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Who Is Nicolas Flamel In Harry Potter

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Auberge Nicolas Flamel 51 Rue De Montmorency

The Story of Nicolas Flamel (The Immortal Philosopher) – Harry Potter Explained

Down a winding, cobblestone lined road in Paris, lies a rather unusual house. In fact, this house has stood here in its entirety since 1407. The address is 51 Rue de Montmorency and it is now the site of a restaurant/ hotel which has particularly good ratings online.

It is the best known and only surviving house that the Flamels, who were famed for their philanthropy, owned. Sadly, Flamels wife, Pernelle died decades before him, in 1397. Following her death, he decided to build the house that still stands there today.

After it was discovered that the house at 3 Rue Volta was actually a replica of a much older house, Flamels stone house in the centre of Le Marais became the official oldest house in Paris. If youre looking to explore more of this arrondissement in depth, then be sure to take this free and self-guided Le Marais walking tour of medieval Paris!

How Did Harry Potter Find Out About The Sorcerers Stone

In the forest, Harry comes upon a hooded man drinking unicorn blood. . Harry also learns that it is Voldemort who has been trying to steal the Sorcerers Stone. Harry decides that he must find the stone before Voldemort does. He, Ron, and Hermione sneak off that night to the forbidden third-floor corridor.

Why Is The Sorcerers Stone So Valuable

The Sorcerers Stone, also known as the Philosophers Stone, was one of the most magical objects in the Harry Potter series. The red stone had the ability to turn any metal into pure gold. More importantly, it had the power to create the Elixir of Life, a potion that would make someone drinking it immortal.

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How Did Harry Potter Find Out He Was A Wizard

Harry has to find out, before we find out. . On his eleventh birthday in 1991, Harry learns he is a wizard when Rubeus Hagrid arrives to tell him that he is to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he learns about the wizarding world, his parents, and his connection to the Dark Lord.

Who Was Nicolas Flamels Wife

Nicolas Flamel Explained: Who Is the Ancient Harry Potter ...

Nicolas Flamel had a wife named Perenelle Flamel. She lived from 1320 to 1397 and was married to Nicolas Flamel from 1368 until her death . Though few details are known about Perenelles early life, what is known is that she was actually married twice before she married Nicolas and both husbands had died, leaving her a fairly great sum of money.

With her wealth, she became a great benefactress and supported the creation of many religious sculptures, as well as the construction of religious hostels and churches. It wasnt until the 17th-century, when the legend of Nicolas Flamel being an alchemist emerged that Perenelle, too, was said to also be involved in alchemy.

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What Is The Flamel Cross

The Flamel Cross refers to an alchemical symbol which depicts a cross with a snake or serpent draped around it. Above the cross, detached wings and a crown are clearly visible. More commonly, the cross is referred to as the Serpent Cross, although it has never actually be associated with the real life Nicolas Flamel.

Flamel Was Born During The 14th Century

Nicolas Flamel is said to have been born somewhere around 1300 to 1326 in the French commune of Pontoise. Being of the advanced age of 665 years during the events of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone this makes sense as that would have been the approximate age of the alchemist if he were born during the 14th century.

Historical records, as well as Flamels last will and testament dated 1416, further indicate that he was alive during the 14th century.

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Nicolas Flamel Was A Real Person And He Lived In Paris

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Remember that guy, Nicolas Flamel, from Harry Potter that creates an elixir that lets you live forever? The elixir that Voldemort was willing to kill for? Well, Nicolas Flamel was a real person. And he lived in Paris! You can even still see his house today Heres a brief history of who Nicolas Flamel was, as well as how you can follow in the footsteps of the famous alchemist to this day


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  • + Nicolas Flamel Harry Potter Background 4k

    Nicholas Flamel Scene – Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

    25+ Nicolas Flamel Harry Potter Background 4K. Thus, only together, through their friendship, is the trio able to continue unraveling the mystery behind what the dog is guarding. He was a good friend of albus dumbledore who he granted the stone in order to keep voldemort from taking it.

