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What Part Of Universal Is Harry Potter

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What Are The Two Harry Potter Parks To Choose From 2023

FULL TOUR of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando
  • Hogsmeade Islands of Adventure
  • Diagon Alley Universal Studios

Putting a Wizarding World in both of the Universal Orlando parks makes planning your visit a breeze. The hard part then becomes finding out which Harry Potter park will be best for you! As we continue, lets go over some determining factors that will help you decide which is better, Hogsmeade vs Diagon Alley?

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Universal Studios Hollywood Harry Potter Shops Hogsmeade

  • Filchs Emporium of Confiscated Goods
  • Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment
  • Gladrags Wizardwear

Hogsmeade StationOverall, the Hogsmeade in Universal Studios Hollywood uses its space to allow more shopping for guests. You will not find Zonkos, Gladrags Wizardwear or Hogsmeade Station Shop over in Orlandos Hogsmeade.

Do You Need To Visit Both Harry Potter Parks At Universal Orlando

At some point, guests should try to visit both Universal Studios Florida and Universals Islands of Adventure to get the full Harry Potter experience.

The Wizarding World was designed so guests could enjoy both halves together ideally with multi-day Park-to-Park admission that grants access to the Hogwarts Express.

That said, picking either park will still give fans a satisfying slice of this magical world.

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Ride As Many Rides As Possible

The Flight of the Hippogriff isnt anything particularly special, and its probably best suited to younger visitors. But the other three rides are worth enduring the long lines. In fact, youll probably want multiple trips on the Forbidden Journey and Escape From Gringotts, both of which have been ranked among the worlds top five dark rides at the Golden Ticket amusement park awards.

You’ll also absolutely want to try out Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, an outdoor coaster that streaks through the Forbidden Forest. It’s not only the newest but easily the most thrilling of the Potter rides.

Restaurants In Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ Universal Studios, Orlando, FL ...

Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade each have their own restaurant.

Both are counter service but each has very impressive themed areas where guests sit to enjoy their food.

Diagon Alley has Leaky Cauldron, and Hogsmeade has The Three Broomsticks.

Both serve traditional well the correct word might be stereotypical British food, like Fish & Chips, Bangers & Mash, and for some reason, American Buttermilk Pancakes.

Their food and drinks menus differ, though they both offer popular items such as Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice.

They both have really tasty food, though my only complaint is that both barely have any vegetarian options.

In fact, Three Broomsticks doesnt even have a vegetarian main course, unless you count the soup, which isnt even that big.

In terms of which restaurant has better theming and atmosphere, Id say the Leaky Cauldron.

It looks more like the restaurant from the movie, while Three Broomsticks is less recognizable.

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The Leaky Cauldron Sign Actually Leaks

The Leaky Cauldron is the spot for hearty English fare in Universal’s Diagon Alley. You can start the morning with a full English breakfast or stop in to try the fish and chips, bangers and mash, or cottage pie for lunch or dinner.

Designed to look like the pub and inn of the same name from the Harry Potter books and films, the Leaky Cauldron’s dingy brick exterior opens to cathedral ceilings, weathered furniture, and a large cracked cauldron in the hearth.

Despite the crack, this cauldron doesn’t leak, but the wrought-iron sign above the inn’s entrance does. If you look at the ground beneath the sign of a witch stirring whatever potion is brewing in her cauldron, you may notice a small puddle. If you look up, you’ll see small drops of water falling from the crack in the witch’s cauldron. It’s a tiny detail that’s easy to miss, but it’s fun once you spot it.

Linger And Take In The Ambiance

Rather than rushing to the Forbidden Journey attraction and skedaddling on to another area at Universal Studios Hollywood after it’s over, visitors, especially diehard Potter fans, should take the time to linger in Hogsmeade Village. The level of immersive themeing is incredible. You’ll feel as if you have truly entered the Scottish village depicted in Rowling’s books and the movies they inspired.

There are actual props from the movies embedded around the land. The “ancient” buildings look as if they have endured centuries of wear and lean this way and that from settling. Window displays spring to life when activated by specially equipped wands that are available for purchase. Even the bathrooms are themed. Tanks are mounted above the toilets as if they were installed eons ago. And if you listen carefully, “Moaning Murtle” can be heard lurking in the loos.

At the front of the land is Hogsmeade Station and the Hogwarts Express. Stationed in front of the train’s smoking engine, a conductor greets guests as they enter. The train, however, never leaves the station. Inside the station is a reproduction of a Hogwarts Express passenger compartment in which guests can have their photos taken.

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Board The Hogwarts Express: Kings Cross Station

Unlike Harry Potter before his first year at Hogwarts, you know how to reach Platform 9 ¾: walk straight through a brick wall. Then ride the train to Hogsmeade Station to get to Hogwarts. En route youll encounter familiar faces and unexpected creatures.

Youll need a Park-to-Park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express between Diagon Alley in Universal Studios and Hogsmeade in Universals Islands of Adventure.

