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Where To Buy Harry Potter Merchandise

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Wb Shop Has Official Merch For Harry Potter And Fantastic Beasts That Goes Far Above Beyond The Basic Logo Tees And Robes You See Everywhere Wands Popsockets Games Clothesconsider This A Fan’s Room Of Requirement


Why they’re great: Everything is official merch, including the super splurge-worthy replicas of movie props. Also, I just discovered their personalized shop and got my holiday wishlist sorted faster than Draco Malfoy was sorted into Slytherin. Yes, people, you can finally get your own Hogwarts letter. And also a life-size Jude Law Dumbledore to do with what you will.

Price range: $15$360

Get the personalized Hogwarts letter for $24.95+ , the personalized jersey for $59.95 , and the life-size young Dumbledore cutout for $34.95.

Where To Buy Harry Potter Souvenirs At Universal Orlando

There are plenty of stores in where you can pick up Harry Potter World merchandise at Universal Orlando. Some are incredibly specialized others carry a wide range of goodies .

Heres a quick list of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter stores.

  • Gringotts Money Exchange
  • Wand carts
  • Butterbeer carts

Its one thing to know where you can buy stuff, but what are the really good Harry Potter Souvenirs? Here are our top picks.

Here’s How Store Pickup Works:

When you add your item to cart, select the store pickup option and choose the store at which you’ll pick up your order.

We will notify you by email when the order is ready for pickup. You may opt in to text notifications as well during checkout.

Remember to bring Photo ID and your Order Number. Face coverings are required for in-store pickup.

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Quick Tips For Shopping At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Orlando

Use the gift concierge service

Both Universal Orlando Parks have a pickup service, so you dont have to tote your purchases around all day.

Just buy your souvenirs and pick them up at the end of the day.;If youre staying at an on-site hotel, you can even arrange to have your purchases sent directly to your room.

Shop when everyone else is at the rides

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can be an incredibly busy place. If you want to browse the shops for keepsakes when its quieter, consider going first thing in the morning.

Most people head straight for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey or the Escape from Gringotts rides first thing in the morning when the lines are shorter. If shopping is a priority for you, then consider heading to the shops first thing when the parks are quieter, and anyone who is there is heading to the rides.

Pottery Barn Pottery Barn Kids And Pottery Barn Teen All Have An Exclusive Potter

Universal Previews Wizarding World of Harry Potter ...

Why they’re great: The stuff is beautiful and high quality, so it’s quirky and chic at the same dang time. I have several velvety pillows from the line and they’re some of my absolute favorite things in my apartment! Plus, they add new stuff regularly.

Price range: $25$400

Get the pin board for $179, the Hedwig beanbag for $189+ , and the Nagini earring holder for $64.99 .

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Harry Potter Candy And Confections

One of my favorite things in the world is to walk into Honeydukes and browse through the isles of candy and sweet confections. Its definitely my personal favorite Harry Potter candy store.

We always pick up a few goodies at Honeydukes. One of our top picks are Fizzing Whizbees, which are tasty milk chocolate treats with fruit flavored popping candy inside. I didnt count exactly, but there must be 20 candies in each box, making it perfect for sharing.

The chocolate frogs are also great, and in a cute box, but theyre harder to share as theres only one frog in a box.

Sugarplums Sweetshop is a great favorite of ours as well. Our kids loved the inventive Bertie Botts Every-Flavour Beans. Watch out, though, they come with vomit and booger flavors. You can also pick up goodies like Cauldron Cakes and Exploding BonBons.

Top 3 Lego Harry Potter Sets

Reasons to avoid

Outside of the castle itself, few locations say ‘Harry Potter’ more than the Hogwarts Express. It’s downright iconic, and this kit does an amazing job shrinking that train down into brick form.

Containing more than a few nods to the series , this is one of Lego’s cooler adaptations. That’s because you’re not just getting the steam engine itself – a miniature Platform 9¾ can be found here as well, including the magic wall you run through to reach the train. When combined with minifigures for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Lupin, a Dementor, and the Trolley Witch, this set is packed with nostalgia.

Reasons to avoid

The best Harry Potter merchandise can be pricey, and the Lego range is no different. With that in mind, this kit is well worth a look – despite being very cheap, it still manages to embody the magic of the series with a clever, transforming build.

That’s because there are two scenes at play here; while one depicts the boy wizard’s Charms classroom , it can also fold up into a Charms book featuring the Hogwarts school crest.

Reasons to avoid

OK, so it’s expensive. Very expensive. But if you want the best Harry Potter merch, it doesn’t get much better than this. Recreating Hogwarts School in all its glory, it’s an enormous set with more than 6,000 pieces and 27 micro-figures.

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And Finally The Universal Store Is A Great Option For Shopping Wizarding World Theme Park Merch Even Though You Can’t Visit Irl

Why they’re great: One of the main things you’d do at the theme park is shop, right? You might as well treat yourself to the same spree online. In addition to traditional souveniers like toys and apparel, the shop has impressive prop replicas, character wands, and quality costumes and robes. I got my Hufflepuff robe at the Orlando park ages ago and it’s held up well it even has a wand pocket!

