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Who Plays Luna Lovegood In Harry Potter

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Who Is Evanna Lynch And What Is Her Background

Interview with Evanna Lynch – Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter films – at Leakycon

Evanna was born in County Louth, Ireland on 16 August 1991.

Evanna Lynch made her big screen debut aged just 16 as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, the fifth film in the franchise.

It’s still her best known role, and she’s also gained recognition for her work in animal rights activism.

She has a podcast about veganism and launched vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand Kinder Beauty in 2019.

On September 7,. 2021, Evanna returned to screens as Paisley Robinson in Silent Witness’ season 24 premiere.

Rowling On Finishing The Book

Deathly Hallows

Rowling completed the book while staying at the in Edinburgh in January 2007, and left a signed statement on a marble of in her room which read: “J. K. Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 January 2007”. In a statement on her website, she said, “I’ve never felt such a mixture of extreme emotions in my life, never dreamed I could feel simultaneously heartbroken and euphoric.” She compared her mixed feelings to those expressed by in the preface of the 1850 edition of , “a two-years’ imaginative task”. “To which,” she added, “I can only sigh, try seventeen years, Charles”. She ended her message by saying “Deathly Hallows is my favourite, and that is the most wonderful way to finish the series”.

Luna Lovegood Facts: A Fictional Character From Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the best-selling children’s book series and popular film series ever written by J.K. Rowling, a film producer, philanthropist, British author, and screenwriter.

The film and book series describes the struggle of Harry Potter, who is an orphan, in adapting to the wizarding world and conquering Voldemort. At Hogwarts, Harry meets Luna Lovegood, as she was reading a magazine upside down.

Luna Lovegood was a witch and the single child of Pandora Lovegood and Xenophilius. When she was nine years old, Luna’s mother died accidentally while spell experimenting. She was raised by Xenophilius, editor of ‘The Quibbler’ magazine.

The original name of Luna was Lily Moon, and in Hogwarts, she was known as ‘Loony Lovegood.’ She entered the story in Bill and Fleur’s wedding. In 1997, Luna was abducted by a Death Eater as a way to force her father to stop writing about Voldemort.

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A Second Chance At Magic

GBF wasn’t the only project that Lynch worked on in 2013, according to The Irish Post. She also starred in a touring production of Houdini in England and Ireland, written by the BAFTA award-winning actor and filmmaker Stuart Brennan. Specifically, she was cast as Bess Houdini, the wife and stage assistant for Harry Houdini.

Lynch welcomed the opportunity to get to know the wife of the legendary magician through her character. ” called her his lucky charm and I think it’s so interesting to explore the minds of these people who were in the background, who were supporting these people who become our idols,” she noted in an interview with The Irish Post.

Lynch not only found the role exciting, but also the prospect of acting live on stage, which she had always wanted to do. “It’s a lot of responsibility in that you can’t change it, it’s not been edited to make you look good,” she continued. “It’s just you. It’s very pure, it’s raw.” Sounds pretty magical to us!

Harry Potter: 10 Facts About Luna Lovegood They Leave Out Of The Movies

Harry Potter: Dark Vs. Light

Luna Lovegood became a fan favorite throughout the Harry Potter series. Here are 10 facts about the Hogwarts student.

Luna Lovegood is one of the most eccentric and fascinating characters in Harry Potter’s circle of friends. From her insane conspiracy theories to her bizarre wardrobe, it’s hard not to notice Luna. J.K. Rowling herself says that Evanna Lynch is the perfect casting choice for this Ravenclaw. Lynch’s protuberant eyes and ethereal personality is precisely what readers imagined Luna to be like.

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As a part of the Big Seven, Luna’s character is monumental in the Potter series as she helps Harry repeatedly through his heroic enterprise. Luna is full of wild ideas and conceptions, though not all of these made it to the silver screen. Luna’s adaptation is nearly perfect in the films, but there are still some fun facts left out. Here are 10 things about Luna Lovegood that you won’t learn from the movies.

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She Was Briefly The Quidditch Commentator

Lee Jordan acts as the Quidditch commentator in the first couple of films and throughout much of his time at Hogwarts. Zacharias Smith also has a go at this gig as well as Luna who temporarily replaces him during one of the Quidditch matches. However, Luna tends to comment on things other than the game, much to Professor McGonagall’s chagrin.

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She talks about the clouds, continuously messes up the player’s names and even surmises that the reason they can’t hold onto the Quaffle is that the players suffer from “Loser’s Lethargy.” It’s actually this moment that Ron warms up to Luna, who he had previously regarded as a bit absurd.

Luna Tried To Steal Gryffindor’s Sword

While Harry, Ron, and Hermione are off hunting Horcruxes during their seventh year, many other their fellow friends are left behind at Hogwarts. This year, Snape has become headmaster, the Death Eaters are their professors, and Umbridge’s former Inquisitorial Squad is in full retaliation. It’s a delicate situation, but Luna, Ginny, and Neville still try to do their part to help Harry. One such occasion is when the three of them try to steal Godric Gryffindor’s sword out of Snape’s office. Snape catches them in the act and punishes them by sending them into the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid. Luna also helps in the resurgence of Dumbledore’s Army who eventually leads Harry to secretly enter the grounds for the final Battle of Hogwarts.

