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How Harry Potter 7 Should Have Ended

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Every Harry Potter Movie Ranked

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

As with the Harry Potter books, opinions on which entries in the series are the best are incredibly varied and subjective. As a result, ranking the Harry Potter movies by their IMDb user scores reveals a remarkable consistency in fan response, with all eight instalments clustered between 7.4 and 8.1 out of 10.

The two Fantastic Beasts movies are noticeably the least loved releases spawned from JK Rowling’s Wizarding World, a fact perhaps reflected by the second movie’s near 20% drop at the box office compared to its predecessor .

The more successful of the two, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, made less money than all-but-one of the Potter movies . But, seeing as it had 12 years of inflation on its side, its debatable whether it actually outperformed the earlier film.

But There’s Still Hope For Our Heroes

Harry’s situation does have a strong silver lining, at least. After rescuing the wandmaker Ollivander and the Goblin banker Griphook from Bellatrix’s clutches as well as retrieving the Sword of Gryffindor the group has a solid lead in destroying Voldemort’s remaining horcruxes. One of them happens to be locked in the vaults of Gringotts Bank. Even when it seems like they’re on their own, our heroes still have a chance of bouncing back.

At the same time, Harry also has allies working towards his benefit behind the scenes. His friends at Hogwarts and in the Order of the Phoenix still exist. This means that while the situation seems as desperate as it can get from Harry’s perspective, he and his friends aren’t actually the only ones resisting Voldemort. Unbeknownst to them, many things are actually lining up in their favor.

Hermione Is A Better Match Than Ginny

This is probably beginning to look like a Weasley hate article, but we assure you, we’re only trying to look at things from an unbiased perspective. The above heading will probably resonate most with those fans, who choose to use the screen adaptations as reference. Let’s be reasonable: Ginny Weasley was a complete shadow of herself in the movies. What can we really say about her? Can we characterize her somehow? What made her unique from anyone else? In the books, she was kind of a cool kid and you could sort of justify her appeal to Harry, but nonetheless – she could hardly compete with Hermione.

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They Shared A First Kiss With One Another

Ok, we understand that it would be childish to believe that just because one friend kissed the other as her first kiss, and the other then did the same with her, this should be reason enough for them to stay together for ever and ever. Of course not. However, in this case we will very much try to exploit the fact, because they were simply meant to be. Put this together with all of the other sings that were mentioned in this list and it becomes evident that Harry and Hermione were destined for each other.

Ginny Weasley: Cho Chang

How The Harry Potter Series Should Have Ended

Ginny and Cho don’t share many scenes together where they aren’t part of a larger group, but these two women would easily find a lot to bond over – beginning with their relationship with Harry. Having both loved him and supported his cause, they can both be assured that they have similar values.

They may not be in the same Hogwarts house, but Ginny and Cho fought together in Dumbledore’s Army. In The Order Of The Phoenix, both girls get to show off their fighting skills and intelligence. Their matched intellect – as well as their relatively serious but still gentle demeanors – would make them a great couple.

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He Didn’t Need The Resurrection Stone

Upon going gentle into that good night, Harry awakened in what appeared to be a milky white vision of King’s Cross Station, where he’d hopped onto Platform 9¾ so many times before. Dumbledore awaited him with news that he’d successfully killed off the part of Voldemort that remained inside of him in the process of dying, and that he had a choice to board a train back to the realm of the living or to just move on … to where, he didn’t say.

Harry, knowing his battle wasn’t done, opted for the former. He left behind the scaly, fetal version of Voldemort that had infected his brain for so long, and used his perceived death to gain an advantage as Hagrid carried him back to the school, with an unknowing Voldemort bragging about his conquest to garner new recruits from the ravaged student pool.

Why No One Seems Too Upset When Hagrid Carries Harrys Body Back

In what is, supposedly, one of the most wrenching scenes in the film, Hagrid carries Harrys body back to Hogwarts.

Whats strange about this scene, however, is that most of those gathered there dont seem particularly upset by the fact that Harry, the most important person in the entire series, is apparently dead. This would make sense if everyone knew he was still alive, but as it is its a rather jarring and strange feeling to have during this pivotal moment.

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Ron Has Jealousy Issues

Don’t get us wrong, this list isn’t about hating our favorite redhead. We love Ron Weasley just as much as the next person and are convinced that the series would be horribly crippled without him. But since he is the one who ended up paired with Hermione, and we’re trying to advocate Harry’s candidacy for that spot, it’s only fair that we compare the two. And let’s be very honest here: Ron has had his jealousy outbursts on several occasions throughout the years. And who wants to be stuck with a crazy jealous person? That’s right: no one. So, why not just agree that Hermione wouldn’t have to worry about provoking her significant other, if that other were Harry Potter.