Price range: $12$375

Get Hermione’s Yule Ball dress for $375 , The Bertie Bott’s for $12, and Hagrid’s umbrella for $75.

Vocado Harry Potter Vintage Diary Planner


Though this vintage-inspired journal looks magical, you dont have to worry about Tom Riddle taking over this diary. The striking hardcover notebook has a built-in small binder, making it incredibly versatile. It can be used for everything from a planner to a diary to a data keeper to writing down your favorite spells.

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Our Picks For The Best Souvenirs In Hogsmeade

With so many choices available to shoppers in Hogsmeade, it can be tough to know where to start so weve compiled a short list of our top picks for souvenirs and gifts, based on novelty, collectability, and value.

  • Chocolate Frogs each delectable chocolate frog comes with a collectors card of a famous wizard or witch. $11
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans each box contains an assortment of 20 unique flavors , including banana, blueberry, grass, watermelon, lemon drop, earwax, and soap. $12
  • Authentic house scarves whether you are for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, show your Hogwarts house spirit while keeping warm and looking fashionable. $40
  • Postcard with Hogsmeade postmark purchase a few postcards and have them postmarked from Hogsmeade for free at the Owl Post. A book of 10 postcards is $13.
  • take home your own Marauders Map, complete with detailed footprint of Hogwarts Castle. $50

Yule Ball Dress Ornaments

While you might not be able to afford Hermiones $375 replica Yule Ball Gown, Gladrags sells these ADORABLE minature yule ball dress ornaments! You can find the trios outfits as well as the Fleur and Krums dashing outfits! They would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas tree. I honestly could write a whole post about all the different Christmas ornaments you can buy here, but these miniature outfits are by far the most unique and memorable.

Cost: $21.95

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Grimmauld Place Metal Sign

Something interesting I found in this shop was a tin street sign for Grimmauld Place. Grimmauld Place is the street in London where the Black family residence is located at number twelve. After the Blacks abandoned it, it served as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix between 1996-1997. The tin sign is an adorable piece of movie memorabilia, especially for any Sirius Black fan!

Cost: $13

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Harry Potter Merchandise by rabbit

Channel Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen with this best-selling cookbook. It has 150 recipes ranging from meals to snacks to desserts that are all easy to make. Best of all, theyre straight from the books, including Harrys favorite dessert, Treacle Tart; Kreachers French Onion Soup; Pumpkin Pasties from the Hogwarts Express cart; and Mrs. Weasleys Mollys Meat Pies.

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Harry Potter Gifts & Merchandise Shop In India

You’ve been fascinated endlessly by the happenings at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you want to live it in real life. Well, that may not be possible , but what is possible is to recreate it as closely as possible by getting yourself some unique Harry Potter and Hogwarts gifts – now available at;Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw, gifts are available for geeky fans of all house affiliations – for all occasions. Want to;play a Harry Potter game, but not Quidditch? Cards Against Muggles is a game which combines wit and humor into a thrilling game of epic proportions – an exclusive, it’s something Harry Potter fans are going gaga about – it will also make for a great rakhi gift for brother.

Is your friend also a Batman geek? You can also find gifts for Batman lovers right here at Find a taste of Gotham in your morning brew with the fantastic 3D Batman Mug, let Bruce Wayne take care of your money with the Batman Money Clip, and find other unique Batman gifts here. Harry Potter, Batman, Superman or Hulk, whatever your fandom is, Bigsmall has just the;fun superhero gifts for you. If you are still confused about what to give your superhero fan friend, see if our blog ‘The perfect gift for any superhero fan‘ clears your vision a bit. Get Harry potter inspired goodies as;gifts for seniors on a farewell if they are a die hard Potterhead.

Slytherin Shirts Sweaters And Merchandise

You don’t have to be cunning and ambitious to score awesome Slytherin merchandise from Hot Topic. With a variety of Slytherin shirts, sweaters and hoodies to choose from, you’ll have a wardrobe that Draco Malfoy would be proud of. Wear your Slytherin jacket, jewelry and other merchandise to show your loyalty to the house of Slytherin. Armed with Slytherin merchandise and apparel, you have all you need to win at Quidditch and take the Quidditch Cup back to Slytherin. Curious about the other Hogwarts houses? At Hot Topic, we have all the official merchandise you could want from all the houses, including Gryffindor sweaters, Hufflepuff shirts and Ravenclaw merchandise.

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The Best Harry Potter Merchandise For The Magical Muggle In Your Life

The best Harry Potter merchandise is the perfect way to keep yourself busy until your Hogwarts letter arrives . In fact, theres enough of it out there to fill a Gringotts vault. As you’d expect for one of the biggest franchises in the world, JK Rowlings Wizarding World has spawned an avalanche of collectibles, replicas, and apparel for fans to enjoy.;

To point you in the right direction, our crew of hardened bargain-hunters have picked through the best Harry Potter merchandise and listed it in this guide. It’s kinda like a Room of Requirement for deals. Only with less Horcruxes and more t-shirts.

