James: means supplanter. James is Harrys father.

65. Kingsley: means from the kings meadow. He worked for the Ministry of Magic.

66. Lily: Lily J. Potter is Harrys mother.

67. Molly: The mother of the Weasley family.

68. Nymphadora: Nymphadora Tonks is one quirky member of the Order. Her name has reference to nymphs in Greek mythology.

69. Rufus: means red-haired. Rufus Scrimgeour becomes a Minister of Magic.

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Godric Gryffindor Is Definitely Rowling’s Favorite Hogwarts Founder

“Godric” is derivative of the Old English name “Godrich,” which basically means “good person.” So no mystery there about which Hogwarts house Rowling sided with the most.

The last three letters of “Gryffindor” “d’or” are French “golden,” one of the colors of the house. A griffin is a mythological beast that’s part lion and part eagle.

Harry Potter Had James Sirius Lily Luna And Albus Severus With Ginny Weasley And Honestly I Still Have A Lot Of Questions As To Why He Chose The Names He Did

My name is Draco Malfoy!

When it comes to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the naming of Harrys kids sticks out. Sure, we knew what he decided at the end of Deathly Hallows but Harry Potter looked at his children and said Youre going to be a mix of wonderful people in my life, two men who really hurt me as a child, and then my friend Luna didnt he?

Its really simple: Albus Severus makes no sense but before you get mad, think about it. Albus Dumbledore left Harry as a child to try and figure out how to defeat Voldemort and then Severus Snape was only ever there for Harry because he was in love with Lily Potter and was also verbally abusive.

But then Harry said, you know what, let me honor them? It just doesnt make sense to me because its not like either of these men showed interest in him outside of his mission or his parents. If Harry James Potter did not have James Potters name or if his mother wasnt Lily Evans, neither Albus Dumbledore nor Severus Snape would have cared about him and thinking about how Harry then turned around and named his son for them? Honestly one of the most baffling parts of the entire series.

Sowhy did Harry Potter name his kids like he did? Who knows but it is something that is definitely going to way on me. Do you get it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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He Pursued Alchemy As A Hobby In Adulthood

Pretty much the only time we saw alchemy as a significant brand of magic in the Harry Potter books was in Sorcerers Stone. The ancient Alchemist Nicolas Flamel had been the one who created the Sorcerers Stone or Philosophers Stone, which Voldemort attempted to steal during Harrys first year at Hogwarts so that he might regain his body.

According to Rowlings writings about Draco on Pottermore, he spent a lot of time as an adult studying alchemy. He was still fabulously independently wealthy and did not require a job, so he devoted quite a lot of time to pursuing this hobby. Rowling envisioned this character aspect of Draco to underline his more pronounced dual nature as he got older. His family had accumulated so many dark artifacts of the past. So instead he investigated alchemy to change and maybe even improve his life in the present. Perhaps he hoped he could find a way to lift the curse upon his wife that might let them have a long-lived, happy family.

What Is Lucius Malfoys Patronus

However, in Chapter 23 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the peacock at Malfoy Manor is explicitly referred to as albino. Many have argued that this peacock was, in fact, Lucius Malfoys Patronus. Despite this, J. K. Rowling confirmed in an interview that this was merely an albino peacock.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

The Malfoys remain reluctant followers of Voldemort, who now uses their home as his headquarters Draco passes out after witnessing Voldemort murder Muggle Studies professor Charity Burbage. Harry experiences occasional and disturbing visions of Draco being forced into performing Voldemort’s bidding and feels “sickened… by the use to which Draco was now being put by Voldemort.” When Harry, Ron, and Hermione are captured and taken to Malfoy Manor, Draco is asked to identify them, and though they are clearly recognisable, he only ambiguously replies “It might be.” During the successful escape from Malfoy Manor headed by Dobby, Harry overpowers Draco and captures his wand.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione seek Ravenclaw’s diadem in the Room of Requirement, Draco, along with Crabbe and Goyle , attempts to capture Harry alive. However, Crabbe defies Draco’s orders and attempts to kill the trio by casting the deadly Fiendfyre unable to control the spell, he dies in the blaze while the trio rescue Draco and Goyle . Draco, despite his often condescending and belittling attitude toward Crabbe and Goyle , grieves for his lost friend. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco is seen pleading with a Death Eater who seems intent on killing him. He is once again saved by Harry and Ron, the latter of whom punches Draco in the face under the invisibility cloak for attempting to appease the Death Eater.


The Fantastic Beasts Screenplays

Opinions on Draco Malfoy

Unless youve been living under a rock this entire time, youve probably heard of the two new Wizarding World movies that have hit Hollywood in the past few years. Led by actor Eddie Redmayne and an all-star ensemble cast, the Fantastic Beasts films tell the story of Newt Scamander, Albus Dumbledore, and the dark battle against Gellert Grindelward in the blackened days before Lord Voldemort entered the scene.

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Fleur Delacour And Bill Weasley

Fleur and Bill are still happily married . After the war, Fleur was awarded medals of bravery from the French and British Ministries of Magic. Bill has since returned to his work as a curse-breaker for Gringotts. They have three children: Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. If these characters tendencies for marrying their high-school sweethearts holds strong, Victoire may provide yet another link between the Weasleys and Potters she was spotted snogging Harrys godson, Teddy Lupin, on the Hogwarts Express and at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.

