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How Do The Harry Potter Wands Work

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There Is A Light Up Wand

Harry Potter: How Wands Are Made

If youre looking for something a bit more unique, there is a light-up wand available at the Wizarding World. It is considered a toy wand and is bulkier than the ones youll find inside Ollivander’s stacked wand boxes.

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Its pretty cool, considering you can just say Lumos” to cast a spell even after leaving the parks. Unfortunately, the light-up wand is only available in Harrys design. You also won’t be able to find those fancy remote control wands that you can buy off the internet at Universal Studios.

Can You Take Harry Potter Wands On A Plane

There should definitely be no issues with bringing the wand with you on the plane. You may place it in your check-in luggage, but the item is very small. As a result, there shouldnt be any issues in taking it with your carry-on.

Just dont go casting any forgetting spells on the personnel or try to act funny. Remember, these wands only work at Universal Studios, so you wont be able to Obliviate them. Muggles dont have the same sense of humor when it comes to magic, so you might just have them confiscated.

Plus, look at the bright side. If a plane is close to crashing, you can use Wingardium Leviosa to make the plane levitate, or Arresto Momentum to slow the fall. Youll be a hero and the Muggles wont even know! Although, lets hope theres no need for that!

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How Do Interactive Wands Work

Ok, if you want to go on believing in the magic of Harry Potter, and the wands, you will need to skip over this section!

Really! We are totally about to burst your bubble! If you are sure, then

There is no such thing as magic! Interactive wands are considered passive devices. This means that there are no electronics inside. Instead, the wands are equipped with a rounded reflector tip that is used to interact with the sensors around the park.

Notice the tips of the wands? The wand on the right is and Interactive Wand. You can see the bubble at the tip that acts as a reflector.

In other words, the wand is able to reflect light back to a sensor that then tracks the movement of the wand. When a correct spell movement is detected, the system activates the display, and you have made magic happen!

Whenever you are at a spell-casting location, look for the sensor. The sensors are carefully camouflaged throughout the displays. Just look for 4 red lights in a square.

If you aim your interactive wand at the sensor, and keep your gestures small as the cameras area of reception is limited, you will have much better success with your spell. If you see the red lights on the sensor turn off, that indicates your spell worked!

The plus side of having a passive device, is no need to worry about dead batteries, or needing to charge your wands. As long as you take care of them, the wands will last a long time

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What Does The 2022 Universal Interactive Wand Do

All Harry Potter interactive wands allow wizards to cast spells all throughout both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. With a gentle flick and a little spell, the interactive wands will create a unique, magical experience throughout the lands. Be on the lookout for the brass medallions that are embedded in the ground, that will indicate where you can use your interactive wands. Each interactive wand comes in an Ollivanders box with a dual-sided wand map of spell locations.

Whats The Difference Between Standard And Interactive Wands At Universal

Harry Potter Wand

The standard wands are just for show, while the interactive wands will allow you to interact with different magical walls and spots around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to cast spells. Interactive wands have a hidden tip that allows them to interact with different sensors at these locations.

Note: at the end of 2021 Universal discontinued the sale of standard wizarding wands.

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Where Can I Use The Interactive Wand

You can find several places to use your interactive wands in both Universal Studios, and in Islands of Adventure. There are 11 magical locations in Diagon Alley, 5 in Knockturn Alley and 9 in Hogsmeade. Each location is activated by a different wand movement, which is notated on the map and on the medallion.

Another spell-casting spot marked by a medallion.

Pro Tip: Interactive wands purchased in Orlando, can also be used at other Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks, including Universal Hollywood and Universal Japan!

You Can Get A Celebratory Wand

The celebratory wand can be a wand chosen to reflect a specific date, like an anniversary or even the day you visit the Wizarding World. Each wand type is associated with a specific time frame.

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This means that if you decide to get a wand for your wedding anniversary that falls, say, between July 8 and August 4, then your celebratory wand would be made out of holly wood. Unfortunately, these types of wands are only collectibles and dont come in the interactive versions.

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How Do Harry Potter Interactive Wands Work

The interactive displays at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter have infrared cameras in place, which are ready to read the correct movements of retroflector-tipped wands. Move your wand in the right way, and the cameras will recognise your spell and set window displays in motion. Oooooomagic!

How do I know this? Thanks to William Osman and Allen Pan, who used this Wizarding World technology to turn cheap hot dogs into their own unique wands! Those boys

For his Raspberry Pi-enabled wand project, Jasmeet took that same Wizarding World concept to create a desktop storage box that opens and closes in response to the correct flicks of a wand.

