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Harry Potter Vera Bradley Tote

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Vera Bradley Just Released Its Third Harry Potter Collection With A New Forbidden Forest Pattern

FIRST LOOK: Vera Bradley x Harry Potter | Luna Lovegood | Full Collection Unboxing

See if you can spot Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang.

Vera Bradley and Harry Potter are back at it with a new collection! The two companies first came together in summer 2020 with a Home to Hogwarts pattern, followed by a Herbology pattern in April 2021. Now you can shop the Forbidden Forest collection for a limited time, and its sure to add a bit of magic and mischief into your closet.

The new pattern is dark purple and features the Whomping Willow, which is located on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was planted in 1971 to cover up the opening of a secret passage, so you know the pattern has to be mysterious. Forbidden Forest has hidden creatures throughout it, like Hedwig, Buckbeak, and Fang. This is just the kind of pattern wed want to carry in the fall and winter months, so the timing is just right for this Vera Bradley x Harry Potter collection to come out.

Vera Bradley Large Travel Duffel Bag

Magic awaits. Are you ready to seek it? Experience the awe and excitement of the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection, where we found infinite inspiration in all our most-loved scenes from Harry Potter and then added a dash of our own Muggle Magic, the collection description says.

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Home From Hogwarts Vera Bradley Pattern

The Harry Potter signature Vera Bradley print, Home From Hogwarts, is gorgeous. There are tons of cute wizarding world icons throughout the pattern, including the Sorting Hat, Harrys glasses, a Time Turner, and even Hedwig!

I cant wait to get my bag to see how many other fun HP things I can spot.

A post shared by @ verabradley on Jul 17, 2020 at 6:03am PDT

The Harry Potter Vera Bradley collection even features a super fuzzy blanket in the signature pattern, so you can snuggle up at listen to the Harry Potter at home readings.

The Campus Backpack Is Available In A Variety Of Different Designs Including Each Hogwarts House

Price: $165

Choose your Hogwarts House before picking out which of Vera Bradley’s “Harry Potter” Campus Backpacks is right for you.

Featuring plenty of room for school supplies, a laptop, or whatever else you need to carry with you, the backpacks come in two textiles quilted or corduroy.

They also come in various designs, including one for each Hogwarts House, one featuring the Hogwarts crest, and one in the Home to Hogwarts pattern.

To see the full “Harry Potter” collection from Vera Bradley, visit

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Is The Harry Potter Collection From Vera Bradley Expensive

Items in the collection range in price from $20 for a quilted fabric lanyard to $165 for their elegant Hogwarts House themed quilted corduroy backpacks.

Youll also find fun accessories, including a super cute glasses case and a cool umbrella that would make great Harry Potter gift ideas..

The most expensive item in the collection is the corduroy quilted Vera Tote at $175.

My School And Office Supplies

Harry Potter Small Vera Tote Bag  Vera Bradley

Whether youre still in school, running your own business, working at a corporation, or kicking butt raising a family youve likely got a need for organization and caffeine. I love that Vera Bradley always includes functional accessories in their Harry Potter collection releases. For the Forbidden Forest release, I got ahold of the Travel Mug and the Mini Notebook with Pocket.

Vera Bradleys Travel Mugs are a staple of mine, particularly when I commute into an office . Im pretty picky with my mugs I refuse to accept any leakage and I like my coffee and tea kept hot. The Vera Bradley Travel Mug accomplishes both, and in a magical print I LOVE. The Travel Mug is one of those pieces that the Vera team has ensured gets ALL aspects of the print meaning you can see everyone from Fang to Buckbeak PLUS the silhouette of the Hogwarts castle.

The Mini Notebook with Pocket is another everyday staple of mine. I often pack my notebooks with everything from grocery lists to to-do lists. The mini size is my favorite because I can easily stash this notebook with me in my purse on the go, so I always have a piece of paper and pen when needed. I also love that in the Forbidden Forest print, like my Travel Mug, I can see the print in its entirety. Pattern placement really is such a huge component to being a Vera fan so its awesome to have pieces where you get to enjoy the entire pattern!

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The Patterned Sling Backpack Is Perfect For Wizards On The Go

Price: $65

Offered in Vera Bradley’s signature quilted cotton, the Sling Backpack is perfect for those who need to grab their things and go.

This item features the brand’s exclusive new pattern, Home to Hogwarts, which combines the signature designs and colors of Vera Bradley with hidden details from the “Harry Potter” franchise, like flying broomsticks and chocolate-frog wrappers.

Harry Potter + Vera Bradley

Whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, a wizard or a Muggle … its time to reminisce with friends about all of our previous adventures

Every Harry Potter fan agrees the magic of Hogwarts knows no bounds. Whether you identify as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, wear it proud with our selection of vibrant prints inspired by all our most-favorite movie moments. Make your love of all things Hogwarts known by incorporating our selection of Harry Potter purses and Harry Potter backpacks into everything from your sense of style and your home decor to your travel aesthetic.

