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Harry Potter Play Nyc Reviews

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What Age Would You Recommend It For

Harry Potter NYC Broadway play

In parts it is fairly dark and there are some quite scary scenes and a fair bit of angst , so we would say it would be suitable for children age around 10-years and older. You also need to factor in the fact that it is llllonnnnnggg so if you have fidget pants in the family probably best to skip until they’re older. If you are worried it might not be suitable for your children then do read the book with them first. The show is incredibly true to the tome so you can get some feel for how your kids react to it before booking the tix.

Should We See Both Parts In One Day

Honestly? If you have the time then absolutely yes. We all said at the end of the first show – which ended on quite the spooktacular cliff hanger – that we would have been mightily cheesed off had we opted to see the second half another time. Yes, it’s an epic day, but there is plenty of time between the afternoon show and the evening show to go and stretch your legs, grab some dinner, and pat yourselves on the back for having booked to see the second part the same day.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Tickets

Magical Experience

Lyric Theatre – New York

This play was loaded with the kinds of special effects we have read about in the books and only thought were possible in the movies. Cast and story were super! Feel extremely lucky to have seen the last showings of this play before Broadway was shutdown for the Coronavirus. When it reopens, GO!

Cursed child was great

Lyric Theatre – New York

I took my son to see the play for his birthday. So grateful we got to see the last show before Broadway went dark. The storyline was fantastic and the plays special effects were amazing as well. The actors were enjoyable and very entertaining. My son thought Scorpius was hilarious. The theatre seating was comfortable but not always easy to see over the heads of people sitting directly in front of us. Price was reasonable for where we were sitting. Would definitely go again for the right price for seats.

Absolutely fantastic!!!!

Lyric Theatre – New York

Unimaginably worth it

Lyric Theatre – New York

I opted for the “next-to-cheapest” tickets but in hindsight would have gone up to the next price level without hesitation. If you’re unsure about spending more, it’s completely worth it to choose closer seats. The script was not life-changing for me so I wasn’t expecting to be blown away. I was. This is one of those things you have to experience in person. Trust the reviews!! It’s like watching the entire HP film franchise being crafted right in front of your eyes.

Lyric Theatre – New York

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: What’s It All About

A must for any and all Harry Potter fans, this theatrical extension of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world has Harry’s youngest son, the impressively named Albus Severus Potter, trying to cope with the weight of his family’s legacy. Of course he is at Hogwarts, but without giving away any spoilers, things are not quite so easy on the friend front for Albus as they were for his famous father. Meanwhile, Harry is working flat out as the Minster of Magic and seems to never really have time to listen to those who are trying to be heard.

My Review Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child On Broadway

Harry Potter fans flock to snap up copies of new play that imagines the ...

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not just a play. Part drama, part magic show, this Broadway play will captivate any viewer. If you liked the magic carpet in Disneys Aladdin, prepare to be enchanted. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway uses never before seen special effects that lead to a number of wow-moments during the show.

The play brings magic on Broadway to a totally new level!

The play is completely true to the source material but has been updated to include more humorous moments. It was written specifically for the play, which took years to convince J.K. Rowling, who was originally very opposed to the idea. On Broadway, youll get to see the original Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast from London, including Jamie Parker as Harry Potter, Noma Dumezweni as Hermione, and Paul Thornley as Ron.

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What We Loved About It

We waited two years to see the show after we originally booked and had to rearrange several times because of the pandemic but, we’ve got to say, it was totally worth the wait. We caught it as a family of three – Mum, Mr. 19 and Miss. 14 – and given how hard it is to entertain teens, this really was a total winner of a day out.

Two of us had read the book and one went in without knowing a thing about it, yet we all enjoyed it equally. The cast were faultless, the scene changes magical, and the special effects were impressive. It goes without saying that when you’re watching the movie versions of Harry Potter you expect all the magic and special effects, but we had no idea how that would translate to a live stage version, but we were pretty blown away.

What we also weren’t expecting was the humour: there are some intense moments in the play but there are also wonderfully uplifting scenes that are relatable and, well, just plain ol’ heart-warming. As parents we totally understand how the grown ups are feeling, and the kids will utterly relate to the teenager members of cast.

We adored that there were plenty of familiar characters – Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Myrtle, to name but a few – which helped transport us immediately into the wizarding world we’ve all come to love over the years, but the addition of new characters, new plots and a whole new generation of Hogwarts was fabulously done.

