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How To Make Harry Potter Butterbeer

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What Is Butterbeer In Harrypotter

How to make Butterbeer SUPER EASY – Harry Potter Treat Idea!

In the books, Butterbeer is a drink that the charactersoften enjoy when they go to Hogsmeade, the all-wizarding village. Itsdescribed as being loaded with butterscotch flavor and has a very minimalalcoholic content small enough that the students still drink it, but largeenough to inebriate house-elves. In the books, Butterbeer comes hot or cold. Atthe theme park, you can get it cold or frozen.

Tips For How To Make Pancakes From Scratch

Making buttermilk pancakes with a butterbeer flavor is super easy. But first you have to learn how to make pancake batter.

  • Make a depression or well right in the center of those dry ingredients in the bowl.
  • Then add the applesauce, buttermilk, canola oil, cream soda, vanilla extract, butter extract, caramel extract, and butterscotch topping to the well.
  • Mix everything together just until it’s blended try not to over mix.

What Kind Of Butterscotchsyrup Should I Use For This Recipe

Youll notice some brands have thicker butterscotch, while others seem to have a more liquidy syrup. While a lighter one will be easier to stir into your drink, youll probably find fewer uses for it outside of this recipe, so dont stress too much about what kind to get. If you opt for the thicker syrup, just make sure to stir it into your cream soda until it dissolves fully.

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Tips For This Recipe:

  • Chill all of the ingredients. Having cold soda and syrup will make this get to the perfect frosty consistency.
  • In fact, chill your glasses too! Not required, but it adds a great finishing touch.
  • Try making your own butterscotch syrup. I have a recipe on my site. It can make all the difference.
  • Instead of using ice, freeze cream soda in an ice cube tray.

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Butterbeer At Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

How to make a super simple, quick and easy, homemade ...

Did you know that homemade Butterbeer has magical properties? Butterbeer can cause house elves to become intoxicated. For Muggles, we are safe! It is a sweet treat that you can enjoy cold, frozen, or hot. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter even has Butterbeer ice cream and fudge.

Our favorite is still the original cold and frozen Butterbeer recipes at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I remember visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando at the opening ceremony.

We were seeing the Wizarding World come alive, along with the actors. They were still filming the Harry Potter movies, so all of the actors attended the opening celebration in front of Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. It is amazing! You can see some of the opening ceremony in the video below.

I remember tasting my first Butterbeer that night with the rush of butterscotch flavoring and then the frothy cold on my upper lip. When drinking a frozen Butterbeer, you cannot help it. You always get that Butterbeer mustache. It is that taste of Butterbeer that made me hunt for the perfect Butterbeer recipe to make a home.

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Is There Milk Inbutterbeer

There is no milk in butterbeer, but there is dairy. Depending on your choice of butterscotch syrup, there may be dairy additives inside of it, on top of the cream and butter used in the whipped topping. This recipe can be made dairy-free by using vegan butterscotch and swapping out the dairy in the topping with dairy-free options. However, you may lose some of the richness in switching over the recipe.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipes That You Can Make At Home

No need for a trip to Hogsmeade, you can make Harry Potters favourite boozy beverage right from home. Cheers!

Made with spiced rum and butterscotch schnapps, this Butter Beer recipe has the perfect amount of sweetness but is also strong enough to inebriate anything larger than a house elf.

This version of Butterbeer, that uses cream soda, caramel, and butterscotch, tastes exactly like the Butterbeer they sell at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. And its non-alcoholic, perfect for anyone to enjoy!

This alcoholic Butterbeer recipe is a cocktail version of the Harry Potter Butterbeer. It is a sweet and yummy drink perfect for any grown up wanting to bring out their inner wizard.

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Scrumptious Butterbeer Recipe For Everybody

Were internet hosting a Harry Potter themed party this 12 months, and also you higher consider Im serving up some kid-safe, non alcoholic butterbeer, although we left some particular notes for adults who need a extra grown up model of this scrumptious drink.

Folks of all ages love this tasty drink as a result of its tremendous candy! The perfect half is, we dont need to journey to the Three Broomsticks to get pleasure from this home made butterbeer recipe!

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe Conclusion

Butterbeer from Harry Potter | How to Drink

The Harry Potter Butterbeer recipe is among one of our favorites here at The Daily Prophet. In fact, during the winter months of October through February we keep it on tap in the Leaky Cauldron on Charing Cross Rd, so that our staff writers can enjoy it during their off hours. If you have never been before we recommend telling the Innkeeper Tom that we sent you, for a free pint of Butterbeer.

Have you tried this recipe? If so, leave it a rating and comment below. We would love to hear how it sorted out for you.


The Daily Prophet is a wizarding newspaper based in London, England. It is the primary source of news for British and Irish wizards and costs 2 Sickles. The current Chief in Editor is Selevas Amagus, who works in the main office in Diagon Alley.

