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What House Was Albus Dumbledore In

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Harry Potter Quiz Uncovers Wonders

Which house is Dumbledore?

The magical world created by J.K. Rowling is so full of wonders and adventures that every kid dreams of becoming its integral part. Would you like to be a wizard? Definitely. Would you like to be a muggle in the wizarding world? Well, thats less desirable but, at least, we already know about magic, right? We can have wizard friends and experience the parts of that world through them. When it comes to Hogwarts, every kid or an adult whos grown with the books and movies will embrace the opportunity to go.

The dedicated fans of the series find it essential to know what their story in Hogwarts would be. And the school always starts with sorting. That is the crucial part of being a wizard, the House Pride. And we would all eagerly join the ranks of one of four unique Houses if only we had that damn letter already!

Its been a long wait, but you can actually discover what the Sorting Hat has in store for you with this Harry Potter House quiz. Yay! Thus, we can come to Hogwarts already fully prepared. Turn on your inner Hermione to the max!!! If only we had access to magical textbooks.

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The Time We Found Out Just How Wise He Truly Is

From:Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter Thirty-Six, “The Parting of the Ways”, p.585.

The momentary “gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes” doesn’t mean much to us in book four, but by the end of book seven it’s crucial. As Dumbledore explains to Harry right at the end of the series in his King’s Cross vision, by taking Harry’s blood Voldemort inadvertently took on some of the protection Harry’s mother gave him essentially, by remaining alive, Voldemort was also unknowingly protecting Harry.

It’s fairly complicated stuff, but not for Dumbledore the minute Harry told him about the blood in book four, he knew.

The Time He Wouldn’t Give Up Against The Inferi

From:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter Twenty-Six, “The Cave”, p.479.

Every time I read the line highlighted above, it sends chills down my spine. Even after having drunk that horrendous potion and being weak to the point of collapse, Dumbledore manages to get back to his feet again and blast away the Inferi before they can drag Harry underwater.

If this doesn’t scream “hero”, I don’t know what does.

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Dumbledore’s More Modest Career Path

In the aftermath of Ariana’s tragic death, Dumbledore’s need for power wholly abated as he later told Harry, he didn’t think he should be trusted with power after his friendship with Grindelwald ruined his family. Turning down repeated offers to take the ultimate seat of power and become Minister for Magic, Dumbledore turned instead to his true love: teaching.

As one of the most intelligent and learned wizards in history, it makes sense that Dumbledore would want to share his wisdom with young witches and wizards, and he returned to teach both Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration throughout his early tenure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As the Transfiguration teacher, Dumbledore encountered a curious young student named Tom Riddle, whom he immediately recognized as a talented yet foreboding presence. Of course, that student would grow up to become Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore’s biggest adversary besides Grindelwald.

Harry Potter And Severus Snape

Actor Dumbledore

One of the most heartbreaking reveals in the “Harry Potter” franchise is the true nature and intentions of Severus Snape. In the end, Snape’s sacrifices and love for both Lily and Harry Potter are integral to Voldemort’s defeat.

Though he becomes a Death Eater after Hogwarts, Snape defects and becomes a spy for Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix to protect Lily, whom he has loved unconditionally since childhood. Snape’s request for Voldemort to spare Lily’s life leads to the dark wizard’s first demise because of Harry’s mother’s willing sacrifice. Despite his hatred of James Potter, Snape dedicates much of his life to protecting Harry from Voldemort to honor Lily.

When Voldemort returns, Snape regains his trust as a Death Eater while still spying for Dumbledore and hiding his true intentions using Occlumency. Snape gives Voldemort just enough information over the years to keep that trust, but Voldemort has Nagini kill the Hogwarts professor anyway so that the Dark Lord can obtain the Elder Wand. Voldemort’s mistake in spurning Harry’s revelation that Snape was never the master of the Elder Wand eventually costs Voldemort his final life.

Like his relationship with Dumbledore and Harry, Voldemort and Snape share many similarities in personality and heritage. However, Snape’s unrequited love for Lily and subsequent affection for Harry lead to his redemption and Voldemort’s undoing.

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Aberforth Dumbledore Personality Type & Traits

Aberforth generally comes across as cynical about the world, no doubt as a result of losing his father, mother, and sister at a young age. As his only surviving family member, he blamed Albus for many of his problems.

Aberforth was not known to be book smart like Albus, but was good at dueling. This combined with his ability to care for animals suggests that he preferred action in the real world to intellectual contemplation.