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Harry Named His Daughter After Her

Harry and Ginny pretty much name all of their children after someone they admire. Most of these names come from members of Harry’s family that have passed. Luna is one of the few people that Harry decides to name his children after. His daughter’s full name is Lily Luna Potter. He and Ginny decide to honor their dear friend in this way because a wizarding world without Luna Lovegood would most certainly be a little less magical.

Her Name Matches Her Personality

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) interview at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere

Lunas name does, of course, mean moon in Latin and throughout history the moon has been portrayed as causing people to go insane. Luna was continually teased at Hogwarts for being eccentric, for being a bit of a free agent and for following the beat of her own drum, so much so that she was perceived as being not all there. Other students nicknamed her Loony and we would wager that this connection isnt a coincidence.

Dont worry. Youre just as sane as I am.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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This Is What Happened To The Girl Who Played Luna In Harry Potter

It seems like only yesterday that Evanna Lynch lit up the screen as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. But in actuality, it was over a decade ago that we first got a taste of Lynch’s keen acting talents and she became an icon for self-professed weirdos everywhere. Where did all that time go?

While it might be impossible to score an iconic part quite like that again, Lynch hasn’t been resting on her laurels, or hiding from the public eye. Rather, she’s been busy with a variety of roles, appearances, and activities, steadily making her mark the world of acting and beyond. And she’s cinched roles in live theater, television, and film, showing just how well-rounded her skills are. Lynch has also been outspoken on issues that are important to her, and is committed to making the world a better place in her own small way. So without further ado, here’s what happened to the girl who played Luna in Harry Potter.

A Very Potter Senior Year

A Very Potter Senior Year
2012 LeakyCon

A Very Potter Senior Year is a musical written by Matt Lang, Nick Lang, and Brian Holden with songs by Clark Baxtresser, Pierce Siebers, A. J. Holmes, and additional songs by Darren Criss. It is the conclusion of the Very Potter trilogy of Harry Potter-inspired musicals produced over four years by StarKid Productions. Rather than a full musical, as with its previous installments, the production took the form of a live staged reading of the script with performances of the songs at LeakyCon in Chicago, Illinois, on August 11, 2012. It featured nearly all of the StarKid actors and actresses who had starred in previous StarKid shows to date, including actor Darren Criss, who returned to the company to reprise his role as Harry Potter, and Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood, who played the character in the original film series.

The script and soundtrack became available in December 2012, and official footage of the musical was released on the StarKid YouTube channel on March 15, 2013. In March 2013, it had reached over 400,000 views, making the StarKid Productions page the most viewed of the month and has gone on to reach over 600,000 views. On the YouTube recording, Darren Criss’ microphone did not record and, consequently, all of his audio had to be pulled from different mics. The story is a parody, based on several of the Harry Potter novels by J. K. Rowling, as well as their film counterparts.

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Price Wars And Other Controversies

, along with several other UK supermarkets, having already taken pre-orders for the book at a heavily discounted price, sparked a price war two days before the book’s launch by announcing they would sell it for just £5 a copy. Other retail chains then also offered the book at discounted prices. At these prices the book became a . This caused uproar from traditional UK booksellers who argued they had no hope of competing in those conditions. Independent shops protested loudest, but even , the UK’s largest dedicated chain bookstore, could not compete with the supermarket price. Some small bookstores hit back by buying their stock from the supermarkets rather than their wholesalers. Asda attempted to counter this by imposing a limit of two copies per customer to prevent bulk purchases. Philip Wicks, a spokesman for the , said, “It is a war we can’t even participate in. We think it’s a crying shame that the supermarkets have decided to treat it as a loss-leader, like a can of baked beans.” Michael Norris, an analyst at Simba Information, said: “You are not only lowering the price of the book. At this point, you are lowering the value of reading.”

Evanna Lynch Has Stayed Busy Since She Played Luna Lovegood

Luna " Looney"  Lovegood

Lynch was around 20 years old when the final Harry Potter film premiered, and while she hasn’t yet found a role in another world-shattering movie franchise, she’s been working to make the transition into adult roles. She had a supporting role in the 2013 teen comedy G.B.F., for instance, and then took the starring role in the 2015 coming of age movie My Name Is Emily. She hasn’t had an onscreen television role since 2013, but she was a contestant on the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars, where she was a runner-up.

More recently, Lynch has kept active with various other projects, recording voiceover roles for Nickelodeon’s Middle School Moguls, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She regularly acts in theatrical productions in the U.S. and U.K., and she’s the host of the successful, vegan-friendly The ChickPeeps Podcast.

