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Harry Potter 4 Full Movie

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) Official Trailer – Daniel Radcliffe Movie HD
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    /10 Durmstrang And Beauxbatons Are Mixed Schools

    One of Goblet of Fires cinematic highlights is getting to see three different wizarding academies come together and compete for the Triwizard Cup. Yet despite Hogwarts being a mixed school, the film portrays Beauxbaton and Durmstrang as single-sex academies.

    This might seem a minor deviation from the source material, which maintained that both Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were also mixed schools. But this change served to highlight the fact that Harry, Ron and Hermione were growing up, and the introduction of attractive wizards from other countries was more interesting as a result.

    /10 The Weasleys Meet The Dursleys

    For fans of the Goblet of Fire film, things kick off in a satisfying way when Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys attend the quidditch world cup. Theres plenty to see and experience, as travel by portkey is introduced in the film, as well as a rather harrowing attack by the Death Eaters after the championship is won by Ireland.

    Unfortunately, the film doesnt show the moment that Harrys awful aunt, uncle, and cousin meet the Weasleys. The wizarding family arrives at the Dursleys via Floo powder, but things quickly go from bad to worse. Its inclusion in the film could have provided fans with a small sense of triumph, as the Weasleys genuinely wreak havoc on the all too deserving Dursleys.

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    /10 Barty Crouch Jr Receives The Dementor’s Kiss

    Barty Crouch Jr.s dedication to Lord Voldemort is revealed in Goblet of Fire, but his capture at the end of the film offers nothing but a brief glimpse of his fate. After impersonating Alastor Moody throughout the film, Dumbledore reveals that the Death Eater will be delivered to Azkaban.

    Once again, the film seems to take a slightly more uplifting stance rather than sticking with the source material. Crouchs punishment in the book is The Dementors Kiss, a fate said to be worse than death. As dark as the Harry Potter franchise can be from time to time, it seems that switching the demise of Barty Crouch Jr. to an Azkaban sentence felt more suitable.

    Differences From The Book

    Harry Potter 4 Full Movie In Hindi 720p

    With the Goblet of Fire novel almost twice the length of Prisoner of Azkaban, the writers and producers reduced certain scenes and concepts to make the transition from page to screen. Director Mike Newell described the problem as one of “compressing a huge book into the compass of a movie”. This was achieved by “putting aside” all the components of the novel which did not directly relate to Harry and his journey.

    Goblet of Fire is the first film adaptation not to begin at Privet Drive after the opening sequence, Harry awakens at the Burrow on the morning of the Quidditch World Cup.

    The gameplay at the Quidditch World Cup was removed for timing reasons, leaving an abrupt temporal jump that some reviewers considered awkward or “rushed”. In the book, Harry and many of the Weasleys support Ireland, while in the film Harry and Ron support Bulgaria. Nonetheless, both of them admire the Bulgarian seeker Viktor Krum.

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    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

    Harry Potter finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares.Harry Potter finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares.Harry Potter finds himself competing in a hazardous tournament between rival schools of magic, but he is distracted by recurring nightmares.

    /10 Sirius Remains Hidden In The Mountains Near Hogsmeade

    Interactions between Harry and his godfather Sirius are mainly restricted to conversations in the Gryffindor common room in Goblet of Fire. Though its a lot of fun watching Sirius appear in the ashes of the rooms fireplace, its a far cry from what the book offers.

    Because hes an Animagus, the book sees Sirius hide as a dog in a cave near Hogsmeade. At one point Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit him. Its definitely interesting to learn about the life that Sirius is forced to live, but the scene is a rather lengthy one and doesnt provide any information that could be considered absolutely vital to the films plot.

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    Harry Potter And The Half

    The main thing I remember about this movie: Daniel Radcliffe making weird clicking spider noises while tipsy on a potion that makes you lucky. Almost visually as dark as a Game of Thrones episode, Half-Blood Prince is marked by a vicious duel between Harry and Malfoy, not to mention the death of Dumbledore. It doesn’t really have a clear cut beginning, middle and end, instead feeling like a big jumble of subplots about teen romance. Not complaining.

