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Harry Potter Prisoner Of Azkaban Audiobook Free

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Jim Dale Archives Harry Potter Audiobooks

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K Rowling, Chapter # 1(AUDIOBOOK)

Jim Dale. To millions of fans in the United States, Jim Dale is the voice of Harry Potter. He has recorded all seven books in the Harry Potter collection, and as narrator received seven Grammy nominations. Dale has won two Grammy Awards, a record 10 Audie Awards (including Audio Publication of the Year 2004, Ideal Childrens

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Tips On How To Get Free Harry Potter Books & Audiobooks

Posted on Last updated: September 2, 2022

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If you want to get free Harry Potter books and audiobooks but dont want to pay to do so, get my top tips to read, listen to and/or download Harry Potter without spending any money.

There are seven total books in the Harry Potter series by author J.K. Rowling

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This post shares how to read each Harry Potter book in physical format and online free in both digital and audiobook formats.

This post focuses on legitimate ways to download Harry Potter free, so that all those who contributed to the publication of this book series can be properly paid on the back end, and also to ensure you are reading the books in their correct and final forms. While there are many random sites where you can purportedly read online free Harry Potter books, I recommend you do it the right way per the recommendations in this post.


Below are more details about exactly how you can get free Harry Potter books and audiobooks by way of the five methods mentioned briefly above:

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Listen To Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Audiobook Full Free Mp :

Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook is presented by Audibel. The Audiobook is read by two different readers both of which are present below. It has 22 chapters and the Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban Audioobook all chapters are included in the audio series below.

  • Chapter 01 Owl Post
  • Chapter 02 Aunt Marges Big Mistake
  • Chapter 03 The Knight Bus
  • Chapter 04 The Leaky Cauldron
  • Chapter 05 The Dementor
  • Chapter 06 Talons And Tea Leaves
  • Chapter 07 The Boggart In The Wardrobe
  • Chapter 08 Flight Of The Fat Lady
  • Chapter 09 Grim Defeat
  • Chapter 10 The Marauders Map
  • Chapter 11 The Firebolt

Lend Them Via Prime Reading

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban By J.K. Rowling (Jim Dale ...

While is a paid subscription, if you are already a member, you can lend digital books online via the member benefit of Prime Reading for no extra charge. And if you are not already an member, you can try it free for 30 days.

Prime Reading is a private lending library that allows members to immediately loan up to ten books in the Prime Reading catalog at a time.

  • Unlimited access to a rotating catalog of ebooks and audiobooks,
  • 1 free pre-release ebook every month from editors picks, and
  • Magazines and comic books.

I have used this Prime Reading myself, and its really easy, as well as a great time and money-saving benefit that some members may not even know about.

At the time of posting this article, two of the seven Harry Potter books are available to lend via Prime Reading.

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Hen Fry Archives Harry Potter Audiobooks

Stephen John Fry is an English comic, author, actor, humourist, poet, reporter, filmmaker, TV personality and technophile. As one half of the Fry and Laurie act with his comedy partner, Hugh Laurie, he has appeared in A Bit of Fry & Laurie and also Jeeves and Wooster. He is likewise renowned for his duties in Blackadder as well as Wilde, and as the host of QI. In addition to composing

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

Story: The story continues… and gets even better! As I mentioned in my review of Chamber of Secrets, it becomes more and more clear how J.K. Rowling brilliantly created the world of Harry Potter. The characters continue to develop, new characters add to the story and the world continues to unfold in every book. The story seems to flow effortlessly from one book to the next. My favorite part of this particular book that was omitted from the movies and I didn’t know about until now… The Marauders. I knew of the map, sure, but the amount of detail, backstory, everything about the Marauders added so much more to this book than I thought possible.Performance: Gosh, once again the performance is stellar! I feel as though Jim Dale is really engaging with the characters and therefore is able to capture them quite well. I gave this a four star again because of this audio issue – the audio pauses for a few seconds making me think there is an error with the audiobook . That said, the narration itself is performed wonderfully!Overall: Seriously, how do these books get better and better?! One thing I failed to mention on the previous two books is just how much better the books are compared to the movies . This is my first time reading / listening to this series, but still, I almost can’t believe the amount of detail in the books that make them so much better and more enjoyable. Prisoner of Azkaban doesn’t disappoint!