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The Butterscotch Soda Base

If you look closely at a butterbeer, theres bubbles in that golden ichor. I think its pretty well established that the base ingredient is cream soda. Again, there are also some flavors in there that arent just cream soda. Im going for a heavier butterscotch content here. Im also going to add butter. Not sure if its in the real thing, but I like butter and I think its cool to have butter in butterbeer.

For my recipe, I used 2 big beer steins. If you are going for something handier, Id suggest cutting it in half at least. You can always freeze the leftovers and try it as frozen butterbeer later!

Notes From Our Experience Making Butterbeer At Home

Making this Butterbeer Recipe with Alcohol for Adults

I did say this diy butterbeer was for adults too, and while this is fine as is, you could make this an adult drink and add butterscotch schnapps to your butterbeer or some vanilla vodka.

Its a fun adult spin on the drink that still leaves the sweet fun. Youll only want to add a little bit or else it may change the flavor.

Make the Butterbeer Sweeter

If you want a sweeter whipped cream you can also add a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar and pure vanilla extract to the heavy whipped cream mixture.

How this Butterbeer Recipe Compares with Universal Studios

After having both the butterbeer in Universal and trying this butterbeer recipe, it tastes just like the real thing. This simple recipe will make you the most popular drink in the Harry Potter world that I think all Harry Potter fans will love.

This really is the best butterbeer recipe I have come across.

If butterbeer isnt your thing, give this Pumpkin Juice a try. It tastes a lot like apple cider. Yum!

These two sweet Potterhead drinks, butterbeer and pumpkin juice, would be fun to make for a Harry Potter viewing party .

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Why This Recipe Works

If you have not made this butter beer recipe yet, you must! It is great for birthday parties , desserts and hot summer weekends.

I read through the entire Harry Potter series twice before tasting an actual sip of Butterbeer with my own lips. Reading through the books, I drooled every time the delicious drink was described. Butterbeer! what a dreamy sounding drink!

The name sounds slightly naughty like maybe kids shouldnt indulge, but they can. Because its allllll glorious sugar thats hidden inside.

My boys and I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in November and one of the first things we did was order a couple cups of the sweet nectar, along with a few chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice and a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.

Since our return home, my boys have been asking for me to make the homemade version of the famous Harry Potter drink and we finally got it done over winter break.

I have since made it for TWO different birthday parties and Ive run out of ingredients very quickly both times. Our version tastes very much like the original. It is sugary, cold, dreamy and buttery all at once.

Delicious Butterbeer Recipe For Everyone

Harry Potter: Butterbeer

We are hosting a Harry Potter themed birthday party this year, and you better believe I am serving up some kid-safe, non alcoholic butterbeer, though we left some special notes for adults who want a more grown up version of this delicious drink.

People of all ages love this tasty drink because its super sweet! The best part is, we dont have to travel to the Three Broomsticks to enjoy this homemade butterbeer recipe!

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The Best Butterbeer Recipe

Walking around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure, you feel like you just stepped into the Harry Potter book series!

All of the shops and restaurants are just like you would imagine them. We loved walking through Hogwarts and Gringotts and trying out our magical wands in special places around the parks!

Planning a trip to Universal Orlando? Then be sure to check out my Tips for Visiting Universal Orlando and Tips for Visiting Universal Orlando During the Holidays! You wont want to go without reading these first!

When we were wandering the streets of Hogsmeade, we saw people lining up at a cart. What were they waiting for? The famous Butterbeer!

Of course, if all of these people were trying it, we didnt want to miss out. So, we thought we would give it a try and boy were we glad we did! It was seriously a crazy good delicious drink!

Are you Harry Potter obsessed? Then be sure to see all of these great Harry Potter Recipe and Craft Ideas!

Variations / Options / Add

  • SALTED BUTTER: You can switch this out for unsalted butter, but add a pinch or two of salt to help offset the sweetness.
  • You will need a 7 ounce jar of marshmallow cream for this recipe.
  • CARAMEL SYRUP/ICE CREAM TOPPING: I prefer using the thick caramel ice cream topping, but any chocolate syrup will work.

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Ingredients For Harrypotter Butterbeer

  • Butterscotch Syrup: Butterscotch is the most important ingredient in this recipe. Its the very essence of Butterbeer! Youll often be able to find it at the grocery store as a sundae topping, but most stores that sell coffee supplies will also carry a version. Of course, you can always buy it online or make it yourself if you have the time.
  • Cream Soda: Its best to use the golden colorcream soda for the true look of butterbeer. You can find it at most places that sell soft drinks or order it online.
  • Heavy Cream: Heavy cream is super important in this recipe because it whips up, which is crucial to making a solid foam. It can be tempting to switch it out for non-dairy milk, but I wouldnt advise it unless thats the only way you can try this drink.
  • Powdered Sugar: Powdered sugar is going to dissolve easily into your whipped topping to give this drink even more sweetness.
  • Butter: Its called Butterbeer after all! Like heavy cream, butter is used in this recipe to add a real richness and thickness to the whipped portion of this drink, really defining the creamy consistency of the beverage.

