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Do Adults Like Harry Potter Books

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The Spiderwick Chronicles By Holly Black And Tony Diterlizzi

Books Like Harry Potter Series | Fantasy Book Recommendations | Magical Book Recommendations

More fairies, hurrah! The Spiderwick Chronicles is another elementary school favorite, following the adventures of the Grace children after they move into the crumbling, mysterious Spiderwick Estate. They soon find a field guide to the magical world around them, full of details about all sorts of spectacular fairy creatures. But this book was never meant to fall into mortal hands which means the Grace children must learn to use it wisely, or else face terrible consequences.

A Deadly Education By Naomi Novik

Sixteen-year-old Galadriel El Higgins is a half-British, half-Indian sorceress at the Scholomance, a school where students learn magic. But unlike Hogwarts, there are no teachers. The students are responsible for educating themselves, and at the end they either graduateor die.

The Scholomance series by Naomi Novak is a good choice for older teens and adults looking for books similar to Harry Potter, especially if the magical boarding school element is one of your favorite parts of the Potter books. The first book in the series is A Deadly Education. The second book, The Last Graduate, will be published on September 28, 2021.

There Is Greatness In All Of Us

Lets talk about the true hero of the Harry Potter series, Neville Longbottom.

When the children start school, Neville is an eleven-year-old sad sack. He is socially and academically awkward, clumsy, and shy. Though Harry and Neville are both orphans, Harry has definite advantages. Harry has the love of the Weasleys and Dumbledores advice. And Harry is famous, darn it!

Neville doesnt have a special relationship with an adult other than his grandmother. No one expects much of him, including his own family. Neville doesnt seem to be a hero of any sort.

However, Neville slowly gains confidence in himself. He joins Dumbledores Army and is vital in several battles in his 6th and 7th years. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville defies Voldemort. The Sword of Godric Gryffindor appears to Neville. And it is Neville who destroys the last horcrux, allowing Harry Potter to kill Voldemort. People expected little of Neville, but he more than rose to the occasion.

As adults, we are guilty of type-casting children and teens. Oh, shes not good at sports. Math just isnt his thing. Not everyone can be a leader.Except they can. When we have low expectations for children, they will never achieve much. But when we have high expectations and provide the support children need, they can accomplish so much.

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Books Like Harry Potter To Binge On Your Next Vacation

Love Harry Potter? Your next great vacation read is right here.

Its been nearly 25 years since the first Harry Potter book was published, but J.K. Rowlings series remains as popular as ever with kids and adults who cant get enough of the Wizarding World. Filled with unforgettable characters, fascinating creatures, and maddening mysteries, the Harry Potter books have made an enduring mark on fantasy literaturenot to mention leaving millions of readers looking for more books like Harry Potter to read next.

At its heart, the Harry Potter series is a coming-of-age tale that grows along with its young readers. In the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Harry and his friends are 11 years old. Its a great introduction to fantasy books for kids who are roughly the same age. By the last book of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, our favorite characters are all on the cusp of adulthood. The content is darker, written at a higher level, and perfect for readers whove grown up with the Harry Potter series.

The Best Books To Read If You Love Harry Potter

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Magical reads for muggles of all ages.

Whether you’re a reader or an editor at a publishing house, everyone wants to find the next Harry Potter. “Sensation” isn’t even a grand enough word to describe the effect that J.K. Rowling’s 11-year-old wizard with a lightning-bolt scar had on the publishing industryso many people’s lives. “Movement” is more accurate Harry Potter ignited an era.

In the wake of Harry Potter, the YA and children’s literature genre grew exponentially, leading to an abundance of voices and sub-genres that can be found on today’s shelves. Theme parks were built. Movies were made. Perhaps most importantly, the books also created a generation of readers forever invested in Harry Potterand finding books just like them.

However, finding a follow-up to Harry Potteris deceptively hard. It’s not as simple as heading to the Fantasy section of the bookstore or plucking a book set in a mysterious school. What people want when they’re searching for “books like Harry Potter,” is to find a reading experience similar to the one Rowling’s series delivers.

In all likelihood, whenever a Muggle is searching for a book like Harry Potter, they really just want a read that feels like Harry Potter. Below, we’ve gathered the best books that combine Harry Potter‘s genre with its immersive quality. There are picks for all ages, beginning with middle grade and ending with adult. Play the Harry Potter soundtrack, and go forth.

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Worth Reading: The Harry Potter Series By Jk Rowling

There are reasons for not reading J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series: Theyre childrens books youve already seen the movies youre sick and tired of hearing about Harry Potter and just want to leave it alone.

There is no argument against this last reason. I understand the feeling and its your choice. Life will go on.