Despite his issues with his brother, he supported him and the Order of the Phoenix throughout his life. He believed in doing what was right, even if it was with little grace.

He Brands Tom Riddle As Evil From The Get

The stalemate with Grindelwald continues until their duel in 1945, which ends with Albus’ win. But throughout this time, Albus dedicates himself to his teaching career at Hogwarts. In 1938, he delivers Tom Riddle’s Hogwarts letter to Wool’s Orphanage, and the matron there informs him Tom has been using his magic to terrify and hurt the children. During their conversation, Tom confirms this, and Albus sets fire to Tom’s wardrobe to point out magic shouldn’t be abused. It’s an overreaction and not the best first impression on either part.

The problem is that Tom Riddle was a troubled child, living in the Muggle world during the Second World War. His behavior was violent, but if he had received some assistance, he may not have turned out as evil as he did. While it is speculated that Tom Riddle was born unable to love due to his mother using Amortentia on his father, this is a misinterpretation of J.K. Rowling’s words.

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He Didnt Really See Socks In The Mirror Of Erised

After Dumbledore told Harry he saw himself with a nice pair of socks when looking into the Mirror of Erised, Harry later reflected that he might have been lying, but that it was a rather nosy thing to ask:

It was only when he was back in bed that it struck Harry that Dumbledore might not have been quite truthful. But then, he thought, as he shoved Scabbers off his pillow, it had been quite a personal question.Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

After it was revealed that Dumbledore was devastated by the accidental death of his sister during a fight with Grindelwald and his brother, Aberforth, it became clear that Dumbledores deepest desire, and regret, involved his family. J.K. Rowling confirmed this after the final novel, revealing that when Dumbledore looks into the mirror he sees his family alive, whole and happy Ariana, Percival and Kendra all returned to him, and Aberforth reconciled to him. Excuse us while we ugly sob.

Aberforth And The Hogwarts Resistance

The Origins Of Albus Dumbledore

There were many secret passages in and out of Hogwarts. One led from a portrait of Ariana in Aberforths pub to the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts. It is unclear if this passage was always there, or if the room created the passage to help the students hiding from the new Death Eater regime hiding there.

Aberforth provided the persecuted students, led by Neville Longbottom, with food. This was essential as the Room itself was unable to produce food.

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Credence Survives With An Obscurus Because Of The Spanish Flu

One of the things that makes the least sense about Credence/Aurelius is his Obscurus. Most wizards or witches with his condition die before age 10. So how does he survive? Well, according to Redditor u/Obversa, its because his body developed an immunity to magical diseases. The Spanish Flu, says u/Obversa, came from some curse or is the byproduct of a magical spell gone awry. This explains its real-life mysterious nature. If young Credence was affected by the disease, could it explain how he manages to stay alive as long as he does? Since J.K. Rowling isnt shy about working real history into her stories, we think this is an actual possibility.

Why Was Albus Sorted Into Slytherin

Albus Potter isn’t a bad kid, but Hogwarts doesn’t have what he needs. Still, he has to be Sorted, so he goes to Slytherin. … Albus ended up in Slytherin because he couldn’t stop thinking about ending up in Slytherin, and so the Sorting Hat couldn’t grasp anything other than his thoughts about being in Slytherin.

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Early Career At Hogwarts

Dumbledore: “I had proven, as a very young man, that power was my weakness and temptation. I was safer at Hogwarts. I think I was a good teacher.
Harry Potter: “You were the best.
A discussion in limbo regarding power and leadership

Shortly thereafter, Albus, who had been exchanging owls with the famous researcher as far back when he had been a student at Hogwarts, travelled to France and spent some time in Paris studying the ancient art and science of alchemy under the tutelage of Nicholas Flamel. He presumably did so in order to both give his brother some space, as well as to get away for a bit and spend his time grieving more productively than he otherwise would have done simply wallowing in his own misery. It is unknown when exactly he returned to Britain, but around the time he did, Albus had become intrigued with the study of dragon’s blood, and was ultimately credited with the discovery of no less than twelve new uses for it ) an accomplishment that earned him widespread recognition and ultimately played no small role in the subsequent offer he received of a teaching position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Having always had a deep fondness for the old school and felt drawn towards teaching even as a student, Albus was happy to accept.

Dumbledore teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts

Dumbledore teaching Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange and other students the Boggart-Banishing Spell

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Aberforth Knows The True Story

While Magical Beasts builds numerous theories about Aurelius around Albus and Grindelwald, there’s one person we feel who has the true answer. That’s “middle” brother Aberforth.