Tips For Making Thebest Butterbeer

How To Make Butterbeer from Harry Potter and Universal Studios at Home! | Easiest Recipe!
  • Use golden color cream soda: It will create that golden brown look of the butterbeer drink.
  • Whipped topping: Make sure to beat your heavy cream to stiff peaks, so that it holds on its own, which will end up creating the perfect consistency for your Butterbeer.
  • Dont skip out on the fat: As tempting as it is to want to explore healthier options of our favorite guilty treats, this probably isnt the best recipe to find substitutes. The high-fat content in the heavy cream combined with the butter is going to give this drink the thickness you need for it to not just taste like soda with milk.
  • Make a perfect presentation: Transfer the cream into a zip-top bag. Cut the tip of the bag off at the 1/2-inch mark so that you can easily pipe the cream on top of the drink.

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Wondering How To Make Homemade Buttermilk

We almost never buy buttermilk. We just never use it because I know I can make my own for cooking and baking.

My mom taught me this little trick when I was younger.

Just add about a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to a cup or two of milk I usually use a tablespoon for every 1 to 2 cups of milk. Stir and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

And that’s it! You’ve got buttermilk, or sour milk, for your recipe.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Ingredients

Vanilla ice cream If you stray from vanilla-flavored ice cream, you will alter the taste of the final product. Stick with vanilla if at all possible.

Cream soda Sparkling water mixed with vanilla syrup can replace cream soda, if needed.

Butterscotch topping While the butterscotch flavor is an essential part of this drink, caramel topping can be used in a pinch.

Whipped cream Make your own whipped cream for an even tastier sweet ingredient.

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The Easy Cold Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe


2 Liter Bottle of Cream Soda Chilled1/4 Tsp Carmel Extract

1.) In a bowl or cauldron, whip heavy cream until it forms stiff peaks.2.) Add your favorite butterscotch topping and powdered sugar to the bowl.3.) Mix the caramel and butter extracts with the cream soda until light and frothy.4.) Pour liquid into a mug of your selection, leaving 1/2 inch room for cream and top to taste.

Note: to serve hot, you can heat the liquid on low in what muggles like to call a microwave for 1-2 minutes or you can use a crock pot / cauldron. For more magic in your cup, lightly drizzly butterscotch topping over the foam.


1.) Try adding cinnamon in addition to a butterscotch topping.2.) Some Wizards & Witches prefer the taste of Cayenne in their Butterbeer.3.) If you dont have butter extract, try using real non salted butter.

Copycat Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe

DIY Butterbeer Recipe

This recipe may not be the official butterbeer recipe, but it sure tastes spot on to the parks version. Mix 1/4 tsp of caramel extract with 1/4 tsp of butter extract and 2 liters of chilled cream soda. Pout the mixture into clear cups or mugs.Butterbeer topping recipe: In a large mixing bowl, whip 1 cup of heavy whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks. Add 1/2 cup of butterscotch topping and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and fold together. Once completed, top the drink mixture with the topping, and enjoy!

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How To Make A Homemade Butterbeer

There are tons of recipes out there to make Butterbeer, but none are as easy as this one! Grab your chocolate frogs and get ready for a special treat!

STEP 1: The only thing you really need to do to prep is freezing your cream soda into ice cubes for a few hours before you are ready to make this. Just pour a cup of cream soda into your ice cube trays and freeze until frozen .

STEP 2: Using a blender, take about 2 cups of the cream soda ice cubes, ice cream, imitation butter extract, rum extract, 1 cup of cream soda, butterscotch topping, salt and blend until smooth!

STEP 3: Pour into your favorite mug top with whipped cream and drizzle with butterscotch topping and enjoy!

Here are some answers to some common questions we get about our homemade butterbeer recipe!

Harry Potter Butterbeer Fudge

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Fudge is packed with delicious butterscotch and white chocolate flavors. This smooth and creamy homemade fudge makes bite-size treats that resemble a miniature glass of butterbeer, and will make the little wizards in your life oh so happy!

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Top 5 Butterbeer Recipes You Can Make At Home

One of the best beverages coming out of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Butterbeer! Would you agree?

Butterbeer is a delicious wizard drink, served warm and foaming in tankards or chilled in bottles. You can find Butterbeer in dining locations at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. You can find this sweet treat in the Three Broomsticks, Leaky Cauldron, Hogs Head, and carts throughout the Wizarding World.

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