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What Does Draco Malfoy Smell Like

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What Does Hinoki Smell Like

Draco Malfoy-Look What You Made Me Do

It has a charming lemony tone to it that is unusually prominent. The smell alone is healing, but it thankfully lacks the offensive medicinal note commonly associated with therapeutic essential oils. EBs hinoki wood smells like air, paper, dry woods, fresh linens, pine needles, and a cup of lemon tea.

What Is Perfume Alcohol

Perfumers Alcohol is the most popular carrier agent for perfume oils because of its method of application. The alcohol allows your perfume to be spritzed any where you would like to apply your fragrance. As the alcohol in the fragrance evaporates, it carries the scent away from you and allows for a stronger presence.

Let’s Find Out Girls Only

Which house are you in??


Are weak and below wizards

My parents

Which of these are you more likely to wear??

Something frilly and bright!!

How would you describe yourself??


What kind of pretty are you??


Gorgeous with or without makeup!!

Average….. I’m like every other girl…..

Very painted…..

Pretty in a dark way

Naturally attractive!! I don’t like makeup!!

How wealthy are you??

Which would you rather do??

Play Quidditch!!

Chill in the common room…..

Gossip with friends

How would you rather be friends with??


How do you feel about Draco Malfoy??

He’s so hot!!

He really mean to Harry, Ron, and Hermione!!

I love the way he redeems himself during the book. He has such a beautiful story.

He’s a dingus!!

Who’s your favourite character from the series??

Severus Snape

Um…. Draco!! That’s why I’m taking this quiz!!

What colour is you hair??


How emotionally deep are you??

I’m pretty ditzy

I understand people’s emotions but sometimes it’s hard to tell how they feel.

Very deep

He has a crush on you!!

He has a crush on you!!

He would totally have a crush on you!! Congrats!!

He’s friends with you!!

Your probably in Slytherin just like him. But you are nothing more than a friend.

He’s okay with you

He’s probably seen you around but doesn’t like you or hate you…..

He hates you!!

HE HATES YOU!! You’re probably a Potter fan and a mudblood lover!!!!!

He doesn’t even know you exisit….

He doesn’t even know you exisit….

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What Scent Does Kate Middleton Wear

She chose the Orange Blossom scent, Grapefruit scent, and Lime, Basil, and Mandarin scent. Priced at $69, these scented candles must be worth the price if used for a Royal Wedding. According to Harpers Bazar, Kate adores wearing Jo Malones Orange Blossom in everyday life, not just for special occasions.

Is Harry Styles Married To Louis

draco, what does amortentia smell like to you?

According to Larry shippers, Harry Styles, 21, and Louis Tomlinson, 23, have been a couple since the very beginning, but they only officially tied the knot on September 28, 2013. Fans started speculating about a Larry wedding after Harry tweeted this: We dont need no piece of paper from the city hall.

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Are Lou Teasdale And Harry Styles Still Friends

Lou worked as the bands primary hair stylist/makeup artist for years, and travelled the world with them until they went on indefinite hiatus in 2016. The hairstylist, who was close friends with the late Caroline Flack, is still pals with the band mates and regularly hangs out with Harry Styles.

What Perfumes Does Harry Styles Wear

Whilst Harry Styles is meant to be the official face of Guccis Mémoire dune Odeur, he has been caught out wearing Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille. In fact, Harry Styles admitted to wearing the scent all the time before he added: I sleep in it. The same scent has been found to exist in the famous Harry Styles Candle.

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Enter The $30 Dupe For Dior Sauvage

Heres the good news, if youre looking for a Dior Sauvage dupe that actually smells like the real deal and not like some bootleg Draco Malfoy, many sources have one they recommend!

According to a , the Dossier Fresh Woody 2 is apparently an excellent dupe for a fraction of the cost.

At only $29 a bottle, this is definitely a much more affordable splurge to get that supposedly wonderful Malfoy scent.

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like the Dossier Fresh Woody 2 is sold out at the moment and we havent been able to find an online retailer selling it, but scroll down a little further to find some other Dior Sauvage dupes weve been able to find.

The fragrances key notes are as follows:

  • Top Notes : Pink Peppercorns, Bergamot, Pepper
  • Middle Notes : Leather, Nutmeg
  • Base Notes : Amber, Ambroxan, Vanilla

Sounds familiar, no?

To grab a bottle of Dracos supposed signature scent, for the Dior Sauvage product page or for the Dossier Fresh Woody 2.

Why Is Voldemort Quirrells Head

Draco Malfoy | Look what you made me do

Following this failed attempt, Voldemort began a parasitic relationship with Quirrell, in which he attached himself to the back of Quirrells head, to ensure his plans were being followed precisely throughout the year, Quirrell attempted to resist the possession, feeble and futile though his efforts were.

