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Who Is Harry Potter’s Godfather

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Great Parental Figure: Gave Harry To Hagrid

Harry Potter finds out Sirius is his Godfather

Perhaps the single most sensible decision Sirius ever made was to hand baby Harry over to Hagrid rather than keep him. We know why this was, of course: he was about to hunt down Pettigrew, and perhaps knew he was about to commit murder and go to prison regardless of what happened there. He also was said to be not-particularly mentally stable after the death of the Potters, and perhaps knew deep down that he wasn’t a fit full-time parent.

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Whatever his reasoning, he selflessly handed Harry to Hagrid to be looked after before he went after his once-friend for revenge, and he truly believed it to be in Harry’s best interests. Maybe it wasn’t, in the end er, the Dursleys but Harry might have died with Sirius, so it all worked out. Sort of. In a way. Harry’s still alive, isn’t he?

Not So Great: Is Kind Of A Hypocrite

Sirius is quick to give Harry advice and, more often than not, it’s good advice. But he doesn’t always manage to practice what he preaches. On one occasion, he tells Harry no one is entirely good or evil. At the same time, he seems wholly convinced that Severus Snape has no redeeming qualities and almost refuses to work with him, even for the benefit of the Order and Harry.

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Another of Sirius’ pieces of wisdom was if you want to know what a man is like then “look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” And at the same time he treats the Black family house elf, Kreacher, with contempt and disgust. This disposition actually directly puts Harry in danger. When Harry gets the vision of Sirius being tortured, he first uses Floo powder to check in at Grimmauld Place. Kreacher, who despises Sirius for his mistreatment, lies to Harry, which sends him into the waiting ambush.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Sirius takes refuge in his ancient family home at 12, Grimmauld Place. As the last Black, Sirius inherits the property and allows it to be used as the Order headquarters, although it had fallen into disrepair. Due to the ongoing manhunt, Sirius is confined there. His confinement causes depression, and he is frequently withdrawn and antagonistic â especially so by Snape’s increasingly important role within the Order. Harry detects a whiff of alcohol on his breath. The hostility between himself and Kreacher, his demented house-elf, also affects him, and he is consistently hateful towards Kreacher. When he briefly leaves the house to see Harry off to Hogwarts, his Animagus form is recognised by Draco and Lucius Malfoy, resulting in more threats and warnings. Harry and Sirius stay in touch through owls and the Floo Network, a system to communicate through fireplaces. Sirius is nearly captured by Dolores Umbridge, a Ministry official who is monitoring the Network and the owl mail in and out of Hogwarts. Near the middle of the novel, a large number of Death Eaters, including Sirius’s hated cousin Bellatrix, escape Azkaban. The Ministry, which refuses to accept that Voldemort has returned and that the dementors have joined him, tries to blame on Sirius, stating that Sirius helped the prisoners escape and is leading them.

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Great Parental Figure: Rushed After Him To The Ministry

When Harry went to the Ministry to rescue Sirius, after seeing a vision of him tortured, he showed up to find that it was all a trick and that the Death Eaters and Voldemort were converging on him. Knowing there was a high chance he’d never return from that fight, Sirius ran after him without a second thought, because he could never have lived with himself if he left James’ son to die.

This, of course, proved to be Sirius’ death when he was murdered by his cousin.

Why Was Crookshanks After Scabbers

Heâs his Godfather for a reason â?âï¸?â?âï¸?

Apparently, Crookshanks always attacked Peter as Scabbers because Crookshanks was part Kneazle and they can detect duplicity. Crookshanks saw right through him!

What helpful thing did Crookshanks do after Ron was dragged away by the dog? Harry and Hermione dart after them and watch as the dog pulls Ron down inside the Whomping Willow, breaking his leg in the process. They follow him, but only after Crookshanks surprises them by pressing a hidden knot on the tree, causing it to quiet its branches.

What is Rons Patronus?

Rons Patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier. Heres why we think this particular four-legged friend makes perfect sense for the youngest Weasley brother.

Why are Scabbers missing toes? Like nearly everything Ron owned, Scabbers the rat was secondhand and a bit battered. The witchs eyes moved from Scabberss tattered left ear to his front paw, which had a toe missing, and tutted loudly.

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Is Alice Longbottom Harry’s Godmother

Tradition would suggest that as Harry is male he would have one godmother and two godfathers and quite often the godmother and one of the godfathers are a couple. So perhaps his other godparents were Frank and Alice Longbottom or another couple that died during the first war. He never had one mentioned in the books.

Wat Barde Mei Lily Potters Lden

Lily en Petunia’s âlden stoaren foar natuerlike oarsaken Harry en Dudley waarden berne. James Potter wie it ienige bern fan syn âlden, dy’t wat âlder wiene. De âlden fan James stoaren ek oan natuerlike oarsaken foar de berte fan Harry.