    So let me know what you think? Harry shook his head, i will write him a letter and inform him i will be at hogwarts on november 3rd to check in as a student and champion for the weighing of the wands. Politic, romance and discoveries abroad !

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    Did Nearly Headless Nick Lose His Head

    Nearly Headless Nick He was originally born in the 15th century to a family of nobles, which he left at the age of 11 to attend Hogwarts. . Nick was then arrested and sentenced to death: a botched beheading that, because of a dull axe, took 45 hacks to kill him, but still didnt sever his head from his body.

    Rue Pernelle & Rue Nicolas Flamel

    Close to Chatelet and near Tour Saint Jacques, two roads have been named for Flamel and his wife. I think that its really lovely that they intersect so that the two lovers are together forever.

    Filled with cafés and green spaces, the roads are picturesque Parisian streets and the perfect place to have a café. Nearby attractions include wandering along the River Seine, exploring Le Marais quarter of the city, and experiencing the shopping area around Châtelet.

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    Flamel Is An Actual Figure From History

    Nicolas Flamel is perhaps the only character in Harry Potter, who has been inspired by a real-life person. A manuscript seller and scribe from 14th century France, Flamel gained notoriety as an alchemist posthumously.

    Many started believing that his abounding wealth was the result of his alchemical genius, as well as the teachings he gained from a book on Hermeticism, written by Abraham the Jew. Furthermore, rumors regarding his immortality started spreading when a band of treasure hunters desecrated Flamels grave the tombstone of which he had designed himself- and reportedly found it to be empty.

    He Met His Wife While Studying At Beauxbatons

    Nicolas Flamel

    It was not only his love for alchemy that Nicolas Flamel discovered while studying at Beauxbatons but also the love of his life. It was in school that he first met with his wife Perenelle Flamel and the two were inseparable ever since.

    They not only stayed married to each other but also partook in the Elixir of Life and remained constant support to each other through many centuries. After the Philosophers Stone was destroyed, they also embraced death together.

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    Who Is The Only Real Person In Harry Potter

    Nicolas FlamelThe only real-life person who is named in the Harry Potter books is Nicolas Flamel. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Flamel is the magician who created the Philosophers Stone. In real life, Flamel was a French scholar and bookseller who lived in the 14th and early 15th centuries.

    Yes The Creator Of The Philosopher’s Stone Also Figures In Muggle History

    Any Harry Potter fan can’t help but squeal in delight after being introduced to the idea that Albus Dumbledore’s friend, Nicolas Flamel was in fact a real person at some point in time 1330 to be precise.

    Though a successful scribe and manuscript-seller by profession it’s only posthumously, 16th century onward that Flamel earned a reputation as a top notch alchemist who managed to discover the Philosopher’s Stone and achieved immortality.

    In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, he’s been credited withcreating the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary substance than can turn ametal into pure gold and can be used to produce the Elixir of Life, apotion famed for its ability to make the drinker immortal.

    Since then, he’s often been mentioned in pop culture, in reference to alchemy. Here are five works besides the Harry Potter series that recognise him as an important figure in the field.

    Indiana Jones and the Philosopher’s StoneMax McCoy’s ninth book in the Indiana Jones series mentions Flamel as the creator of the said stone, with India Jones managing to see him once with his wife.

    The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas FlamelWith the namesake as its protagonist, Michael Scott’s novel series throws light on his various adventures.

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    He Was Adept In Divination Defence Against The Dark Arts Potion Making & Alchemy

    Being a wizard who has lived across generations, Nicolas Flamel has undoubtedly acquired some skills. However, it is the second Fantastic Beasts movie that best reveals the extraordinary nature of his magical prowess. Being the only known creator of the Philosophers Stone, as well as the Elixir of Life, his genius as an alchemist and master potion maker are already established.