The Epilogue 23 Years Later

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Ailsa wrote an ending where she tried to explain certain details that some of the main characters experienced, such as the emotional sequels after the war of Hogwarts.

In this fanfiction, Harry becomes a Quidditch player and later returns to Hogwarts to teach and be a director. Hermione has a successful career in politics and then as a writer, while Ron discovers a great talent for domestic magic.

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Book : Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsBy J.K. RowlingPublisher: Arthur A. Levine Books784 pages$34.99

When it hit the shelves: July 21, 2007

What happens in the book: The seventh and final installment in the Harry Potter series opens with a dark scene at the Malfoys’, where Voldemort is awaiting Snape’s report on Harry’s whereabouts. The Dark Lord is back in power, and his reach threatens even those in the Muggle world at No. 4 Privet Drive, Harry convinces his aunt and uncle to go into hiding. As the family departs, Dudley thanks Harry for saving his life. The Order of Phoenix arrives to escort Harry to safety, but they are attacked by Death Eaters. Harry, Hermione and Ron apparate to the Burrow, home of the Weasleys.

While the Weasleys prepare for Bill and Fleur Delacour’s wedding, Harry, Ron and Hermione strategize ways to destroy the five remaining Horcruxes. To their surprise, they discover that Dumbledore, the beloved headmaster of Hogwarts, has left them items in his will: Hermione, a children’s book Ron, a Deluminator and Harry, Gryffindor’s sword and a Golden Snitch. Bill and Fleur’s wedding reception is ambushed by Death Eaters, and Harry, Ron and Hermione barely escape. They start on their quest to find the first Horcrux on their list, Salazar Slytherin’s locket, and steal the Gryffindor sword from the Ministry of Magic. They find out the sword is a fake, but they manage to steal the locket from Dolores Umbridge.

The Players:

The Magic Gadgets:

 Miral Sattar

They Intuitively Understand Each Other

This is probably the most intimate and sacred thing a couple could share. What could possibly be more romantic and meaningful than a bond so special that allows two people to understand each other without words? I mean, not even words are enough sometimes to make some people comprehend what the other wants, but we’ve seen plenty of example throughout the series where Harry and Hermione were able to guess each other’s intentions, when no one else could have even suspected them. Just take the time, when Hermione took Umbridge to the Enchanted forest with the secret plan to encounter some dangerous beings. Harry was onto her immediately and trusted her to fulfill her plan.

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The Ending Of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Explained

Though it’s technically the first half of the conclusion to the “Harry Potter” series, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” doesn’t have quite the grandiose finale one might expect. Exciting, intense events transpire for Harry Potter and his friends in this film, yet none of them really put a bow on anything. The 2010 movie feels more like connective tissue than anything else.

This makes sense, really after all, it is just the first part of a two-part story. Still, the first halves of similarly two-part finales don’t always end on such ambiguous notes as “Deathly Hallows Part 1” does. Take a look at the end of “Avengers: Infinity War” for proof: Its finale feels just as conclusive as its second half’s. In contrast, the bulk of “Deathly Hallows Part 1” sets up what fans will see later on, while its ending remains loose and downbeat. In this regard, the film succeeds beautifully and uniquely.

Harry Potter: Who Each Main Character Should Have Ended Up With

Harry Potter (AU)

At the end of the last Harry Potter film, some of the characters have married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

The wizarding world of Harry Potteris vast and populated with diverse characters from all walks of life. At the end of the last film, only a few couples are confirmed, while the fates of other characters are unknown. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are among those who have all married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

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Other characters don’t end up with anyone, either because they die too soon, or simply because they don’t have any romantic storylines in the series. Fans have their own opinions about which characters should have ended up with whom, but even these pairings aren’t always examples of healthy relationships. Some characters would be better off alone than in an unfulfilling relationship.

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Harry’s Final Thought In The Last Chapter Of ‘deathly Hallows’ Proves How Limited His Success Was

In the last sentence of “Deathly Hallows” before the series’ epilogue, we learn Harry’s thoughts after the Battle of Hogwarts:

“… He turned away from the portraits, thinking now only of the four-poster bed lying waiting for him in Gryffindor Tower, and wondering whether Kreacher might bring him a sandwich there …”

Kreacher is essentially Harry’s personal slave. In the Wizarding World, house-elves are imprisoned and forced to do manual labor, despite the fact that wizards could easily accomplish those tasks using, you know, magic.

But hierarchies aren’t about pragmatism. They’re about power. In this world, that means maintaining the status of “pure-blood” wizards.

