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Who Is My Harry Potter Character

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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Which Harry Potter Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave Hogwarts to complete Dumbledore’s task: to search for and destroy Voldemort’s remaining four Horcruxes, then find and kill the Dark Lord. The three pit themselves against Voldemort’s newly formed totalitarianpolice state, an action that tests Harry’s courage and moral character. Voldemort’s seizure of the Ministry of Magic leads to discriminatory and genocidal policies against Muggle-borns, fuelled by propaganda and fear. According to J. K. Rowling, telling scenes are when Harry uses Cruciatus Curse and Imperius Curse, unforgivable curses for torture and mind-control, on Voldemort’s servants, and also when he casts Sectumsempra on Draco Malfoy during the bathroom fight in the sixth book. Each time shows a “flawed and mortal” side to Harry. However, she explains, “He is also in an extreme situation and attempting to defend somebody very good against a violent and murderous opponent.”

Harry experiences occasional disturbing visions of Draco being forced to perform the Death Eaters’ bidding and feels “…sickened…by the use to which Draco was now being put by Voldemort,” again showing his compassion for an enemy.

Your Favourite Harry Potter Characters

AbbyOf course my favorite character has to be Professor Snape! I would have to choose this amazing character because he, in the beginning, has a very mean and aggresive attitude. When I would read the Harry Potter series and Snape would ruin another event for Harry I would get very mad at Snape. But, all that changed once I read about Snape’s death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows it brought tears to my eyes. Snape brought even more tears to my eyes when I read about him risking his life every day to protect Harry, and loving Lily Evans until the day he died. My favorite lines have to be before he dies when Snape says, “Look at me.” I also like the line that Harry says aboutProfessor Snape in the last chapter as a adult: “One of them was aSlytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.” So most definately without a doubt Professor Snape IS THE BEST CHARACTEREVER!!!

OliviaWithout doubt my favourite Harry Potter character is Kingsley Shacklebolt… Mysterious, powerful, brave and loved and respected by the wizarding and muggle community alike… If Vernon Dursley respects him then he has achieved the miraculous!

MayurMy favourite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood. I love her voice and her hair and she helps Harry Potter in various situations. She is loyal and honest to everyone that I like the most. I just love her.

Lupin and Sirius would have to tie for my second favorite.

Luke:Hagrid, just because he’s such a lovable character.


Fred & George Weasley

You showed the closest resemblance to Fred and George Weasley. They are the twin brothers of Ron, who were always pulling pranks.

They are best known for their senses of humor and for their love of pranks. We see their comedic efforts throughout the series.

In terms of negative traits, some of their pranks could be cruel. They were also not ones to follow any rules and could cause a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately, Fred passed away at the very end of the series. His legacy will remain forever though.

If you got Fred and George on this quiz:

Chances are that you love to goof around and dont take things too seriously. If there is a practical joke pulled, you are the first person that gets blamed based on your history.

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What Was Your Childhood Like

Scroll down to answer

  • It was very lonely and difficult.
  • Overall it was positive. I loved my family a great deal, even though we had some struggles.
  • I had a huge family, so there was always chaos in my house.
  • Relatively quiet and focused. My parents supported me, and I never pushed boundaries too much.
  • I did not get along well with my family. I often felt out of place or like an outsider.

Who Is My Harry Potter Enemy Quiz

Happy Birthday to the character that changed my life ...

“Who is my Harry Potter enemy quiz. ” J. K. Rowling’s wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter is filled to the brim with extraordinary characters, both on the good side of magic and, of course, on the more sinister side. If you were dropped into the mystical school of Hogwarts, where would you find yourself in the battle? Take the quiz to see who your Harry Potter enemy is!

  • You have a big test for the next period that you forgot about. You…
  • A.& nbsp

    Study during the last five minutes of class while everyone else is talking.

  • B.& nbsp

    You make a cheat sheet.

  • C.& nbsp

    You text your friend who just took the test and ask for the answers.

  • D.& nbsp

    You explain to your teacher that you completely forgot about the test and ask if you can stay after school the next day to re-take it.

  • 3. A person spreads a nasty lie about you, and the whole school hears it. You…
  • A.& nbsp

    Ignore it because you know it will go away soon.

  • B.& nbsp

    Hunt the person down and punch them.

  • C.& nbsp

    Try to explain to everyone that the lie isn’t true.

  • D.& nbsp

    Spread a nasty lie about the person.

  • 4. Your parents planned a big family trip, but you don’t want to go. You…
  • A.& nbsp

    Smile and act as you do.

  • B.& nbsp

    Tell them that you think the trip sounds stupid.

  • 5. You spend your free time…
  • A.& nbsp
  • You fail a test in math. You…
  • A.& nbsp

    Ask the teacher for a re-test and promise to never fail again.