    — Jennifer Bisset

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    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

    In the biggest argument for why we should DEFINITELY have had a Marauders era spinoff, the introduction of David Thewlis and Gary Oldman makes this film an easy number one pick. The only film in the franchise not to include an iteration of big bad Voldemort, it’s a refreshing and entertaining adventure that explores the concepts of friendship, loyalty, found family, angst and, well, the healing qualities of a good chocolate bar.

    It provides much-needed context for the Marauders era, with the interaction between veteran actors like Oldman, Thewlis, Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall providing a masterclass within the confines of what is genuinely just a really good time. You’ll very likely enjoy this movie regardless of your opinion on Harry Potter. Alfonso Cúaron’s entry into the series is cinematic , concise and character-driven, so for that we rightfully celebrate its superiority.

    — Steph Panecasio

    Harry Potter Movie Series

    The Harry Potter film series is an Anglo-American film series based on the Harry Potter novels by the British author J. K. Rowling. Distributed by Warner Bros., the series consists of eight fantasy films beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and culminating with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 . The film franchise is produced by David Heyman and stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as the three leading characters, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Four directors have worked on the series: Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell and David Yates. When not adjusted for inflation, the series is the highest grossing film series of all time, with $7.7 billion in worldwide receipts. The series consists of eight motion pictures all of which are in the top 40 highest-grossing films of all time. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final novel in the series, is split into two feature-length parts. Part 1 was released in November 2010 and Part 2 was released on 15 July 2011. All detailed source from wikipedia.


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    /10 Rita Skeeter Is An Animagus And Becomes Hermiones Prisoner

    Though Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter is seen several times during Goblet of Fire, the film leaves out the books end to her story. Her ability to gain access to private stories is aided by being an unregistered Animagus an illegal act in the wizarding world.

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    In the book, Hermione captures Skeeter in a jar after the reporter transforms herself into a beetle. Hermione keeps Skeeter in the jar for over a week before returning to London and dumping her. The book supplies a much more satisfying end to Skeeters meddling and it also shows a bit of a vengeful side to Hermione, who vowed revenge for Skeeters lies.

    /10 Harry Witnessed The Trial Of Bellatrix Lestrange

    Harry Potter 4 Full Movie In Hindi 720p

    There are many firsts for audiences in Goblet of Fire, and among them is the introduction of the Pensieve. With its ability to bring its users into the memories of others, the Pensieve is an even more powerful tool than Harry realizes, as it aids him to understand the Death Eaters.

    Unlike the book, the big screen version of Goblet of Fire leaves out Harry witnessing the trial of Bellatrix Lestrange via the Pensieve. The omission denies audiences a substantial amount of foreshadowing, as its Lestrange who eventually kills Harrys godfather, Sirius Black. Her promise to return to the wizarding world alongside Voldemort is haunting, to say the least.

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    Harry Potter Movies Ranked: From Best To ‘secrets Of Dumbledore’

    Choosing the best was easy. Choosing the worst was surprisingly difficult.

    Jennifer Bisset

    Daniel Van Boom

    Senior Writer

    Daniel Van Boom is an award-winning Senior Writer based in Sydney, Australia. Daniel Van Boom covers cryptocurrency, NFTs, culture and global issues. When not writing, Daniel Van Boom practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reads as much as he can, and speaks about himself in the third person.

    Richard Trenholm

    Movie and TV Senior Editor

    Richard Trenholm is CNET’s film and TV editor, covering the big screen, small screen and streaming. A member of the Film Critic’s Circle, he’s covered technology and culture over the past 15 years from London’s tech scene to Europe’s refugee camps to the Sundance film festival.

    Editorial Director

    Steph Panecasio


    Steph Panecasio is an Editor based in Sydney, Australia who knows a lot about the intersection of death, technology and culture. She’s a fantasy geek who covers science, digital trends, video games, subcultures and more. Outside work, you’ll most likely find her rewatching Lord of the Rings or listening to D& D podcasts.

    Across the two decades since Harry Potter movies first hit cinemas, the Potterverse has increasingly become a mixed bag .

    Let’s rank the 11 movies in the Potterverse, including the Fantastic Beasts prequel flicks featuring adorkable Hufflepuff and famed magizoologist Newt Scamander.