Voldemort used wizard-supremacist ideals to justify his brutal ascent to power, and Harry spends his entire adolescence fighting to defeat him. But mere hours after his ultimate triumph, Harry endorses the very system that Voldemort personified … because he wants a snack.

But maybe we should cut Harry some slack. After all, he was only 17 when he cast the charm that ended Voldemort’s life. And the battle that the house-elves also fought in must have been tiring.

How To Watch Harry Potter Movies Online

Since September 1, all eight of the Harry Potter movies are available to stream on HBO Max in the US which is hardly surprising, seeing as the Warner Bros-owned streaming platform will consider the hit franchise as an excellent way to attract new subscribers. The movies were previously available via the Peacock service, though, and you can also rent or buy the series on services like Amazon.

In the UK, you can’t currently stream the Harry Potter movies, but you can rent or buy them on Amazon, iTunes and more. HBO Max is expected to launch on British shores soon, but we’re unsure when that’ll be The complete Harry Potter series is also available on Blu-Ray.

Meanwhile, the two Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t currently streaming in the US or the UK.

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Voldemort Defeated By Love

This ending is very similar to the original, but in this one, Thisisemmie makes it possible for the three friends to fight against Voldemort together. This last battle is dominated by love and Hermione gives a speech about what it means for them to risk their lives for the safety of their loved ones.

The final curse was pronounced by all three at the same time, and after they were able to defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, all their friends joined them to celebrate that the Dark Mark was no longer threatening in heaven.

Harry Isnt Attracted To Hermione Like He Is To Ginny

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

There are many factors that go into a successful relationship and one of those is physical attraction. Without this, a relationship is essentially platonic. And Harry just isnt attracted to Hermione the way he is to Ginny. He never sees her as anything more than a friend. Similarly, Hermione never thinks of Harry the way she thinks of Ron.

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Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

“If Sirius had just revealed himself to Harry at the beginning of the movie or book, they couldve avoided the rest of the series, and Voldemort wouldnt have come back.

“‘Harry, it is I, Sirius Black, your godfather. I was framed for giving up your parents to Lord Voldemort by a man named Peter Pettigrew, who is currently disguised as a rat and living with a family called the Weasleys. You know them? Your best friend? You dont say.'”

How Harry Potter Could Have Ended

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As much as I loved the Harry Potter series, the ending always felt a bit tooneat to me. Spoiler alert , the good guys win, only minor characters die, and everyone grows up and has little kids named after their parents heroes.

It works within the context of the story, and I never thought Harry should die in the end, but there needed to be just a bit more to it, I thought. Perhaps this is that something. A Harry Potter uber-fan came up with this alternate ending thats based on the central prophecy of the books. Between Harry Potter and Voldemort, neither can live while the other survives. What if that was taken a step further? What if Harry killing Voldemort had anunintended side effect?

See the full image that explains everything below. Its a bit too trippy for the existing series, but its a cool thought:

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Why The Harry Potter Film Epilogue Never Stood A Chance

When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was filmed, the production team struggled with its famed “19 Years Later” epilogue.

After seven books, eight films, a theme park, and the creation of a veritable merchandising empire, you can hardly blame the Harry Potter production team for wanting to go out on a high note with the final installment of the beloved film franchise. But one final mountain loomed ominously before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II could wrap: the dreaded epilogue.

This 19 years later segment closes the final Harry Potter book with Harry and company at Kings Cross, sending their own children to Hogwarts. In theory, it provides closure, a happy ending for Harry, and the satisfaction of continuity with another generation of witches and wizards off to school. In practice, it was an absolute beast to film. For one, no one knew the best approach to handle the hair or the makeup required to age the 20-something cast into believable 39-year-old parents of 11-year-olds.

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Will The Harry Potter Find A Place On Hbo Max

22 Posts That Prove Harry Potter Should Have Ended Up With ...

The newest streaming service joining the likes of Netflix and Disney+ is HBO Max this spring. Since it is under the Warner Bros umbrella, one might imagine it would be the one-stop shop for everything Harry Potter, but at the time of launch only Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald will be available. The original eight movies are currently tied up in an exclusivity deal with NBCUniversal until 2025 and will find a temporary home on Universals own upcoming platform Peacock come July.

Looking to the future of HBO Max, we cant help but wonder if the streaming service will produce original content from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the future. The franchise is among the most profitable for Warner Bros, so they might want to produce more Harry Potter content on the platform to draw in subscribers. We imagine the books could be a great pick for HBO Max to remake into an epic series or maybe another spinoff? HBO Max is also taking big swings with series based on DC comics starring Green Lantern and Justice League Dark.

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