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What Kind Of Wand Does Hermione Have

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Hermione Granger Wand Unboxing! | YouFoundMarina

Hermione develops a liking for Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher Gilderoy Lockhart as he had written all the books required for the subject of Defence Against The Dark Arts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. During a morning confrontation between the Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams, a brawl nearly ensues after Draco Malfoy calls her a “Mudblood“, an insulting epithet for Muggle-born wizards when she defends the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She concocts the Polyjuice Potion needed for the trio to disguise themselves as Draco’s housemates to collect information about the Heir of Slytherin who has reopened the Chamber of Secrets. However, she is unable to join Harry and Ron in the investigation after the hair plucked from the robes of Slytherin student Millicent Bulstrode was that of her cat, whose appearance she takes on in her human form it takes several weeks for the effects to completely wear off. Hermione is Petrified by the basilisk after successfully identifying the creature through library research. Though she lies incapacitated in the hospital wing, the information she has found and left behind is crucial to Harry and Ron in their successful mission to solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Hermione is revived after Harry kills the basilisk, but she is distraught to learn that all end-of-year exams have been cancelled as a school treat.

Ron Sacrifices Himself For Hermione

As we mentioned, things look grim for Ron and Hermiones relationship for the bulk of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as they are shown as never having gotten together in multiple alternate realities. However, we do see a huge gesture from Ron when he literally gives his life for Hermione.

In one of these terrible alternate realities, Harry has been taken out and Voldemort rules the world. Dementors chase down dissenting wizards, and in one instance, they are closing in on Ron and Hermione. The injured Ron has a chance to run away but instead sticks by Hermiones side, choosing to lose his life with with her rather than abandon her.

It seems like even when reality tears them apart, Ron is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for Hermione.

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What Are Wands And How Do They Work

A wand is party sentient, but it is mostly just a tool that aids in channeling magic. Most spells require wands in order to be executed properly. Wandless magic is very difficult and advanced it requires skill and focus not every wizard or witch can maintain. However, house-elves are able to produce wandless magic, like Dobby one snap, and he is gone.

They are manufactured by wandmakers and then sold by them in their workshops. Olivander is one of the most famous wandmakers in Great Britain, as well as Gregorovitch in Eastern Europe.

Every single wand is special. Each has a certain type of wood, a specific core of magical substance that usually came from a magical creature such as a phoenix or dragon.

The core of a wand is extracted from this magical creature. Olivander, for example, uses mostly phoenix feathers, unicorn hair, or dragon heartstring. His father, however, often used Kelpie hair or whiskers of a Kneazle.

The core type is important, as it plays the role in determining the temperament and character of a wand. Veela hair is seldom used since it would make a wand very unsteady due to the creatures having an unpredictable temperament. Sometimes two cores are used, making the wand more powerful.

Hermiones wand is a totem of change, wisdom, and protection, as well as leadership and fulfillment of potential.

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The Malfoy Family Has Ties To British Royalty

With all the money and influence of the Malfoy family, its no surprise that they have some pretty powerful connections. According to a 2015 feature on Pottermore, one of those connections is the British monarchy.

Dracos ancestor Armand Malfoy performed shady services to King William I in exchange for the familys first lot of land in England.

The first Lucius Malfoy also offered his hand to Queen Elizabeth I, and there are even rumors that the Malfoys jinxed the queen after she refused him.

That Infamous Deathly Hallows Moment Wasnt Planned

Hermione Granger magic Wand Harry Potter

Chances are you know exactly what that means but well set the scene up for you anyway.

Toward the end of Deathly Hallows Part 2, Voldemort returns the grounds of Hogwarts to reveal to everyone that he killed Harry while Harry, unbeknownst to Voldemort, survived the attack. Having been separated prior, Dracos mom Narcissa called for Draco to come over to herand to the side of the Death Eaters. When he did, Voldemort gave him a very uncomfortable but highly memorable hug.

A couple months after Part 2s release, Felton addressed the hug at DragonCon. According to his recollection, he and Ralph Fiennes filmed around 25 takes of that scene. Out of all of those takes, only one included the hug it was a one-off thing Fiennes did. And as strange as he found the moment, he was even more surprised that it made the cut.

Its really interesting because theres definitely a difference with the audience, how they take it. In England, its considered a very chilling moment, a very sort of, the whole audience goes quiet and they dont know what to say or do. Over here , its hilarious.

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Where Do I Purchase An Interactive Wand

For the full, detailed experience, the best shop to purchase a wand is, of course, Ollivanders in Diagon Alley, makers of fine wands since 382 BC. Named after the family of its esteemed owner, Garrick Ollivander, Harry was brought here by Rubeus Hagrid to undergo that rite of passage in the wizarding world .