A simple night vision camera can be used as our camera for motion capture as they also blast out infrared light which is not visible to humans but can be clearly seen with a camera that has no infrared filter.

So, the video stream from the camera is fed into a Raspberry Pi which has a Python program running OpenCV which is used for detecting, isolating and tracking the wand tip. Then we use SVM algorithm of machine learning to recognize the pattern drawn and accordingly control the GPIOs of the raspberry pi to perform some activities.

For more information on the project, including all the code needed to get started, head over to to find Jasmeets full tutorial.

Do You Have Any Tips For Using Interactive Wands

How To Use Harry Potter Training Wands!

Magic can be challenging at times for even the most experienced witches and wizards, and sometimes Muggles using wands can be a little tricky. The good news is that it usually takes just a few times before you succeed with your spell. And, if you ry and try but still need help there are plenty of theme park workers who are more than happy to help you out.Here are a few tips that my daughter and I learned when using our interactive wands:

  • Stand on or just behind the plaque.
  • Use small wand gestures, not wild or large ones.
  • If the plaque doesnt show you how to use your wand then hold it up and keep it still until something happens .

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When Did Harry Potter Get His Wand

Shortly after his 11th birthday and his first time learning he was, in fact, a wizard, Harry visited Diagon Alley with Hagrid to buy his school supplies. During this first trip to Diagon Alley, Harry visited Ollivanders Wand Shop to purchase his first wand.

It was something hed been looking forward to since finding out he was a wizard and seemed quite taken aback by the shop owner Garrick Ollivander himself, and the process of his wand fitting. The details of his fitting included a measuring tape that could act on its own while taking Harrys measurements, and testing out several different wands that didnt work.

After several failed attempts, Ollivander referred to harry as a tricky customer and decided to try something he seemed to consider rather unorthodox. He gave Harry a wand that he alluded to being somewhat ominous as he offered it to Harry to try. Ollivanders intrigue grew as he realized the wand did indeed fit Harry.

Harry paid a total of seven gold galleons for his wand, and Ollivander confirmed that he felt that they would be seeing great things from Harry in the future. Ollivander seemed to base this opinion on the magic the wands brother had done, which he acknowledged was terrible, but great.

You Can Purchase Wands At Different Shops

Ollivander’s is the most obvious place to get your wand, but in the likelihood that the shop fills up quickly, there are other places you can get yours. There is Gregorovitch’s small stand just inside Diagon alley over to the right. Theres also a small kiosk in Hogsmeade directly across from the Hogwarts castle. And if youre really impatient, you can always order your wand online. The prices are pretty stagnant throughout, and the packaging is explicitly the same. So really, youll be saving time by purchasing your wand before you get to the park.

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What Can You Do With A Wand At Universal Studios

If you have a wand at Universal Studios, you will be able to let your inner wizard run loose but whether you will actually be able to do something or not will depend on the type of wand that you get.

Will you get an interactive or non-interactive wand? With an interactive wand at Universal Studios, you may go to certain anointed points in the park, performing the spells that you always wished to try out. You can see those spots marked over the map that comes with the wand.

You may also get a simple wand, without interactive elements but wheres the fun in that? The advice here would be to buy the interactive kind. The non-interactive type is simply for aesthetic purposes. Youll definitely feel like a wizard as you are strolling through Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, or wherever your path takes you.

How Do 2022 Harry Potter Interactive Wands Work

Can wizards in Harry Potter use other wizards wands?

The Universal wand is a passive device, meaning there are no electronics inside. Instead, the wand reflects light back to a sensor that tracks the movement of the Universal wand. When a correct spell movement is detected, the system activates the display. In summary, youve got wizard powers. Below are the steps to use your new Harry Potter World Wand!

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Where To Buy Interactive Wands

To begin with, there are two types of wands, interactive and non-interactive wands. The wands have an interactive element at secret spell locations in the park. Its a difference in the price of only $6, so be sure to double-check. Currently, the regular wands are $43.95 and interactive wands are $49.95. If you are an annual pass holder, your merchandise discount applies.

To choose your magic wand you can go to Ollivanders Wand Shop, of course, makers of fine wands since 382 B.C. Ollivanders has a main shop in Diagon Alley with an additional shop in Hogsmeade. You can choose to stand in a short line to witness Ollivander himself help a young witch or wizard find their wand. A fun interactive show experience, even if you dont buy. Or you can wander directly into the shop.

The main Universal gift shops, the larger ones at the beginning of the park, also sell wands. They do not have the full selection. Ollivanders will be your best shop to find the right wand from the Harry Potter books.

