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Harry Potter Broadway Nyc Tickets

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Terms And Conditions For Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Broadway Tickets

Inside look at Broadways Harry Potter and the Cursed Child l GMA
  • All ticket holders are required to comply with specific COVID-19 related terms and conditions. Guests aged 12 and over must be fully vaccinated with an FDA or WHO authorized vaccine and must show proof of vaccination at their time of entry into the Theatre. Other requirements include wearing masks whilst on-premises. Full details of current policies can be found at
  • All Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway Tickets are guaranteed in the section of the theatre selected when booking with seats allocated by the box office at the time of booking on a best available seat basis.
  • All New York Broadway Theatre bookings will be seated together.
  • You will receive an instant information voucher confirming your reservation, the performance time, the theatre location, plus all other important details relating to your New York theatre tickets.
  • Digital Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway Tickets will be emailed directly closer to the performance date. Simply present your digital ticket on your smartphone for admission to the show .
  • *Cancellation Policy: Free cancellations for bookings cancelled more than 8 days prior to the show date. No refunds are given for cancellations made within 8 days of the show date.

Why Do I Recommend This Musical

The musical Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not only being performed in New York, but also in other cities such as London, San Francisco, Melbourne and Hamburg. It will soon be in many other locations. There is no doubt that we are in front of a worldwide phenomenon. Do you really want to miss it?

If you’ve read any of the Harry Potter books or seen one of the movies, you’ll love to remember the epic adventures, spells and battles. The Broadway musical of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is an original and groundbreaking story, so you’ll only find it on stage and not in theaters.

What To Watch For

  • The Lyric Theatre underwent a total renovation specifically for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Patronuses and Harry Potter quotes are painted on the walls, the carpet is patterned with magical symbols, and a whole room of the lobby has been transfigured into a Harry Potter merchandise store where you can get house apparel, wands, and more.
  • The original London premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child got 11 Olivier Award nominations, the most a play has ever received. After winning nine of them, the show set a record for most Olivier wins by a play too!
  • Chris Columbus, who directed the original Harry Potter movies, said in an interview that hed be interested in directing a film adaptation of Cursed Child and bringing back Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint to reprise their original roles as adults. What spell do we have to cast to make this happen?
  • Cursed Child transports Broadway audiences to the U.K. Wizarding World, but in J.K. Rowlings universe, theres a whole U.S. Wizarding World, too! The U.S. has its own magic academy called Ilvermorny, and the U.S. is the setting of the magical adventures in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Harry Potter film spinoff series starring Eddie Redmayne as magic zoologist Newt Scamander.
  • Cursed Child uses tons of spellbinding special effects to bring the Wizarding World to life but we cant spoil what they are or how they work! Youll have to see the magic for yourself.
Run time

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Childsummary

  • Show Status: Currently playing at the Lyric Theatre
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is 3 hours and 30 minutes long, including an intermission of 20 minutes
  • 8 Shows per week
  • Previews Began: March 16, 2018
  • Show Opened: April 22, 2018
  • Show Closes: Open ended

Based on the renowned Harry Potter novel and film series. The play takes place after the Potter gang have all grown up and this leaves Harry’s son to defeat evil.

Harry Potter Initially Two Separate Plays Part 1 And Part 2 2018

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway registration

At the original opening, the show was initially divided into two separate plays. Parts One and Two, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was the first brand-new story by J.K. Rowling about Harry Potter in almost a decade. The show takes place nineteen years after the events that are seen in the very first novel, Harry Potters and the Deathly Hallows.

This theatrical production follows Harry James Potter, who is now a pen-pushing government employee at the Ministry of Magic, along with his son, Albus Severus Potter. A dark chain of events unfolds in this show.

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What Is The Harry Potter Broadway Lottery

Like most Broadway shows these days, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child offers a digital lottery, and it’s a very good one indeed. Known as the Friday Forty, the Harry Potter lottery sets aside 40 good seats at each performance that cost just $40 each. That’s a massive savings when compared to what you would ordinarily pay: $99$369 per seat.

Whatsharry Potter And The Cursed Childlike

Harry Potter is a timeless character whose engrossing magical travails have delighted those of all ages for many years through the magic of the movies.

In an entirely new production, based on the first original story about Harry Potter in almost a decade, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not a shabby remake of a novel or one of the films. Rather, it takes the concept of Harry Potter to the next level.