With plenty of opportunities for detailed patterns and boldly colorful prints, the Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection is all about those extra touches that true fans really appreciate. From backpacks with dedicated wand pockets to blankets featuring the insignia of each house, you’ll find a thoughtful gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life or a unique way to treat yourself to something special!

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Cozy Life Robe And Pajamas

I do own one Vera Bradley robe that I was gifted. I still to this day think it was one of the best, most on brand gift anyones ever given me. They also gave me a pair of matching Vera Bradley slippers. It was a whole vibe.

Now that the iconic Vera Bradley robes are being launched in iconic Harry Potter prints Im in the mood for another one. I also admittedly am a huge fan of the fact that Vera Bradley collections are all so cohesive that I can also snag a pair of complimenting pajamas. Few things make me want to cozy up and watch all the movies than a Harry Potter collection robe and pajama set.

Pass the Butterbeer, please.

The Double Wall Tumbler With Straw

What’s in my Vera Bradley Small Tote Forbidden Forest in Velvet.

I own two of these tumblers are my husband and I are addicts. I love to use the tumblers for my morning iced coffee, while he often reaches for them for his morning smoothies. We honestly have some mornings where were competing for use of the tumblers. LOL! I think its a sign I need to grab one from the Forbidden Forest collection to add to our kitchen cabinets. Because, ya know, happy wife happy life.

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Rfid All In One Crossbody Bag

The RFID All in One Crossbody Bag is another Vera Bradley bag that I have in spades. I actually have one of these crossbodies from every single Harry Potter collection drop! Theres a reason I always add this style to cart first: its a crossbody bag, wristlet, and a wallet in one. I always feel like Im not-so-secretly snagging multiple styles in one single purchase which makes me feel clever and smart. A la Hermione Granger.

The RFID All in One Crossbody Bag can be worn crossbody, with the adjustable strap, or shortened to be shoulder bag length. There is also a wristlet strap to allow this bag to be a grab and go style if need be. I often do not use the crossbody strap and instead tuck this style into my Vera Tote to remove from the bag and take to lunch or for a quick errand. Sometimes I just dont need my entire purse with me for every outing, so having a quick, easy, multifunctional option is awesome.

Express Your Hogwarts House Loyalty With The Lunch Bunch Bag

Price: $60

Like the Campus Backpack, the Lunch Bunch bag allows “Harry Potter” fans to choose their house.

Spacious enough for your lunch or snack but compact enough to be easily stored after you’ve eaten, the Lunch Bunch bag is available in multiple designs, including one for each Hogwarts House and the Hogwarts crest.

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Vera Bradleyharry Potter Collection Small Vera Tote Bag

Rated 4.84 out of 5 starsRated 4.84 out of 5 starsRated 4.84 out of 5 starsRated 4.84 out of 5 starsRated 4.84 out of 5 stars

  • Consciously crafted with recycled cotton
  • Interior features six slip pockets
  • Exterior features a front slip pocket, a zip pocket, a hidden top pocket, and a wand pocket
  • Approx. 11″ W x 11.25″ H x 4.5″ D bag 12″ strap drop
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, only non-chlorine bleach when needed line dry

The Plush Throw Blanket

Harry Potter Small Vera Tote Bag  Vera Bradley

If you or have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I love blankets. I especially love the Vera Bradley Plush Throw Blankets. These blankets are indescribably soft. Honestly no words can really do them justice. The sizing of the blankets are also perfect, measuring in at a whopping 50×80 plenty of space to solo snuggle or grab a partner and cozy up.

Ive been buying Vera Bradley Plush Throw Blankets for years, but have leaned in hard as each new Harry Potter collection blanket releases. I snagged not one, but two for the original Home to Hogwarts collection. I also have the Herbology collection Plush Throw as well. At this point, Im considering the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collections my collaboration of dreams collectors items, if you will. I really need to add one of the Forbidden Forest blankets to my collection because this collaboration means so much to me personally.

And the blankets are just so darn cozy I cant help it.

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My Inspiration For This Photoshoot

The entire film collection itself is pretty iconic but the Forbidden Forest scenes are just so memorable. When I got word that Vera Bradleys designs would be inspired by the Forbidden Forest, I instantly thought of the photoshoot concept in my head. I pictured Harry, Draco, and Fang in their first year at school , holding up the lantern as they searched for Unicorns. The image is so memorable and I had so much fun working to recreate that moment!

But like with all smiles.

My husband has always shot my blog photos. We had so much fun with this shoot. I got to plan out my perfect, Fall forward outfits. We also made a little trip over to our own Forbidden Forest inspired shoot location to capture all these shots! We hit up the location early, before any people or cars were out and about. We shot during those early hours when honestly the only sounds came from the rustling of leaves in the wind and the scampering of animals. We channeled that mysterious, forest vibe and had loads of fun leaning into the inspiration for this shoot.

This post is in partnership with Vera Bradley. You can shop the latest #HarryPotterxVeraBradley styles here. Check out my YouTube video reviewing this new #VeraBradley Forbidden Forest collection here. All opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my blog possible!

The Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection Is Available Now

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Are you still waiting on your Hogwarts letter?

Well, even if it hasnt arrived yet, you may have visited Universal Orlandos Wizarding World of Harry Potter, collected Harry Potter merchandise, like wands and mugs, or just watched allll the Harry Potter movies multiple times! Well, can now get some NEW Harry Potter items to bring a sense of that magic home.

Vera Bradley just released a NEW Harry Potter collection, and it will feature two designs focused on some of Harry Potters friends, like Hedwig, Dobby, Cerberus, Fawkes, and more! The Friends of Hogwarts design will also feature the Hogwarts crest.

Another design, the Friends of Hogwarts Ditsy has a fun pattern with Crookshanks, Dobby, Professor McGonagall AS A CAT, a Time Turner, and more!

This Small Vera Tote comes in the Friends at Hogwarts Ditsy print. It comes with lots of pockets for easy organization and its made with recycled cotton.

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Fans React To Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

This was the most interesting aspect of watching the magical universe collection go live. Nearly all Vera Bradley fans were able to checkout with little issue, and only two or three items completely sold out . But many dedicated Harry Potter fans and Vera Bradley collectors stopped short of checkout, signaling disappointment in the designs and Hogwarts House offerings. Ravenclaw fans specifically felt let down in the plain corduroy aesthetic, with a house patch slapped on. Other Gryffindor devotees shared a lack of enthusiasm for the collection as a whole.

Kristina: My 16-year-old is so upset. After everything happening this year she was so looking forward to this. She said they look cheap. Mom all the did was make a colored bag and throw a patch on it. Of all the amazing HP fabric they picked just a solid color. ð I am so sad for her. Maybe Harveys will do HP one day We can only hope < 3

Jody: I got the Triple Zip Crossbody in the Home to Hogwarts print, but I am mostly underwhelmed. I thought they couldve done so much more with the individual houses rather than a patch on corduroy.

Bethany: This collection is soooo disappointing for me. I cant stand it, and I wanted to love it sooo bad.

Did you find anything in the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection that you loved? Or perhaps you were disappointed, too? Leave us a comment below!

The Forbidden Forest Vera Bradley Harry Potter Collection

Everyday Carry bag, Whatâs In My Bag? Home to Hogwarts Vera Bradley Tote*

Vera Bradley and Harry Potter are back at it again. Previously inspired by the Hogwarts houses and Herbology, this latest drop in the Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection is all about the Forbidden Forest and the creatures who call the forest home.

The Harry Potter films have meant the world to me. Im shamelessly guilty of playing my own Harry Potter marathon throughout the day as I wash dishes, do work, or just hang out I swear the movies make even vacuuming a little more magical. As for my love of Vera Bradley we have a deep history. Ive been featuring Vera Bradley styles here on my blog since at least 2016. Ive been wearing Vera Bradley myself at least since 2006 way before I ever had a blog.

Im SO proud to say that this blog post is in partnership with Vera Bradley And Warner Bros. To be able to showcase this collection isnt just an honor its literally a childhood dream come true. While this post is in partnership with Vera Bradley, all opinions are mine and mine alone. Ive been a loyal Vera Bradley customer and Harry Potter fan for decades. I cant thank Vera Bradley enough for sponsoring this post and you, my readers, for supporting the brands that make Blondes & Bagels possible!

Lets get into all the details of this new Vera Bradley Harry Potter collection: Forbidden Forest!

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Hot Harry Potter Items

The hottest item that everyone wanted appears to still be coming soon, though several people said they had purchased it. The Limited Edition Home To Hogwarts Vera Tote is a $175.00 quilted corduroy bag with shoulder-length handles, several access pockets, and most coveted, the wand pocket. The website says, Coming Soon with no hint as to when more may become available, but fans agreed that was what they wanted most. We wished there had been a Hagrid inspired or Magical Creatures item to covet.

Rfid All In One Crossbody

Shop it! $100, Vera Bradley

This crossbody is equipped with radio frequency identification technology, which blocks hackers and scanners from stealing your ID and credit card information from within your bag. Theres a phone slip pocket and a zip pocket in the front to keep you organized. The bag in the picture features the Hogwarts crest, but you could choose a house symbol, instead.

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Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag

Confession time: Ive never owned a Triple Zip Hipster Crossbody Bag! Considering this silhouette and style is one Vera Bradley is well known for thats sort of bananas. In a past life I spent much of my week commuting to school and/or work, so my closet quickly filled with Vera Totes. As Ive had less of a need to carry my entire world with me each day, Ive been yearning to add a Triple Zip Hipster to my wardrobe.

The Triple Zip is special because yes, its a smaller crossbody bag but its deceptive. This bag fits a ton. Ive read enough reviews and tried on the style in store to know as much. This crossbody bag is crazy functional and a perfect bag to take on errands, on walks, or to the theme parks.

In the Forbidden Forest print, this bag becomes an ideal Fall staple. I imagine myself pairing this with cozy coats and denim jackets, on my way to a bookstore or to grab a cup of coffee .

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