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Listen To Them Via Audible

Audible is another Amazon subscription service by which members can listen to audiobooks, such as the Harry Potter books, via the Audible app.

There are two subscriptions: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus, both of which offer free 30 day trials.

Audible Plus allows members to listen to an unlimited selection of audiobooks, original recordings, podcasts, meditations, and more from a specific catalog. You can cancel Audible Plus at any time, but after your 30-day free trial, Audible Plus will cost you a fee per month.

Audible Premium Plus allows members to listen to the Audible Plus catalog plus it offers members one credit per month to redeem for any audiobook of their choice whether or not its part of the Audible Plus catalog. You can cancel Audible Premium Plus at any time, but after your 30-day free trial, Audible Premium Plus will cost you a fee per month.

At the time of posting, the entire Harry Potter series of seven books can be listened to as part of the Audible Premium Plus membership. So, technically, you can redeem your credit for one Harry Potter book during your free trial period.

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Book 3 Audiobook

Virtual Book Club Chapter 13 – Gryffindor Versus Ravenclaw

There is the news that Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban and he happens to be the first man who escaped from this heavily guarded prison. Sirius is said to be an ally of Voldemort and he is coming for Harry Potter. When Harry reaches Hogwarts he starts hearing more troubling news than ever..

The Dementors are hovering over the school which means that the dark lord has finally decided to come back. J.K. Rowling makes the series, a serious one from this third chapter onward. The enemies are finally present in the open and they are gathering power for the final and perhaps last confrontation. Harry makes a new friend in the form of Sirius here after he learns his true identity.

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  • Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Audiobook Novel Details And Review:

    Upon returning to Hogwarts for his third year, Harry finds out that his late dads best friend is now his Professor at school. Meanwhile, Harry is also getting flashes from the past which makes him feel anxious and distressed. The book, in the end, brings the revelation that Harry has a godfather which is the first parent figure that he finds in his life.


    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook is one of the favorite most novels of Rowling as she wrote this novel and completed it within one year. The book was just as well-received by the audiences and critics as well. The book broke all previous records by selling more than 70,000+ copies within 72 hours of its release. The book is also recipient of Locus Award, Whitbread childrens award, and Bram Stoker Award.

    Movie Adaptation:

    Harry Potter and the prison of Azkaban is one of the most popular movies of the franchise amongst the audiences although it grossed lowest in all 7 movies. It released in 2004 under the direction of Alfonso Cuaron. It was the highest grossing feature movie of 2004.

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    Borrow Them From A Friend Or Family Member

    The easiest way to get free Harry Potter books is to borrow the physical books from a friend, family member, or even a stranger. I have no doubt in my mind that, if you quickly posted a request on social media, someone would gladly lend or give them to you. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask!

    Believe it or not, there are two ways you can also have a friend or family member share a Harry Potter book with you via Audible:

    First, members of your Amazon Household can share Audible books by way of the Family Library feature. If another member of your Amazon Household has a Harry Potter book in his or her library, follow the below steps.

    • Log in to and hover over Account & Lists at the top right of the screen.
    • Go to Content and Devices. Select the Preferences tab.
    • Next, select Households and Family Library, and then select Manage your Household.
    • Thereafter, you need to Manage Your Family Library.

    Second, if a friend has a Harry Potter title in his or her Audible library, he or she can share the book by opening your Audible app and tapping My Library at the bottom of the screen. Then, find the specific Audible book and tap the three dots to the far right of the book. Tap Send this Book.

    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Overview:

    [AudioBook] Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban [Download: 22 Formats]

    Harry Potter is lucky to reach the age of thirteen, since he has already survived the murderous attacks of the feared Dark Lord on more than one occasion. But his hopes for a quiet term concentrating on Quidditch are dashed when a maniacal mass-murderer escapes from Azkaban, pursued by the soul-sucking Dementors who guard the prison. Its assumed that Hogwarts is the safest place for Harry to be. But is it a coincidence that he can feel eyes watching him in the dark, and should he be taking Professor Trelawneys ghoulish predictions seriously?

