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Universal Studio Harry Potter Tickets

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Harry Potter Theme Park England

FULL TOUR of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando
  • The Making of Harry PotterWarner Bros Studio Tour Londonexplore

Harry Potter Theme Park England, known as the Warner Bros Studio Tour London, is one of the worlds most popular attractions for Harry Potter fans! Step into the world of witches and wizards and go behind the scenes to see how the 8 Harry Potter movies were made. Highlights of a visit include riding a broomstick, standing on platform 9 ¾ and getting onboard Hogwarts Express! This is an amazing day out for all family members and the Harry Potter Theme Park England is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to London. We offer awesome Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio tours departing daily from Central London that also includes pickup and transfer to the studio!

Discover a world of Harry Potter and book tickets today! Tickets can be collected directed at the Studio Tour or taken with transportation from Central London.

Top tip: If you cannot find tickets on your travel dates, please check out our useful last-minute guide for finding tickets.

Universal Studios Vs Disney World For Adults Which Is Better

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

In general, Universal is cheaper.

Disney World has more attractions, some of which are arguably better than any of the rides at Universal. Though again, thats down to personal preference.

Disney World is more crowded, and that can significantly detract from the experience .

I still like Disney World a little more because I think the attractions are better.

No matter what though, youre going to get something out of either resort. One might be better suited for you, but youll still find something amazing in the other.

What do you think of the Universal Studios vs Disney World for Adults comparison?

How To Get To The Harry Potter Studios From Central London

The studios are not in London itself, so you need to sort out transportation from Central London to the city of Watford where the Harry Potter studio is located.

See the location on the map below:

So how do you get from Central London to Harry Potter Studios?

The trip can be done be by train from Euston Station to Watford Junction and then you have to proceed with a shuttle bus to the Harry Potter studios.

However, there is a simpler alternative which is to buy tickets for the Harry Potter studios with GYG, where transport from London to the exhibition is included in the price.

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Parking At Disney World And Universal Studios

To park at a Disney World theme park its $25 for standard parking and $45 for preferred parking per day . Shuttles, limos, camper trailers, RVs, buses, and tractor trailers go for $30 a day.

Resorts range from $15 per night for the cheaper hotels to $25 per night for expensive hotels.

Universal parking is pretty much the same, though preferred parking is $60 instead of $45. Select annual passes do offer discounts though.

Parking at resorts ranges from $15-$30 depending on the resort.

Attractions For Adults At Disney World And Universal

Christmas Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ticket Gift Voucher

Well compare attractions at both resorts and see which ones are better. We wont focus so much on thrill rides until the next section.

In terms of quantity, Disney World has more rides. After all, they have four parks, while Universal Studios Florida only has two.

In terms of which has better rides, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Each of the parks offers very different experiences.

However, again Id go for Disney World.

Yes, Universal Orlando Resort has many fantastic, immersive attractions like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and The Forbidden Journey.

However, the only thing Id say is too many of them rely on screens. Disney attractions usually have massive practical sets and dont use screens unless absolutely necessary.

Universal Studios doesnt have a huge variety of attractions. There are five big-budget attractions that are basically you just moving around a little in a car in front of an Imax screen. They have a few special effects besides that, but they arent that impressive by todays standards.

Its usually better to see something right there in front of your eyes rather than on a screen.

Islands of Adventure has much more variety on the other hand, so I always recommend that one rather than Universal. Although Universal is still an amazing theme park it does have a less wide appeal than Islands of Adventure.

Keep in mind though, that Universal theme parks mostly consist of attractions targeted to adult audiences.

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How Do I Go About Using Early Park Admission On My Check

The answer to this question depends on whether you are staying at a Universal property or at one of the independent partner hotels.

If you are at the former and want to use Early Park Admission on your check-in day, we recommend arriving at your resort one to two hours before early entry officially starts. Although your room will most likely not be available just yet, guests may still check in to receive a room key for each member of his party, to serve as proof of your hotel stay . Leave your cell number with the front desk so that they can text you when your room is ready, and drop your bags at luggage services. If you need theme-park admission, you can visit the Universal ticket desk at the venue to purchase them . Thats it youre ready to hit the parks!

Stay At A Universal Orlando Hotel

The first method is to stay at one of Universals hotels, which include Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Pacific Resort, Sapphire Falls Resort, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Aventura Hotel, and Endless Summer Resort. All guests staying at a Universal resort, regardless of how they booked their rooms or which venue they chose, will get EPA as a benefit, including on both their check-in and check-out days. Just make sure to have your room key-card ready to show as you enter the park.