  • B.& nbsp

    When you get home, you cry and study super hard for the next test.

  • B.& nbsp

    I will get angry and abuse him.

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    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    In the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Rowling uses a time travel premise. Harry learns that his parents were betrayed to Voldemort by their friend Peter Pettigrew, who framed Harry’s godfather Sirius Black for the crimes, condemning him to Azkaban, the wizard prison. When Sirius escapes to find Harry, Harry and Hermione use a Time Turner to save him and a hippogriff named Buckbeak. When Pettigrew escapes, an innocent Sirius becomes a hunted fugitive once again. Harry learns how to create a Patronus, which takes the form of a stag, the same as his late father’s.

    Some Quiz Results From Our Readers

    Here are results from some of our readers on :

    • : I got Harry Potter and that fits pretty well as I love reading and learning!
    • I got Ron Weasley and am happy with my answer. I love making people laugh, so I think this fits pretty well.
    • Neville Longbottom was always my favorite character so it is an honor to have a similar personality.

    So, which Harry Potter character are you? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to let your friends know on social media! We would also love to know if you have any male characters that you think we should add to this character quiz. We are open to expanding it so we can include more of the most popular characters.

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    Who Is Your Inner Harry Potter Character Are You Harry Potter Or Maybe You Are Luna Lovegood Find Out Right Here

    Which of these words best suites to your personality?

    Selfish, outspoken but kind on the inside

    bookworm, intelligent and happy to share your knowledge

    Funny but often immature and insensitive

    Brave and kind-hearted

    Loyal, shy and not always so much self-confidence

    Strong willed, brave but sometimes a little shy

    resentful, vindictive and never, ever, ever think of love

    Pick a wand.

    Where would you like to live?

    In a pretty little house with your grandma

    In a dark big house next to the castle with your mom and dad

    In the suburbs with your little family

    In a dark castle where you would be the king

    At Hogwarts school of wizardry and witch craft

    In the city

    In a cottage at the countryside with your entire family

    What Hogwarts House do you belong in?


    Which is your favorite spell?

    “Avada kedavra”

    How many family members do you have?

    Three or less

    Which of the Harry Potter films / books is your favorite?

    “Harry Potter and the half blood prince”

    “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets”

    “Harry Potter and the deathly hallows “

    “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”

    “Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix”

    “Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban”

    “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    You are a brave, kind-hearted person with a lot of caring for others. You are a person that everyone wants to be friends with. You enjoy the spotlight sometimes but it could also be hard for you to have everyone’s attention.

    Ronald Weasley

    Ronald Weasley

    Magical Abilities And Skills

    Which Harry Potter Character is my soulmate?

    Throughout the series, Harry Potter is described as a gifted wizard apprentice. He has a particular talent for flying, which manifests itself in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the first time he tries it, and gets him a place on a Quidditch team one year before the normal minimum joining age. He captains it in his sixth year. In his fourth year , Harry is able to confront a dragon on his broomstick.

    Harry is also gifted in Defence Against the Dark Arts, in which he becomes proficient due to his repeated encounters with Voldemort and various monsters. In his third year, Harry becomes able to cast the very advanced Patronus Charm, and by his fifth year he has become so talented at the subject that he is able to teach his fellow students in Dumbledore’s Army, some even older than him how to defend themselves against Dark Magic. At the end of that year, he achieves an ‘Outstanding’ Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L., something that not even Hermione achieved. He is a skilled duellist, the only one of the six Dumbledore’s Army members to be neither injured nor incapacitated during the battle with Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He also fends off numerous Death Eaters during his flight to the Burrow at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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    Does Your Self Image Match Up With The Way Others View You

    Scroll down to answer

    • People tend to think that Im very in control or powerful, but I often feel lost and confused.
    • People think Im intimidating, but I see myself as an underdog.
    • Yes, I think other people see me as a bit goofy which I am.
    • People underestimate me. They know that Im funny, but they miss my talent.
    • People completely misunderstand me. They think Im dangerous, but Im more gentle than theyd imagine.

    /13capricorn: Snape Or Voldemort

    People never quite know what’s going on in your head, but that doesn’t bother you – just like Snape. Your ambition can be seen as cold or even calculating, but you are also capable of all-consuming love. In addition, you are a very independent sign and are prone to being intolerant of others. If this is you, you are quite similar to Lord Voldemort.

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    How Do You Feel About Kids

    Scroll down to answer

    • I love kids! Sometimes I think Im just a big kid myself. I especially feel empathy for kids who get bullied or treated badly. I always want to hug them.
    • They can definitely be a handful. I love them, but theyre exasperating.
    • I try to see the potential in young people. They inspire me.
    • There are times I struggle to understand children. Ive had such a complicated life, its hard to connect with them.
    • The more the merrier!