Hoe âld wie Lily doe’t James stoar? Jierrenlang hawwe fans har ôffrege hoe’t de Potter-famylje sa ryk kaam te wurden, foaral om’t Harry’s âlden, Lily en James, allinich wiene 21 doe’t se waarden fermoarde troch Lord Voldemort.

Ferjit net dit berjocht te dielen

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Brave Gryffindors To The Last

Along with James, Harry and Sirius showed unimaginable courage in the face of evil. Sirius, still a wanted man, didnt hesitate to leave Grimmauld Place and go after Harry at the Ministry of Magic. Sirius was also determined to give Harry help and advice via owl and in the Gryffindor fireplace throughout his time at Hogwarts, risking being thrown back into Azkaban if caught.

Harry stood up to bullies, fought dragons, and faced Lord Voldemort whilst still trying to attend classes at Hogwarts. And in the end, just like James and Sirius, Harry was willing to give up his life to protect the people and wizarding world that he loved.

Harry Potter’s 10 Best Quotes In The Series

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban – Rescored (The Godfather, Sirius Black)

Harry has provided fans with some of the funniest and wisest quotes in the saga, showing everyone why he’s one of the best movie characters ever.

The Harry Potter series would be nothing without its protagonist the boy wizard who somehow managed to survive a deadly attack from the strongest dark sorcerer the magical world had seen in a while. Harry is incredibly brave, a wonderful and loyal friend, and never hesitates to help those in need.

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His growth from a scrawny eleven-year-old with broken glasses and terrible relatives into a strong hero who gained the respect of his entire community is what makes his story so compelling. Over the years, Harry has provided fans with some of the funniest and wisest quotes in the saga, showing everyone why he’s one of the best characters in history.

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Bellatrix Lestrange’s Unidentified Spell

“Are you a wizard or not?”

The title of this article is conjectural. Although it is based on canonical information, the actual name is a conjecture and may be supplanted at any time by additional information released from canonical sources. If this occurs, please move this page to the appropriate title.

There’s A Reason I Can Hear Them The Horcruxes I Think I’ve Known For A While And I Think You Have Too

Deathly Hallows disclosed many of the series’ deepest secrets, but none hit as hard as Harry being revealed as one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes. While he was not made into one by using the Horcrux spell, Harry was still connected to them on a subconscious level that he could access through dreams and visions.

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During the Battle of Hogwarts, Voldemort demands Harry give himself up lest the others die for him. Harry decides to go, but before leaving the castle, he shares a last goodbye with his two best friends. He and Hermione hug, and he finally acknowledges what they both know: that he’s Voldemort’s hidden Horcrux.

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Too Far: Was Not Subtle About It At All

Sirius clearly wasn’t in his right mind entirely when doing this, though. He broke into Hogwarts, slashed a portrait in rage, and was seen standing over Ron’s bed with a knife. Although it was Pettigrew he was after, he also severely injured Ron when he dragged him into the Whomping Willow, mauling his leg. The ultimate goal was to save Harry, but Sirius didn’t seem to much care just how much collateral damage he caused, even if that damage involved Harry’s friends.

Transfiguring Friends Into Family

Harry Potter: 5 Times Sirius Was A Great Godfather (&  5 ...

Perhaps as a result of their unhappy upbringings, both Sirius and Harrys friendships run deeper than your average playground pals. Arguably, James and Sirius acted like brothers, as well as best friends, emphasised particularly by the fact that Sirius actually moved in with the Potters when he ran away from the Black family home. Sirius was also best man at James and Lilys wedding, a place often taken up by the grooms brother.

Harry is similar in this way, and through his friendship with Ron, was adopted into the Weasley family to such an extent that Rons mother sent him Christmas presents and thought of him like a son. Sirius and Harrys relationship is an interesting mix of friends and family too: Sirius is Harrys godfather and sometimes treats him like a son, but at other times he seems to forget Harry isnt his best friend, James Potter. Youre less like your father than I thought Sirius told Harry when he refused to risk Sirius safety and meet his godfather in Hogsmeade. A harsh put-down that muddies the family-friend boundary between them.

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Too Far: Got Angry With Molly Weasley

It wasn’t truly fair of Sirius to get angry with Mrs. Weasley for being protective of Harry. She was rightly worried about Sirius’ influence on him, knowing him to be reckless, but Sirius almost seemed to be jealous of Harry having a parental figure who wasn’t him. The twelve years in Azkaban seemed to stunt Sirius’ maturity growth, leaving him as a moody twenty-one year old even emerging the prison many years later. Is it his fault? No, but it often didn’t benefit Harry.

Harrys Godfather Is Now A Black Woman

According to the casting notes, the producers are allegedly looking for auditions from actors of Asian, black, African descent, ethnically ambiguous, multiracial, indigenous peoples, Latino, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, Indian, Southeast Asian or Pacific Islander backgrounds to portray Harry Potters father, James. Like the rest of the Potter family, he is depicted as white in the original source material.

