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Is Harry Potter Coming To Netflix

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HARRY POTTER ON NETFLIX : How to Watch ALL Harry Potter Movies on Netflix?

The Lost Daughter with a 95% Rotten Tomato rating makes for an unmissable watch. A college professor Leda is on a vacation in Italy which takes a dark turn when she confronts her unsettling past after meeting a woman and her young daughter. This movie is the perfect blend of unsettling and unpredictable.

Is ‘harry Potter’ Coming To Netflix

No, unfortunately, the Harry Potter movies will not be on Netflix. In fact, they have been taken off of almost every streaming service in the United States. It’s being said that this is because the movies have been moved to cable networks like FX and Syfy. According to Screen Rant, NBCUniversal has the rights to the movies until the end of 2021.

Right now, anyone who wants to watch the Harry Potter movies has to pay up. You can still stream the movies on different services like Amazon Prime and YouTube for a fee. Otherwise, you’ll have to do things a little old school and buy Blu-rays or DVDs to watch all the movies. Streaming the films makes more sense if you’re looking to save money.

Depending on the service, you can stream each one, including others in the world of Harry Potter like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for as little as $4. For each film, that equals $28 total. Box sets of the movies can start at $40 each, but it depends on what you buy. Some more exclusive box sets can go for even more money.

Can You Unblock Harry Potter On Netflix

Yes, its possible. And dont worry you dont need to visit the countries where the movies are available, and binge them while youre there.

All you have to do is use a VPN a very simple online tool that helps you unblock geo-restricted content. It does that by routing your traffic through a VPN server that sits between you and Netflix. The site will think your connection requests are coming from the VPN server, so it will only see its IP address. Your real IP remains hidden from Netflix.

So you just need to connect to a VPN server thats in a country where all the movies are available. And that should be very easy to do if you use a VPN with tons of servers around the world.

Now, finding a good Netflix VPN is a bit hard. The site can detect VPN IPs, and redirect them to the Netflix proxy error page.

Things get easier if you use StreamCatcher, however. Its an online tool from ProPrivacy whose main purpose is to tell you where certain Netflix shows and movies are available. But besides that, it also recommends the best Netflix VPNs .

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Where To Watch All Harry Potter Movies In December 2021

You can use Peacock to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies with its Premium subscription plan. Keep in mind that you need to be a paying user to access the 20h of magic as Peacocks free account holders can watch only the first 3 Warner Bros movies.

If you have an Amazon Prime or Vudu account, you can rent or buy each Harry Potter movie. Once the purchase is complete, youll be able to board the Hogwarts Express using your Prime Video account. Keep in mind that renting the movies will only give you access to them for a short period of time so if you want to rewatch them without any limits, I recommend buying them outright.

Though I found many websites that offered unofficial Wizarding World streams, I strongly advise you to stay away from them. Not only was my video quality appalling, but my antivirus software was also continuously detecting malware download requests. This means that to watch even just 5 minutes of a Harry Potter movie on a free unofficial website, youll pay with your devices internal security.

While its tempting, I dont think the risk is worth it after all, you already pay for a streaming service that offers Harry Potter without hidden dangers. If you make the most of Private Internet Accesss money-back guarantee, youll access your usual account in just a few seconds for 30 days, with absolutely zero risks.

Key Features:

ExpressVPN unblocks: AT& T TV, Hulu, Sling TV, fuboTV, Vidgo, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube TV, Netflix, and more.

Key Features:

What Else Can I Do With A Vpn

Is Harry Potter on Netflix? (Netflix US, UK, Canada ...

VPNs keep you safe and secure on the internet, comfortable in the knowledge that your digital footprint is far from prying eyes. This means hackers lurking on public wifi networks cant view your information, and your online activity cant be tracked by your internet service provider or government.

Other than Netflix, a VPN can help you securely access lots of popular streaming sites such as , Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Adult Swim, and more. Additionally, VPNs are a great idea for accessing banking and financial products as you travel abroad. You can make it look as if youre logging in from your home country, avoiding compliance red flags and possible fraud alerts.

