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What Harry Potter Wand Do I Have

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Types Of Wands At Ollivanders Universal

Which Harry Potter Wand Would You Have?

There are so many options for choosing types of wands in Harry Potter Wizarding World. For starters, blooming wizards can purchase either an original, regular wand that does not include powers, or a Universal interactive wand, which include interrelating with animatronics around the theme park.

Wizards looking to purchase Universal Studios Harry Potter interactive wands can do so based off of their favorite character, such as Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Sirius. However, there are Harry Potter unclaimed wands, meaning Universal wizard wands that have yet to be claimed by anyone.

Can You Get A Wand Based On Famous Characters

If you prefer to emulate your favourite witch or wizard, Universal Orlando also carries replica wands from some of your favourite characters from the Wizarding World. Once again, these wands come in both interactive and non-interactive form.

An interactive Ginny Weasley wand.

Below is the current list of Harry Potter characters that you can purchase a Universal wand for:

  • Harry Potter
  • Yaxley

Phoenix And Poplar Wand

This wand has poplar wood which is very unique in its nature. It supports a master with righteous aims and helps to catalyze more powerful magic. The core is of Phoenix feather, which is very hard to own because it works according to its own wish, but if it bonds with the master, then the magic becomes invincible. Harry and Lord Voldemort had this wand.

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How Much Are Wands At Universal

A Harry Potter wand cost will vary depending on what type of wand youd like. The Universal Studios wand price for the original, non-interactive wands start at $49 plus tax. The Universal Studios Harry Potter wand price for interactive wands start at $55 plus tax.

Thats only a six dollar price difference for the interactive wands!

What Does The Interactive Wand Do At Universal

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter⢠Deluxe Harry Potter⢠Wand

Interactive wands can be used to cast spells throughout the Wizarding World. With an easy swish and flick, the wands will cause unique and magical things to happen, like making it rain under an umbrella, or causing a feather to float in the air.

All you need to do is be on the lookout for the brass medallions that are embedded in the ground throughout the Wizarding World. These medallions not only indicate where you can use your interactive wands, but which spell you need to cast to make the magic happen!

Notice the medallion embedded in the ground? It is pointing in the direction of where the spell needs to be cast.

The dual-sided map that comes with the interactive wand, will show you all the places to practice your charms in Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and even in Knockturn Alley.

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Weapon Of The Chosen One

I believe that your wand imbibed some of the power and qualities of Voldemorts wand that night, which is to say that it contained a little of Voldemort himself. So your wand recognised him when he pursued you, recognised a man who was both kin and mortal enemy, and regurgitated some of his own magic against him. Your wand now contained the power of your enormous courage and of Voldemort’s own deadly skill.
Harry’s wand’s reaction to Lord Voldemort

In the aftermath of the Triwizard Tournament and Voldemort’s return, Harry possessed magical knowledge and experience that could be said to significantly exceed that of his fellow students. He was forced to essentially learn a variety of advanced spells to hold his own during the competition, as he was going up against much older students and facing dangerous tasks. He wielded this wand in many epic conflicts such as that at the Battle of the Department of Mysteries,, against the Inferi in the Horcrux Cave and during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.

Lucius Malfoy’s wand, used by Voldemort, cracking due to the power of Harry’s wand


Main article:Skirmish at Malfoy Manor
Hermione Granger: “You’re still really angry at me, aren’t you?
Harry Potter: “No. No, Hermione, I know it was an accident. You were trying to get us out of there alive, and you were incredible. I’d be dead if you hadn’t been there to help me.
Conversation after Hermione accidentally broke Harry’s wand


The Story Behind Its Creation

Olivander was the first crafting master to point out the importance of a wands creation technique. Take Dumbledores magical stick, for example. It is believed that his stick is made by Death himself. And that is why it is one of the most powerful wands in the Harry Potter universe.

Our Pottermore Wand Quiz connects the dots to provide you with an accurate result. So, it bonds your personality with a wand with the most relatable backstory.

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How Do Interactive Wands Work

Ok, if you want to go on believing in the magic of Harry Potter, and the wands, you will need to skip over this section!

Really! We are totally about to burst your bubble! If you are sure, then

There is no such thing as magic! Interactive wands are considered passive devices. This means that there are no electronics inside. Instead, the wands are equipped with a rounded reflector tip that is used to interact with the sensors around the park.

Notice the tips of the wands? The wand on the right is and Interactive Wand. You can see the bubble at the tip that acts as a reflector.

In other words, the wand is able to reflect light back to a sensor that then tracks the movement of the wand. When a correct spell movement is detected, the system activates the display, and you have made magic happen!