  • Today’s Harry Potter deals:

Because we’ve included everything from Funko Pops to wands, theres bound to be something here to suit your budget. No matter whether you’re buying a present for yourself or are tracking down a gift for a loved one, you should get plenty of inspiration from the best Harry Potter merchandise below – and at the lowest price, no less.

Lets get started, shall we? Mischief managed!

Ministry Of Magic Interdepartmental Paper Aeroplane Memos

Harry Potter Merchandise Haul from EMP

If you remember from the films, the scenes inside the Ministry of Magic, you might remember the office workers writing memos on pieces of paper. The papers would then magically fold up into paper airplanes and whiz about the office landing on the desk of that to which it was intended. You can now send your very own Ministry of Magic memos, although perhaps without the magically flying abilities. Inside this gorgeously packaged folder are 15 memo sheets, with golden Ministry of Magic seals. There are instructions on how to fold them into paper airplanes and even just one of the 15 included in the pack makes for a beautiful piece of decor on a shelf! So theyre great to share with friends.

Cost: $24 for 15 memos and seals

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Pmi Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

Youll feel like youre enjoying an exciting lesson from Hagrid at Hogwarts when you add one of these Harry Potter pencil toppers to your writing instrument even if youre just taking notes during a boring meeting. Bonus: Remove them from your pencil and you have a collection of charming Harry Potter figurines. Collect them all to have the full set of 24, including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Sirius, Draco, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Lupin and Hedwig.

Australian Brand Blackmilk Makes Sexy And On

Why they’re great: Most pieces are made of the brand’s signature smooth and stretchy material. I have a couple of pieces by them and both are compliment magnets. I have the overall shorts above in a different print, and they make me feel so cute and are way easier to adjust than other shortalls I’ve tried. I just recommend sizing up!

Price range: $29.49$91.08

Get the overalls for $71.42 and the sports bra for $29.49 .

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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans are one, if not the most, iconic candy from the Harry Potter books and films. The Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans you can in Honeydukes are an absolute replica of the ones in the movies. They are packaged up in this darling, vintage inspired striped box. The flavours included are everything from Tutti-Frutti, to cherry, earwax, black pepper, and even sausage! Theyre really good fun to eat with friends and see everyones reaction. You can buy either the paper box or a fancier tin version. While the tin container is no doubt more sturdy, the paper box feels more like the original and you get the same amount of candy in both

Cost: Paper box $12 | Tin box $19

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Iron

Harry Potter merchandise has arrived!
  • 20% Off Use Code: HTDEAL
  • Code Not Combinable With Hot Cash
  • Standard: Typically 3-8 business days. Flat rate of $5.99
  • Express: Typically 2-3 business days. Rates vary based on order total.
  • Overnight: Order by 12PM EST for overnight delivery. Rates very based on order total.
  • Please note:

    Hot Topic ships to all 50 states, APO/FPO addresses, U.S. territories and possessions. For P.O. Boxes, we currently only offer Standard Shipping.

    International delivery is available to 150+ countries and will calculate at checkout.

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    Tips For Saving Money At Hogsmeade

    The most important thing you need to know about shopping inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is that the stores are small in every sense of the word the purpose of their intimate size is to reflect their boutique nature and stay true to the stories youve read. While this sounds great on paper, were sorry to say that it can be extremely uncomfortable in practice, particularly for guests requiring special assistance. It literally takes no more than a dozen people to fill up any one of these shops, and with thousands of Potter fans visiting the area each day well, you can do the math. Thats why, if browsing through the merchandise inside Hogsmeade and;Diagon Alley is something youre greatly looking forward to, its absolutely essential that you read our guide to make your trip to the Wizarding World a success.

    The Harry Potter Flagship Store In New York Is Now Open

    Wizards and witches may have Diagon Alley, but we now have Harry Potter New York a new, three-storey retail experience that houses the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. From photo opportunities to upcoming virtual reality experiences, heres just a peek at what to expect.

    Located at 935 Broadway, next to the iconic landmark, the Flatiron building, Harry Potter New York is so much more than a normal shopping experience, offering 15 different themed areas, exclusive products and interactive elements, all celebrating different facets of the wizarding world.

    Upon entering Harry Potter New York, visitors will be greeted with a huge, floating model of Fawkes the phoenix, created especially for this new store. Created by a team of specialist propmakers over a number of months, Fawkes weighs over 100kg and is just one of several meticulously detailed homages you can expect to see. In fact, the shop will be home to hundreds of Wizarding World props, with some authentic items featured in the films on display.

    Due to the many glorious details showcased in the store, fans will find several photo opportunities to try out on each storey, from a Ministry of Magic London-style phone box to an extremely immersive setting where you get to pose inside one of Hagrids boots! Were sure youve never had that photo opportunity before.

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