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Different Lands Included With Your Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Tickets

The second most popular question we receive is, which lands are included with my Harry Potter World ticket? And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter are separated into two lands being Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley. With Hogsmeade Village being located in Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley being located in Universal Studios Florida.

What To Consider When Planning A Day At Harry Potter World

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO | Wizarding World of HARRY POTTER (Florida vlog)
  • Will you use Harry Potter early park admission?
  • Which Harry Potter rides will you go on?
  • Should you upgrade to the Universal express pass combo ticket?
  • Will you have lunch or dinner at The Leaky Cauldron or The Three Broomsticks
  • Will you buy a Harry Potter wand or robe?

Now of course every family is different so there might be a few additions or deductions to this list. However we have found this is the best place to start when planning the perfect day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Below is also additional information on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter basics for your next trip!

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Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure

Fly deep into the wilds of the Forbidden Forest, beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle, on a thrilling roller coaster ride that plunges into the paths of some of the wizarding worlds rarest magical creatures. To be honest, I have been a Walt Disney World annual pass holder for years and this ride single handedly convinced me to purchase a Universal annual pass. ITS THAT GOOD! It is a must when youre figuring out what to do at Universal Studios Harry Potter.

Does Universal Have A Fastpass

They have something similar to a Fastpass at Universal Studios the Express Pass.

You do have to pay for Express Pass on a per-person basis and it is much more pricey than Lightning Lane .

To be fair though, they are worth the price. For the lowest tier, you get to skip the line of pretty much any attraction one time .

If you want to see a detailed guide to help you choose whether or not Express Pass is the right thing for you then go to!

But heres the thing: depending on the day, you dont need to pay for Express Pass to get on a decent number of attractions at Universal.

Some rides like Skull Island: Reign of Kong will pretty always have a long line, but many of the other fantastic attractions will have a short wait. And if youre there at the right time, you can even ride a popular ride like Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey a number of times within an hour.

Its pretty rare to find a popular attraction at Disney World with a wait like that. It has happened. I managed to ride Expedition Everest a few times in an hour last time I visited Animal Kingdom. But that was pure luck

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Diagon Alley Mini Backpack


Get ready for your next year at Hogwarts with this stylish teal colored miniature backpack from Loungefly. Everything you could expect to see on your shopping journey to Diagon Alley can be found here! Potions, robes and other magical supplies adorn the all-over print of the main body of the bag, while stunning die cut artwork of textbooks, an owl and the Sorting Hat feature prominently on the front pocket. From the exquisite stitching to the Hogwarts crest charm zipper tab, no detail of this backpack has been left untouched!

Harry Potter World Ticket Prices

Editable UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Surprise Harry Potter Trip Tickets DIY ...

So, how much are tickets to Harry Potter World? Well, as we have been discussing this is an easy question to answer as all Universal Orlando tickets will grant guests access to one or both lands in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Ticket prices will start at $109.00 per person per day for one park tickets, and start at $165.00 per person per day for the park-to-park tickets. Below is the rest of the multi-day Universal Orlando ticket pricing.

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Harry Potter Studios Tickets Incl Transport From London

First of all: you have to buy Harry Potter studios tickets before you get there and preferably as soon as you know you want to visit the studios.

Harry Potter studios is one of the most visited attractions in London and so the tickets are always sold out, so its a very good idea to buy tickets as soon as possible.

I recommended to buy Harry Potter studios tickets in advance at GetYourGuide.

Read more & buy your tickets here.

This tickets gives you free transport from Central London directly to the studios in Watford included in the price.

It is simply much easier than having to first go by train to Watford and then by shuttle bus to the studios.

The prices for tickets to Harry Potter studios incl. transport from London are as follows:

  • Family ticket : £256

Where to get on the bus in London?

The bus runs from Victoria Coach Station, located right next to the Victoria Station in central London.

See the location on the map below:

With a Harry Potter studios ticket from GYG, there is no need to book a stay at any hotel near the studios or think more about transport from London.

Youll get easy access to the studios from Central London and youll go back to Central London after spending 3,5 hours at the Harry Potter studios.

This special ticket with transport included makes it easy to visit the Harry Potter studios and look forward to a good experience.