What Did Jk Rowling Almost Name Harry Potter

GaryJ.K. Rowling Almost Named This Gryffindor Gary

You know, GARY!! Oh, no, wait you dont remember. Because Gary Thomas is dead. Or, more accurately, J.K. Rowling originally named Dean Thomas Gary in Harry Potter, before ultimately deciding that Gary was not a fitting name for him after all.

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The Kids Of Harry Potter

Now that you have a basic overview of this family history, its time to go into the future about Harry and Ginnys children.

To refresh your memory, all three of them appeared at the very end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

In the case of the movie, it was the second part.

This was during the train station scene as James Sirius and Albus Severus prepares to go to Hogwarts.

This is nineteen years after the main story.

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Is Draco Malfoy Evil

his name is Draco Malfoy

7 He could cause a lot of damage with dark magic Draco may have been the epitome of evil for a long time in the Harry Potter series, but things turned around for the better. Even still in adulthood, Draco has the ability to effect the world negatively, but he no longer acts on it as he used to, or as his father did.

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Rowling Picked The Dursley Family Names Because She Didn’t Like Them

Both “Dudley” and “Dursley” are the names of areas in England Rowling got them by looking at a map.

“The surname Dursley was taken from the eponymous town in Gloucestershire, which is not very far from where I was born,” Rowling wrote on Pottermore. “I have never visited Dursley, and I expect that it is full of charming people.”

She’s also acknowledged that naming such an unlikable family after the town might have its consequences.

“I don’t imagine I’m very popular in Dursley,” Rowling once said in an interview.

As for Dudley’s parents, the names were chosen because of their emotional associations.

“Vernon is simply a name I never much cared for. Petunia is the name that I always gave unpleasant female characters in games of make believe I played with my sister, Di, when we were very young,” Rowling wrote.

Nymphadora Tonks’s Unusual Name Doesn’t Hint At Her Shape

You’d think that if Rowling went through such lengths to come up with “Nymphadora,” then she’d make it a reference to Tonks being a Metamorphmagus, or someone who can naturally magically change their appearance. “Nymphadora” seems to reference nymphs, who were instead divine, beautiful figures in Greek mythology that inhabited streams and forests.

To “tonk” is a slang term for striking something. Tonks is one of the testiest members of The Order of the Phoenix, always fighting Death Eaters.

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Dracos Middle Name Is After His Father

Genealogy was very important to wizarding families invested in their so-called purity of blood. The Malfoys were staggeringly arrogant in this regard. For better or worse, Draco carried his familys legacy not only as a surname but as a middle name – he was named Draco Lucius Malfoy.

We see how the pressure from Lucius influences Draco throughout the books and the movies. He was always expected to toe the family line on the superiority of purebloods and their familys wealthy status. Lucius was both a burden and an asset that Draco used at Hogwarts. He repeatedly threatened to complain to his father whenever things at school werent going his way. But he also felt Lucius scorn whenever he disappointed him.

Middle names are one of the curious similarities that Draco shares with Harry. Both characters have middle names after their fathers – Harry James Potter was named after his father, James Potter.

Harry Potter And His Friends

Pin on draco malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy: “I see that being Dumbledore’s favourite has given you a false sense of security, Harry Potter. But Dumbledore won’t always be there to protect you.
Harry Potter: “Wow… look at that… he’s not here now! So why not have a go? They might find you a double cell in Azkaban with your loser of a husband!
Draco Malfoy: “Don’t you dare talk to my mother like that, Potter!
Narcissa Malfoy: “It’s all right, Draco. I expect Potter will be reunited with dear Sirius before I am reunited with Lucius
Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy and Draco Malfoy arguing in Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions.

Harry Potter, whom she saved from Lord Voldemort

Harry held Narcissa in contempt due to his rivalry with her son and hatred of her husband. In the same respect, Narcissa held Harry and his friends in disdain and contempt: especially Hermione Granger, as she was Muggle-born, and Ron Weasley, as he was a blood traitor. Narcissa also held Harry in contempt for being Dumbledore’s favourite student and associating with those whom she considered to be inferior. It is also possible that her dislike of Harry was motivated in part by her likely image of Harry’s late father, James Potter, who was a known abuser during his time at Hogwarts, directing much of his abuse towards Severus Snape, a long-time friend of the Malfoy family.

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Draco Naturally Took To Occlumency

Occlumency is a magical discipline that focused on shielding ones mind against external influence or extraction of information. As we saw in Order of the Phoenix, Harry was inept at this practice due to a number of factors, including having Snape as his instructor. In Half Blood Prince we learned that Draco had taken up Occlumency to help prepare him for his mission from Voldemort. His aunt Bellatrix had coached him and he proved to be much more adept. He was even able to ward off mind probes from Snape, even though Dracos attempts were obvious to such an experienced wizard.

Rowling has written that one of her editors questioned Dracos talent for Occlumency. Rowling explains that since Draco has been forced to compartmentalize his feelings about his family, himself and his classmates, he was already practiced at repression and keeping up a façade to mislead others. This was a contrast she wanted to emphasis with Harry, who is much more honest about his feelings.

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