But youre missing a lot of fun if you dismiss them as childrens books. In the first place, a good childrens book can be just as satisfying for adults as for children. And in the second place, most of the series are not childrens books. The first volume, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is, and maybe the second as well, The Chamber of Secrets. But both are compelling and leave the adult reader wanting to know more. The next five books are darker and despite what publishers or critics say, they are adult. The fact that children read them is a testament to childrens ability to appreciate literature.

As for the movies, theyre very good. Faithful to the books. And it is fun to watch the young actors grow up faithful to their characters over the seven years covered by the series. But if you like to read, immersing yourself in these engrossing books can be addictive.

Its not about the magic

And thats what the books are aboutgrowing up, learning about the real world and facing the evils that threaten us whether we are muggle or magical.

Standing on her own

Harry Potter Fandom Also Paved The Way For The Mainstreaming Of Fandom And Geek Culture

Harry Potter has a tremendously outsized cultural reach: One 2011 survey suggested that a third of all American adults ages 18 to 34 at the time had read at least one of the books. But what really makes Harry Potter stand out is the way people loved Harry Potter.

First and foremost, the series helped make it cool to be a geek. People generally didnt read the Harry Potter books in isolation they wanted to talk about it with their friends, and then find more friends who loved the books as much as they did. This pattern coincided with the rise of Web 2.0 that is, an increasingly interactive and social internet. As more Harry Potter fans became more active online, they made discussion of YA fiction, fantasy, and science fiction seem commonplace.

And Harry Potter fans creativity is still being felt in and outside of the fandom. In the early 2000s, Harry Potter fan forums, fanfiction and fan art archives, and email discussion groups exploded across the internet. Harry Potter conventions drew thousands of fans, and Harry Potter cosplay became a well-known sight at larger geek and comic cons.

A number of Harry Potter fans also went on to make significant marks on mainstream culture. As a member of the University of Michigan theater troupe Starkid, a young Darren Criss starred as Harry Potter in the viral YouTube video A Very Potter Musical, and his popularity catapulted him into the role of Blaine on Glee and a career on Broadway.

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Adult Books Similar To Harry Potter For Fans Of Magic

Looks for adult books similar to Harry Potter? Youve come to the right place!

Harry Potter has become a symbol of magic throughout North America. J.K. Rowling turned childrens books into something it has never been before. Muggle is in many peoples everyday vernacular. Theme parks and plays are just the beginning for the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.

Anyone who read Harry Potter when it first came out, is an adult now. But that does not mean that love of magical books has to disappear with childhood. I first read Harry as an adult and it opened a new world for me. I love books with magic and complicated stories that weave together multiple elements and characters. Rowling is absolutely brilliant at adding tiny pieces of information that become crucial to the story as a whole.

If you love Harry Potter as much as we do, we have more than 20 books for you to indulge in your love of magic.

If you are looking for kids books similar to Harry Potter, check out this post.

Books Like Harry Potter For Younger Kids

Why Does the Harry Potter Books have Adult Versions?

These early readers have large type, cute pictures but are definitely not short on fun. Heidi seems like a regular eight-year-old girl but, she is a witch.

She may not be ready for Hogwarts quite yet, but with 21 books in the series, she is keeping herself occupied in the meantime.

This series of early readers has pictures on almost every page and easy to read language. The Stories, however, are fun and full of adventure.

They are sure to keep your child engaged with fairies, trolls, and mermaids.

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Books Like Harry Potter For Adults That Will Have You Saying Boredom Managed

Fact: you’re never too old to enjoy Harry Potter. If you have yet to enter the world of Hogwarts, it’s never too late to get started, but if you’ve already made your way through all seven books more times than you can count, it might be time for something new. Fantasy books definitely aren’t written just for kids, and for your reading pleasure, we’ve rounded up some books that are perfect for the adult fantasy-lover. From magic academies to powerful wizards and brave heroes on perilous quests, these 10 adult books reminiscent of Harry Potter are sure to give you all the Hogwarts vibes.

Which Witch By Eva Ibbotson

This is a totally different tale by Ms. Ibbotson. My son didnt love it because he isnt that into romance.

This book is about a handsome wizard who announces a contest to marry the meanest witch of all, but our heroine is a charming and nice witch who cant be mean. Think the bachelor with witches for preteens. Not for my son, but you child might love it!

Yes, we are talking about the same Nicholas Flamel from HP. He really existed, passing away in 1418. but what if he made the elixir of life and has been living all these years?

Another addicting set of stories, this is perfect for those looking for a series.

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A Darker Shade Of Magic By V E Schwab

Kell is the prince of Red London who spends his time delivering messages to the other royals of the other Londons. How many you ask?