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    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Audiobook


    The third part of the 8-book series is Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook. The book was released in 1999. Authored by J. K. Rowling, the novel is published by Bloomsbury in UK and Scholastic in the US. The book is based on the fantasy genre. It is nominated for several leading award categories.

    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Audiobook Stephen Fry

    4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook 1. Chapter 01 The Riddle House. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. 2. Chapter 02 The Scar. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. 3.

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    Lend Them From The Library

    If you have a library card, you can also lend the Harry Potter book series for free from your local library in three formats: physical books, digital books, and audiobooks.

    Digital books and audiobooks are available via the Overdrive and Libby apps, which most libraries seem to have at this point in time. However, whether you attempt to loan physical books from the library, or obtain them via the Overdrive and Libby apps, you may have to place a hold and wait in line for the books to become available to you.

    In that case, you may also want to check if your library offers the Hoopla app, by which you can lend up to four digital books per month and read ebooks or listen to audiobooks from a large catalog immediately without having to wait for your turn in a hold line. Hoopla does, in fact, have the Harry Potter book series in its catalog. I listened to one of the books myself via this app!

    If your library does not have Hoopla, or even if you are struggling to obtain the books otherwise from your own local library, you may need to get creative in order to get the Harry Potter books free from the library.

    For example, where I live, the Philadelphia library is a much larger library with more resources than many other rural libraries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And the Philadelphia library allows residents of the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to obtain a library card!

    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Audiobook Review:

    Virtual Book Club – Chapter 11, The Firebolt

    The Good:

    The third instalment in the Potter series is usually everyones favourite. I think its because Harry finally manages to catch a break. A few good things happen to him, he makes some new friends and Voldemort doesnt feature quite so heavily. Despite this, the dark undertones of the Chamber of Secrets are still present. What makes Azkaban so interesting is not only do we learn more about the magical world, but we get to learn about the relationship between James Potter and his friends during his time at Hogwarts. The events in the book are both intriguing and shocking, but also weave so beautifully into the long term Harry Potter story. The audiobook is a must listen for true fans as well people simply looking for a great story!

    The Good:

    Apart from characters introduced in the first book we have a couple additions of note.

    Professor Remus John Lupin was a half-blood wizard. He was afflicted with lycanthropy during his childhood, as Fenrir Greybacks revenge. Lupin was definitely my favourite new character. He was voiced well, and such a lovely fellow, couldnt help but feel sorry for him

    Cedric Diggory was the son of Amos Diggory and his wife. He started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1989, and was sorted into Hufflepuff. During his time at the school he was a prefect and captained the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, playing as Seeker. Cedric Diggory becomes far more important later on.


    The Good:The Bad:

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    Audiobook Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    Try to follow this reasoning if you can. So were anticipated to think that Harrys parents werent betrayed by Sirius Black nevertheless, they were betrayed by their other close friend that additionally occurred to secretly be an animagus, Peter Pettigrew. And when Harry Potter lived and also Voldemort appeared to die, Pettigrew worried due to the fact that he believed Death Eaters would certainly criticize him for Voldemorts death and eliminate him. And also he understood the only individual that understood he was the one that actually betrayed the Potters, Sirius, would come searching for retribution, so he made use of that as a chance to fake his fatality and also frame Sirius for betraying the Potters. What truly happened is that Pettigrew cut off his own finger and blew up a portion of the street, eliminating a number of muggles , after that transformed right into a rat and disappeared.

    The motion picture simplifies the ending a lot and turns a few of the information around so that Lupin was constantly aiding Sirius there isnt a lot initiative to obtain them on the exact same web page. A number of the flaws are still there, however Cuaróns choices improve it so much that it becomes a lot a lot more enjoyable. Youre far more going to go with the flow. Theres likewise much less of the plot contrivances in getting everyone to the finale.

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