However, wand-shoppers at Universal Orlando Resort do have more options, including the Ollivanders branch at Hogsmeade , or at Wands by Gregorovitch in the Carkitt Market section of Diagon Alley, an alternative wand shop formerly helmed by the longtime competitor to Ollivanders. Wands can also be bought at the main Universal gift shops at the front of each park and at CityWalk, or online at Universals official merchandise store.

Also, please note that each interactive wand comes in an Ollivanders box with a dual-sided map of spell locations around Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

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How Much Are Wands At Universal

A Harry Potter wand cost will vary depending on what type of wand youd like. The Universal Studios wand price for the original, non-interactive wands start at $49 plus tax. The Universal Studios Harry Potter wand price for interactive wands start at $55 plus tax.

Thats only a six dollar price difference for the interactive wands!

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Fantastic Beasts Jumps Back In Timebut The Wands Get Fancier

Many of the wands take inspiration from the time periodPotter. interview with The Leaky Cauldron“The interesting thing as far as wand designs concerned is an application of period as well. Its a great period in time where in an artistic sense there is a lot of liberation and a sort of rethinking of styles, et cetera, and it really kind of shows.” Harry PotterFantastic BeastsTina and Newt’s wands, with their understated designs and wood construction, are now the exception to the rule

Where Can I Buy An Interactive Wand At Universal

How to make a Hermione Granger wand from Harry Potter

There are several places throughout the Universal Orlando parks to purchase an interactive wand.

In Hogsmeade , you will find Ollivanders, as well as a cart selling wands directly across from Hogwarts castle.

In Diagon Alley , you will also find Ollivanders, as well as his competitor, Wands by Gregorovitch .

Miss Somersault practicing her DESCENDO spell!

You can also purchase wands at the various souvenir shops near the front gates of the two theme parks, as well as at the huge gift shop in the CityWalk section.

And just a quick note wands cost the same amount in every retail location at Universal .

Of course, if you want to purchase your wand before even stepping foot in the parks, you can find them online at Universals official merchandise store. Cost is the same as in the parks, though you will have to pay extra for shipping.

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When She Was Bested By A Boggart

She might have achieved the highest grades in the year, but Hermione still became ever so slightly highly strung around exam time. Panicking over every last detail, it was rare that she actually came up against anything she couldnt handle but then again, she wasnt betting on a Boggart. Or rather, what it turned into.

So what was it? A soul-sucking Dementor? The most horrific Hungarian Horntail? Ron snogging Lavender Brown? Worse. During her third year Defence Against the Dark Arts practical exam, her Boggart transformed itself into a stern Professor McGonagall who went on to announce shed failed everything. Lets just say it took her a while to digest the situation.

And finally, an honorary mention

How were the Runes? said Ron, yawning and stretching.I mis-translated ehwaz, said Hermione furiously. It means partnership, not defence I mixed it up with eihwaz.Ah well, said Ron lazily, thats only one mistake, isnt it, youll still get Oh, shut up! said Hermione angrily.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Its Design Is Unusual In Almost Every Respect

Virtually every detail of the Elder Wand hints at something unique or exceptional by a wandmakers standards.

Elder wood is not a favoured material in wand-making. However, it is still included in Garrick Ollivanders notes:

Only a highly unusual person will find their perfect match in elder, and on the rare occasion when such a pairing occurs, I take it as certain that the witch or wizard in question is marked out for a special destiny.Wand Woods: Writing by J.K. Rowling

Stranger still, the Elder Wands core substance is Thestral hair. There are no Ollivander notes to go by it wasnt a material he chose to work with but we do know that Thestrals have a strong connection with death, plus the magical properties of invisibility, flight and an uncanny ability to find their destination. How this affects the wand is uncertain, but it does hint towards some seriously powerful magic.

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If Your Wand Stops Working Bring It Back To Ollivanders

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your wand may get damaged. If your wand stops casting spells at multiple locations, it may be in need of a repair. In this case, you just need to take it back to Ollivanders.

There, a wand keeper can evaluate the integrity of your wand. If your wand is damaged, they will repair it for free. The process is relatively quick, and means more success with your future spell-casting!

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He Didnt Really See Socks In The Mirror Of Erised

What kind of wand do you have, Hermione? A 10 3/4"  vine ...

After Dumbledore told Harry he saw himself with a nice pair of socks when looking into the Mirror of Erised, Harry later reflected that he might have been lying, but that it was a rather nosy thing to ask:

It was only when he was back in bed that it struck Harry that Dumbledore might not have been quite truthful. But then, he thought, as he shoved Scabbers off his pillow, it had been quite a personal question.Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

After it was revealed that Dumbledore was devastated by the accidental death of his sister during a fight with Grindelwald and his brother, Aberforth, it became clear that Dumbledores deepest desire, and regret, involved his family. J.K. Rowling confirmed this after the final novel, revealing that when Dumbledore looks into the mirror he sees his family alive, whole and happy Ariana, Percival and Kendra all returned to him, and Aberforth reconciled to him. Excuse us while we ugly sob.