He’s the one who told the story about Albus’ friendship with Grindelwald and the death of their sister to Harry and his compatriots, so why wouldn’t he have the scoop about who Aurelius truly is. Unless someone put a confundus charm on him.

Alchemy With Nicolas Flamel

Through Madam Marchbanks, Albus renewed his acquaintance with alchemist Nicolas Flamel, and in 1917, he left Oxford at Flamel’s invitation to work with him on several important projects. They were the first to describe the chemical properties of alcahest, a feat only made possible by Flamel’s possession of a philosopher’s stone, from which it was distilled, and Albus’s discovery that dragon’s blood was the only substance impervious to the solvent.

Albus spent the next several years researching the remarkable properties of dragon’s blood, and by 1926, he had discovered and described twelve uses for the substance, including as the base for the first Blood-Replenishing-Potions, which won him his first Order of Merlin for services to wizarding society .

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Affair With Minerva Mcgonagall

In 1943, Albus realised that he had begun to have romantic feelings towards one of his students, Minerva McGonagall, a talented seventh-year Gryffindor whom he had been mentoring. Although he initially tried to ignore his feelings, the two embarked on an affair in December of that year. By June 1944, Dumbledore had come to believe that the relationship posed too much danger to Minerva, and he broke it off however, he never forgot her, and he followed her subsequent career from afar.

The Most Accurate Harry Potter House Quiz

Albus Dumbledore first wand |Harry Potter | House of Spells

A new apprentice! Welcome to Hogwarts! As every year, we start with the Sorting Ceremony. As you may have guessed, the ceremony is about assigning each student to one of the houses. There are four houses Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Perhaps before coming to Hogwarts, you wondered, what Hogwarts house am I? The moment has come, and your guesses will come true! All you have to do is take the Harry Potter House Quiz, and Sorting Hat will assign you a house without much thought!

However, before we get to the Harry Potter house quiz itself, its time for a big welcome feast. The new students will be introduced one after the other into the Great Hall, where the Sorting Hat will be waiting at the high stage. The Sorting Hat, as every year, has prepared a song for you, which you will hear in a moment. Each student will be read alphabetically by Professor McGonagall. Once you are read, you will sit on a stool, where you will finally learn the answer to your question what Harry Potter house am I?

Dont be afraid! The Sorting Hat has a superhuman sense that will ensure that you will be assigned to a house that will perfectly suit you. Perhaps it will be a noble Gryffindor, an ambitious Slytherin, a creative Ravenclaw, or a fair Hufflepuff? You will find out in a moment.

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The Time He Took On The Entire Wizengamot And Won

From:Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter Eight, “The Hearing”, p.128.

Further evidence that Dumbledore would be a killer lawyer comes at the beginning of book five, when he calmly brings down Fudge’s entire Wizengamot with his well-crafted arguments and gets Harry off the hook. I particularly love his line about arriving at the Ministry three hours early “due to a lucky mistake”. Classic Dumbledore.

He Doesn’t Look Into The Trial Of Sirius Black

For many years, Sirius Black is believed to have betrayed the Potters, giving away their secret to Voldemort. In reality, he never receives a trial and is just thrown into Azkaban without a real investigation. Even if Albus was convinced Sirius was guilty, he would have known the trial didn’t happen. It was his duty to ensure it, and he never did.

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Percival Dumbledore Escaped Prison And Fathered Credence

Out of all the theories out there, this one seems the most feasible. Let’s face it, The Death Eaters aren’t the sharpest spirits to guard Azkaban. If Barty Crouch, Jr. and Sirius Black could escape, a wizard who is a Dumbledore could do this as well.

The only problem with Percival being Aurelius’ father is the timeframe. As is continually mentioned, Kendra Dumbledore supposedly died in 1899. If his birth in 1901 is true, then it would seem Percival had relations with another wizard.

Harry Potter House Quiz

Harry Potter: 10 Reasons Dumbledore Was The Worst ...

Take this Harry Potter House Quiz and get sorted into your house. We guarantee that this quiz is better than the sorting hat.

Hey Potterheads, today we have a great challenge for you! Weve all read the books and seen the movies, but more than others, some of us grabbed on to this amazing story. There are in reality some people out there who are already marathoning the movies once a month!

There are 8 films worth outstanding scenes so this isnt going to be an easy task. Lets see who has enough magic in them to get this Harry Potter quiz through!

This is also a Hogwarts house quiz, which will help to determine which house do you belong to.

In 2001 the first Harry Potter movie came out. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets followed in 2002 following the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Ring.

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