Harrys godfather, Sirius Black, is also set to be played by a non-White actor, but the role is also open to people of all genders, meaning that Harrys godFATHER will be a role open to women as well. The same goes for the part of Remus Lupin, one of Harrys teachers at the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

As for Peter Pettigrew an antagonist of the series and Harrys mother, Lily, the producers are allegedly looking for a gender-non-conforming, non-binary, trans male and female, respectively. It should go without saying, but Pettigrew is a biological male and Lily a biological woman in the source material. Harry himself is not planned to feature in the web series.

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Which Hogwarts House Is Luna Lovegood In

Why Luna Lovegood was a true Ravenclaw.

What house is Horace Slughorn in? Horace Slughorn is the long-serving Potions teacher and Head of Slytherin House since at least the 1940s, until his retirement after the 198182 school year.

How old is Nymphadora Tonks in Order of the Phoenix?

As a case in point, let us take Tonks. She is quite young, having just completed her Auror training she would be about seven years older than Harry, making her about 22 to Harrys 15 when they meet at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

What happened to Sirius Black? In the fifth installment of the franchise, Sirius Harrys godfather was killed by cousin Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Sirius died after Bellatrix struck him with a curse that sent him falling through the veil.

Childhoods More Unstable Than A Cursed Broom

Harry Learns Sirius Is His Godfather 1080p HD

Unlike James Potter, neither Sirius nor Harry were raised by loving parents. Harry was brought up very begrudgingly by his aunt and uncle and suffered years of neglect and bullying before finally escaping to Hogwarts. Sirius was brought up by his own parents, but never fitted in with the Black family stereotype he was sorted into Gryffindor, which didnt get him many Black family brownie points, and refused to accept their pure-blood mania.

Although Harry was an only child like his father, he didnt really grow up as one. More in common with Sirius, Harry was constantly reminded of how he didnt measure up to Dudley, just as Sirius was told that his brother, Regulus, was a much better son. Sirius and Harrys home lives were so unhappy at points that they both ran away from home. Harry ran away after he blew up his Aunt Marge and Sirius left home for good at sixteen. And where did he go? The Potters.

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Binne Hermione En Ron Skieden

D’r is ien bepaalde tiidline wêr’t Ron en Hermione binne nea troud, wat enoarme fertakkingen feroarsaket foar har folwoeksen persoanlikheden. It ienige probleem mei dat senario is dat it wie Ron dy’t lokkich troude Padma Patil, en Hermione bleau single.

Is Harry syn soan in Slytherin? Albus Severus is de haadpersoan yn “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. Hy is it ûnsjogge eintsje fan ‘e famylje, is sortearre yn Slytherin, befreone Scorpius Malfoy, en is net goed yn magy. Hy hat de bynamme “Albus Potter, de Slytherin Squib.”

Mei wa troude Draco?

Draco troude mei de jongere suster fan in oare Slytherin. Astoria Greengrass, dy’t in ferlykbere bekearing hie trochjûn fan suverbloedidealen nei in mear tolerante libbensbeskôging, fielde Narcissa en Lucius wat in teloarstelling as skoandochter.

Is Rita Skeeter in Animagus? De sensasjonele Daily Prophet-ferslachjouwer dy’t Dumbledore fan Hogwarts-terreinen ferbean hie, slagge op de ien of oare manier har werom te reitsjen troch har te feroarjen yllegale Animagus foarm: dy fan in ferfelende lytse kever.

Who Is Harry Potter’s Godfather


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argument: “every quiet method for peace hath been ineffectual.”

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Too Far: Tried To Accompany Him To The Hogwarts Express

In his dog form, Sirius tried to accompany Harry to Hogwarts. Since people were already on the lookout for Sirius, it was a mistake, particularly as Sirius was acting very un-doglike. Lucius Malfoy later hinted he knew who Sirius was even in the form of the big black canine, so this move definitely was risky, as Harry could have ended up being questioned and dragged into Sirius’ supposed crimes.

Great: Fought For Him In The Department Of Mysteries

THEN &  NOW: The cast of

Harry was lured to the Department of Mysteries following a fake vision of Sirius being tortured there. Determined to rescue his godfather, he instead walked himself and his friends into a Death Eater ambush. Of course, one Sirius found out about this, he rushed to Harry’s aid alongside other members of the Order.

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Ironically, it was Sirius that ended up saving Harry instead of the opposite. In particular, he stopped Death Eater Antonin Dolohov from cursing Harry. Shortly after, he loses his life in a duel with Bellatrix Lestrange, but he went down defending his godson.

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Great Parental Figure: Lived Off Rats To Be Close To Him

When he was hanging around Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament to keep an eye on Harry, Sirius had to keep out of sight at all times. It’s mentioned in the books that he had to dwell in a cave and live off of rats. Rats. The guy seriously ate rodents just to be close to his godson and make sure he could be around if he were to get into too much danger. That, we have to admit, is some parenting dedication.

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