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How To Make Harry Potter Props

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Harry Potter Photo Frames And Mats

How To Make harry Potter Props!

Use your imagination and creativity and draw the most amazing images inspired by Harry Potter from eyeglasses to wands. Other ideas to draw include: goblet of fire, dragons, owls, potions, sorting hat, snitch, broom.

If drawing is not your strength use Harry Potter stickers.

You could also write quotes on the

If you do this craft at a party, take a photo of each guest or a group photo so they can can put it in the frame or in the photo mat.

Harry Potter themed frames or photo mats make awesome party favors too!

Diy Harry Potter Perler Bead Crafts

Have you ever used Perler bead crafts? No?! Then take a look at this fun Harry Potter DIY.

Blogger and creator Karen Kavett uses Perler beads to make Luna Lovegood glasses, a golden snitch keyring, a phone case and more.

She has a DIY video for you to follow, downloadable patterns and playlists for loads of ideas.

Fold An Origami Howler

There are a couple ways to make your own paper Howler, and one is a bit more involved than the other. The first method is 100 percent origami, so if your paper folding skills are on point, then following the step-by-step instructions should be as simple as pronouncing the Wingardium Leviosa correctly. The second method, as outlined by Deviantart user mizutamari, requires eight to 10 pieces of 24-gauge floral wire, bow-making and silky ribbons, rag paper, and various adhesives. It will probably take considerably longer than the origami howler, but the finished product is more than worth it.

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Potions: You May Request Any Of The Specific Potion Labels In The Sample Photos Below

A variety of labels will be included with the supply kit in addition to your choices. We will provide 1 large and 2 small jars. You may choose to make additional “potions” at a later time with the extra labels.

* PLEASE specify requests in the SPECIAL NOTES field at the time of registration. If you do not make choices regarding the options, then we will make selections for you to be included in your supply kit.

The cut off for personalized supply kits is monday night at 8pm. After that time, pre-made kits will still be available as supplies last.

Harry Potter Props Costumes Head To Chicago Museum

Harry Potter Studio Tour London Prop Cabinet Photos &  Concept Art

Harry Potter is heading to a Chicago museum where fans will get a glimpse of props and costumes from the blockbuster films in a massive exhibit set to open in April, organizers announced Thursday.

“We are delighted that fans will finally have the opportunity to see, in person, some of their favorite props and costumes,” said David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter films.

“We are looking forward to audiences enjoying the care, creativity and attention to detail involved in their making, just as we do each and every day on set.”

Tickets have already gone on sale for the 10,000-square-foot exhibit featuring elaborate displays set in Hagrid’s Hut, the Gryffindor common room and other popular film locations.

The exhibit will run through September 7, 2009 at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry before heading off on an international tour.

It will be updated to include props and costumes from the final installments of the Harry Potter film series once production is completed.

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To Assemble The Have You Seen This Wizard Poster

  • Print pages 1-4
  • Cut a window in the board. I used a game board box to trace a window to cut and then used and exact-o knife to cut the window.
  • Cut 3/4 inch strips of black paper and glue them around the window
  • Cut and assemble the words from the printables on the board
  • Use the leftover piece from the window to glue the Azkaban Prison sign
  • You could also purchase this and just cut a window in the middle and glue it onto a poster board. Or you could buy the poster and hang it as decoration!

    + Harry Potter Projects To Make With Your Cricut

    July 7, 2017 by Wifeeclectic

    One of the biggest questions I get asked about my Cricut is what I make with it. The answer? Just about anything. From cards to t-shirts, the possibilities are endless with the Cricut. I have used it to cut leather for headbands. I have used it to create memory boxes for our past vacations and I have used it to create giant home decor pieces for the 4th of July.

    Since we are coming up on Harry Potters birthday at the end of this month, I have rounded up more than 25 fun Harry Potter craft ideas you can make, all using your Cricut machine! From T-shirts, to picnic blankets and felt Harry Potter photo booth props, this round up has a taste of all sorts of things the Cricut can do and get you ready to create your own projects! Are you new to creating with the Cricut Explore? You can find a step by step post on how to use heat transfer with the machine here.

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    Pensieve From Harry Potter

    For Halloween the last few years, we’ve decorated the house in a Harry Potter theme. This, of course, requires making many interesting props to entertain the Trick or Treaters. For example, the Animatronic Fawkes the Phoenix I made last year. One of the most popular props we’ve made is a Pensieve. As you may remember, the Pensieve is a vessel which stores memories. The memories can be viewed by sticking your head into the large misty bowl. My Pensieve is made by creating a large glass bowl arrangement sitting over a laptop playing one of the Harry Potter movies. Pretty simple, but very effective.

