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Who Is Yaxley In Harry Potter

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Ministry Of Magic Employees

Voldemort VS Grindelwald.. Who Is MORE Powerful? – Harry Potter Theory

During his tenure as the Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Yaxley abused his position by intimidating the less-ranking employees, such as Reg Cattermole, especially for marrying a muggle-born, and threatened him to have his office dried out within one hour or have his wife face even more dire consequences. He also ignored a wizard’s greeting, showing little respect for those he did not deem worthy. However, he did nod approvingly at Albert Runcorn, showing respect for a fellow pure-blood supremacist. Seeing Yaxley scold and intimidate the trio in disguise, other employees refrained themselves from entering the same lift as them, as though in fear of infection.

He worked alongside Dolores Umbridge as part of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. The two shared a strong hatred for muggle borns and worked together effectively in prosecuting them.

Building Their Own Reputation

The establishment of Gringotts Wizarding Bank in the later part of the 15th century and its consequences for the wizarding community to present day would for centuries come to be considered a turning point in magical history to match the introduction of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy a little more than two centuries later, seen as it contributed to maintain the balance of the British wizarding economy and disallowed individual wizards, witches or groups to manipulate national financial matters for personal gain. There is some debate among magical historians as to whether it acquired its well-deserved reputation as arguably the most powerful;financial institution;known to wizardkind while it was under the management of its legendary founder of if did not earn its renown after Cadmus’s son, the renowned Chancellor Yaxley, became the first wizard to be entrusted the task of overseeing the affairs of the bank on the behalf of the Wizards’ Council. A master of delegation and evidently a highly gifted and talented man where currency and assets were concerned, running the bank was a job which Mr. Yaxley reportedly did so well that subsequent generations often found themselves in senior positions in its management afterwards. As a result, the Yaxley family was quickly able to obtained a;handsome townhouse in;London by “persuading” the original Muggle occupants to leave, and then proceeded put the appropriate spells on it.

Department Of Magical Law Enforcement

Corban began his work at the Ministry of Magic in 1943, just a few years before the Dark Lord’s rise power reached its largest height. He began his work as a trainee and later rose up the ranks and, inn 1947, Yaxley married Lisette Burke, the daughter of Cantankerous Burke, the owner of a well-known Dark Arts establishment in Knockturn Alley. He attended frequent meetings with his other, death eater aspiring friends, who planned to join the Death Eaters when Lord Voldemort declared all out-war.

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Yaxley serves as one of Voldemort’s spies inside the Ministry of Magic. He places Pius Thicknesse under the Imperius Curse on Voldemort’s orders, so Thicknesse can kill the previous Minister for Magic . Usurping the role of Head of Magical Law Enforcement as well as cursing Minister Thicknesse proved to be the kingpin for Voldemort gaining control of the Ministry of Magic.

Yaxley appears at the table during the Death Eater’s meeting held at the Malfoy Manor. He confidently informs Voldemort that he overheard the date of when Harry Potter is going to be moved from Private Drive, the house of his aunt and uncle’s.

However, Severus Snape corrects Yaxley that The Order of the Phoenix tricked him by rumouring a false move date, allowing Yaxley to think he’d figured them out.

As Yaxley is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, he also has a hand in the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, a position he is clearly unashamed of, as he openly threatens Reginald Cattermole’s wife, Mary, over a minor disagreement at the Ministry of Magic. We later find him at Mary Cattermole’s trial with Dolores Umbridge, the Head of the Muggle-born Registration Commission.

Peter Mullan: Death Eater Yaxley

  • Yaxley : Cattermole! It’s still raining inside my office!

    Ron Weasley : ; Uh… have you tried an umbrella?

  • Lord Voldemort : Severus. I was beginning to worry that you had lost your way. Come, we’ve saved you a seat. You bring news I trust?

    Severus Snape : It will happen Saturday next, at nightfall.

    Yaxley : I heard differently my Lord. Dawlish, the auror, has let slip that the Potter boy will not be moved until the 30th of this month, the day before he turns 17.

    Severus Snape : This is a false trail. The auror office no longer plays any part in the protection of Harry Potter.

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Relationships With Other Characters

Yaxley seems to be friends with Dolohov, as the latter is seen patting his back in a congratulatory way after he reports that he put Thicknesse under the Imperius Curse. The two are later seen conversing while standing guard for Harry Potter.

He also seemed to be on good terms with some of his fellow pure-blood supremacists at the Ministry such as Dolores Umbridge and Albert Runcorn, even showing rare approval towards the latter.

Harry Potter: Ranking The Death Eaters

Voldemort’s loyal followers in Harry Potter, the Death Eaters, ranked from the least to the most powerful witches and wizards.

From the moment that Harry Potter;faced Voldemort in;The Goblet of Fire,;the wizarding world was struck by an unprecedented degree of fear. While Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge, along with the Ministry itself, denied Harry’s claim of the dark lord’s return throughout the Order of the Phoenix, this;disbelief was anxiety-induced rather than a;genuine disbelief of Harry’s reports.

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Part of the reason why so many witches and wizards became disillusioned with fear is because of the horrors that occurred during the First Wizarding War. While Voldemort’s actions were catastrophic, he did not act alone, as there were many Death Eaters at his;disposal who;assisted in creating the terror that scarred the wizarding world. Let’s take a look at the strength of some of the more prominent Death Eaters in the Harry Potter film series.

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Alecto And Amycus Carrow

Alecto and Amycus Carrow are siblings who participate in the assault on Hogwarts at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Amycus is described as being squat and lumpy, with a lopsided leer and a wheezy giggle; Alecto is described as a “stocky little woman” and shares her brother’s squatness and laugh. It is said that after Voldemort’s first downfall, they believed that he was gone forever.

Ralph Ineson plays Amycus, and Suzie Toase appears as Alecto in the films, wherein they are reduced to non-speaking roles. In the second part of the final film, Snape deflects a spell from McGonagall which hits the Carrows, possibly to protect the students from their abuses and to show his allegiance to Dumbledore.

Death Eaters In Harry Potter

yaxley wand review

Powerful as Lord Voldemort is, he couldn’t challenge the wizarding world without helpthat’s where his band of Death Eaters comes in. With faces obscured by black masks, they conceal their identities, helping them infiltrate their enemy’s ranks, although they can be distinguished by their left forearm’s skull-and-serpent Dark Mark tattoo.

Like their leader, Death Eaters believe in pureblood supremacy and practice the Dark Arts, making them ghastly opponents more than willing to kill for their cause. While none could match Voldemort in dueling prowess, many nonetheless prove themselves powerful servantswhich wizards and witches reign supreme? These are the 10 strongest Death Eaters throughout Harry Potter! Spoilers ahead.

Thorfinn Rowle

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Death Eaters And Their Crimes

The following characters are Death Eaters identified by name during the series, and the crimes they committed.

Assaulted people within Hogwarts. Placed Imperius Curse on Pius Thicknesse. Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Also participated at the Battle of Hogwarts. Later defeated by Lee Jordan and George Weasley.

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