When she’s not acting, Lynch is an activist, focusing on animal rights and helping young girls’ improve their self-esteem and body image issues. She recently starred in the short film You Eat Other Animals?, in which she played an alien queen who’s confused by humanity’s carnivorous habits.

Making the jump from child acting to adult acting is tough for any actor, especially when they’ve already played a highly recognizable character. But Evanna Lynch is making the best of it, and we’re interested to see where she goes next.

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Life After Hogwarts Was A Very Strange Lonely Unknowable Time

All good things must come to an end, as did the Harry Potter franchise. After that, Lynch was cast out of the Potterverse and into the real world, which was a tough transition for her. “I had no strong sense of who I was or what my worth was outside of being Luna, and yet I no longer felt like Luna,” she revealed in an interview with Schön! magazine. “It was a very strange, lonely, unknowable time and I felt nothing was anchoring me to the world.”

But Lynch did not stay adrift for long. Instead, she hit the ground running and went to multiple auditions, according to Interview magazine. She also took acting classes, which she credits for some serious creative and personal growth. “Working with great acting teachers who made me do deep self-introspection and showed me that I already had opinions and convictions and something to say to the world made me grow up and be more assertive in my life and work,” she continued.

The Transformation Of Evanna Lynch From Harry Potter To Now

When the Harry Potter film franchise kicked off in 2001, it not only brought J.K. Rowling’s beloved book series to the big screen, but also introduced millions of fans to a new group of young actors. Being cast in one of the biggest and most successful movie franchises in film history is a coup for any actor, of course but for a child actor especially, it also raises a question: where does your career go from there?

One of those child actors was Evanna Lynch, who played Harry Potter’s classmate Luna Lovegood in four films. She was first introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in 2007, and continued appearing through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 2011.

The fan-favorite Luna Lovegood was Lynch’s first film role, and she landed it at an open audition, where she competed against more than 15,000 other hopefuls, as reported . It was a strong start to any actor’s career. If you’re wondering what Evanna Lynch has been up to since then, though, here’s your answer.

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She Was Picked To Play Luna From A Group Of Thousands Of Fellow Auditioners

Lynch also recalled her whirlwind audition story on the “Normal Not Normal” podcast.

After writing directly to the production team asking if she could play Luna, she saw on Mugglenet that they were holding an open casting call in London.

She was one of the thousands of 13- to 16-year-old girls who showed up to the audition, and after waiting for hours, she got in front of the casting director.

In the end, she was singled out and chosen for the part of Luna Lovegood.

Evanna Lynch Is Thriving Post Potter

â? Meeting Luna Lovegood

In a post-Potter world, Evanna Lynch has had no trouble finding work in film and on the stage.

The actress has booked a number of roles in live theater appearing as Luna Lovegood in 2012’s A Very Potter Senior Year, as Bess Houdini in Peter Snee’s 2013 production Houdini, as Sinéad in the 2017-2018 stage adaptation of the Irish film Disco Pigs, as Gaby in 2019’s The Omission of the Family Coleman, and as Martha in director Anthony Banks’ Games for Lovers.

On the film side of things, Lynch moved away from blockbusters after Harry Potter ended and appeared in several smaller films including the teen comedy G.B.F. , My Name is Emily , and the British television movie Danny and the Human Zoo . Lynch also played Theresa Bornstein in the true-life film Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale , and had a cameo role in Jason Mewes’ Madness in the Method.

Lynch’s after-Potter adventures also took her to the small screen. She’s popped up on an episode of the action-adventure series Sinbad, as well as on the pilot episode of Apex. The actress also lent her voice to three different characters Academy Voice, Tablet, and Lunchbox on Nickelodeon’s animated “Nicktoon” Middle School Moguls.

Lynch’s highest profile turn since playing Luna Lovegood came during her time across the pond on the 27th season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Along with her dance partner, Keo Motsepe, she ultimately finished the competition in third place.

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What Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Did After Franchise Ended Including Dancing With The Stars

She has gone on to have a varied career in TV and film and has even written a book

Evanna Lynch played the role of Luna Lovegood for the Harry Potter film franchise and has since gone on to have a varied career.

The actress, 30, is from Ireland and joined the Harry Potter cast in the fifth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Evanna was cast as Ravenclaw student Luna a friend of Harry, Ron and Hermiones at the age of 14 and beat over 15,000 girls in an open casting call for the role.

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In fact, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was her debut screen performance.

Since then, Lynch has had a varied career in the arts, from other films to theatre and TV shows.

She even came in third place in American dance competition Dancing with the Stars, the US version of Strictly Come Dancing.

After appearing in the Harry Potter series, Lynch had roles in films such as GBF and My Name Is Emily.

She starred in TV shows such as Sinbad, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and can also be seen in Silent Witness.

Lynch is an ambassador for J.K. Rowlings charity Lumos, and also participates with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland.

She has also written a memoir book, The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting: The Tragedy and The Glory of Growing Up, which was published in September.

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