  • Grey: No magic and currently ruled by an insane king.
  • Red: magic is held in an especial awe, and a flourishing dynasty exists.
  • White: ruled by whoever has recently murdered their way into power, this version of London fights against magic and magic battles against oppression. As you can guess, this hasnt worked out so well for those who wish to suppress magic.
  • Black: No one speaks of this one anymore.

Unofficially, Kell is a smuggler.

He takes people to see what the other versions of their city look like. Being a smuggler he is no stranger to danger which is good because meeting the cut-purse Delilah Bard introduces him to more than he can bargain with.

If you loved Harry Potter for its world-hopping, then you will certainly enjoy V. E. Schwabs A Darker Shade of Magic.

Dedicated to The ones who dream of stranger worlds this is a splendid tome worth your hard earned ducats and far more important than what you are watching on TV or reading right now .

A Gathering of Shadows finds Red London preparing for the Element Games, a grand and international magical competition

But amidst all the excitement and grand pageantry, Black London has risen the way a shadow that was gone in the night reappears in the morning.

And shes right.

Artemis Fowl By Eoin Colfer

Books like Harry Potter for adults and for kids: best ...

This is another classic fantasy series that you absolutely cant miss. For those who never read the books, the titular Artemis is a preteen genius-slash-billionaire-slash-criminal-mastermind who kidnaps a fairy to ransom for gold. Fowls nefarious nature is a great twist on the precocious youngster uses special gifts to save the world trope so often seen in fantasy YA not to mention it sets the stage for an extremely satisfying redemption arc.

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Storm Runner By Jc Cervantes

Based on Mayan mythology, the Storm Runner trilogy features Zane, a young boy with a physical disability that not only makes it difficult to walk but also challenging to navigate bullying from his peers in middle school. Zane likes exploring the dormant volcano near his home in New Mexico with his dog Rosie, but little does he know the volcano is a gateway to another world. Zane finds himself in the middle of a powerful prophecy that will transport him far away from the life hes always known. Cervantes writing is funny and her characters are likable, says a reader on Amazon. This is a great read for students who like action and adventure. And Kirkus Reviews notes, Zanes incredibly appealing kid voice and wry internal interjections make him easy to root for.

The first book in the series is The Storm Runner, followed by The Fire Keeper and The Shadow Crosser.

Ella Enchanted By Gail Carson Levine

If youve seen the movie but never read the book, do yourself a huge favor and buy it right now. In this young adult fantasy novel, Levine skillfully weaves the tale of Cinderella into a decidedly darker, less Disney-esque tapestry. Our heroine Ella has been cursed to obey every order she receives, even when it endangers her life. She sets off on a quest to reverse the gift, but has to contend with everything from hungry ogres to wicked stepsisters along the way not to mention the constant threat of strangers discovering the curse and using it against her.

Gloriously imaginative and compulsively readable, Ella Enchanted has become just as much of classic as the fairytale it emulates. Its tragically a standalone novel rather than a series, but it could be credited with sparking the modern trend of fairytale retellings. Speaking of which

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If You Think This Harry Potter Hellscape Is All Imaginary Go To ‘platform 9 3/4’ At Kings Cross And Realise You Were Wrong

At King’s Cross train station in London, where the fictional, I repeat, f i c t i o n a l, train to Hogwarts departs from, Warner Bros have a gift shop with an area outside where you can pose for pictures, posing with your hands on the trolley as you rush towards the platform.

It’s a shame, that one of the ingenious moments of the book, has been commodified and left to die spiritually in a ditch. Although they do let you queue up and take a photo for free, you can purchase a “VIP queue jump” lanyard from the website for the exceedingly reasonable £15! What’s more is a staff member stands by all day, waiting to throw the ends of your Hogwarts scarf in the air just as the shutter clicks in order to simulate you running. Magic has well and truly been Avada Kedavra’d.

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Percy Jackson And The Olympians By Rick Riordan

The Weirdest Things Cut From the Harry Potter Books | OSSA Movies

Rick Riordans Percy Jackson and the Olympians is one of the most popular series to read after Harry Potter. Like the characters in the Harry Potter books, Percy Jackson grows older as the series progresses, with Percy starting as a 12-year-old in the first book and growing older with each book. In the first book, Percy discovers that his father is the Greek god Poseidon and is sent to Camp Half-Blood with other kids of divine parentage. From there, he goes on a quest to the Underworld to retrieve a stolen lightning bolt. The five-book series consists of The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titans Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian.

If you are a Potterhead, or if you like magic-related books, youll definitely not get bored, raves one reviewer on Amazon, though others note that this series is less likely to appeal to older teens and adults than J.K. Rowlings more complex Harry Potter books.

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