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Is Harry Potter On Netflix

Although Harry Potter is available on Netflix in some regions, it’s not accessible in either the UK or the US. So, we’ve listed the alternative options in this article.

If you’re in the mood to watch some other big shows and don’t know whether your favorite show is on Netflix, check out some of our other viewing guides below:

On October 28 A Rumour Started Spreading On Twitter Claiming That All 8 Harry Potter Movies Are Coming To Netflix Is Harry Potter Coming To Netflix

Netflix almost never disappoints when one is looking for a new binge-worthy show. The streaming platform also has an incredible line up of films for every mood. Whether one is looking for films that would make them feel warm and fuzzy or ominous thrillers, Netflix is pretty much, one size fits all when it comes to streaming. However, in spite of Netflix has proved its metal in the streaming world, the iconic film series Harry Potter has stayed away from the platform. But recently there are reports stating that all eight Harry Potter films will be arriving on Netflix in November 2020. Read on to find out, Is Harry Potter coming to Netflix?

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Why Isn’t Harry Potter On My Netflix

Netflix can only offer certain titles if it purchases the rights to do so, and these agreements usually last for a fixed period. Unfortunately, it appears this arrangement has expired, as Harry Potter movies are slowly being removed from Netflix libraries around the world. This isn’t a huge problem, though: in most cases, this simply means that they’ll be on a different streaming service for the forseeable future.

Harry Potter Is Available On Netflix

Watch Harry Potter on Netflix

Its LeviOsa, not LevioSA! If youre familiar with this iconic quote , chances are youre also a big Potter fan! So, if you are planning on doing a movie marathon with your friends or family to watch all HP movies, or you simply want to watch the epic series for the first time, you might be asking yourself where to watch the Harry Potter movies. Especially if you want to avoid those sketchy free but illegal streaming websites, that do nothing but bombard you with invasive ads. Luckily, there is an easy and safe way to do so! Lets dive right in.

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Stream Harry Potter For Free

Finding out how to stream Harry Potter for free can entail many things. We passionately discourage the use of illegal IPTVs or illegal online streaming platforms. First of all, they are against the law and you can be fined or even put in jail for using them. Second, you get bombarded with invasive ads and, often, trackers and malware. Their goal is to acquire as much information on you as possible and sell it to the highest bidder.

If you just want to know what free VPN to use, there is still bad news for you. None of the free VPNs available online are capable of circumventing geoblocking. This means that each time youll try to access a different Netflix catalog, you will get that dreaded Netflix Proxy Error.

If you are already paying for Netflix, you just need to spend a few bucks on a professional VPN, and youll be good to go. If you dont have a Netflix account, you can always use the free month Netflix allows all its new users!

Where To Watch Harry Potter From Anywhere In 2021

As a massive Potterhead, I get frustrated when top streaming sites remove the Harry Potter movies from their libraries. The only platform that still has all 8 movies is Peacock however, I cant log in to my account when I travel abroad for work which feels unfair as I still pay the monthly fees. Thats why I use a VPN to watch Harry Potter on Peacock from anywhere.

Since the Wizarding World movies often move between different sites, you should get a VPN that reliably unblocks not only Peacock, but also other streaming providers. Though I shortlisted 3 vendors that successfully let me access most platforms, I found that ExpressVPNs top speeds are great for streaming in HD without any lags. Even better, you can test ExpressVPN yourself without any risk with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

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The ‘harry Potter’ Films Aren’t Coming To Netflixhere’s Where To Watch

Harry Potter fans were overjoyed last month after the Upcoming Movies Facebook page announced that all eight movies were coming to Netflix. However, that rumor has since been debunked.

If that was not enough bad news for Harry Potter fans in the U.S., here’s some more: Not only are the Harry Potter movies not on Netflix, but they are not available to stream at all in the U.S. currently.

Currently, the Harry Potter movies are only streaming on Netflix in the following countries :

  • Czech Republic
  • Portugal
  • Spain

In the U.S., until the end of October, the eight Hogwarts movies were on Peacock, where they moved in the summer from HBO Max. However, come November, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and Two left their streaming home.