    However, as showcased in the Crimes of Grindelwald Flamel also possessed divination skills, as he gazed into the crystal ball and could see Nagini and Credence Barebone, as well as the rally Grindelwald had organized at the Mausoleum of the Lestrange family. Furthermore, he revealed that he had been away from “action” for almost two hundred years, implying that he used to be a proficient magical duelist sometime during his life, His instantaneous recognition and accurate countering of Grindelwalds wayward Protego Diabolica, further establishes Flamels acute skills in Defence Against the Dark Arts.

    He Embraced Death Like Another Great Adventure

    Harry Finds Nicolas Flamel Card – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Deleted Scene

    Although it cannot be fathomed why Lord Voldemort had not tried to acquire the Philosophers Stone during his days of power, he did attempt to steal it during the events of the first book. However, his plans were foiled by the terrific trio of Hermione, Ron, and Harry post which both Flamel and Dumbledore decided that it was best for the stone to be destroyed.

    Upon realizing that this meant Flamel and his wife dying, Harry saw the repercussion as something terrible. However, Dumbledore assured Harry that it might seem terrible for someone as young as him, but for Flamel and his wife death is akin to going into sleep after a terribly long day. He further said that the couple welcomed death with dignity and that for someone like the Flamels, it is nothing, but the next great adventure.

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    Works Ascribed To Flamel

    • Le Livre des figures hiéroglyphiques , first published in Trois traictez de la philosophie naturelle, Paris, Veuve Guillemot, 1612
    • Le sommaire philosophique , first published in De la transformation métallique, Paris, Guillaume Guillard, 1561
    • Le Livre des laveures , manuscript BnF MS. Français 19978
    • Le Bréviaire de Flamel , manuscript BnF MS. Français 14765

    Why Did Nicolas Flamel Search For The Philosophers Stone

    In the publishers introduction, Flamels search for the philosophers stone was described. According to that introduction, Flamel had made it his lifes work to understand the text of a mysterious 21-page book he had purchased. The introduction claims that, around 1378, he travelled to Spain for assistance

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    The Real Nicolas Flamel And The Philosophers Stone

    In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Nicolas Flamel is the only known maker of the Philosophers Stone, an object capable of turning metal into gold and granting immortality with its Elixir of Life. At 665 years old, Nicolas and his 658-year-old wife Perenelle certainly make use of the Elixir, but having lived more than six centuries in the wizarding world they favour a quiet life.

    The real Nicolas Flamel because he was a real person was probably born in 1330 in Pontoise, near Paris. Which would indeed make him around 665 at the time of Philosophers Stone if he had really had access to Elixir of Life .

    But how did a little-known bookseller from 14th-century France become so synonymous with alchemy that he fetched up in the wizarding world?

    Magical Abilities And Skills

    History of Potter: Nicolas Flamel, the Sorcererâs Stone ...
    The ancient study of alchemy is concerned with making the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary substance with astonishing powers.
    Flamel accomplished what no other alchemist had

    Nicolas Flamel studying Alchemy

    Belying his frail exterior, Nicolas Flamel was a very powerful and accomplished wizard. Rich in learning and experience, testaments to Nicolas’ considerable abilities were his proficiency in alchemy, held to be some of the most difficult magic known to wizardkind, and Nicolas helping to save the city of Paris from the rampant, destructive black fire unleashed by Gellert Grindelwald, the most powerful Dark Wizard of the early 20th century.

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    Posthumous Reputation As An Alchemist

    Legendary accounts of Flamel’s life are based on 17th-century works, primarily Livre des figures hiéroglyphiques. The essence of his reputation are claims that he succeeded at the two goals of alchemy: that he made the philosopher’s stone, which turns base metals into gold, and that he and his wife, Perenelle, achieved immortality through the “Elixir of Life“.