    There Are Over 700 Characters In The Hp Universe Can We Figure Out Your Favorite

    Who would be my Harry Potter Boyfriend? in 2020

    How would you describe yourself?


    Do you prefer TV or books?


    Choose an era of Harry’s hair:

    How do you like spending your Friday nights?

    Spending time in nature

    Choose a Defense against the Dark Arts professor:


    Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood

    Your favorite character is Luna Lovegood. You love Luna for her zany and unique personality, as well as for her fierce loyalty to her family and friends. She takes no issue with being different from everyone else as long as it means being herself, and finds that true friends love and accept you for who you are. You love her silly magical gadgets and trivia she learns from The Quibbler, as well as her great bravery standing up for what’s right, and find that whenever she’s mentioned on the page the scene instantly becomes delightful.

    Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy

    Your favorite character is Draco Malfoy. You love Draco because he’s so complicated under his tough and often dark exterior. You’ve seen him struggle with the concept of right and wrong, good and evil, all throughout the books and his attempt to suppress his good side to please his family fascinates you and makes him an interesting character in your eyes. He may be a bully, but deep down he’s much more complicated, and you love him for the good you know is within.

    Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger

    Albus Dumbledore

    Albus Dumbledore

    Neville Longbottom

    Neville Longbottom

    Fred & George Weasley

    Fred & George Weasley

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Rubeus Hagrid

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    Did You Know That Hogwarts Is Based On A Real British University

    It may be hard to believe that there are universities as extravagant as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the school was actually based on Oxford University. Some locations in Harry Potter were even filmed at this thousand-year-old university, including the Hogwarts library, infirmary, and many of the hallway scenes. While The Great Hall in Hogwarts was not filmed in Oxford, it was directly modeled on the Christ Church Dining Hall at the university. What may be even more surprising is that the uniforms that the students of Hogwarts wear are not far off from the academic robes and formal dress Oxford students have to present for exams and official ceremonies. Unfortunately, the magic practiced at Hogwarts was not inspired by Oxford and it’s unlikely that its students will be seen riding brooms and playing Quidditch.

    Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

    Harry first appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Starting in 1981, when Harry was just one year old, his parents, James and Lily, were murdered by the most powerful Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort . He attempted to kill Harry too, but was unsuccessful and only left a lightning bolt shaped scar on Harry’s forehead. Voldemort’s body was destroyed, but his soul was not. Harry later learns that the reason why he survived was that his mother sacrificed herself for him, and her love was something that Voldemort could not destroy.

    According to Rowling, fleshing out this back story was a matter of reverse planning: “The basic idea Harry … didn’t know he was a wizard … and so then I kind of worked backwards from that position to find out how that could be, that he wouldn’t know what he was… That’s… When he was one year old, the most evil wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years attempted to kill him. He killed Harry’s parents, and then he tried to kill Harryhe tried to curse him…. Harry has to find out, before we find out. And for some mysterious reason, the curse didn’t work on Harry. So he’s left with this lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and the curse rebounded upon the evil wizard who has been in hiding ever since”.

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    Why Use This Test

    1. Free. This online Harry Potter Character Test is provided to you free of charge and will allow you to obtain your scores as related to seven major Harry Potter characters.

    2. Based on real psychometric items. This test was developed using genuine psychometric items and supported by peer-reviewed academic research as published in scientific journals.

    3. Statistical controls. Test scores are logged into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the test is performed to ensure maximum validity and accuracy of the results.

    4. Developed by professionals. The current Harry Potter Character Test was created by researchers and psychology professionals who work with psychometrics.

    This test is also available in the following languages:

    Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Would Be Your Boyfriend


    Harry Potter? Ron Weasley? Draco Malfoy? Neville Longbottom? It’s time to find out who your Harry Potter boyfriend really is.

    The final Harry Potter book may have come out back in 2007 but the franchise lives on in the Fantastic Beasts series, Cursed Child and, most importantly, our hearts. Whether your bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the day it came out, saw every movie at the cinema, or came to the wizarding world later in life, it’s hard to imagine life without Harry Potter.

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    Which Harry Potter character would be your boyfriend though? Is Harry the man of your dreams or is Ron? Do you fantasise about a life with Draco or Neville? Would you support Victor in the Triwizard Tournament or Cedric? Are you a Dean type of girl or is Bill your guy? There’s only one way to find out for sure. Take our 100% accurate Harry Potter boyfriend quiz.

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    Harry Potter Character Test

    The Harry Potter Character Test is an unscientific and just for fun personality assessment that will determine which of seven characters you most closely resemble.

    Online Harry Potter tests and quizzes have flourished due to the continued popularity of the franchise. This test differs from many others that may appear comparable at first glance, in that it was crafted using genuine psychometric items.

    Who is your Harry Potter personality match? For each of the following statements, indicate your level of agreement below.

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