In this story, Harry is a grown up with a son of his own, and together, father and son take on a series of adventures that are as magical and imaginative as any of the Harry Potter tales. In a production by the visionary director John Tiffany, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a fantastically conceived show in the Lyric Theatre, which has been entirely altered for this production. The show was set in two parts, which means that fans need to see both shows to see how it all turns out. The show is now shown as a condensed one-parter.

With a son of his own, and together, father and son take on a series of adventures that are as magical and imaginative as any of the Harry Potter tales. In a production by the visionary director John Tiffany, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a fantastically conceived show in the Lyric Theatre, which has been entirely altered for this behemoth production.

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Harry Potter On Broadway Nyc: What You Need To Know About Tickets Prices And Schedules

In book, in movie and also in musical! If you were thrilled with the reading and in the movie theater, you can’t miss the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child musical on Broadway. Here’s everything you need to know about this acclaimed show.

Carmen Navarro

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Entrance of the Broadway theater set to the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play on Broadway. | ©Ajay Suresh

Since its premiere in 2018, there’s been nothing else to talk about. Enthusiasts of the most famous saga of all time finally have the chance to see the main characters of Harry Potter on stage – on Broadway, no less! After taking London theaters by storm, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child looks set to do the same in New York and become one of Broadway’s top musicals.

It won’t go past this year. Don’t miss out on tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway. They are already on sale to wrap yourself in the mystery of Hogwarts School while you enter a story full of adventure from beginning to end. In it, of course, there will be no shortage of spells and, of course, magic.

Although this musical was born in two parts, it is currently represented in only one session. Thus, the whole intense experience is condensed into a single performance.

When Is The Harry Potter Lottery Held

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Where the Harry Potter Friday Forty lottery differs from most others is that it is held just once a weekon Friday, as you may already have guessed. The nice thing about that is that you don’t have to remember to enter it every day, just once a week. You have plenty of time to enter: The window each week begins at the very start of Monday and closes on Friday at 1pm.

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Its Time To Believe In Magic Again

Adventure runs in the family. When Harry Potters head-strong son Albus befriends the son of his fiercest rival, Draco Malfoy, it sparks an unbelievable new journey for them allwith the power to change the past and future forever. Prepare for a mind-blowing race through time, spectacular spells, and an epic battle, all brought to life with the most astonishing theatrical magic ever seen on stage. Youll be wondering howd they do that? for days to come .

Experience the wizarding world like never before from the moment you arrive. The entire theatre has been transformed with hidden surprises to discover around every corner. Its a marvel of imagination, as magical as any spell or potion .

Two Plays Were Finally Rolled Into One

For the two years prior to COVID-19, the show was shown in two different parts, requiring two separate tickets often on different days, with a total running time of about 6 hours. This was 2 hours and 40 minutes long for the first part, and the second part was 2 hours and 35 minutes long. Featuring a cast of over 30 individuals, the two-part show could be seen either back to back on the same day, or over the course of two separate days.

This caused no end of confusion and was seen as a money grab by the greedy JK Rowling who appears was trying to maximize the return on her Potter brand. Rowling knew that there is a small window before the brand falls out of favor with the TIK-TOK and Snapchat generation coming through that are rejecting this kind of fantasy-magic show format and instead focusing on 2 minute cat videos.

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Other Similar Broadway Musicals You May Be Interested In

Broadway is the place where dreams come true, or at least where we put a face to them. A visit to New York without seeing a musical would be incomplete. You are spoilt for choice. When it comes to worldwide phenomena, some of the best Broadway musicals like The Lion King, which has been running for more than 14 years, come to mind.

Another of the great successes of the famous boulevard of theaters is The Phantom of the Opera. The spectacular nature of this musical has made it more than 30 years showing in New York. Don’t miss Cats or Moulin Rouge either.

The Story Continues On Stage

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets seating chart, Broadway, New ...

You can get your Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tickets here at Expedia! Whether you want to see the play at the Lyric Theatre in New York or at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto, Expedia allows you to get tickets with the best prices suitable for you! Don’t miss out on the legendary, magical world of Harry Potter and get your Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tickets before they are all gone!

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The Show Is Not A Straight Play Or A Musical It Is More Like A Theme Park Show

The show is decidedly not a musical , as it does not feature any singing, although there is a great deal of music in the show.