    • Wood and Plywood-to build the enclosure the Pensieve will sit upon.
    • Plexiglas sheet
    • Spray Paint or other means of decoration
    • Glass Bowl .- Thrift stores are a great source of these. The fancier, the better.
    • Hot glue or clear silicone caulk
    • Laptop
    • One of the Harry Potter movies , but the 3rd one is pretty good too.)
    • Plastic Bags
    • Water
    • Dry ice-can be found at some supermarkets, party supply stores or ice companies

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    There are no more seats or waitlist seats available for this event.

    Register to reserve your supplies, pick up your supply kit from the Dundee Library in advance, and then attend a live virtual instruction program via Zoom. Make your own magical supplies: wand spell book and potion . The only things you will need to provide for yourself will be a paint brush, a jar for rinse water and scissors. After successfully registering, you will receive an email with instructions on when your supply kit will be available for pick up at the Dundee Library.

    We will make a wand using a bamboo rod and sculpey oven bake clay. This type of polymer clay is pretty easy to use, but I will go over a few tips to make sure you avoid any scorching and end up with a durable piece. Everyone will be getting the same supplies for the wand. The only things you will need to provide for yourself will be a paint brush, a jar for rinse water and scissors. After successfully registering, you will receive an email with instructions on when your supply kit will be available for pick up at the Dundee Library.

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    The Best Props For A Harry Potter Photo Booth:

    To stick with the theme I had to create a Have you seen this wizard prop.

    The ones I found online were white with black writing.

    Since the backdrop we created was was mostly white, I thought it would be fun to create an inverted version with white being the text and black as the poster.

    I used a Harry Potter font found at Creative Market and my cricut to create the wording.

    All you need to do from there is cut out a square for the kids to stick their head through.

    We also had DIY felt house ties, balloons in the house colors, and homemade wands for the kids to pick from.

    NEW! I have a step by step tutorial to make the most amazing DIY Harry Potter Wands!

    My little guy wants to be a Gryffindor so we went with a dark red and gold balloons.

    Some scrap pieces of felt pieced together with a little hot glue gave us a fun minimalist house flag and a black chair made sure he stayed in the right place not to block all of the fun accessories.

    All together you are in about 10-15 dollars and it looks amazing!

    So what do you think? Worth making? Which most wanted character is YOUR favorite?

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    Fun And Magical Harry Potter Diy Crafts For Future Potterheads

    These 21 Harry Potter arts and crafts ideas and activities will provide a special and memorable experience for you and your kids. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

    Want more arts and crafts projects based on books? Then let your little ones try their hand at these Dr. Seuss crafts.

    And check out these other Halloween-themed crafts lists to help get your kids and home ready for Halloween:

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    Harry Potter Diys That Are Magical

    You can make Halloween decorations, gifts and special crafts for yourself to keep your Potter keepsakes in.

    You wont need any special magical skills to create the crafts in this roundup, just some courage and creativity to gather supplies from around the house.

    Plus if you want to make something inspired by Mrs Weasleys knitting skills, then take a look at this post here Harry Potter Knitting Patterns.

    You can even make your dog a personalised sweater just like Rons with this free mischief managed dog sweater knitting pattern.

    More Harry Potter Crafts From Around The Web

    Harry Potter Photo Booth Props / Wedding photo booth props / Birthday ...

    Learn how to make floating candles the perfect party trick! And yes, they are made using my favourite craft materials empty toilet paper tubes! Alternate with Kitchen Paper Towel tubes to make different sizes. Visit A few Shortcuts for info!

    B& C Guides has a fabulous Sorting Hat DIY Tutorial. It takes you through the step by step process of a basic cardboard wizard hat followed by masking tape features and finally a like of arcylic paint!

    Super cute Wash Cloth Hedwig Owl how clever is this?! by A Few Shortcuts

    How to make Harry Potter Pencil Holders from Ravenclaw, to Slytherine, all the Hogwarts Houses are represented. The perfect Harry Potter room decor! by Modern On Monticello

    Time for some slime recipes.. and not any old slime recipes Potions Slime! Check out this set of Harry Potter Potion Slime by Little Bins for Little Hands Hermione would be so at home with these!

    How to Make Glow Stick Broomsticks by One Little Project such a cute little craft!

    Magical Crystal Ball Craft by Sugar Spice and Glitter

    DIY Harry Potter Remembrall Ring by Parenting Chaos

    DIY Monster Book of Monsters Giant Cushion No-Sew by Pieces by Polly

    Harry Potter XL Clothespins by Tried & True arent they fun? They come as our three favourite characters Harry, Ron and Hermione!