In 2019, NBCUniversal bought the rights to the Harry Potter movies and the rest of the so-called “Wizarding World” movies for a reported $250 million. Per Deadline, the initial plan was to launch the eight movies for a six-month run beginning in October. This means that the films were supposed to be on Peacock until April 2020.

Why Is Harry Potter Not On Netflix

¡Películas de Harry Potter ya se encuentran disponible en ...

Short answer:

Because Netflix hasnt paid for it.

Longer answer:

Netflix doesnt own the Harry Potter movies Warner Brothers does. So, to put Harry Potter in your local streaming library, Netflix has to go to the content owners and bid for the rights.

And licensing is territorial.

This means Warner Brothers is free to sell Harry Potter to Netflix in Turkey, and a Netflix competitor like Peacock in the US. And you guessed it this is precisely what they did. The movies are available in Turkey but nowhere else.

So, in other words, you dont get Harry Potter on Netflix because someone else has outbid them for the regional rights.

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Quick Guide: 3 Steps To Watch Harry Potter From Anywhere

  • Get a VPN. I could use ExpressVPNs fast speeds to stream Harry Potter in 4K with zero lags. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free.
  • Connect to a US server. ExpressVPN can locate the fastest server in any country in just a few seconds, so tap the US from the location list for an instant set-up.
  • Start watching Harry Potter! Just log in or sign up to Peacock Premium and youll get access to all 8 Harry Potter movies.
  • Expressvpn Best Vpn For Watching Harry Potter With Highest Speed

    ExpressVPN is a game-winner in the market of VPNs, with its top-notch features and functionalities. It provides customers with high-speed VPN servers to easily surf their desired shows and movies on Netflix in a single click without any lag. The backend team of ExpressVPN keeps on updating the applications features to make it stand first on the list.

    ExpressVPN charges $6.67 per month for its annual plan and is currently offering 3-months extra as well. This means that you get a package for 15-months for just $6.67 per month.

    • The server allocation of ExpressVPN is equivalent to 3000+ within 94+ countries worldwide.
    • ExpressVPN has 20+ servers located in different areas of the U.S.A. with the highest request generated.
    • There are many protocols attached in the security layers of the VPN, making the connection secure. For example, ExpressVPN covers OpenVPN Protocol, IKEv2 Security Layer, L2TP, and WireGuard.
    • WireGuard audits the security layers to ensure no lope hole within the connection with the Zero-log policy ensuring users that logs are not maintained about the users activities.
    • A.E.S. 256-bit encryption is one of the most robust encryption techniques and helps service providers hide their physical location and mask their I.P. address with an alternative.
    • You can use a single ExpressVPN in 5 devices at a time with a 24/7 Live Chat facility.
    • ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android without any lack of service.

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    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

    Sadly, you also cant watch this movie on Netflix US. Its available in Turkey with the rest of the franchise plus in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and more.

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald follows our favorite characters from the first movie, but this time the team gets separated. In the meantime, a lot of dark secrets are brought back to the surface.

    For more streaming VPNs, check out our list on Best VPN for Netflix page.

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    Is Harry Potter On Disney Plus

    No, Disney+ doesnt have Harry Potter on offer. To watch Harry Potter online youll need to have access to Peacock TV, but Ill be speaking about that in a moment. Or as mentioned above, have access to Netflix Australia.

    Disney+ does offer a wide variety of excellent content, such as the entire Marvel collection .

    They also offer all of the Star Wars collections, including exclusive new content such as The Mandalorian, which is shown nowhere else.

    Is Harry Potter Coming To Netflix

    On October 28, a rumour began spreading on Netflix claiming that Harry Potter was coming to Netflix. However, the news is not entirely true. A report in Whats on Netflix reveals that while its true that some regions of the world will be getting the Harry Potter movies, its false to assume that all regions of Netflix will be. On October 28, Netflix France took to its Twitter to uplift everyones holiday spirits and inform that Harry Potter is coming on Netflix.


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