    /10 Harry Receives Gillyweed From Dobby

    Audiences will remember that Dobby, the troublesome but ultimately helpful house elf was first seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. His return in Goblet of Fire, however, was limited to the original novel and did end up being included in the 2005 film.

    Dobby provides Harry with Gillyweed to help him breathe underwater for the second Triwizard task. In the film, its Neville who aids Harry in his moment of need. The books version is probably the better choice for fans, as it provides a little more depth to Dobbys character. Cutting Dobbys on-screen involvement likely came down to cost.

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    Diagon Alley Mini Backpack


    Get ready for your next year at Hogwarts with this stylish teal colored miniature backpack from Loungefly. Everything you could expect to see on your shopping journey to Diagon Alley can be found here! Potions, robes and other magical supplies adorn the all-over print of the main body of the bag, while stunning die cut artwork of textbooks, an owl and the Sorting Hat feature prominently on the front pocket. From the exquisite stitching to the Hogwarts crest charm zipper tab, no detail of this backpack has been left untouched!

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    Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

    When Warner Bros decided to turn Rowling’s slim pamphlet into a sprawling multi-movie franchise, it could be seen as a return to the magic or cynical moneymaking sorcery. And thanks to off-screen controversy the Fantastic Beasts series has sputtered like a wonky wand.

    But we will say this: the first film is decent. It gives fans and casual viewers a chance to enjoy the fantasy without being stuck in twee boarding school world, and the expanded look at Rowling’s wizarding world comes with delightfully colorful creatures and a dandy retro fantasy vibe.

    It’s also really well-cast: Eddie Redmayne is great as Newt Scamander, a big screen hero whose character is defined by gentleness, curiosity and compassion instead of violence and aggression. Katherine Waterston and Ezra Miller provide intriguingly off-kilter support, and Colin Farrell is such a smolderingly seductive baddie it’s a real shame Depp took over. Wherever the series goes next, you can find some fantastic stuff here.

    — Richard Trenholm

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    Costume And Set Design

    Costume designer returned as costume designer for Goblet of Fire.:39 Temime made the Beauxbatons uniforms out of french blue silk,:13 which stood out from the muted colours of the other schools. The fabric of the uniforms “clings to their form, in complete contrast to the restrictive uniforms the Hogwarts girls wear.” The hat was designed by millinerPhilip Treacy. The Durmstrang uniform was made of thick wool,:13 with crimson robes and fur hats and capes. Temime drew inspiration from Habsburg and Russian folklore. For the Yule Ball, Temime created more than 300 costumes. Hermione’s dress, which took three months to make, was designed to be a “fairy-tale dress”, balancing “sweetness and allure” and keeping it “very prudish”, in order for it to be “slightly sexy” while still appropriate for a teenager. Moody’s coat was inspired by spaghetti westerns, with a team spending a week “aging and distressing the coat to give it a lifetime’s worth of wear.”

    The local area surrounding Leavesden Studios was used for the site of the Quidditch World Cup, filmed in Ivinghoe Beacon, and Ashridge Wood, while the cliff where the characters land with the Portkey was located in Seven Sisters Country Park in Seaford, East Sussex.Kirby wires were used to suspend the actors in the air during the landing scene.

    Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

    Harry Potter 4 Full Movie In Hindi

    We wouldn’t have had the tremendous, perfect casting of Daniel Radcliffe, Emily Watson and Rupert Grint without this movie. We wouldn’t have the perfectly pitched Harry Potter aesthetic. Perhaps most importantly, we wouldn’t have had the sublime John Williams score. Outside of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, is there a more iconic and memorable Williams theme? I’d argue no.

    With fantastic movies down the line, Prisoner of Azkaban, being the most obvious example, it’s easy to forget Harry Potter’s sequels were following a visual and stylistic template designed, in part, by the steady hand of Chris Columbus. The man directed Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire for god’s sake, he knew what he was doing!

    The Philosopher’s Stone is one of his best. It’s far more of a kids movie than what would come later for Harry Potter, but that’s entirely appropriate given the source material. It’s timeless, smart, visually brilliant and a great movie to watch with children to this day.

    — Mark Serrels

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