    An alchemical book, published in Paris in 1612 as Livre des figures hiéroglyphiques and in London in 1624 as Exposition of the Hieroglyphical Figures was attributed to Flamel. It is a collection of designs purportedly commissioned by Flamel for a tympanum at the Cimetière des Innocents in Paris, long disappeared at the time the work was published. In the publisher’s introduction, Flamel’s search for the philosopher’s stone was described. According to that introduction, Flamel had made it his life’s work to understand the text of a mysterious 21-page book he had purchased. The introduction claims that, around 1378, he traveled to Spain for assistance with translation. On the way back, he reported that he met a sage, who identified Flamel’s book as being a copy of the original Book of Abramelin the Mage. With this knowledge, over the next few years, Flamel and his wife allegedly decoded enough of the book to successfully replicate its recipe for the philosopher’s stone, producing first silver in 1382 and then gold. Also, Flamel is said to have studied some texts in Hebrew.

    Fantastic Alchemist: The 600

    Fantastic Beasts, Fantastic Beasts Movie, Harry Potter and the Philosophers / Sorcerers Stone, Jodorowsky, Leaky

    Its not uncommon to hear a Harry Potter fan say that the lessons learned from the story have made an impression on their actual lives. There are numerous organizations that have sprung from the values taught in those pages, and many of the words spoken by the beloved characters have found their way into our Muggle vernacular. Nicolas Flamel, the only character from the series that actually existed in real life, is another component traversing the divide between fact and fiction, and he may turn out to be a more significant part of the saga than we could have conjured up in Potions. On what marks 600 years to the day this legendary alchemist died, lets take a closer look at the man, as well as the character, and his possible involvement in Crimes of Grindelwald.

    Indeed, Nicolas Flamel not only occupies a hallowed place in history, but he is also quite the formidable and mysterious figure in the world of fantasy, popping up in great works of literature across the centuries. Its no surprise, then, that the man who seemed to defy the laws of science and the physical world featured in J.K. Rowlings magical series about Harry Potter and the Wizarding World.

    The Real Nicolas Flamel

    Nicolas Flamel in Fantastic Beasts

    What, then, are the possibilities?

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    His Life Is Shrouded By Mystery & Intrigue

    Nicolas Flamel is a hugely intriguing figure with a dubious history and a life shrouded by mystery. Despite the curious speculations regarding him being an alchemist and his abounding wealth, it was probably owing to the inheritance his wife had accrued after her two previous husbands died. Flamel was known to have made generous donations to the French Catholic Church, which even garnered the interest of Charles VI, who had him investigated but found nothing incriminatory.

    Many believe that apart from alchemy, Flamel had also found the secrets to immortality and that both he and his wife had escaped to India after faking their deaths. With many references in historical writings throughout the 17th to 19th century, as well as learned people referring to him as an alchemist, this reputation of Flamel started gaining more ground and imbued a mythical aura to this medieval bookseller.

    Why Nicolas Flamel Is In Fantastic Beasts 2 Explained

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) – Movie CLIP #41 : Nicolas Flamel

    Nicolas Flamel was a real person, but JK Rowling added him into the Harry Potter world – he’s now in Fantastic Beasts 2 played by Brontis Jodorowsky

    • 08:39, 17 Nov 2018

    With Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald now in cinemas, we’ve had a chance to see how Nicolas Flamel fits into the movie’s universe.

    The character from the books now has a live-action counterpart in Fantastic Beasts 2.

    Fans first got a glimpse at the alchemist in the Comic Con trailer, but who is Nicolas Flamel?

    If you didn’t pore over the Harry Potter books before delving into the movies, Nicolas Flamel is a key character who plays an important role in the wizarding world.

    JK Rowling said: “Nicolas Flamel was a real person. I read about him in my early twenties when I came across one of the versions of his life story. It told how he had bought a mysterious book called The Book of Abraham the Jew , which was full of strange symbols and which Flamel realised were instructions on alchemy. The story went that he subsequently made it his lifes work to produce the Philosophers Stone.”

    Rowling said she had vivid dreams about Flamel when writing the book where he led around his laboratory and showed her how to make the stone.

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