Get an idea of the tour of the studios in the video below:

Plan your own visit to the Harry Potter studios

Flight Of The Hippogriff

Flight of the Hippogriff is the much less intense rollercoaster of the two at Universal Studios Hollywood.

It’s perfect for families, younger children and Harry Potter fans. Thrill seekers will likely be disappointed by Flight of the Hippogriff as the target audience for this ride is definitely more so families.

Flight of the Hippogriff is a great first rollercoaster for many children as it doesn’t go overly faster, has a few fun turns and drops and very well themed.

The right is entirely outdoors and overlooks Hogsmeade Village, so you’ll get some great views of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from atop the ride.

There are also a few special surprise animatronics that Harry Potter fans will love seeing in-person!

We don’t to ruin any of the surprises, but if you’re interested in seeing what creatures awaits you on Flight of the Hippogriff or would just like to preview the attraction before riding we’ve included an on-ride video at the end of this page!

How Long Is Flight of the Hippogriff?

Flight of the Hippogriff lasts 1 minute and 6 seconds from start to finish.

If that seems short, it’s because it is!

Flight of the Hippogriff is one of the shortest rides in terms of duration at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Are There Any Loops or Inversions?

There are no loops or inversions on Flight of the Hippogriff making it great for families and younger children!

How Fast Does The Ride Go?

Is There A Height Requirement?

Is ExpressPass Available?

Is There A Single Rider Line?

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Where Is Harry Potter World Located

First lets start out with the basics and that is where exactly is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter located? And guests might be surprised to learn that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located between two parks being Diagon Alley which is located in Universal Studios Florida, and Hogsmeade Village is located in Islands of Adventure.

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Planning A Trip To Universal Studios Harry Potter World 2022

Universal Orlando Hogwarts Express Guide | Is the Park to Park Ticket Worth it?

There is no doubt that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in all of Orlando. But with this increased popularity can sometimes come increased lines, and families left overwhelmed trying to figure out which rides to go on and when. While there is so much involved with planning a trip to Harry Potter World, the most important thing is to remember to have fun! And thats why we have created this guide to the best way to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Including all of our tips and tricks for using Harry Potter early park admission tickets to get on the most popular rides with very little wait!

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How To Get Early Park Admission To The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

You can get early park admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter by purchasing tickets from the Universal Studios website , staying at a Universal Studios Orlando on-site hotel, booking a vacation package or purchasing a VIP Pass.

Some of these booking methods are easier than others.

However, some methods also come with additional benefits worth considering if you have the budget available.

Universals Superstar Character Breakfast

Start your day at Universal Studios® with an unforgettable breakfast featuring the stars of Universals Superstar Parade. Join Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, and the mischievous Minions from Despicable Me Nickelodeons Dora & Diego, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick E.B. from the film Hop and more as you enjoy a delicious breakfast.

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The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley At Universal Studios Florida

Experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley as you walk the familiar streets of London, passing buskers, red telephone booths and Kings Cross Station. You will know youre close to Diagon Alley once you see the Knight Bus. Just pass through the brick archway and catch your first glimpse of this hidden magical marketplace.

Once inside, grab a cup of Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice from iconic establishments like Leaky Cauldron, the Hopping Pot and other themed dining options, or even from a passing street vendor. Several Diagon Alley venues also have wizard-friendly eats.

Of course, its not the wizarding world without adventure, and youll find plenty of it at Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Keep a watchful eye on the roof of Gringotts Money Exchange while youre there, though the 60-foot Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon is known to breathe fire!

Next, its time to gear up on everything youll need to make your time at Hogwarts a success. Find the perfect wand at Ollivanders, get sized for your school uniform at Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions, prepare for the big game at Quality Quidditch Supplies, or just stock up on side-splitting gags at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, among other shopping opportunities. And if you have the nerve to brave Knockturn Alley, Borgin and Burkes is your source for Death Eater masks and other merchandise coveted by members of House Slytherin.

Orlando’s Only Official Website

What Tickets To Buy For Harry Potter World In 2022

Ticket To Hogwarts Express

Another one of the most common questions we receive is, what tickets do I need for Harry Potter World? As we discussed, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in two different parks which means you will need the right tickets to allow you entry to both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. We believe the most important aspect if you want to get on all of the Harry Potter rides is to have the Park-to-Park ticket however that is not the only way to enjoy the parks.

Below are the most common questions we receive when purchasing Universal tickets to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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