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Hermione Is Described As Having A White Face

âOne moment, please, Macnair,â came Dumbledoreâs voice. âYou need to sign, too.â The footsteps stopped. Harry heaved on the rope. Buckbeak snapped his beak and walked a little faster.

Hermioneâs white face was sticking out from behind a tree.

âHarry, hurry!â she mouthed.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 21: Hermiones Secret

Note, however that JKR has now gone on record as stating that this was not indicative of her race:

âI had a bunch of racists telling me that because Hermione âturned whiteâ â that is, lost colour from her face after a shock â that she must be a white woman, which I have a great deal of difficulty with. But I decided not to get too agitated about it and simply state quite firmly that Hermione can be a black woman with my absolute blessing and enthusiasm.â

Do Draco Malfoy And Nymphadora Tonks Know About Each Other

If they didnt before, Voldemort told them in DH:

I dont know what you mean, my Lord.

Im talking about your niece, Bellatrix. And yours, Lucius and Narcissa. She has just married the werewolf, Remus Lupin. You must be so proud.

She is no niece of ours, my Lord, she cried over the outpouring of mirth. We Narcissa and I have never set eyes on our sister since she married the Mudblood. This brat has nothing to do with either of us, nor any beast she marries.

What say you, Draco? asked Voldemort, and though his voice was quiet, it carried clearly through the catcalls and jeers. Will you babysit the cubs?

The hilarity mounted Draco Malfoy looked in terror at his father, who was staring down into his own lap, then caught his mothers eye.

The wizarding world is small and fairly insular, so Im guessing they would have known that Nymphadora existed.

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

In the fifth book, Dumbledore is demoted from Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, voted out of the Chairmanship of the International Confederation of Wizards, and is almost stripped of his Order of Merlin First Class due to his speeches regarding the return of Voldemort, although it is reported that he is unconcerned as long as he is not taken off the Chocolate Frog cards. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Magic does everything they can to discredit him and Harry mainly through the Daily Prophet. At the beginning of the book, Dumbledore enrages Fudge when he stops by at Harrys hearing with a witness to ensure that he is not expelled. While Harry feels better when Dumbledore assists him, he becomes annoyed to the point of being angry that the headmaster refuses to speak to or even look at him.

How Come Hermione Tried Spells Before Boarding The Hogwarts Express

Potter Projects Request: Hermione’s Wand

OK, so here is a sequence of facts:

  • Its prohibited to use magic in Muggle areas.

  • Before boarding Hogwarts Express, Hermione lived in a Muggle area.

  • Hermione and her parents must have been told, upon getting a wand, about restrictions on use of magic. Or she would have read about it in Hogwarts: A History or some other book.

  • If so, this being Hermione, she would never have violated the rules.

  • Yet, Hermione told Ron in the beginning of PS, on the train, that she already successfully tried out some spells after witnessing him trying to turn the rat yellow. This was right after they boarded Hogwarts Express, so she must have done it before.

So, how could she have possibly practiced any magic?

Id strongly prefer canon or JKR based answer if available.

Based on the following quotes I suggest Hermione had time to practice these spells on the train.

I just take the train from platform nine and three-quarters at eleven oclock.


Around half past twelve there was a great clattering outside in the corridor and a smiling, dimpled woman slid back their door and said Anything off the cart, dears?

After the chocolate frogs, many as Harry had a few cards, Neville arrives in the compartment

There was a knock on the door of their compartment and the round-faced boy Harry had passed on platform nine and three-quarters came in.


He had just raised his wand when the compartment door slid open again. The toadless boy was back, but this time he had a girl with him.

Theory 1

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Accio Or Wingardium Leviosa

I cannot even begin to describe the horrifying agony that comes with wanting to change the channel despite the television remote control being too far out of reach. Now you have to abandon the comfort of your sofa to retrieve it unless you can make it come to you.

There are a couple of Harry Potter spells that come in handy when retrieving foreign objects, the most effective being Accio, which summons any object of your choice right to you immediately. If you dont mind taking your time with it a bit more, use Wingardium Leviosa, the Levitation Charm, to make the object float toward you.

The Levitation Charm would also be a great help with rescuing cats stuck in trees, rearranging or transporting furniture, or serve as a wonderful alternative to elevators if you dont feel like using the stairs. It has also proven effective in prank wars.

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