It does get a bit congested in both shops. If youre only looking for a character wand, around the corner find Gregorovitchs shop in Diagon Alley. This is an open-air shop, nearly hidden and less crowded.

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Wand Lengths And Flexibility

Many wandmakers simply match the wand length to the size of the witch or wizard who will use it, but this is a crude measure, and fails to take into account many other, important considerations. In my experience, longer wands might suit taller wizards, but they tend to be drawn to bigger personalities, and those of a more spacious and dramatic style of magic. Neater wands favour more elegant and refined spell-casting. However, no single aspect of wand composition should be considered in isolation of all the others, and the type of wood, the core and the flexibility may either counterbalance or enhance the attributes of the wands length.
Garrick Ollivander regarding wand length and flexibility

Three Death Eaters wands of different magical properties

Many wandmakers simply matched the wand length to the size of the witch or wizard who would use it, but this was a crude measure, and failed to take into account many other, important considerations. Longer wands might suit taller wizards, but they tended to be drawn to bigger personalities, and those of a more spacious and dramatic style of magic. Neater wands favoured more elegant and refined spell-casting. However, no single aspect of wand composition should be considered in isolation of all the others, and the type of wood, the core and the flexibility might either counterbalance or enhance the attributes of the wands length.

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How To Get Chosen For The Interactive Wand Experience

As with every kind of guest-involved interactive experience, its not a guarantee that youll be chosen. However, there are a few tips for getting chosen to partake in the wand-selection process. In most cases, guests who are wearing Harry Potter gear such as wizarding robes tend to get selected at a higher rate especially if theyre wearing Gryffindor colors.

Furthermore, if you enter Ollivanders with a wand in hand, you will probably not be selected as they want to provide this unique experience for those who havent already purchased a wand. If you have a wand but never experienced the interactive experience, put your wand in your bag so its out of sight to increase your chances.

Also, keep in mind that children will most often be selected to participate in the show. It doesnt mean that adults young at heart cant be chosen, just know that your chances might be slim if a child is in the group. Another good rule of thumb for getting picked for this experience is to look excited and stand near the front of the group.

Oh Those Harry Potter Interactive Wands

Harry Potter Wands Actually Work

Most every Harry Potter fan knows about Hogmeads Ollivanders Wand Shop, where you can buy movie replica wands for yourself or your little wizard. What most dont know is Diagon Alley also has an Ollivanders, and they are selling the all-new Harry Potter interactive wands.

Plan on budgeting an extra $45 for your Diagon Alley experience because these little sticks cast magic spells that will take you on a multi-park map-guided hunt for magic medallions. These medallions give you directions for each of the magic spells that once done properly, interact with the parks props.

Once you find a medallion, it guides you on how to wave that magic wand, and voila! Something cool happens in front of you! Theres no rhyme or reason to their layout, just a toad load of fun!

A little wizard tries his hand at a magic spell with his interactive wand.

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Do Harry Potter Wands Have Batteries

Interactive wands dont have batteries, but instead, they have a reflective IR tip that sends a beam to the spell location. This is why you wont have to change any batteries for the wand so, even if you return in a year or two, it should still work just fine. The condition is to make sure that you maintain it properly.

Since they do not use batter, but rather the IR system that connects with the magical points at Universal Studios, these wands wont do anything special for you outside the park.

However, they will prove to be a great souvenir and you may always use them each time you return. You wont have any batteries to worry about so, as long as you dont damage the tip, it should work.

Can You Reuse Wands At Universal Studios

The beauty of these wands is that you can use them every time you go to Universal Studios if you keep them in good shape. Still, even if the wand ends up damaged, dropped or with a scratched tip, you may take it to Ollivanders. Wands may be used for years at a time, as long as you take good care of them.

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Things You Didnt Know About Choosing A Harry Potter Wand At The Wizarding World In Universal Studios

The Wizarding World at Universal Studios mimics the lifestyle of Harry Potter, and here is how choosing your wand works at the park!

When you visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, choosing your wand is a big deal. Thats why when you enter Ollivanders or one of the other places that sell wands, it can be a bit overwhelming. The shop itself is tiny and a difficult place to maneuver your way around . However, the real challenge is picking the best wand for you. After all, these things dont come cheap.

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Theres a lot to consider before selecting your wand at Universal Studios. Ample research on the wands available at the park is advisable if you dont want to feel rushed or intimidated once you find your way into Diagon Alley. So to help you get a headstart, here are 10 things you didnt know about choosing a Harry Potter wand at the Wizarding World at Universal Studios.

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