How Many Days Do You Need For Universal Studios Orlando

EVERY RIDE at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Universal Studios Orlando

The simple answer is stay for three days if you can afford to and plan around that! No matter how long you stay at Universal Orlando if you plan your trip the right way you will have a great time. Ideal Length 3-4 days is the best length if you are looking to visit all three Universal Orlando theme parks.

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Hogsmeade Vs Diagon Alley 202: Rides

A big part of the fun at Universal is the roller coasters! Unlike Disney or other parks, which mostly focus on family-friendly rides, Universal is known for more thrilling coasters. Not just in the Wizarding World, but all throughout the parks. You can tell there is an emphasis on adrenaline-fueled coasters that speed, flip, and twist. So when comparing Diagon Alley vs. Hogsmeade Universal, it just makes sense to start with the rides.

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Hogsmeade

The original and first land of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Hogsmeade. Hogsmeade is located in Universal Islands of Adventure, and you will want to head right over to this section as soon as the park opens. For the fastest entrance to the Wizarding World of Harry Potteris to go to the right as soon as you enter the park and take a left once you hit Seuss Landing.

For fans of the books and movies you will recognize Hogsmeade as the charming town covering in snow, and home to the famous butterbeer! You will also find some of the best attractions, stores, and restaurants in all of Universal Orlando.

You can also find the newest and coolest Harry Potter World attraction in Hogsmeade: Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure which is included with all of our Universal Early Park Admission tickets!

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Which Is Bigger Hogsmeade Vs Diagon Alley

  • Both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley were built on about 20 acres of land. But Hogsmeade takes the cake by a few hundred square feet!

Hogsmeade is bigger than Diagon Alley, however we believe its more important to focus on which park has the best rides, shows, and restaurants which we will break down below.

Diagon Alley And London: Universal Studios Florida

Universal Orlando Resort Office Photos

The second phase of the Wizarding World opened in 2014. Diagon Alley is the fictitious wizarding district in London. Accessible only to wizards and witches, this secret street is lined with stores selling everything a wizard needs, from wands to robes to spellbooks to owls.

Guests enter Diagon Alley through a seemingly normal part of the London Waterfront, the first of five areas in this part of the Wizarding World.

Even though youre still technically in the muggle world, you can glimpse evidence of the magic around you, including spotting Kreacher the house-elf in the window of 12 Grimmauld Place, the phone booth entrance to the Ministry of Magic, and the magical Knight Bus.

Enter Diagon Alley in much the same way Harry Potter himself did, where your eye is immediately drawn to the fire-breathing dragon atop Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Youll see several familiar shops in the different towns here, such as:

  • The dark wizards favorite, Knockturn Alley

Weve provided lots more details on all the shops and attractions below. First, though, lets look at tips and tricks for planning your visit.

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What Harry Potter World Ticket When Visiting On Separate Days

The best fit ticket for anyone looking to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter on two separate days is the Universal Orlando standard one park per day ticket. Interesting enough this ticket can actually be a great option if you are visiting Universal Orlando during peak season. The reason being is Universal will actually open both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios for early park admission. This will allow you to experience both parks separately for early park admission during your vacation.

What Park Is Harry Potter World In At Universal 2023

First, lets be really clear on the most important question: What park is Harry Potter world in? There are two parks at Universal Orlando: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. And both of them contain theWizarding World of Harry Potter! So whichever park you go to, youll get to experience the Harry Potter universe.

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Where To Buy The Must

You already know theres plenty of places to purchase wands, robes, sweets, and souvenirs in the Wizarding World, but if you want to be extra prepared you can purchase many of these items on Universals website before you even arrive at the Harry Potter theme parks.

You can also get them in your hotel, at the large souvenir stores at the entrance to both Universals Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida, or at the Universal Studios Store at CityWalk. The biggest benefit to buying your merch outside of the park areas is that youll have more time to experience the rides and appreciate the attention to detail that went into making the areas feel like Harry Potters world. Window shopping and browsing is more fun than standing in line, anyway.

Are You Ready To Plan Your Next Universal Orlando Trip

A Tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios Hollywood

If youre ready to plan your trip to Universal Studios, be sure to check out our Universal Orlando Tickets! All Park Prodigy Universal Orlando tickets will get you into the park one hour before regular park guests with Universal Early Park Admission! And to stay up to date on everything going on inside the theme parks be sure to check out our partners at!

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More On Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey

This magical journey is located inside Hogsmeade at Universal Islands of Adventure. You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride. From Universal Orlando Resort:

Soar Above Hogwarts⢠With Harry Potterâ¢.Enter through the towering castle gates and make your way down the familiar passageways and corridors of Hogwarts⢠School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Then soar above the castle grounds as you join Harry Potter⢠and his friends on a thrilling adventure. Groundbreaking, state-of-the-art technology creates a one-of-a-kind ride.

What do you think of the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey decorations?

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Universal Orlando Resort Guest experiences. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magicâs personal views on Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure, or CityWalk operations.