Review: Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Conjures Up Stage Magic

HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD by Jack Thorne, based on an original new story by J.K. Rowling, Thorne and John Tiffany . Now playing at the Ed Mirvish Theatre . $69-$250, limited $40 Golden Snitch Lottery Tickets available. Rating: NNNN

The Potterverse meets the Multiverse in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, the entertaining and jaw-dropping stage sequel to J.K. Rowlings beloved seven-book series and the subsequent movies.

The show, which originally premiered in 2016 as a two-play epic and swept the theatre awards in the West End and Broadway, has since been cut and adapted into a single two-act show that clocks in at three hours and 20 minutes, including an intermission. Thats the version currently playing in New York City, San Francisco, Melbourne and here in Toronto.

Cursed Child picks up directly after the OG series epilogue, with the former boy wizard Harry Potter , now a father and married to Ginny Weasley , sending his younger son, Albus , off to Hogwarts.

The main plot concerns an event from Harrys past that is still troubling him. Albus and Scorpius work to undo this event, but things go wrong. And thats when the fun begins. To say more would be a spoiler.

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Harry Potter And The Cursed Child London: A Muggle’s Review

It took a while to finally take our seats for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child thanks to the covid-crazy, but us London for Kidz muggles were pretty impressed with this page to stage epic two-part, theatrical adventure. Here’s our review on a West End show that definitely needs to be on your ‘things to do in London with kids‘ radar…

Its Time To Believe In Magic Again

Is the new NYC Harry Potter experience WORTH IT?

Adventure runs in the family. When Harry Potters head-strong son Albus befriends the son of his fiercest rival, Draco Malfoy, it sparks an unbelievable new journey for them allwith the power to change the past and future forever. Prepare for a mind-blowing race through time, spectacular spells, and an epic battle, all brought to life with the most astonishing theatrical magic ever seen on stage. Youll be wondering howd they do that? for days to come .

Experience the wizarding world like never before from the moment you arrive. The entire theatre has been transformed with hidden surprises to discover around every corner. Its a marvel of imagination, as magical as any spell or potion .

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The Best Seats For Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

You will have the best view, sitting in the front Mezzanine section, which is called Dress Circle in the Lyric Theatre. Why? You are not too close to the stage, but also not so far that youll miss any of the magic. Most importantly, there are two particular parts during the show where you will appreciate having a more complete view of the theater.

If the center mezzanine section is taken, opt for the right side of the theater facing the stage. There is one particular scene in the play where it will be a little harder to see from the very left seats. We sat in seats G 9 and 11 and were barely able to watch the scene. Do not choose the boxes on the left side or any number above 11.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Review: Pure Magic On Broadway

J.K. Rowling might not have known it when she began writing scraps of story ideas on a napkin, but with her soon-to-become global juggernaut of a series, Harry Potter, she was also sparking a future Broadway sensation: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Its become the highest-grossing play in Broadway history, earning over $120 million since opening in March 2018.

Tickets are famously hard to come by for this fan-favorite, whose audience transcends generations. The Knick team finally got a chance to see the two-night production, with an all-new cast, and, needless to say, we were mesmerized by the show.

Plot-wise, theres a strict #KeepTheSecrets campaign, but we can share a few details.

While we cant get into the rest of the plot, we can wax lyrical about the production itself. Saying special effects cheapens the experience, which truly feels magical. As wands work their wonders, set-pieces fly. People do too .

Split over two parts, both with two acts, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child makes for a fantastical theater experience for any generation. Parents who read the books to their kids, those kids who grew up with the books, and their kids who are now discovering J.K. Rowlings imaginative world are all just as likely to fall in love with the play.

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About The Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre is one of the most beautiful theaterson Broadway. It was constructed in 1903 and has only recently been renovated, specifically for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. You will see that even the walls and carpets are Harry Potter-themed. During the play, you will notice even more, but as we do not want to spoil the surprise for you, well just leave it at that. Even the outside of the theater has the most elaborate design of all Broadway theaters .

With its 1,200 seats, the Lyric Theatre is one of the larger theaters on Broadway. Compared to other theaters, like the Music Box, the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, or the Eugene ONeill Theatre you will also enjoy more legroom!

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Review: Member Harries

Harry Potter: The Exhibition returns to NYC! ARE YOU READY?! We sure ...

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child contemplates what would happen if a character like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker, or Wonder Woman, or James Bond for that matter had a child who did not want to follow in their parents footsteps. Its a fair question: if you were the child of a hero, how would you fare living in your parents shadow?