Whenever you are at a spell-casting location, look for the sensor. The sensors are carefully camouflaged throughout the displays. Just look for 4 red lights in a square.

If you aim your interactive wand at the sensor, and keep your gestures small as the cameras area of reception is limited, you will have much better success with your spell. If you see the red lights on the sensor turn off, that indicates your spell worked!

The plus side of having a passive device, is no need to worry about dead batteries, or needing to charge your wands. As long as you take care of them, the wands will last a long time

Where Can I Buy An Interactive Wand At Universal

Which Harry Potter Wand Would You Have

There are several places throughout the Universal Orlando parks to purchase an interactive wand.

In Hogsmeade , you will find Ollivanders, as well as a cart selling wands directly across from Hogwarts castle.

In Diagon Alley , you will also find Ollivanders, as well as his competitor, Wands by Gregorovitch .

Miss Somersault practicing her DESCENDO spell!

You can also purchase wands at the various souvenir shops near the front gates of the two theme parks, as well as at the huge gift shop in the CityWalk section.

And just a quick note wands cost the same amount in every retail location at Universal .

Of course, if you want to purchase your wand before even stepping foot in the parks, you can find them online at Universals official merchandise store. Cost is the same as in the parks, though you will have to pay extra for shipping.

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Harry Potter Wand Quiz: Which Wand Would You Have

Harry Potter is a widely-known British film series that is based on novels by J.K. Rowling. The franchise, which consists of eight films, garnered a massive worldwide fan base as viewers got accustomed to the fictional magical world portrayed in the films. Wands were used as the primary means of attack, defence, and other magical activities in the movies. Take our simple Harry Potter wand quiz to find out which type of wand you would wield.

Can You Buy A Wand At Ollivanders

Yes, you can certainly purchase a wand at Ollivanders. You may buy a replica of one of your favorite film characters, or you may get your own wand. For the best experience, you may want to go to the Ollivanders at Diagon Alley but if you are nowhere near there or you arent going there, you can also find an Ollivanders at Hogsmeade.

You can also purchase wands at the shops and carts at the park front, or at Wands by Gregorovitch. However, to get the full experience, you might want to wait until you get to Ollivanders.

This is because aside from the fact that you get to buy your wand, you can also watch people get picked by a wand or maybe get picked yourself by one! Its up to you whether you buy the wand that chooses you or not, but whats definite is that youll not want to leave that wand there. The bond will likely be formed from the moment you get picked.

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Discover Your Wand On Pottermore

The first time we saw Harry Potter feel that sudden warmth in his fingers when he discovered his wand at Mr Ollivanders shop is a moment well remember forever and on Pottermore, you can experience that feeling for yourself by discovering your own personal wand.

If you simply cant wait to finish reading this article discover your wand right now, in our test created by J.K. Rowling.

These wizarding world accessories arent just ordinary wooden sticks theyre much, much more. They channel and focus magic, enabling the spell-caster to perform all sorts of fantastical feats from the familiar swish and flick of Wingardium Leviosa to a sneaky Confundus Charm to stop a certain chap named Cormac McLaggen stealing Ron Weasleys position in Quidditch.

Magic can be performed without a wand, but its difficult. Basically, having a wand helps and they also end up being a really personal item to the carrier. Remember Harrys devastation when his broke in Deathly Hallows? Its not just about the magic they carry, but the connection a witch or wizard has to it.

Now, as Mr Ollivander has pointed out a few times, The wand chooses the wizard. And they really do: if you try to use a wand belonging to another wizard, it might have the tendency to get the hump with you, or at the very least, just wont feel quite right.

Which is why its important to have your very own wand, whether its core is made from a phoenix feather or a dragon heartstring .

Pottermore Wand Quiz Explained For No

What Harry Potter Wand Core Do You Have

J.K Rowling herself first created the original test. It was published on Pottermore.comand thats why it is called so. The goal of the questionary is to define the right wand for HP fans. The original quiz, currently accessible on the Wizarding World website, has seven questions in total. And most of them are about your appearance.

However, there are lots of online Harry Potter tests with the same purpose. Most of them use the original idea, though. The quiz on this page is different from all of the current questionaries in that it is about famous Harry Potter characters magical sticks.

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Where Are The Spell Locations

Below, we have compiled a list of all the spells in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, including mystery spells that are not shown on the map, with numbering that corresponds to the numbers on said map. All spells in Hogsmeade are located in shop areas, while the ones in Diagon Alley are scattered throughout the titular alley itself, Carkitt Market, Horizont Alley, and Knockturn Alley.