Where Is Harry Potter World Located

First lets start out with the basics and that is where exactly is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter located? And guests might be surprised to learn that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located between two parks being Diagon Alley which is located in Universal Studios Florida, and Hogsmeade Village is located in Islands of Adventure.

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Which Harry Potter World Park Is Better For Early Park Admission 2023

  • Hogsmeade Islands of Adventure

When trying to decide between Diagon Alley Vs Hogsmeade for early park admission we are going to look at which park will help you save the most time later on in the day. Because thats the whole point of using Early Park Admissionanyway! Overall we would always lean towards Hogsmeade for early park admission. The main reason is Hogsmeade is home to two of the most popular rides at Universal: Hagrids Magical Motorbike Adventure and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Taking advantage of that extra hour in the morning can save you up to three hours later on in the day!

Special Note: Be sure to check out our Universal Orlando ticketpage for all of the latest deals and promotions!

Guide To The Harry Potter Rides In Diagon Alley

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter â Twin Perspectives

Theres only one ride in Diagon Alley, and it sits just below that fire breathing dragon inside Gringotts Bank. But what a ride it is!

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

The concept for this Harry Potter ride is that youre there to take a tour of Gringotts, but, as so often happens on theme park rides, things go awry. Thanks to ride vehicles that can tilt and spin, 3-D glasses, and other special effects, this Harry Potter ride is a step up from your everyday coaster. The minimum ride height is 42, but there is a child swap room where one parent can wait with anyone who is too young or doesnt want to ride.

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Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Best Ride At Universal Florida 2023

If youre going to determine which Harry Potter world is best solely on rides, well point you in the direction of Hagrids Motorbike Adventure! Once this ride starts, whoa! On Hagrids motorbike or in its sidecar, youll twist, turn, drop, and roll onto your side. The 1-mile track makes it the longest coaster in Florida. If youre an adrenaline junkie, this ride alone could decide the question of which is the best Harry Potter theme park for you.

Hogwarts Express: Kings Cross Station 2023

If you have every wanted the true Harry Potter Hogwarts experience, look no further. Board the Hogwarts Express from Londons King Cross Station by walking through the brick wall at Platform 9 3/4! On this journey to Hogsmeade, you will encounter everything from your favorite characters to some trouble some dementors. The only catch with this ride is that you must have a Park to Park Ticket in order to ride. As this ride does transport you from Universal Studios Orlando to Islands of Adventure Park.

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Take A Forbidden Journey

The highlight of the land is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a highly sophisticated attraction that uses innovative robotic arm vehicles to send passengers on an adventure with the boy wizard. It incorporates both practical sets with wild effects and projected media to simulate flying and other sensations. Forbidden Journey is among the world’s best theme park attractions.

The ride is located inside the massive Hogwarts Castle. Getting to it is an adventure in itself. The tricked-out castle is loaded with delightful effects and artifacts. The pre-show, presented in a couple of acts, sets the stage with some intriguing theme park trickery.

One word of caution: Forbidden Journey a surprisingly aggressive attraction. Heed the pre-ride warnings. If thrill rides aren’t your thing, you may want to think twice before boarding it. When the ride first opened in Hollywood, it featured 3D media, requiring passengers to wear 3D glasses. Some guests had been experiencing motion sickness in reaction to the 3D experience the park has since removed the 3D media.

If the line to board the ride is especially long, you could break up your party and opt for the single rider line. You could also consider upgrading to front-of-the-line passes, which can be pricey, but could save you a lot of time in the Wizarding World and throughout Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Vs Islands Of Adventure Winner Is

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO | Wizarding World of HARRY POTTER (Florida vlog)

In the battle of Universal Studios vs Islands of Adventure Harry Potter World show category. Its a tie!!! Universal Studios wins with the two shows in Diagon Alley, but the Hogwarts Castle show is amazing and happens to be at the Islands of Adventure. Harry Potter fans will enjoy all of them.

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Phase : Islands Of Adventure

Construction of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter began seven months after the official announcement, in January 2008. By July, the Flying Unicorn and Enchanted Oak Tavern were closed. The Flying Unicorn then began an almost two-year refurbishment which transformed it into the Flight of the Hippogriff. The Enchanted Oak Tavern was later demolished. A bridge was built to connect The Lost Continent with Jurassic Park allowing guests to avoid the construction zone that was to become the Wizarding World. Construction progressed with the Hogwarts Castle slowly taking shape. By September 2008, the Dueling Dragons entrance was moved to Jurassic Park to make room for construction of Hogsmeade. One month later, the old entrance was demolished. By September 2009, the top shell of Hogwarts Castle was completed. On September 15, an announcement was made detailing what was going to be included in the Wizarding World. In early 2010, Universal increased its marketing of the area, which included newspaper advertisements, billboards and television commercials. The Dueling Dragons were closed for some maintenance before being transformed into the Dragon Challenge. Construction was completed by June 1, 2010, when the area began soft openings.

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