Cursed Child takes that question, and answers it pretty much how you would expect. The story of the next generation of Potterverse characters, including the children of Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, and Draco/Astoria Malfoy, it begins with the pointedly named Albus Severus Potter entering his first year at Hogwarts, and immediately finding its not all its cracked up to be. Eventually, of course, Albus finds himself thrust into an adventure of the type that made his daddy famous, because what would a Harry Potter play be if not a magical adventure with big evil scary things to vanquish?

Its also a highly entertaining magical adventure, albeit one that will be vastly easier to follow if youre a diehard Potterhead, or, as in my case, you bring along your well-informed sister to fill in the gaps.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Unfortunately, the real problem with Cursed Child is its plot. Which can best be described as fan service by committee, or, in South Park terms, member berries.




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Do I Need To Be A Harry Potter Fan To Watch The Play On Broadway

No, but fully enjoying the play requires having prior knowledge of the saga. However, the playbill comes with the synopsis that you can read when you arrive. It helps you catch up if you havent read all books or seen all movies, but its also nice for those whod like to refresh their memories. Considering that the last Harry Potter movie came out back in 2012, most of us will need it!

While my boyfriend has read all books, including the playbook of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child itself, I have only seen the first three movies. Despite having different degrees of familiarity with the source and background material, we both absolutely loved the play. As of right now, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is unquestionably my favorite play on Broadway and also one of our 5 Best Broadway Shows in New York right now.

The Eighth Harry Potter Story

Now showing in one part – experience the story in one go!

The latest chapter in the Harry Potter saga is live on Broadway, Transferring over from a hugely successful run in London’s West End in 2018, The Cursed Child was co-created for the stage by JK Rowling and Bafta-winning screenwriter and playwright Jack Thorne, and now enjoys six concurrent productions, playing on four continents!

The play follows the fortunes of the original trio from the books, who are just beginning to settle into middle-age when the past comes back to haunt them. A whole new generation of Potter characters is also introduced, with Harry and Ginny’s son Albus departing to Hogwarts for the very first time.

Leaving critics impressed and fans bowled over, The Cursed Child recaptures the magic of the books, while crafting a totally unique world of its own. The story is brought to life with an intelligent script, wondrous costumes, and a whole Defence Against the Dark Arts class worth of great theatrical special effects. The wish of every Potter fan to find out what happens after the final line of The Deathly Hallows has just been granted!

What is the story?

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Magical Items At The Concession Stands

Mainly some snacks, water, and alcohol is what you can expect at the theatre but there were some cool magical treats that Harry Potter fans would be intrigued in. As you can see by the images above here were some of the treats you can find. The bakery items were the same ones at the Jacob Kowalski pop-up and the Harry Potter branded items is what you can usually find at exotic snack stores.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: Is The Shorter One

Inside look at Broadways Harry Potter and the Cursed Child l GMA

A three-and-a-half-hour version of the show has opened in Australia and the US. While a lot has been cut, there are also new tricks and tweaks to a crucial relationship

Lets face it: if youre up for watching an almost four-hour play about a middle-aged Harry Potter learning to be a good dad, you are probably fine with an almost six-hour version too. But Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the theatrical sequel to Rowlings books, has now been tightened from a two-part play to a single three-and-a-half-hour show with an interval.

The new version which opened in Melbourne last week, replacing the two-parter that began in Australia in 2019 not only helps pack more audiences in, but it is likely to appeal to those with small children, smaller budgets , or people travelling to see it in the smattering of theatres putting it on around the world. The one-parter has also recently launched in San Francisco and on Broadway in New York, and will soon open in Toronto and Tokyo the longer version will remain, for now, in London and Hamburg.

So whats the short review of this shorter play? The Cursed Child still feels like Rowling based it on a cheese dream, but the plot remains in tact, if a touch too frenetic.

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Harry Potter Broadway Schedule & Tickets

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is divided into two parts. You do need to watch both parts to get the full story. For that reason, most tickets are offered as a combo. We highly recommend booking parts 1 & 2 together, as there is limited availability for single tickets, meaning you may end up going home having only seen one part.

Running time Part 1: 2 hours and 40 minutes Running time Part 2: 2 hours and 35 minutes

I personally enjoyed watching both parts in one day. The schedule was perfect to grab dinner and discuss our predictions, theories, and reactions to the first part before returning to the second half. As you are very close to Times Square, youll have plenty of great dinner options: we recommend Don Antonio for a great sit-down dinner or The Counter for a quick bite. For more restaurants in the area, check out our Midtown Insider Guide

Buying Harry Potter and the Cursed Child parts 1 & 2 together is typically less expensive, as there is more availability! Tickets start at $99.

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