The show has many lower priced ticket options and has seen large numbers of children and younger adults coming to the show who have never seen a Broadway show before, often as high as 30% of the audience.

It is this demographic that has been used to paying $10 for a Harry Potter book or $15 to see the movie, that would find it hard to pay over $100 for the show, so Harry Potter offers many lower priced ticket options to draw them in, including a lottery, standing room only and Verified Fan ticket sales that sell for upwards of $25 per ticket.

What To Expect At Harry Potter And The Cursed Child On Broadway

An important fact about the Harry Potter musical is that it is not the theatrical version of any of the films. This means that it is an original work created specifically to be performed on stage.

The staging is wonderful. It perfectly combines quiet scenes with action-packed ones. The emotional component doesn’t leave you during the whole session, but you will also go crazy with the special effects– I’m still wondering how they managed to do certain magic numbers!

The Harry Potter musical seems to be tailor-made for its most loyal fans. What’s more, it has won a whopping 6 Tony Awards, including Best Play. Also, leading American newspapers and magazines have dedicated adjectives such as thrilling, thrilling or amazing to it. So many can’t be wrong!

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Should I Eat Dinner Before Or After The Show And Will The Restaurants Be Open In The Surrounding Area

If New York is the city that never sleeps, imagine Broadway! It’s hard to imagine this luminous district turning off its lights. Here, time bustles frantically and there are always people out and about. Since the last performance of the Harry Potter musical is at 7 p.m. and lasts over 2 hours and 30 minutes, you can perfectly well have dinner on your way out.

Remember that you are in the heart of Manhattan, so all dining options are at your fingertips. If you don’t want to go too far, you can always dine at any restaurant in the area. Most of them are well-known chains and fast food restaurants. Right across the street is Hard Rock Cafe and there is also a Mexican food establishment called Los Tacos.

In the mood for Italian cuisine? Not far away you will find Tony’s di Napoliand Carmine’s Italian Restaurant.and Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. And if you want a pure American restaurant, you can check out or Brooklyn Diner. You might even consider dining near the Top of Rock or check out this guide on where to eat in New York– it won’t be for options!

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child On Broadway Showtimes

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Returns Reimagined to Broadway

The musical of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is performed from Tuesday to Sunday at different times and in a single session, unlike in London, when it was divided into two parts. Depending on the day of the week, there are performances at 1 p.m., 7 p.m. or even both. Although the times may vary depending on the week, these are the broad outline of the performance times. Consider them taking into account when it is Best Time of the Year to Travel to New York City.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Childticket Lottery And Rush Schedule

Every day there are discounted Broadway show tickets sold as part of the Broadway ticket lotteries or as Rush Tickets Tonight. Tickets are only valid on-the-same-day of the drawing. The following is the daily schedule of the ticket lottery and RUSH ticket pricing.

Mobile Ticket Lottery


Is There A Nondigital Way To Enter Harry Potter Lottery

Technically, yes: you can enter by mail by mailing an envelope with your name, email, phone number, zip code, and desired performance dates to TodayTix . But there is no advantage to doing so, and plenty of disadvantages. You’ll have to pay for postage, and mailed entries must be received during a short window: at least 10 days and no more than 14 days prior to the performances in question. Don’t bother. Enter online.

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What Level Of English Do I Need To See Harry Potter And The Cursed Child On Broadway

The great advantage of musicals is that, being so visual, you don’t need to be bilingual to follow the plot. Also, I’m not going to lie to you, if you are not familiar with the American accent, you may feel a little lost during the dialogues. If you’re not new to the Harry Potter universe and you’ve read the books or seen the movies, you’ll easily be able to follow along.

At this point, I have a recommendation to make. Even if you don’t understand everything, you’ll have just as much fun! But if you still don’t want to feel lost and that no word escapes you, there are those who make use of mobile applications like GalaPro.Available for iPhone and Android, this is an app that generates subtitles in real time of the play being performed. Don’t tell me it’s not an excellent idea!

Harry Potter And The Cursed Childon Broadway Background

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Musical

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came to Broadway following a proven track record of critical acclaim and strong ticket sales in London’s West End.

The show came to Broadway to delight audiences of the Harry Potter books and the movies, as well people who are not familiar with either. Directed by John Tiffany , this show came to life on Broadway in the re-conceived Lyric Theatre. This theatre has been transformed into a new behemoth venue to accommodate this large and exciting production.

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