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What Yankee Candle Smells Like Draco

Draco Malfoy: Mahogany Apple The inspiration for this article comes from TikTok, where it became a trend to go to Bath & Body Works to get Mahogany Apple, the candle that users claim smells like Draco Malfoy. Drapple references aside, this fragrance is a crisp blend of fresh woods and green apples.

Why Isnt Dumbledore A Ravenclaw

He learned in a very unfortunate way that power is his weakness and he never accepted a position in the ministry because of it. Maybe an 11 year old Dumbledore would show some characteristics of incredible intelligence, lust for learning, and a desire for power which could be good qualities for Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

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Does Harry Styles Eat Chicken

Musician Harry Stylesa former member of boy band One Directionrevealed in a recent interview with NPR that he no longer consumes animal meat. After performing for the networks Tiny Desk Concert series, Styles sat down with host Stephen Thompson for an interview. I dont eat meat, Styles responded. Yeah.

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These Candles Are Inspired By The Harry Potter Universe

Ðин на доÑ?ке Style

Dont take the title I made for this post too literally. Im not going to be sharing candles that smell like body odors in this post! For all I know, wizards might have some kind of anti-body odor spell anyways.

The candles that we are going to share today are instead just inspired by various characters from the Harry Potter world.

This list will not include other scents that could be found in Harry Potter such as everyones favorite butterbeer scented candles as we will have a separate blog post on those, just as we had for our candles that smell like Disney list.

Now lets get to the list!

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Is Harry Styles Dating Olivia Wilde

February 2021: Olivia and Harry are very happy together.

If anonymous sources are to be believed, then Styles and Wilde are still going strong. A source revealed to People that Wilde and Stylesseem very seriousandspend all their time together. The source explained, is also very happy with Harry.

What Cologne Does Tom Felton Wear

Tom Felton is an English actor and musician who has been acting since the tender age of 10 years old. His fans want to know everything there is to know about the star who rose to fame portraying the character of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films including what cologne he wears.

While its yet to be revealed which specific cologne Tom Felton wears, the star himself confirmed that he is pretty sure he uses one of Tom Fords cologne. Of course, thats according to Tom, but if you ask his fans he wears Sauvage by Christian Dior.

It seems as though Toms fans care more about what cologne he wears than Tom does! If youve ever found yourself wondering what Tom Felton smells like, this article may just have the answer you seek.

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Why Is Harry Potter So Popular With Adults

Some universities even offer Harry Potter-based courses, where the series is academically discussed and analyzed. The first reason that many adults like the series is that many people simply grew up with the series. The series is nostalgic for many adults, bringing back memories of when they were kids.

Is It Possible To Smell Yourself

what draco and astoria’s children would look like

Its nearly impossible to smell yourself, even if youre smelling funky. The receptors in your nose that would normally respond to your own particular brand of smells practically shut down after being bombarded with the same scents for so long. Basically, your nose goes numb to your own stank so you dont go mad.

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Jk Rowling Doesn’t Recommend Going Out With Him

Although Draco was loving towards his parents, J.K. Rowling has said numerous times that she doesnt get why so many fans fall for him, even describing herself as unnerved by it. Despite having a moral core that meets the absolute minimum standards for decency, Draco was not in any way a nice person. She does not discount the appeal of Tom Felton, who plays Draco brilliantly in the films, but even he has said he thinks Ron Weasley would be a much better boyfriend.

I’m not too sure Draco would be a good boyfriend. Ron however?

So What Exactly Does Dior Sauvage Smell Like

Well, this quote from François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator sums it up. According to the official product page, he said to create Sauvage, I used man as my starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity. Like the image of a man who transcends time and fashion.

A man who transcends time and fashion, you say?


If strong and unmistakable masculinity sounds a bit vague for your taste, here is some info from the product page on Sephora:

  • Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody
  • Scent Type: Warm Woods
  • Key Notes: Bergamot, Pepper, Amberwood

They also note that Dior Sauvage is a radically fresh composition that is both raw and noble.

Its a bad boy scent for sure a controversial 2015 ad for it even starred Johnny Depp in a 1 minute video that made viewers pregnant just by watching it.

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Draco Malfoy Scented Candle

Yes, this is the candle that inspired this list. If you are unaware, there was a TikTok video that blew up when someone described a candle that smelled like Draco Malfoy. Since then, brands have been giving their own take on the scent.

This Smells Like Draco Malfoy Candle Cool Girl Candles

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Candles At Bath And Body Works That Smell Like Draco Malfoy

You Will Never Look At Draco Malfoy The Same After ...