Harry Potter Wand Quiz

Harry Potter may have a holly wand with a phoenix feather, but what kind of wand would choose you? Are you a wizard with an affinity for a unicorn’s magic? Or a witch who resonates with a dragon heartstring instrument? This quiz will tell you what wand–both wood and core–Mr. Ollivander would give you if you were to visit his shop in Diagon Alley. If you’re still waiting to make your way to Hogwarts, our Harry Potter house quiz might be a wise first stop! The Sorting Hat is waiting patiently…

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What Harry Potter Wand Do You Have

What wand do I have? Did you know that a wand also gives idea about the abilities and skills of the wizards and witches? At Mr. Ollivanderâs shop, all the young and old get to choose the right wand for themselves. But, you donât have to go anywhere. Just give answers to the Harry Potter Wand Quiz and get to know What Harry Potter core and wood would you have by our wand selector.

Do you want to know What Harry Potter wand do I have? I got Elder wand through the wands quiz and I really do hope that it accepts me as its master.

Where Do I Purchase An Interactive Wand

How to Make a Harry Potter Wand for Less than $1

For the full, detailed experience, the best shop to purchase a wand is, of course, Ollivanders in Diagon Alley, makers of fine wands since 382 BC. Named after the family of its esteemed owner, Garrick Ollivander, Harry was brought here by Rubeus Hagrid to undergo that rite of passage in the wizarding world .

However, wand-shoppers at Universal Orlando Resort do have more options, including the Ollivanders branch at Hogsmeade , or at Wands by Gregorovitch in the Carkitt Market section of Diagon Alley, an alternative wand shop formerly helmed by the longtime competitor to Ollivanders. Wands can also be bought at the main Universal gift shops at the front of each park and at CityWalk, or online at Universals official merchandise store.

Also, please note that each interactive wand comes in an Ollivanders box with a dual-sided map of spell locations around Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

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Secret Wand Locations In Diagon Alley

Just when you think the magic stops, Diagon Alley secret wand locations keep you on your toes! Some interactive wand secret locations Orlando include the Universal Studios interactive wand map where youre able to illuminate Knockturn Alleys black light to reveal themselves.

The Magical Menagerie is where you can find your fantastic beasts interactive wand spell. While wandering Weasleys Wheezes, look up to see fireworks lighting up the night just outside the skylight. These and plenty more are to be discovered.

If Your Wand Stops Working Bring It Back To Ollivanders

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your wand may get damaged. If your wand stops casting spells at multiple locations, it may be in need of a repair. In this case, you just need to take it back to Ollivanders.

There, a wand keeper can evaluate the integrity of your wand. If your wand is damaged, they will repair it for free. The process is relatively quick, and means more success with your future spell-casting!

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The Test Has Only 7 Questions

In the HP books, we realize that the wands can choose their owners. Plus, they develop into a stronger or weaker tool regarding the skills of the owners. However, the original Pottermore Wand Quiz does not dig deep into that. There are only a handful of questions about your appearance and possible skillsand that is it.

If you want an in-depth analysis of your personality, J.K. Rowlings test might not be a good option.

How Do I Cast Spells With An Interactive Wand

What Harry Potter Wand Core Would You Have?

Once your wand has chosen you, dear wizard, you are ready to get out there and make some magic! Spell spots are marked by medallions set into the pavement, which can be located using your map . Each medallion indicates where you should stand to cast that particular spell, what direction to face, the wand movement required to cast the spell, and, finally, the words to be uttered while waving your wand.

Interactive wands cast their magic by reflecting to an infrared camera at each spell site. To guarantee success in casting a spell, you must aim your wand in the right direction, as indicated by the medallion. To preserve the integrity of the theming, the cameras are carefully camouflaged throughout the displays, so look up, down, and in the corners to locate them, and point your wand directly at the four dots of red light to ensure that the camera can see your movements. Keep your gestures small, as the cameras area of reception is limited. The best way to cast spells is without actually moving your arm perform the required motion using only your wrist.

When using an interactive wand, saying the spell is completely unnecessary, since the effect is based on motion only. However, carefully enunciating wingardium levio-saaaah is a part of the experience, so feel free to do your best Hermione impression. If youre still feeling bashful, you can simply waive your wand and claim that youre able to do non-verbal spells.

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Thunderbird Tail Feather And Maple Wand

These wands are very helpful in transfiguration magic, but it is hard earn to the loyalty of this wand. Usually highly ambitious owners get this wand because it does not like to stay in one place and wants a challenging master who loves quests. Harry Potter and Hogwarts Quizzes are a great way to find more about your Pottermore lifestyle.

Which Wand Will You Get

Have you ever owned a wand before?

What do you want to do with your wand?

Who do you want to make your wand?

Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

What do you want your wands core to be?

Which wizard do you look up to?

What do you want your wand to look like?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What subject do you enjoy most?

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