    Griffindor Pom Poms by Todays Creative Life make them in Hogwarts House colors! Such a quick and easy make!

    Paper Doll Fun with Luna Lovegood by Me and My Inklings

    Harry Potter Christmas DIYs:

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    If You Worked On The Harry Potter Movies Why Wouldn’t You Take A Few Collectibles Home

    Oldrich/shutterstockIf youre a Harry Potter fan, at some point you have imagined what it would be like to live in the Wizarding Worldplaying Quidditch, drinking Butterbeer with Harry and the gang, the possibilities are endless.

    At the very least, youve wanted to bring some part of that magical universe into our world. Maybe a flying car when youre running late or an invisibility cloak to hide from the coworker who hates you. Luckily for costume designer Jany Temime, she got to do just that.

    Temime designed costumes for the third through eighth Harry Potter films, so she has the scoop on exactly what went down behind the scenes . But during her time on set, she also scooped up a few, uh, one-of-a-kind souvenirs once filming wrapped.

    Willi Schneider/REX/ShutterstockThe first thing she took was an invitation to the Yule Ball from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. These never made it into the film, but Temime says they looked sort of an origami of a light blue flower when they opened up. How could you say no to an invite like that?

    Temime even stole some of her own work: ties from each of the four houses at Hogwarts and, the pièce de résistance, Harrys original scarf. Now, youd think with an item of such cinematic and historical value would be kept on display in a pristine glass case in Temimes home, right? Nope. She keeps it around her neck.

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    Harry Potter Party Photobooth Easy Diy

    This Harry Potter party photo booth easy DIY is pretty simple to make with our printables found below. Or if you are looking to cut corners you could purchase and just cut out the window and call it good.

    Make this awesome Harry Potter party photo booth for about $1 assuming you have a few basic things already.

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    Welcome To Platform 9

    The time has come! Place your faux brick wall where youd like the photo booth to be. You can either stand the cardboard up on its own, or nail it to the wall using a hammer and small nails or brads. I nailed mine to the wall because it needed to be taller, and the only way to make it taller was to suspend it a foot off the ground.

    Place your props by your brick wall, and there you have it! Enjoy your very own Platform 9¾!

    Diy Harry Potter Howler

    Top 10 Harry Potter Props | DIY

    Do you guys remember when Ron gets a letter from his mother called a howler?

    The look on his face makes me laugh every time!


    This fun Harry Potter DIY from Popcorner Reviews shows you how to make your very own howler.

    Take a look and send one to someone you know!

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    Diy Harry Potter House Badges

    In this Instructable, we will be making Harry Potter House Badges. There is a variety of different ways to make these, varying in difficulty and material. For the most part however, house badges are made from either metal or fabric. This Instructable will teach you how to make a fabric-looking house badge for little or no cost at all. This method also accommodates any experience level or time constraint, taking as little as five minutes to an hour to make. Today we will be showing you 2 main styles of badge all from the same material but each badge takes a different amount of time and skill to make.Note- The second picture is an example of the official badge we are modeling after and is not a badge I personally made.

    Mask The Brick Mortar With Tape

    Now, this part can get tedious. So put on your favorite Harry Potter tunes and keep imagining the finished productyou can do it! I think this is the tape I used, but any similar tape should work fine:

    Take your roll of masking tape in one hand and your box cutter in the other. Be careful with this step! Run the box cutter along the middle of the tape to cut into it several layers deep, until youve made a cut around the entire circumference of the tape. The goal here is for the cuts to be uneven so that the strips of tape make the brick mortar look realisticnot perfect.

    Peel strips of tape off one by one and begin masking out horizontal rows with the tape. I eyeballed my rows, but you can use a measuring tape to keep the rows even. I placed each row of tape about 5 inches apart. You will need to alternate between taping rows and cutting new grooves into the tape.

    You can see here how the strips of masking tape are a little jagged from when I cut down the center of the tape roll with my box cutter. This is the desired effect.

    Once you have all the rows taped on, add shorter strips of tape in vertical lines to separate the bricks. Unfortunately I dont have a photo of this step, but you get the idea. Here is a good example of how to apply your tape in a brick pattern. Alternate with long bricks and short bricks. Historic Panorama has some good examples of this brick technique.

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    Craft A Book Of Monsters

    This book box, a replica of the book Hagrid uses to teach Care of Magical Creatures, is fairly simple to make. All you need is some faux fur, cardboard, an Xacto knife and scissors, glue, vase stones for the eyes, and clay to create the mouth and teeth. In under an hour, you can have a cool prop for your bookcase .

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