Characters as candle scents mahogany le candle draco malfoy characters as candle scents mahogany le bath and body works

Is the draco malfoy candle really worth yes newsbreak mahogany le candle draco malfoy bath body works harry potter candle sho indonesia bath and body works mahogany le candle health beauty perfumes nail care others on carou a dead on diptyque dupe and other tiktok famous candles

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So How Much Does Dior Sauvage Cost

The only problem with buying Dior Sauvage to ensure your Slytherin merch all smell like Draco Malfoy is the price.

On the Dior website here, the Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette retails for $95 USD for a 3.4 oz bottle. The cheapest one is $77 USD for a 2 oz bottle although weve heard Sephora can be generous with samples!

What Does Sugared Amber Smell Like

On the dry down, Sugared Amber Dream smells like a lightly campfire toasted marshmallow. Its very sugary sweet and fluffy with a slightly resinous sweet amber. As it dries down further its more of a plainer, sweet, low quality, synthetic-plasticky vanilla like many others but for a good hour I find it enjoyable.

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What Smell Does Harry Styles Use

September 11, 2021, 11:04 am30.2k Views

By now the world is well aware that Harry looks good, but does he smell good too? Harry Styles wears the cologne he created with Gucci, Mémoire dune Odeur, which smells of vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine, chamomile, musk, and more.

Furthermore, What does Harry Styles smell like in bed?

It smells like roman candles and jasmine. So like anytime I smell it, I feel like a kid again. I feel like everyone has those, Harry added to Dazed. When asked if he wears the fragrance, the 25-year-old insisted he wears it all the time, before adding: I sleep in it.

Secondly, What perfume does Harry Styles wear 2021?

Harry Styles is known for his ability to mix classic looks with a touch of modern, and for taking risks with what he wears. It is no surprise then that Versace Dylan Blue is a perfume that Harry Styles would wear.

In this regard, What does Harry Styles eat?

Harry Styles Diet. Styles follows a pescatarian diet which means he eats things like fish and eggs but avoids meat. He eats this way for health reasons and also because he cares about animal rights. His go-tos are eggs, sushi, veggies, fruit, and whole grains, and he takes a pass on the junk food.

What does Harry Styles smell like Gucci?

What Does Ginnys Amortentia Smell Like

What If Hermione And Draco Malfoy Got Together Instead

We first encounter amortentia in Slughorns classroom during his first potions lesson, and for Harry it smells like treacle tart, the woody scent of a broomstick handle, and something flowery that he thought he might have smelled at the Burrow.

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Other Dior Sauvage Dupes

If the Fresh Woody 2 is still sold out and you want to find yourself a good Draco-esque cologne right away, here are some other options weve been able to find. Unfortunately we havent tested them ourselves, so all well say is to triple check reviews before committing!

He Was A Gifted Occlumens

When we recall the details of Dracos plan to sneak Death Eaters into Hogwarts, we often forget how he managed to keep it a secret. Draco was, while still only a teenager, a very gifted Occlumens, and could keep other wizards out of his head. This was quite unlike Harry, who could never really master Occlumency because he kept his heart on his sleeve, as it were. J.K. Rowling has explained the reason for this difference:

I thought of Draco as someone who is very capable of compartmentalising his life and his emotions, and always has done. So hes shut down his pity, enabling him to bully effectively. Hes shut down compassion how else would you become a Death Eater?The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet interview, 16 July 2005

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What Does Draco Malfoy Smell Like

In the mornings, he smells of mint from his toothpaste and his freshly washed hair holds hints of citrus, while he carries a slight scent of a subtle cologne.

In the afternoon, he smells of parchment and ink and of mandrakes and potions from his studies, of pumpkin juice and chocolates from lunch.

As he enters the Slytherin common room for the evening, he smells of fresh air and grass from quidditch practice, of turkey and cinnamon from dinner.

And lastly, as he lies in his bed at night, he smells of the salinity of tears and his breath holds the unmistakable scent of the Firewhiskey he uses to drowned out the thoughts and emotions he must hide during the day and doesnt want to face at night.

He Was More Jealous Of Harry Than He Let On

Drapple in 2020

Specifically, Draco was jealous of Harry. It was easy to miss because Draco didnt often show his emotions, modelling himself on his cold, confident, calculating father, but J.K. Rowling has confirmed that a lot of his enmity towards Harry stemmed from envy. Draco was brought up to believe he was very special, so it jarred with him that Harry was more admired at school than he was. He was, apparently, also very upset that Harry was a better flier than him, flying being one of the only things Draco could rightfully believe he was actually good at.

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